Chapter 432

Chapter 432

The average number of viewers for the Super Bowl was just 100 million people, so why were the advertising fees much higher than the Olympics and World Cup? It was due to the abundant concentration.

Unlike the Olympics and World Cup, which were festivals of the world, the Super Bowl was only for the US. From the company's point of view, it was easy to identify and capture the needs of the Super Bowl viewers. A single ad was able to reach 100 million potential customers, so the value of the Super Bowl ads was inevitably high. 

It 2030, it was natural for the advertising fee per second to exceed 250 million won.

On the other hand, the Olympics and World Cup? The number of viewers overwhelmed the Super Bowl, but the concentration was too low. It was necessary to produce several advertisements in accordance to the interests of each country, and the advertisement effect was also limited because viewers were interested in different events and countries.

The first time it occurred, companies from each country thought that the Satisfy National Competition would be similar to the Olympics. It might have the highest number of viewers, but the advertising effect would be low compared to the number of viewers. They didn’t actively invest in any advertisements, choosing to sponsor individual participants, similar to the Olympics. In the first place, it was funny to call gamers ‘players’ and to sponsor them.

But the result was shocking. The Satisfy National Competition attracted the attention of people around the world, even though there were few participating countries. The advertising effect far exceeded the Super Bowl. In particular, the performance of the individual players had a huge impact.

Sports and games were different areas. When watching athletes, the consciousness of the viewers stopped at ‘great.’ Meanwhile with gamers, it extended to ‘I am going to be like that,’ making the viewers immersion very high. Thus, the value of gamers was soaring. If they could sponsor a top-class gamer, a company wouldn’t hesitate to invest billions of won.

Nevertheless, the 224 gamers participating in the 2nd National Competition had an average sponsorship value of 500 million won. This market was still not properly formed. Satisfy gamers didn’t know their value. They were people who played games from home, so they didn’t understand economic principles.

What did the companies think about this? They sucked as much from the players as possible. Sooner or later, the players would have professional managers to handle these things. At that time, the value of the players would surge. Until that day, the companies wanted to benefit as much from the players as possible without paying as much.

But it was reaching the limit. The players were starting to realize their value. The evidence was the 4 billion proposed by Grid.

“He came out surprisingly strong.”

The Comet Group’s PR team leader, Yoo Shihyun, laughed as she saw Grid’s reply. She didn’t think Grid would come out like this.

‘This is because of Radidas.’

Radidas sponsoring Zibal for 3.6 billion won was the trigger. The players looked at Zibal and started to realize their true value. Grid suggesting 4 billion meant he judged that his value was higher than Zibal’s value.

“...Well, it’s appropriate.”

To be honest, it wasn’t just appropriate, but the best. As a result of sponsoring Grid for 4 billion won, the Comet Group could enjoy the huge promotion effect of tens of billions, maybe trillions of won. Grid’s power was that great. His global popularity was increasingly rising. Grid himself might not be aware of his true value.

Yoo Shihyun smiled and called the direct line of the president of the Comet Group.

Then after a while.

After discussing with the president, she came to the best conclusion. She would offer Grid 10 billion won in exchange for a two-year contract. Grid’s value would obviously rise by the time the 3rd National Competition arrived, so it was a tremendous benefit to keep Grid when his price was still cheap. She was convinced that he would take the deal if she offered more than double the 4 billion won.

-Can I meet you now? I'm in Paris.

Even at this moment, Grid’s value was going up. Other companies would try to make contact with Grid. Thus Yoo Shihyun urgently sent a reply to Grid.

Grid’s answer was ‘Okay.’


A smile appeared on Yook Shihyun’s face. She sat in front of a mirror and made herself look as beautiful as possible. The basics of selling something was to convey a good feeling.


"Now I'm going to make money.”

The semi-finals were just beginning.

United States vs Japan. 

Russia vs Argentina.

It was very interesting to study. Peak Sword was puzzled when Grid got up during such an important time.

“Isn’t it better to watch the matches?”

"I can watch it on TV.”

Even if he sat in the audience, it was still watching on a monitor. He could watch it on any TV. In particular, his hotel room had a 3D TV that was a huge 120 inches. He would rather watch it on TV.

“I’ll go as well.”

Yura got up along with Grid. It was regarding a business deal, so she was uneasy about Grid going alone. However, Grid refused.

“I can do it alone.”

So far, Yura had handled his money. Grid thought he was sufficient since he learned from watching her.

"If I keep depending on you, I will be a fool who can’t do anything alone. In the first place, you can’t be with me forever, can you?”


‘We can be together forever.’ Yura wanted to say, but Grid had left before she could even open her mouth.


The area around the Eiffel Tower was always troublesome. It was because there were too many tourists. But this was the time when the National Competition was in full swing. The streets were empty, as if to prove the overwhelming popularity of the National Competition.

There were only a few roadside cafes that had guests.

Thanks to that, Grid was about to recognize the person he was meeting at first glance. There was only one Asian woman sitting alone at the promised meeting place.

“Team Leader Yook Shihyun?”

"Hello, Shin Youngwoo-nim. It’s great that I can meet a global star directly.”

The woman who answered Grid’s call greeted him politely. She smiled brightly and handed Grid her business card. Grid confirmed it and sat across from her. Yook Shihyun inwardly panicked. A man who remained nonchalant after seeing her beautiful face and body was unfamiliar to her.

‘I thought he was a womanizer because he’s dating Yura and Jishuka at the same time.’

Yook Shihyun started a long attempt to persuade him. She talked about the Comet Group’s social position and the benefits that Grid would enjoy if he was sponsored by the Comet Group. But Grid interrupted her in the middle.

“The conclusion.”

Would she give him the 4 billion won that he asked for? Yook Shihyun smiled with satisfaction.

“I will offer you 10 billion won. However, it’s for a two year contract.”


Grid’s expression didn’t change. His pupils didn’t even move. It was different from what Shihyun expected.

‘He can remain so calm after hearing 10 billion won?’

In the game, Grid was close to a beast. He was always violent and crushed any enemy. But he was actually a very smart person. Yook Shihyun considered Grid’s potential for development and became greedy. She felt possessive.

On the other hand, Grid was very surprised, unlike his outer appearance.

‘10 billion?’

It might have a two-year contract attached, but it was more than Grid wanted. 10 billion! It might be insignificant to some rich people because it was ‘much lower than the price of the mansion my parents bought me for my birthday,’ but it was very big for Grid.

Wasn’t it equivalent to four or five legendary items? Grid had only created 13 legendary items since becoming Pagma’s Descendant. 

‘Isn’t this a windfall?’

Grid was about to chuckle when he suddenly had a thought. He learned all sorts of knowledge and reasoning during the year he spent with Lauel, so his thinking ability expanded.

‘My value was higher than I thought.’

It was rare for there to be any free favors in the world. Especially when it came to business companies. The 4 billion he proposed was changed to 10 billion? A two-year contract... Maybe it means that my value will far exceed 10 billion won next year.’

Grid had experienced the worst result one or two times after chasing the greed that was right in front of him. Grid took time to calmly consider it before opening his mouth.

“I’m confused.”

Of course he was confused! It was the first time that a company had placed his value so high! Yook Shihyun had a satisfied expression on her face as she looked at Grid.

"I was hoping for 4 billion won per event, only to be offered 10 billion won for a two-year contract... Is the Comet Group a crook?”


Yook Shihyun couldn’t understand for a moment. But she soon realized.

‘You’re the crook!’

Well, strictly speaking, Grid had a point while the Comet Group was the crook. There was an awkward silence between them for a while.


A mail arrived on Grid’s phone. No, it wasn’t one.




Grid’s phone kept on making noise! Yook Shihyun had an uneasy expression on her face as Grid checked the contents and rose.

"One company who offered me 3.5 billion won per event has eventually offered 4 billion won in response to my request.”

Of course, it was a lie. But Grid was convinced that it would be realistic. Yook Shihyun cried out in a desperate voice.

"4.1 billion! We will give you 4.1 billion!”


It was a painful thing for those who had no money. Grid grasped the concept of money and laughed. 

‘Indeed, this is why sports athletes have annual salaries of over 100 billion won.’

Was his worth lower than them? No one could say that. This was the era where virtual reality games was more popular than any sport! Grid ordered coffee and declared.

“4.2 billion. I will give you until I finish this coffee to reply.”


It was an espresso! The cup of coffee was the size of two thumbs, causing Yoo Shihyun to urgently call the president.