Chapter 347

Chapter 347

The typical profit structure of BJs was through lunar balloons (goods received from viewers).

In fact, the main source of income for BJs was advertising.

Brands advertised themselves through the BJ’s clothes or accessories. There were also banner ads inserted on the screen and video ads that increased sequentially according to the number of video playbacks.

A BJ’s advertising revenue increased dramatically depending on the number of viewers and video plays, so the popular BJs made millions of won as monthly revenue.

The pinnacle of this was Bunny Bunny. After his splendid recovery through the ‘Seven Guilds invasion of Reidan,’ the average number of viewers was 150,000. The viewers were from all over the world. Once the broadcast started, there were a flurry of lunar balloons. The advertising companies also guaranteed him the best treatment.

"The new broadcast will raise my value even more.”

Tadak. Tadak. Tadak.

Bunny Bunny sat in front of a computer for three days. He had his meals in front of a computer and reduced his sleep. He concentrated on editing the video while wearing thick glasses.

“Okay, very nice.”

Bunny Bunny was very pleased with the 10 hour video that was gradually being completed. 

Prince Ren marching off resolutely. A young knight struggling against the great swordsman, Chucksley. Grid appearing in a dramatic moment to overpower Prince Ren’s army. The Reidan soldiers, who turned the royal army into masses of experience. In the end, Prince Ren fell to his knees before Grid. Grid showed mercy to Prince Ren and reigned over thousands of soldiers.

As a bonus, the farmer who crushed Hurent...

The war footage of the Reidan army and royal army was a blockbuster. There were plenty of spectacular and stimulating sights to make the viewers enthralled. Thanks to Bunny Bunny’s great filming and editing techniques, there was nothing boring.

‘In particular, the finale is the highlight.’

Grid looked down at the kneeling Prince Ren with a haughty attitude. The viewers would realize something when watching Grid say ‘I will forgive your sins.’ They would know that Grid was a clever person who looked to the future.

‘The ones who mock Grid for only using items will be shut down.’

Bunny Bunny liked Grid’s character very much. He showed a great dignity as a lord, while showing abrupt speeches and absolute force. He always appeared in dramatic moment and was suitable to be a protagonist.

‘His appearance is also becoming better.’

His skeleton had been further refined by exercise. In particular, his sharp jawline was now visible. It was a subtle difference when actually looking at him, but it was different in the video. This was because elements on the screen could be changed significantly by minor factors.

‘I want to get closer to Grid in the future in order to obtain more opportunities to film.’


Bunny Bunny was putting the final touches on the editing when an email arrived. It was from Lauel. Bunny Bunny narrowed his eyes as he checked the contents of the email.

“He is as thorough as rumored.”

Lauel had two requirements. First, pay 40% of all Grid-related proceeds to Overgeared. Secondly, delete the scene where Grid allowed Prince Ren to live.

‘The profit distribution is more than twice the average...’

Still, it was something he could afford. It was worth spending this much. But why did he want to delete the last scene that would imprint Grid’s charisma onto the public?

Why? Bunny Bunny worried about it for a long time before figuring out Lauel’s intentions.

‘Wasn’t Grid framed for killing Prince Ren?’

In such a situation, what if it spread that Grid released Prince Ren?

‘...Some people might think that Grid stabbed Prince Ren in the back.’

It would be misunderstood that Grid let Prince Ren leave alive, only to chase and assassinate him.

‘It is a situation where the person who killed Prince Ren can’t be specifically pointed out. Well, the misunderstanding might be resolved if Grid tries to explain it.’

However, it was a sensitive issue, so the public might be indifferent to the clarification.

‘Yes, there is no need to scratch at the surface.’

Bunny Bunny was convinced and started editing the video again.

Then two days later.

The nine hour video of the war between Grid and Prince Ren was broadcasted by Bunny Bunny. The reaction was explosive. It exceeded even Bunny Bunny’s expectations.

-Wow... That knight called Laden has excellent skills. Not giving into the enemy until the end for his lord...

-A Named NPC? Ordinary players like us can never meet them...ㅋ

-Chucksley is the real thing. He’s a great swordsman.

-Ohh! Grid!

-Crazy; Look at Grid;;;

-Wow... I never thought he could match Chucksley... He’s even giving Reidan’s soldiers experience while dealing with Chucksley ㅋㅋ

-I can’t look away.

-I felt it since he hit the Red Knight, but Grid has really improved his control skills.

-I agree. There is no comparison to the National Competition or the golem invasion.

-What are those golden hands? ;;

-What Grid ㅋㅋㅋ Does he want to be a thousand-armed person in the future? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Grid oppa has used Blackening.

-I prefer the white version.

In the past, there were many people who expressed dissatisfaction towards Grid. Some even showed hostility. They couldn’t acknowledged Grid, who showed poor skills and only relied on items. But now it was different.

People felt attracted to Grid. Over time, the users saw Grid growing and ‘wanted to become like Grid someday.’


The enthusiastic audience watching Bunny Bunny’s broadcast became quiet. It was due to Hurent, who won Prince Ren’s trust and led 2,000 troops. He repeatedly said that he would repay his grudge while moving through the Altes Mountains.


That’s right. Farmers blocked their way. The viewers were disappointed.

-What is wrong with those farmers? ㄷㄷ

-Blocking the front of an army... Do they want to commit suicide?

-How poor... Pitiful.

That was the common belief. All the viewers were worried about the lives of the farmers. But what was the real scene? 2,000 soldiers were defeated by a farmer who used a legendary wide area skill. They should be worried about Hurent.








At present, the number of viewers for Bunny Bunny’s broadcast had reached 300,000. The first user to become a duke, Grid, and the prince of a kingdom were fighting. It was a hot topic that caused the audience interest to explode.

As hundreds of thousands of viewers watched, Hurent was defeated by a farmer. He was hit in the forehead three times by a hand plow and became a rag. It was a shocking event that would cause a wave beyond the legendary ‘5 second logout’ incident.

The world was in an uproar for a while. News related to Grid was played unceasingly in South Korea as well as the world.

<Duke Grid has the strongest soldiers!!>

<The crazy farmer of Reidan wasn’t a rumor. He actually exists.>

<Even the farmers of Reidan are strong... What is Reidan’s strength?>

“This war hasn’t revealed Duke Grid’s real power. Jishuka, Regas, Pon and the other Overgeared members didn’t participate.”

“Grid’s actual power must be several times stronger than what was shown here.”

Various media and public opinion was concentrated not just on Grid, but Grid’s forces. Numerous experts rated Grid’s power as two or three times what was shown. But they didn’t know. Two times? Three times? How funny. After merging with the Silver Knights Guild and obtaining Yura, Grid was 10 times stronger than what he showed in the war.

Even now.

Grid’s strength was increasing by leaps and bounds.

“Let’s build a temple for Goddess Rebecca in Reidan."

14th Pope Damian. The first user to acquire the status of pope was trying to start his first foreign activity after stabilizing the church.


The spacious fields of Reidan.

Hurent hadn’t been able to stretch his back for hours already. There was no time to breathe, thanks to Piaro’s thorough supervision.

"Don’t bend your knees when bowing your back.”

Furthermore, Piaro had too many unnecessary requirements. Hurent was exhausted and he couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Don’t bend my knees when bowing my waist? Isn’t that too hard? It’s complete torture!”

“Hard work is the way you train your body. If it’s easier, your body won’t be trained and you might be hurt in the long run.”

“...I see.”

Hurent was confused. Wasn’t he a prisoner? But he was being trained rather than treated as simple labor. In fact, the rewards for the ‘★Hidden Quest★ Fun and Exciting Training!’ was of immense value.

“Why are you being so good to me? Do you plan to make me Grid’s subordinate? It won’t work. I will never be Grid’s subordinate. My goal is to make Grid kneel within four seconds. 

Piaro explained to Hurent.

“In one week, I will be heading into Altes Mountain to do a mass-scale land clearing. My goal is to train you as much as possible by then to make you the best labor force."

“...Dammit. I knew it. You wouldn’t do this for no reason.”

Hurent grumbled but followed Piaro’s instructions. He couldn’t help it when looking at the quest reward. The moment he was immersed in the rice planting.

“It’s been a long time, Brother.”

A man with his face and name deeply covered by a straw hat arrived. He walked across the fields in a leisurely manner and gave a friendly greeting to Piaro.

“You have grown!”

Piaro was a crazy farmer who attacked people for no reason.

‘I don’t know who he is, but I feel sorry for him.’

Hurent shook his head. The man with the straw hat. The foolish man who greeted Piaro was attacked. Piaro’s hand plow attacks were quick and irregular. Even an aura master couldn’t match it. Hurent predicted that the man in the straw hat would have his forehead struck by a hand plow.

However, the result was different from what he expected.


A beautifully shining white sword easily blocked Piaro’s hand plow.


That crazy farmer’s hand plow could be blocked? Hurent was astonished while Piaro cried out.

"You have far exceeded my past self...!”

There were only two people who had ever made Piaro feel thrilled. Pagma's Descendant Grid and White Swordsman Kraugel. That’s right. The identity of the man in the straw hat was the 1st ranked user, Kraugel.

"I’m stuck at the last wall blocking my ultimate goal. I’m asking for a spar with you in order to break that wall.”

The peak of two billion users and...

A unique existence who gobbled up all types of titles. He was trying to get ahead of everyone else.

And on this day.

It was the historic first meeting between Grid and Kraugel. It was a turning point for both men.

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