Chapter 346

Chapter 346

When they returned to Reidan.

The level difference between Reidan and the northern army was evident during the marching process. Reidan’s soldiers weren’t breathless at all, while the tired northern army was on the brink of collapse.

The northern troops had made great sacrifices in the war, so were they exhausted because of mental weakness?


It was the difference in basic stats. The northern army was regarded as one of the best in the Eternal Kingdom, but it wasn’t comparable to Reidan’s army, who had endured the hell training by Piaro and Asmophel.

Reidan’s soldiers not only had a high level, their strength and stamina also far exceeded the average. Moreover, their ability to adapt to the terrain was so high that it was difficult to see them as soldiers.

‘I would like to get a copy of the soldier training method of Reidan.’

While Laden was feeling impressed with Reidan’s army, Grid spoke to Asmophel in the lead.

“Asmophel, you had a hard time training the army. Thanks to your hard work, I was able to win easier in the this war.”

"You're overpraising me, My Lord. In addition, the military training wasn’t done solely by me.”

“No, it isn’t too much praise. The difference between the royal army and Reidan’s army is as big as the sky and the earth. This was my chance to get to know your abilities. And Piaro? Doesn’t he usually spend his days in the field? You are a hundred times better than him.”

“My Lord...!”

After serving Grid, Asmophel had been in the shadows without performing well. He was afraid that he would never be seen by Grid, but this was groundless. Grid recognized his efforts and acknowledged his abilities.

Asmophel was thrilled and exclaimed, “I will work hard to achieve your goals in the future!”

“Yes, good. Continue to focus on training the army.”


Asmophel’s official position was head of the Overgeared Knights Division 2. In fact, this didn’t mean training the soldiers.  The leaders of the knights division were supposed to performance high level missions. In particular, Asmophel played a pivotal role in the Saharan Empire, the strongest nation on the continent.

‘He wants me to continue the military training in the future?’

The problem was that Asmophel wasn’t active.

‘My Lord is still not aware of my skills.’

His position was being downgraded to a mere trainer?  Grid asked the anxious and frustrated Asmophel, “By the way, how much loot did you get?”

"...The royal army dropped 933 blades, 712 spears, 250 bows, 195 shields and 141 armor pieces.”

“Is that the end?”



“Huh? That... They are all the items dropped by the royal soldiers.”

“Weren’t there 4,000 casualties? So shouldn’t there be at least 4,000 items dropped?”


Just like monsters and users, NPCs didn’t always drop items when they died. It was natural for there to be many cases of empty hands. Grid was well aware of this, but he still thought it was too low. Asmophel stayed silent and Grid asked Lauel.

"Lauel, how much money did we win? You said we could sit on a pile of money if we took the spoils? But what is this? Were my expectations too high?”

“There is a total of 2,090 normal rated level 130 equipment. 141 normal rated armor. If I calculate it at the minimum price, it is a profit of 25,000 gold... Sooner or later, you will become a building owner. Are you really going to dismiss this much money?"


25,000 gold was around 30 million won. The profit earned from half a day of fighting was enormous.

“How can it be so much money?”

“Level 130 normal rated weapons are at least 10 gold, while armor is 30 gold. You can’t ignore quantity. If you melt all of it and use it as material to make items, you will be able to earn a bigger profit.”

"...War is a good thing.”

"Indeed. If you take advantage of war, not only can you gain loot, you can also establish a logistics business. It will be very beneficial to the economy. This is why the empire has been constantly fighting for hundreds of years.”

“Then should we fight every day from now on?”

“Is it that easy? Well, it is undeniable that Reidan is a territory optimized to serve as a base for war. There is a desert everywhere and monsters pop up in large quantities. We can also produce large amounts of food thanks to Piaro. It will be useful when it’s time.”


Grid’s face distorted as he heard that name. The person who had the role of commander didn’t participate in this war. It was scandalous the more he thought about it.

“Why did he go to Altes Mountain just before there was a war? He used the excuse of just training one soldier. His timing is really great.”

Piaro had actually smashed the separate group led by Hurent that attacked in the rear. He even obtained 850 new farmers... No, he had secured prisoners. Piaro could be said to have the best achievement in this war, but Grid didn’t know this.


“Your Highness...! Your Highness!”

The cold desert night. A person of a noble lineage died without leaving a will behind.

Chucksley hugged Prince Ren’s corpse and tears flowed down. Aslan’s expression was benevolent as he looked at Chucksley.

"Sir Chucksley, I am reassured of your loyalty to the royal family. Now, take my hand. Serve me until the day I die.”


Chucksley didn’t have any particular special feelings for Prince Ren. He equally revered all of the royal family. But at this moment, he felt hostile towards Aslan. His cruelty where he didn’t blink when he murdered his brother was rejected by Chucksley.

‘He is scary!’

In addition, the value of Chucksley’s existence was decreased. He felt helpless that he couldn’t protect Prince Ren. Chucksley swallowed his fear, anger, and despair as he bowed to Aslan.

“...I will follow.”

This was his duty. No matter what Aslan was, Chucksley had to follow him since he served the Eternal Kingdom’s royal family.


‘A person blinded by the throne and borrowing the power of a foreign nation to kill his brother, I can’t really be loyal to you.’

He would just perform his duty. Chucksley’s hot loyalty for the royal family cooled. However, Prince Aslan wasn’t aware of his internal thoughts and was happy.

"Today is a happy day.”

Prince Aslan, who was destined not to be king just because he was born two years later than Prince Ren. He had always cursed his fate. As a prince who couldn’t be king, he hated his rotten life. Now his fate changed thanks to Prince Ren’s stupidity.

“Now, let’s go back. I will take care of my brother who was killed by Duke Grid.”

February 10th, Year 406 of the Eternal Kingdom.

1st Prince Ren started his invasion of Reidan with only an army of 7,000 people.

February 17th, Year 406 of the Eternal Kingdom.

13th King Wiesbaden died and 2nd Prince Aslan became king.

February 21st, Year 406 of the Eternal Kingdom.

14th King Aslan declared at a meeting.

“Duke Grid might’ve killed the prince, but he isn’t guilty. Prince Ren forgot about Duke Grid’s merits and invaded without any justification. He was clearly wrong and Duke Grid only defended himself."

After that.  Grid was able to maintain his position and lead a life that wasn’t any different from before, despite being charged with killing Prince Ren. His position as one of the great lords of the Eternal Kingdom was still solid.

But this wasn’t what Lauel desired.

‘In my original plan, Grid’s position should already be beyond the royal family’s.’

He intended to take advantage of Prince Ren. However, all his plans were useless after someone killed Prince Ren. The culprit who killed Prince Ren? Lauel was convinced that it was King Aslan. But this wasn’t a problem that he could bring to the surface. There was no exact proof and no justification for it. King Aslan was showing favor towards Grid.


By acting like this, he restrained Grid from growing, while accumulating friendship with Grid. On the other hand, the king teamed up with the empire and could expand his economic and military power.

‘There was an attitude of explicit cooperation with the empire immediately after Aslan was crowned King. This proves that the imperial royal family is behind Aslan. Aslan will be able to lay his foundation thanks to the empire, while the empire can perfectly control the Eternal Kingdom. It’s a good thing for both of them.’

Aslan, he was a troublesome opponent. Rather than frowning, Lauel laughed at the thought.

“Kukukuk...! King Aslan, this was good. You’re the first opponent to stimulate my passion. The folds of my brain are twitching with excitement.”

Lauel held up a big hand and covered half of his small face. He leaned back on the window and lifted the transparent glass.

"I can’t wait. The master of the glass filled with bitter tears will be me.”


Grid was rejoicing while Lauel was immersed in this atmosphere.

"King Aslan sent another gift? Hey, he’s a nice guy. Hahaha! He is much better than the former king!”

After the war. 

He acquired a lot of loot and King Aslan sent gold treasures, so Reidan became abundant. This would be the foundation on which all 1,000 of Reidan’s soldiers could arm themselves with the Mass Production Grid Set. The soldiers of Reidan were being reborn as true elites.



Grid was busy making the Mass Production Grid sets with the four God Hands. He went out for a walk and to spend time with Lord, only for his eyes to widen. The cause was the large number of farmers working in the fields. It seemed to have grown by 1,000 people.

"Where did all these people come from?’

Reidan was suffering from a population problem, so how were there so many farmers? Piaro came over to the grumbling Grid and explained.

"I picked them up by chance in the Altes Mountains.”


Picked up people in the mountains? It was also more than 800 people? It was a ridiculous explanation. However, Grid believed it because he had a history of bringing the Ul Clan here.

"There must be an ethnic minority living in the Altes Mountains. Very good. It is no wonder why I didn’t see you during the war.”

It was the moment when soldiers of the Eternal Kingdom were treated as a minority.

Royman had a question. She confirmed that Grid was busy with Lord in his arms and asked Piaro.

"Piaro, why didn’t you tell the duke the truth? They aren't a minority, but people from the Eternal Kingdom like us.”

"I don’t want the workforce I obtained to be taken away into the army. This isn’t an act to deceive My Lord. Farming is a national power, so in the end, I made a choice for My Lord. I will also train them to do some military exercises.”

“I see!”

Royman witnessed Piaro’s overwhelming skills and sincerely admired Piaro. Everything that Piaro said sounded right. Anyway, 850 farmers were added to Reidan. They worked in the fields in the morning and received military training at night. Mixed among them was Aura Master Hurent.

‘What am I doing now?’

It was very confusing and embarrassing, but he couldn’t help desiring the results of the ‘★ Hidden Quest ★ Fun and Exciting Training.’ Reidan was becoming stronger day by day.

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