Chapter 344

Chapter 344

‘He is already tired.’

Grid played a big role on the battlefield, but Lauel wasn’t satisfied. Honestly, it was below expectations.

‘I wanted him to show that he wasn’t lacking anything.’

The ability to read and respond to the enemy’s movements, ability to utilize the terrain, the timing to use skills and take potions, the abilities of the items, etc. The current Grid wasn’t bad overall, but it wasn’t enough to compare with the high rankers.

This wasn’t meant to disparage him. The most appropriate expression was not the best or the worst.

‘It’s more exciting to see Yura’s skills. Grid is still lacking. First of all, he has poor control over his stamina and mana.’

Grid had to bear that in mind at all times. The power of legendary skills was excellent, but they consumed a lot of resources.

‘Every time he is a crisis, he has a habit of relying on Wave and Restraint. It is a fatal weakness against those who can avoid non-targeted skills. I don’t know why he uses Magic Missile so much.’

That wasn’t all.

‘The God Hands have a mere artificial intelligence. There are attacks that the God Hands can’t cope with right now... For example, what if they are attacked by a superior attack?’

Among the rankers, there were those who were called ‘supreme.’ As a simple example, Kraugel and Agnus had something in common. A way to strike at them couldn’t be found. Then what about Grid?

There were still a lot of gaps. As far as Lauel could see, Yura would surpass Grid as soon as she reached level 300.

‘For sure...’

Grid was steadily growing and would continue to do so. Lauel trusted him, but he still couldn’t help feeling worried. It was because every human had a limit.


It didn’t matter if Grid reached the limits of his talent.

‘He can overcome it with items.’

Grid had the skill to create legendary items. It was possible to create completely new types of items, making the possibilities endless.

‘I will help you make more creative items than typical items.’

Lauel thought while looking at the battlefield and commanding the soldiers. Unlike his attitude, his vision captured the movements of Prince Ren.

“He’s finally leaving the battlefield.”

The knights blocked Grid, while the northern troops and Reidan troops were busy dealing with the soldiers. No one noticed that the enemy, Prince Ren, was running away. Lauel laughed.

‘This will make him easier to capture.’

Lauel opened the list of Reidan’s soldiers and arranged them in order of level. Then he named 13 soldiers.

"Arm yourselves with this and follow me.”


The soldiers that Lauel pointed out. They had all reached the level 160 required for the Mass Production Grid Set.


‘It’s impossible! This is ridiculous!’

Prince Ren had an excruciating headache. The moon shining down on the cold desert didn’t cool the boiling heat in his head.

‘Using power to overcome the difference in numbers and detecting all my strategies!’


He was far beyond what Prince Ren assumed. A person that shouldn’t be turned into an enemy. Despite the loss of his royal dignity, he had to admit this. The Patrian horses running through the desert sand.

Prince Ren held the reins tightly as pain, anger, regret, and despair dominated his mind. The defeat today might’ve completely destroyed the foundation of the 1st Prince. He was feeling frustrating when a group appeared behind him.

Lauel and the 13 soldiers.

"Prince Ren! If you don’t want to die, surrender right now! Stop if you want to live!”

"Would you stop if you were me?”

Prince Ren thought scoffed at Lauel’s nonsensical words and spurred the horse on. Lauel sighed and beckoned to the soldiers.



Shoot a bow while riding on a horse? The Reidan soldiers were baffled. They were novices in riding horses, so shooting on horseback was a long time away. Lauel shouted as they hesitated.

"Trust in the power of items!”


Common NPCs didn’t know the concept of being overgeared, but the soldiers of Reidan were different. Their superiors had sat them down and told them about being overgeared and the power of items. They pulled out their bows while their horses ran.

Lauel was the same. Then a notification window popped up in front of him.

[You have let go of the horse’s reins! Danger! The risk of falling from the horse will increase by 60%!]

[The Mass Produced Grid’s Gaiters have attached to the stirrups. The risk of falling has decreased significantly.]

‘He made it properly!’

The skills of elite soldiers included horseback riding. But it took a considerable amount of time to train them to wield a sword or shoot arrows on a running horse. In particular, the desert terrain of Reidan made it harder for beginners to learn. Lauel was worried about this and made a request to Grid.

Solve it with items. Grid’s response to this was the Mass Produced Grid’s Gaiters. It was made in a form where the gaiters could be attached to the stirrups. There was the disadvantage of being uncomfortable when getting off the horse, but...

‘We will get used to it!’


On a running horse! Lauel and 13 soldiers pulled back their bowstrings! Prince Ren was shocked by the sight.

‘Soldiers have learned the skill of fighting on horseback?’

It was difficult for even knights to learn! A smile appeared on Lauel’s face as he saw Prince Ren’s expression.

“Reidan’s soldiers, you are the loyal subordinates of Duke Grid! Place your anger in the sharp arrowheads! Pass on the arrows of regret and despair towards the head of the enemy who dared invade Reidan!”

The 13 soldiers got goosebumps at Lauel’s horrific shout. But they were the soldiers who endured Piaro and Asmophel’s hell training, so they calmed their minds and fired the bow in an unwavering manner.


Pa pa pa pat!

"Protect the prince!”

As the heir, Prince Ren’s importance was very high in the Eternal Kingdom. He was constantly guarded by members of the Silver Dragons. Daluka’s Clothes were turned off, and the five Silver Dragons following the prince revealed themselves, breaking the 14 arrows with their daggers. The silver color in the darkness was very sharp.

‘They are strong!’

Panic appeared on the soldiers’ faces. Their skills weren’t at the level to deal with high level assassins. But Lauel was still smiling.


It was the best demonic beast in hell. Throughout this war, he had been asleep on Lauel’s chest. Grid had ordered that he escort Lauel.


A black cat with small demon wings! His chubby body flew to the assassins and swung his sharp claws.

“Nya nya nya nya nyang!”




The Silver Dragons were strong. It wasn’t easy for Noe, who was only in the early 200’s, to easily overpower them. The daggers focused on blocking Noe’s attacks. However, Noe had a secret technique.


Noe’s mouth stretched wide open. The agility of the Silver Dragons was swallowed by Noe.

"I’m much better compared to my previous life.”

Qi was focused on Lauel’s fingertips. Then the Dragon’s Claws sprang up from the ground and fatally injured the weakened Silver Dragons.


The Silver Dragons were easily subdued!

‘What is that crazy cat?’

Prince Ren increased the speed of his horse. But Noe’s movement speed far exceeded it after taking the agility of the Silver Dragons.



The cat’s paws struck the back of Prince Ren’s head and knocked him down. It was the shame of a lifetime.


The Reidan army’s military barracks. The 1st Prince Ren, who abandoned his army and retreated, and the soldiers who were captured.

"You guys dare!? Don’t you know who I am?”

Royalty. Ren, who was first in the line of succession, recognized himself as a holy presence. Wasn’t it too insulting to be caught by soldiers and dragged around like a dog? He would rather die than bear this shame. Grid read the anger and resentment filling those stubborn eyes and scoffed.

"This totally crazy bastard.”


He might be a prisoner, but wasn’t he still a prince of the Eternal Kingdom? He should be treated with a minimum of courtesy, not dragged around and forced to kneel like a dog!

“E-Ek? Duke Grid! You! How can you say such words?”

“It’s easy. Aren’t you really crazy? First, you’re the one who invaded my territory, but you want to blame me? What is with this impertinent attitude?”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”


Prince Ren coughed up blood. It felt like something was broken. Grid sighed, “You don’t know your mistake.”

This was the temperament of the strong. They were accustomed to trampling on others and living their own way. They were unaware of their own faults.

‘It was the same with Lee Junho and Choi Chansung.’

Grid had been bullied by them for a long time, so he was well aware of it.

“People like you don’t change easily. It’s the same for me.”

Grid’s current personality was mostly shaped by what he experienced. 

He had been submissive and trampled on for most of his life, giving him an obsession to pay back any grudges and a tendency for violence. His basic tendencies still hadn’t changed, even with his life improving.

"Lower your eyes.”


Grid didn’t treat the other person in a special manner just because he was a prince. He forced Prince Ren to bow his head and made an immediate decision.

"You are sentenced to death."

There was a commotion in the surroundings. There was a captivity law in the West Continent. It was a common law that lasted for hundreds of years that prisoners couldn’t be harmed if they were nobility or royalty.  The fact that Grid would violate this law astonished Prince Ren and the royal army.

Lauel sent Grid a whisper.

-Hold on. If you kill Prince Ren, Reidan will become independent and have a completely hostile relationship with the Eternal Kingdom.

-Then let’s be independent. Won’t I be king anyway?

-It’s premature. If Reidan becomes independent from Eternal right now, there’s a possibility that Marquis Steim’s northern territory will be taken while it is isolated, and Reidan is likely to become the empire’s prey.


Grid’s understanding was low. But he paid attention to what the other person said.

-I don’t know... Then what should I do?

-Be magnanimous and spare him. Anyway, Prince Ren is responsible for this war and he has completely lost his foundation. By sending him back alive, you can make him build up forces loyal to you, killing two birds with one stone. More forces will support you and Reidan can establish a greater presence in the Eternal Kingdom.

-But I already declared that I wouldn’t send the invaders back alive.

-I’m telling you to reverse the decision. You won’t lose any dignity. No, many users will admire your wise choice.

-That... Really?

Reversing the decision. Grid didn’t particularly like it.

-You, you aren’t planning to stab me in the back later right?

-It will never happen, as long as you are ruling above me.

-...I will work hard, even if you’re scary.


The smiling chuunibyou Lauel. The fact that he would never commit betrayal, Grid knew this better than anyone else.

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