Chapter 343

Chapter 343

The power of a legend was truly great. Duke Grid, who saved the 1,000 northern troops, and caught the ankles of the 5,000 royal troops. He clearly proved his strength. Honestly, Prince Ren felt awe. Grid, who swept through the battlefield with four golden hands, was like the incarnation of the battlefield itself.


‘The important thing in a war is resources, but power!’ 

War wasn’t just limited to the battlefield. Those who had a bigger perspective of the strategies and tactics spread out like cobwebs would win. In that sense, Grid was the worst. A ruler plunging into enemy lines alone? It was truly stupid.

‘Grid! I will make you regret the fact that you entered the middle of the enemy troops!’

After a while, a separate group would hit Reidan from the rear, and then the Silver Dragons would capture the duke’s wife. Then the initiative would be completely on Prince Ren’s side. Grid would be completely isolated. The victory of the royal army would go as he planned.

‘Huhut! Your stamina can’t endure forever!’

In fact, Grid’s movements were different from when he first appeared. He was tired and dusty from dealing with the soldiers, arrows, magic, and the surprise attacks of the knights. He had clearly become sluggish.

‘I just need to buy a bit more time!’

A dark smile spread on Prince Ren’s face as he watched Grid. He already felt like he had won. He just needed to hang on longer.





A rain of arrows from Reidan’s soldiers fell around Grid. It felt like the arrows wreaking havoc on the royal soldiers were becoming stronger?

‘I must be mistaken.’

At first, he thought so. But he soon realized.

‘I wasn’t mistaken!’



The number of casualties from the arrows were rising rapidly. It was clear that the attack power of Reidan’s soldiers had increased significantly since the beginning.

‘What is this...?’

Chucksley called out to Ren, who was pale and nervous.

"The archery skills of the enemies are growing in real time! If this is the case, we won’t be able to control the damage to our side! It’s better to have the knights keep Duke Grid in check, while the soldiers defend against the arrows!”

“No! We can’t do that!”

Training one knight was much more difficult than nurturing 1,000 soldiers. Prince Ren wanted to minimize the sacrifices of the knights. The role of grabbing Grid’s ankle should be left to the soldiers.

‘I just need to endure a little longer!’

It wouldn’t be long now. Soon, an army would appear and hit the enemy archers from behind. However!

"Prince! The arrival time of the reinforcements has been exceeded!”


Prince Ren looked up at the sky. It was just before the sun was about to set. If things went according to Prince Ren’s plan, it was time for Hurent’s group to arrive here and slaughter the enemies. Then why?

‘Why haven’t they arrived yet?’

Hurent was comparable to Chucksley. Hurent and the 2,000 troops couldn’t be held back by monsters or thieves. Prince Ren thought for a moment before his eyes widened.

‘It can’t be!’

What if Grid had discovered the existence of the second group?

‘He might’ve prepared an ambush for them!’

Grid! A person who didn’t receive formal education managed to see the flow of the battlefield?

‘Does he have an innate talent for strategy?’

Grid noticed the existence of the second group and prepared an ambush for them! It was just amazing. Then another sad piece of news was passed onto the disgruntled Prince Ren.

"Prince! I can’t detect the Silver Dragons!”


There was a magic power detector implanted in the bodies of the Silver Dragons. The purpose was to thoroughly supervise and manage them, as it was possible the brainwashing might be broken and betrayal would occur.

Now they couldn’t be detected? This meant the death of the Silver Dragons.


Prince Ren had 100% confidence in the abilities of the Silver Dragons. He didn’t doubt that they were the strongest assassination group on the continent. Yet they failed to abduct one woman? He couldn’t even imagine it.

‘Unless the duchess is protected by someone as strong as Grid, it is unlikely that the Silver Dragons will fail... Heok!

Perhaps the duchess had a protector that was as strong as Grid? The Overgeared members who assisted Grid during the Reinhardt golem invasion in the past. Prince Ren shook as he was reminded of their existence.

‘Considering their abilities at the time, can the Silver Dragons go against them?’


‘What the hell are you...?’

Prince Ren was suffering from extreme confusion when Chucksley shouted at him.

"It’s difficult to come back from this situation! We should change our strategy now!”

"W-Why? What should we do?”

"It’s meaningless to buy time!”

Chucksley tightened his grip on the sword he was holding.

"Put all our strength into killing Duke Grid!”

It was a signal. The knight captain Chucksley and deputy captain Andu. Those two skilled people, 50 royal knights, and thousands of soldiers rushed towards Grid. It was an offensive that wasn’t afraid of losing people.

Dust covered the area where Grid was standing.


‘It’s dirty.’

The average level of the enemy was only 130. Setting aside Grid, most rankers would be able to slaughter the royal soldiers alone. However, Grid wasn’t in a position to hurt the royal soldiers. He had an obligation to concede the experience to the soldiers of Reidan.

It was hard.He had to subdue them without killing! He had to regulate his strength, causing his stamina to be quickly consumed.

‘In the first place, there are too many of them.’

5,000 enemies.  When he faced them directly, there seemed to be no end to them. The soldiers of Reidan killed hundreds of enemies with their arrows, but nothing changed. When 10 soldiers were killed, countless others took their place.

The attacks coming from all directions? He would’ve been hit a few times if it wasn’t for the God Hands.

‘War is never easy.’

He wanted to evolve Reidan’s strength so that he wouldn’t suffer from this again. Grid breathed out roughly as dust covered him on all sides.

“Hit Duke Grid!”


Grid frowned. Chucksley and the knights who had been by Prince Ren’s side. They were simultaneously rushing towards him? The soldiers built a defensive formation around them and also ran.

"This is a bit dangerous?"

Grid was thinking when a whisper from Lauel was heard.

-Pull out your power.

The chunnibyou instructed Grid. Lauel sensed his reluctance and urged him.

-You can’t afford to let the soldiers attack any longer. Excessive greed will poison you. I’ll let the soldiers know what they have to do, so go crazy.

-Yes, I understand.

There was no room to spare. Grid nodded and took a position that was suitable for unfolding his sword dance.

“Duke Grid!”

Laden and the northern troops rushed to protect Grid.

“It’s too unreasonable! Leave it to me and avoid them!”


Laden's expression was shrouded. At first glance, he was ready to die. Grid realized why Marquis Steim appreciated Laden so much.

‘His loyalty is at the level of Jude.’

No, it was higher than Jude. Jude didn’t care about his life because he had no thoughts, but Laden was prepared to sacrifice his life despite having a normal brain.

‘It would be better if he had the skills to back it up.’

Grid didn’t know Laden’s skill and misunderstood to the end. Meanwhile, Laden wielded his sword at Chucksley.

"I won’t let you pass!”

“Newbie! Open the path!”

Laden and Chucksley’s swords collided in the air.

"Think about your body.”

Grid grabbed Laden’s shoulder and pulled him back. Thanks to this, Laden was safe from Chucksley’s attack. However, Grid was the one in trouble instead. Chucksley let dozens of knights to strike at Grid.

“Duke Grid!!”

Laden hurriedly exclaimed. It was impossible for Grid to deal with dozens of knights alone. Even the four golden hands were useless because they were busy dealing with the soldiers. The shouting Laden feared the worst for Grid. Grid couldn’t help smiling.

“Cute guy.”


He was smiling in this situation? Laden was worried that Grid had lost his mind. Then an amazing sight occurred in front of him.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Restraint.”

It was a daunting sword dance. Grid’s feet trampled on the desert sand and was reminiscent of a military style.


The air around Grid became heavy and oppressive.


The knights and soldiers around Grid lost their momentum and retreated. There was only one person. Chucksley was able to overcome the oppression with his mind and body, and stabbed at Grid. But his sword didn’t reach Grid.


Something rose from behind Grid. It looked exactly like Grid and rushed out to defend against Chucksley’s sword. It was Doppelganger Randy, who copied Grid’s appearance.

“A clone...!”

Chucksley and the knights were agitated.

It was common sense that clones were merely illusions. However, Grid’s clone clearly felt real. It was like facing another Grid.

“Pagma's Descendant! Why do you have these techniques when you’re a blacksmith?”

The confused Chucksley shouted.

“The power of pets.”

“Power of pets?”

What was that? Chucksley’s mind became complicated because Grid used hard to understand words. Meanwhile, his swordsmanship overwhelmed Doppelganger Randy, who only had 30% of Grid’s abilities. But he couldn’t play around forever.

"Dragon’s Stretching.”

The qigong master’s third advancement class, ‘Master of the Flow.’ Its single combat ability was relatively inferior, but it was a class that existed for war because it could change the climate and terrain... 

In order to fulfill his role as Grid’s aide, Lauel used a skill he obtained after becoming Master of the Flow.


The desert shook. The earthquake stirred up the area, causing the sand to pour down in all directions and swallow up the royal troops.



Darker than the starless night sky. Grid released his power in the center of the chaos and brought disaster to the royal army. Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave, Link, Kill, Transcend, etc. Grid poured out everything without holding back. He also had the support of Lauel, the northern troops and Reidan’s troops, causing the war to end quickly.

The northern army in the middle of the battlefield was forced to suffer great damage, but it was a great achievement for Reidan because they weren’t damaged and they raised their levels. It was truly a one-sided victory.

But Asmophel wasn’t satisfied with this result.

“Please give me a chance to do something...”

He wanted to be seen by His Lord. Then Grid cried out to the eagerly waiting Asmophel.

“Asmophel! Recover the loot with the soldiers!”


It was this role again. Asmophel, who was once considered one of the two pillars of the Saharan Empire. The tears of a person that Piaro acknowledged soaked the battlefield.

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