Chapter 337

Chapter 337

Hurent had been playing Satisfy since the closed beta. He went through a lot of adventures, so he knew better than anyone how vast the world was. A farmer was stronger than him? He could accept it.

Yes, it wasn’t surprising if a legendary farmer could use a meteor type skill.

‘The legendary fisherman might be friends with the dragon king by now.’

There were many hermits in this world. But there was one thing that Hurent couldn’t accept. A legendary farmer was excellent.  Then why was he Grid’s subordinate?

‘Grid, where is your limit?’

He gained a legendary class faster than anybody else, and now he also had a legendary NPC? Grid was an object of hatred, but Hurent had to acknowledge his superior abilities. Piaro reached out to the frustrated Hurent.

“Come with me.”


The crazy farmer. He didn’t even blink after killing thousands of people, making him look strange. Hurent wanted to resist. However, his body wasn’t in a state where it could move. In the end, he had to give up.

“Yes, I will follow. Drag me to Grid, where you can boil or bake me to your heart’s content.”

“No, you will do farming with me.”


Was he really crazy?

It was funny to say this with his own mouth, but Hurent was the leader of an army that wanted to invade Reidan. From Reidan’s point of view, he was a sinner that they could acquire a lot of information from. As a person of high importance, it was right to handle him carefully.

But he was going to do farming? It was surreal and his ego was hurt. Did Piaro read his mind? Piaro made a ridiculing sound at Hurent’s expression.

"The leader of an army who died before reaching Reidan has no value. You just have to think about doing farming.”


Hurent’s ego was shattered. He panicked and made a mistake.

“I have a lot of confidential information! If you don’t obtain the information from me, Reidan will be turned into a sea of fire! So treat me as a high priority prisoner!”

"Oh, really?"

Piaro’s expression changed. It was the moment Piaro transformed from a farmer into the commander of Reidan. Hurent realized his mistake.


“Kuheok! Cough! Cough!”

The explosion of countless wheat was enormous. More than half of the 2,000 soldiers died, and the rest were seriously injured. Bunny Bunny’s state was in the middle. He barely survived with 15% of his health left and he was gripped with an unknown terror.

‘He is a huge monster!’

Reidan’s crazy farmer. Rumor had it that he overwhelmed the 2nd ranked Zibal and the 3rd ranked Chris, turning Chris into a serf. The rumor that he blocked the seven guilds alone(?) was also not an exaggeration.

‘How terrible was Zibal’s fight with that monster?’

The world was wide and there were many monsters. Bunny Bunny was caught in a desire to capture all of them with his camera. He wanted to become a conglomerate by monopolizing all the viewers. 

But to do this, he needed to survive. Swiftness was needed to catch all types of scoop, so he steadily raised his agility with every level. It should be enough to avoid death.

'The first thing is to live.’

It was enough that he captured video of the rumored farmer. The farmer made a wheat field in an instant and used it for an explosion that destroyed most of the 2,000 soldiers. There was no longer any reason to stay here.

Then Hurent? Wasn’t Hurent going to get revenge on Grid?








Looking at Hurent being hit three times on the forehead with a hand plow, Hurent’s desire for revenge on Grid seemed like a dream.

‘Discard Hurent!’

Bunny Bunny determined, wore the ‘Fast Boots,’ and quickly left the battlefield. He was planning to join Prince Ren. Prince Ren had many talents who were above Hurent. What if he filmed the gorgeous clash between them and Overgeared?

‘I will be sitting on money! I must shoot a video worth 100 billion dollars today!’

Bunny Bunny’s aspirations were great.


“Where have all the kids gone? Why don’t I see any of the guild members?”

After playing with Lord. Grid stopped by Lauel’s office before going to the smithy. As always, paper was piled up like a mountain.

"Everybody is busy. They aren’t at the estate because they are committed to their missions or hunting.”

"Aren’t they only hunting in the vampire cities?”

"That is the most efficient method. Aside from the experience, vampire items and elixirs can be obtained. The desert ecosystem is in a fairly stable state, so this is appropriate.”

"Did anyone find an elixir?”

“Not yet.”


The drop rate was truly the worst. It was a shame for Grid, who coveted the agility elixir.

Lauel asked him.

"Do you remember how 10 years ago, the former lord of Reidan sent out an expedition to the vampire cities?”

"I remember. Why are you asking about it all of a sudden?”

“It’s annoying because the Overgeared members haven’t found any traces of the vampire expedition, despite searching all over the vampire cities.”

"Why is it annoying? It was 10 years ago, so is it strange for all evidence to be wiped out?”

“Yes. The records left behind showed that there were close to 18,000 people on the vampire expedition. It is normal that some traces of them should remain.”

"Well, there are many vampire cities that we haven’t visited yet. The evidence might be somewhere there. But is it an important issue?”

"At the present time, no.”

"At the present time? Then it could become an important issue later on?”

The moment Grid asked the question.

“Earl Lauel”

A young knight ran into the office. Entering the office without even knocking on the door? Lauel was offended, but this didn’t seem like a situation where etiquette was important. The knight’s entire body was covered in wounds.

"Aren’t you one of Marquis Steim’s knights? What is going on?"

"Well... Heok!”

The knight was going to explain to Lauel when he panicked. It was because he noticed Grid sitting on the couch.

“I-I greet Duke Grid!”

Grid waved his hand.

“There is no time to say hello so please explain.”

"Ah, yes! 5,000 enemy troops are advancing towards Reidan!”

"5,000 enemy troops?”

The face of the knight was filled with despair.

“It is the royal troops!”

"Royal troops? Eternal?”

“Yes! Sir Laden is leading the 1,000 northern soldiers to slow the enemy’s march, but it’s a terrible situation!”


Grid couldn’t believe it.

“Why is the royal army of the Eternal Kingdom coming to invade Reidan? Aren’t we on the same side?”

Lauel smiled. “The rice that we sowed was eaten.”

"Sowed rice...?”

The Grid in the past would’ve failed to understand the present situation until the end. But Lauel had been his subordinate for 9 months in reality and 27 months in game time. It had been so long, so how could Grid not learn something?

"Did King Wiesbaden die?”


Lauel’s eyes widened. He honestly never imagined that Grid would guess this himself.

‘He has grown steadily, but to think he reached this level!’

The astonished Lauel was speechless for a while.

"This situation is interesting.”

Grid rose from his spot and smiled darkly.

"Lauel, have Asmophel convene the soldiers. It’s time for the storm.”

Grid headed towards his private warehouse. The warehouse was filled with ‘Mass Production Grid Sets.’



“M-Marquis Steim... I couldn’t hold out until the end...I’m sorry... Cough! Cough!”

The 1,000 troops led by Laden and 10 knights. They fell into a crisis after wiping out the Iron Wind troops. It was because he was caught by the unit led by the great swordsman, Chucksley.

“You’re great.”

Great Swordsman Chucksley. He was comparable to the past Piaro of the empire. He praised Laden, who defended against his sword four times.

“20 years later. No, you might’ve been able to hit me in 10 years. I have never seen anyone with such a terrific talent like you.”

“Pant... Pant...”

Laden had defeated Beida and several others talents alone. He was exhausted and at a disadvantage when facing Chucksley. To be honest, it wouldn’t be strange if he collapsed immediately. However, Laden didn’t show weakness to the end. He knew that the moment he fell, the 1,000 troops he treasured would be wiped out.

‘I have to give my all for My Lord.’

He felt disappointment and despair at not meeting expectations.


Laden tightened his grip on his sword. He ignored the blood in his mouth and laughed.

“Are you sure? I don’t need 10 years. Five years. No, I will go beyond you in three years.”


Chucksley’s face distorted. He was unable to deny Laden’s arrogant remark, making him feel uncomfortable.

"Isn’t that only if you survive?”

“...That’s right.”

"Yes, try to survive.”

Chucksley’s family had been loyal to the royal family for generations. For him, Marquis Steim was an annoying presence that could threaten the royal family. It was more so after his son-in-law became Duke Grid.

But now. It was a golden opportunity to catch both Marquis Steim and Duke Grid. It was fortunate that he met the northern troops by chance in the desert. It was evidence that Marquis Steim was in Reidan!



Chucksley’s swordsmanship was sophisticated without any deviations. He was faithful to the basics, which excluded any variables. However, it wasn’t something that Laden, who lacked training and experience, could go against.

Chaaeng! Chaeng!



As the exchange of blows continued, Laden’s wounds increased while Chucksley’s technique became sharper. The northern army and Chucksley’s Black unit were clearly divided as they watched the confrontation.

‘We won.’

‘It is over.’

The Black unit cheered while the northern troops were frustrated. At this moment, 5,000 soldiers appeared on the horizon. Was it the appearance of a friend like a miracle? No way. The identity of the great army was the main troops of Prince Ren, the enemy.

Tears flowed down Laden’s bloody and dirty cheeks as he saw it.

‘My Lord...’

He felt guilty for his lacking strength.

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