Chapter 336

Chapter 336

“Indeed, my grandchild is great! He doesn’t cry when doing a poo, he’s a real man! Just like me!"

"It’s good if you’re dexterous like me. He is also pretty like Irene, and smart.”

“Ha! He’s perfect! It is almost a perfect work by God! Giving birth to such a great son, I respect you!”

"I admire the man who helped give birth to a lovely woman like Irene!”



Grid and Marquis Steim made a fuss as the maid changed Lord’s diaper. The great lords who represented their nation had forgotten their dignity. Irene was somewhat disgruntled, but didn’t say anything. She didn’t want to break their excitement because she understood their hearts.

"Lord is sleepy. We shouldn’t interrupt his nap time, so we should go out.”

“T-This... I want to play together a bit more.”

“Father is right. Don’t you know how important sleeping is for a child when growing up? We shouldn’t prevent him from sleeping."

“...It can’t be helped.”

“Sleep well, Lord. Chu.”

The Grid couple left the child to the nanny and left the room with Marquis Steim.

After a moment.

It happened when the nanny fell asleep.


Somebody fell from the ceiling. It was done secretly with no sound. The sleeping nanny and knights guarding outside didn’t notice the appearance of the visitor. It was natural. The man with dark skin and long arms was none other than Kasim, king of shadows.

How many people could detect Kasim’s stealth? There were only a few throughout the continent.

‘He’s cuter up close.’

Originally Kasim was protecting Irene, but now he was by Lord’s side. Most nobles cherished their heir more than their wives. Grid was the same, so Kasim changed his protection priorities.

'Once he’s older, he will attract many women.’

The last 10 days.

Kasim was amazed as he watched Lord. It was the first time he had seen such a beautiful and clever newborn. Kasim didn’t share a single drop of blood with him, but he was glad to watch.

‘If it wasn’t for the empire...’

He would be able to marry a Nero woman, have a child, and live a normal life.


It was at this moment that Kasim’s desire for revenge on the empire was revived. Suddenly, the sleeping Lord opened his eyes. The newborn baby detected him when the nanny and knights outside the door couldn’t.

Kasim was thrilled.

‘His innate senses goes far beyond an ordinary person.’

"Abu! Abu!”

Lord reached out to Kasim. There was clearly a smile in his eyes. It felt like he was just looking at Kasim.

‘Does he know that I am guarding him?’

This baby was the real thing. Kasim, the strongest assassin currently in existence. He became greedy when he saw the transcendent genius.

"Little boy, do you want to play with me every night from now on?”

"Abu! Abu!”

His eyes shone like they had lanterns. It seemed like an answer. Kasim smiled with satisfaction, picked up the block pieces and arranged them on one side of Lord.

“Throw this. Like so.”

Kasim demonstrated directly. He threw a block and hit one of the dolls placed on the window frame.

Tok! After seeing that the doll fell, Lord laughed. But with the baby’s control, the dolls were still too far away.

"Bubu! Bu!”

Lord waved his arms when the block he threw wasn’t able to reach the window. His pride seemed to be hurt that he couldn’t match Kasim. Kasim thought it was absurd.

‘A newborn baby is aware of my words and is also burning for victory...!’


‘His strength is already better than most boys!’

The block that Lord threw was very light. In order to throw it towards the window, he needed the strength of a 14 year old. However, Lord was still 0 years old. Kasim’s enthusiasm grew. This child’s innate senses and power!

‘I might be able to impart the completeness of the secret techniques Master left behind!’

Doran and Kasim were slightly lacking in talent. They could only learn half of their master’s secret techniques.

‘But this child...!’

Lord Steim.

It was the day he met the first of his seven mentors.


"Oh my!"

The nanny woke up and felt like she had been hit by lightning. It was because the formerly clean room now had blocks scattered around it.

‘Was it the young Lord?’

A newborn baby climbed down from bed and played with toys? It was nonsense, the nanny was well aware of this. But if someone had entered the room, the knights outside the door would’ve called out and woken her up. She was forced to suspect Lord.


Lord was in a deep sleep. His sleeping form was consistent with when she last saw him.

‘Lord is sleeping, so what happened?’

She got goosebumps. It seemed to be a ghost. On the other hand, Kasim was shocked from his spot on the ceiling.

‘A newborn baby is pretending to sleep!’

It was amazing.


The desert had been turned into a field.

The soldiers freaked out as the hot desert turned into a golden wheat field.

“Wow... What is this?"

“Am I dreaming right now?”

The 2,000 soldiers were confused at the unbelievable situation.

‘What is this sudden scene?’

Bunny Bunny was angry.

"What’s the point of making a field? It’s in vain!”

Hurent rushed towards Royman.



Royman barely defended against Hurent’s blow. A blue light aimed at her waist. It was Aura Impact, which he used to create another blade and attack through the gap.

‘It is the end!’

Royman felt sure of her death. She closed her eyes as the aura blade flew at her.

"Is there more than one life? Fight to the end and don’t give up so easily.”

Piaro. He seemed to be busy with the wheat field, but he ran to protect Royman.

“Sir Piaro...!”

Royman looked at Piaro different after her life was saved again. She was full of longing. But she couldn’t look into Piaro’s eyes for long. She was embarrassed and shyly bowed her head.


A person of talent who had just started to walk along his path. There was no need to feel ashamed for being powerless against the strong. He spoke words of comfort, "I will add two hours of planting.”


Piaro had no mercy. He turned towards Hurent after reducing Royman’s sleeping time to 3 hours and 30 minutes. Hurent was smiling despite his attack being blocked. He could afford to relax.

"I heard that a crazy farmer was the guardian of Reidan. I’m embarrassed, since I didn’t expect it to be true.”

“You seem quite amused for someone who is embarrassed.”

"Of course I’m amused. What if I defeat the farmer who stopped the seven guilds from reaching Reidan? Won’t my evaluation soar up infinitely?”

"Don’t put impossible words in your mouth.”

“We’ll see. I know the long and short of it.”

"It seems like you believe in the 2,000 soldiers.”

"No, I only believe in me."


Hurent snapped his fingers. Was it a signal for the soldiers to attack? Piaro thought so, but the soldiers didn’t move.



Piaro was puzzled as Royman suddenly groaned. It was because she started to feel pain from her side, which had been lightly grazed by the aura blade.

“My aura left a mark.”


“Yes, a mark where aura can manifest. Imagine it. If I release aura from your lover’s side, what will happen to your lover? She is so fragile that she will break in two.”


Piaro’s eyes widened. He was certainly upset.

Hurent smiled with satisfaction.

"Now, make your choice. Allow my army to advance! Or I will break your precious lover apart in front of you!”

Hurent shouted with confidence towards Piaro.

"Is that a mark that can be carved into the ground?”


What? There was no tension in that question. Hurent was confused and nodded.

"T-That’s correct. It is a technique with a high utilization.”



A smile appeared on Piaro’s face. He looked very wicked.

"Won’t this be useful for clearing the fields?”


Clearing the fields?  What was this? Hurent couldn’t understand the words and frowned. Piaro copied his style of speaking.

“I will give you a choice. Work in the fields with me. Or do you want to work in the fields after losing all 2,000 soldiers?”

‘No, what nonsense is he saying?’

Wasn’t Hurent the one in an advantageous position right now? It was like talking to a wall. Hurent realized it.

‘He was called a crazy farmer for a reason!’

This farmer truly wasn’t sane. Hurent determined and triggered the skill to let Piaro know his position.


Royman couldn’t bear the pain coming from her waist and sat down. Her side was already soaked with blood. Piaro saw it and shouted, “You have chosen!”


“Free Farming 8th Style. Polishing!”

The reason why Piaro left Hurent alone and cleared the field. It was because his enemy wasn’t just Hurent. Piaro was thinking about the big picture.

Pepeng! Pepepepeok!

The wheat field that covered the whole area. Explosions occurred where the 2,000 soldiers and Hurent were standing. The myriad of wheat had become powerful bombs, destroying the whole area.


Hurent was at a loss for words as he saw the soldiers screaming and dying. A ranged skill that could target 2,000 people? This was equivalent to the Meteor skill that could only be learned by a legendary great magician.

“Don’t tell me, a legendary...!”

Piaro approached the astonished Hurent and wielded his hand plow.


[You have suffered 15,500 damage.]


[You have suffered 15,900 damage.]


[You have suffered 16,100 damage.]

[You have suffered catastrophic damage in a short period of time! You are in a critical condition!]

‘T-This is crazy!’

What was this? Hurent was hit successively in the forehead by a hand plow and sat down.

The sight behind Piaro was a mountain of bodies and a river of blood.

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