Chapter 1043

Debirion, the god of hunting, was one of the numerous indigenous gods born from the myths. His status was considerably inferior when compared to Rebecca, Hexetia, and Zeratul. In the Saharan Empire, worshipping him was classified as heresy. He was an existence that was only at this level. Yet for Zibal, Debirion was an object of absolute faith.


[Due to Debirion’s favor, PvE damage has greatly increased and experience gained has increased slightly.]

The passive effect was triggered as soon as he entered combat. This was the driving force that allowed Zibal to stay in second place in the past. Debirion’s Envoy was a class that specialized in hunting and growth, so Zibal was convinced he could surpass Kraugel the moment he got the class. It was just that it had obvious limitations in PvP. Thus, Zibal had been forced to switch to Sky Rider tearfully. The loss of a gold medal to Grid in the National Competition’s raid event had also been decisive. The moment Zibal became a Sky Rider, he lost all class traits of Debirion’s Envoy.

Still, Debirion was a loving god. Rather than punish one of his few believers for leaving him, Debirion gave a blessing and allowed Zibal to perform excellent hunting skills. Any target that was classified as a monster, no matter the race, was forced to be helpless in front of Zibal. 


The function of the Golden Cudgel could be easily described. Grow or become smaller—that was it. However, its difficulty of use exceeded the highest level, and the Golden Cudgel was classified as the worst. The biggest problem was the recoil the moment the volume and weight increased.

[The skill ‘Lengthen’ has been used to the maximum!]

[The attack power of the +8 Golden Cudgel has increased significantly, and a critical hit will occur unconditionally. The critical damage is hit by three times.]

[The target has been destroyed!]

[The weapon you're using is very heavy. You can’t endure the strength.]

[The muscles in your right arm are torn, and the bones are broken!]

[You can’t move your right arm!] 

Kuek...! Zibal’s eyes reddened, and he gritted his teeth. His right arm, which was using the Golden Cudgel to smash the demons, turned black and twisted in a strange direction. Strength was lost from his fingertips. At this rate, he would let go of the Golden Cudgel and lose ownership. Due to this powerful constraint, Debirion’s Envoy couldn’t bring out all of the Golden Cudgel’s potential. However, it was different now.


A horse that appeared in fantasies like the unicorn—it was one of the decisive things that led Zibal to become a Blue Sky Rider. The pegasus licked his right arm like it was familiar with this work from before. Then Zibal’s limply hanging right arm recovered quickly. It took him only two seconds to go through this whole process. As one of the most powerful people among two billion users, Zibal had control over the realm of time and felt senses returning to his fingertips. He immediately shouted, “Become smaller!”

The Golden Cudgel rapidly shortened like an elastic spring and returned to its original size.

Kuhum...! Zibal couldn’t handle the rebound of the Golden Cudgel and took a few steps back. He stopped when his back hit Raiders’ leg. Then he drank a potion and shouted to the soldiers on the wall, “Keep your formations!”

There were hundreds of demon species. They had a variety of races like monsters, and Berith’s army was the same. Some demons resembled insects, and others resembled beasts. The insect-like demons were small but swift enough to climb the walls in an instant. Meanwhile, the beast-like demons were large, massive and slow but they were durable. It wasn’t easy for Zibal to harm them with the Golden Cudgel. The surviving demons climbed the walls and shot fire or poison from their mouths at the soldiers.


The soldiers, who had been in high spirits due to Zibal, were swallowed up by the flames and burned. Meanwhile, the soldiers hurling rocks below the walls were shocked when the guards escorting them disappeared without a trace. The ranks of the soldiers started to collapse, and the demons’ climbing speed increased. Even those who shrank back from Zibal’s attacks chuckled and spread their wings.

They were small demons that resembled flies. The flies shot out their saliva, and hundreds of thin needles that were hard to grasp with the naked eye flooded toward the soldiers.

“Protect the soldiers!”

The nobles, including Earl Flenitium, jumped over the walls and used magic. Transparent barriers started to fend off the demon attacks on the soldiers. They were the pillars of the Haken Kingdom. The nobles who ignored the royal family that despaired at Berith’s march were Zibal’s former bosses and old comrades. They trusted Zibal when he was a beginner and gave him many quests that increased Zibal’s confidence and allowed him to live up to their trust. Without them, the current Zibal wouldn’t exist.

“Don’t overdo it.”

Zibal looked at the nobles behind him and smiled. He felt the passage of time. The nobles who reigned over players a few years ago now depended on players... The times had changed.

“Pegasus, let’s handle the pigs during this gap.”

Pegasus carried Zibal on its back and soared into the sky. The demons coming over the walls entered Zibal’s gaze.

‘These guys.’

Zibal targeted the large monsters at the head of the demon army. The demons boasted a huge physique like a bear’s, were covered in gray fur, and had four faces on one head. Their appearance was bizarre, but they were very durable. Most of the arrows and rocks shot by the soldiers on the walls were blocked by their bodies, and they helped the other demons. They were tankers of hell. Zibal determined he should handle them first and swung the Golden Cudgel.


The size and weight of the Golden Cudgel increased dramatically, and the blood vessels in his right arm rose and burst. Still, Zibal endured the pain. His right arm became completely ragged the moment the Golden Cudgel fell on the heads of the huge monsters.

Pegasus cried out anxiously as Zibal trembled. The eyes of the huge monsters looked at Zibal simultaneously. The huge monsters didn’t die when Zibal hit them with the Golden Cudgel. Only their health was shaved.

“These dirty guys are hard.”

The huge monsters weren’t elite monsters. They were classified as normal. Yet they endured the most powerful attack of the Golden Cudgel. Zibal was frankly upset. He felt frustrated at the sight of the demon army crossing the plains and climbing the walls. Rather than stopping Berith’s advance, he might be eaten by the demons before meeting Berith.

'...I’m really a used thing.’

He couldn’t help smiling. Zibal hadn’t been frustrated with any hardship or adversity in the days when he was aiming for first in the rankings. He had endured much more frustrating situations than his current circumstances. Of course, there were many things he had endured and failed to overcome. He had tasted failure so much that he realized reality and became the person he was now.

‘Let’s not push the limits today.’

There was no certainty that he could drive away this swarm of evil demons. Still, he shouldn’t become frustrated. He had to keep fighting. It was time to go back to the days when he was a daredevil who knew nothing. His courage would invigorate the morale of his former colleagues and the soldiers.

Ohhhhhh!” A thunderous roar echoed in the battlefield. The earth was turbulent whenever Zibal wielded the Golden Cudgel. His right arm was broken many times, and Pegasus’s aura was quickly exhausted as it healed him. In the end, the huge monsters at the forefront of the demon army collapsed one by one. The arrows fired by the soldiers on the walls finally started to hit the demon army.


“Zibal, we believe in you!”

The morale of the soldiers rose sharply. The complexion of the nobles dealing with the flies brightened. They had hope that they could protect their country with their hands.

On the other hand, Pegasus’ expression was pained. The tongue licking its master’s arm trembled. The white wings flapping in the sky stopped.

Pant... Pant... Pant...

Zibal was on the verge of exhaustion. His stamina window was flashing red.

“Not yet... Not yet.”

Just a bit more. At the very least, he wanted to stay strong until he got rid of the demon army’s snipers. However, his vision kept blurring. This was the end. Eventually, Zibal’s gaze returned to Raiders standing inside the fortress. Originally, he planned to operate Raiders when confronting Berith, but now that he was about to die, his plan changed.

‘Use Raiders to break through the demons and kill Berith.’

The determined Zibal stroked Pegasus’s head. Pegasus read the will of its master and turned its head with sadness. The moment it descended toward Raiders.

““Nasty, nasty. How long do you think I will let a trivial human have his way?”” 

There was a terrible stench as a voice entered Zibal’s ears. It was a voice that he had heard over a hundred times through the broadcaststhe voice of Great Demon Berith.

““You hurt my soldiers and will have to pay the price.””


Zibal’s eyes widened. It was absurd to hear Berith’s voice when Berith was so far away. It was also absurd to see the dust rising from the battle solidify into metal.

““Stop it and die.””

The sharp metal joined together and rotated, forming a storm. It tore through the hard flesh of the demons and flew to Zibal. Pegasus flew vigorously and tried to endure the metal storm, but it wasn’t easy. Pegasus had already exhausted most of its strength and lacked stamina.

“Pegasus, go back.”

It was enough for Zibal to die alone. He would receive more damage if Pegasus died. Pegasus shook its head stubbornly and ignored Zibal. Zibal canceled the summoning and started to fall to the ground.

‘I’m dying sooner than planned, but there is still one more chance.’ 

Zibal had already set Fort Taleren as a revival point. Even if he died, he could be resurrected immediately. His stamina would completely recover.

‘I will fight again.’

Of course, a second death meant he would experience the penalty where he couldn’t connect. While he was away, the Haken Kingdom would have a harder fight, but it couldn’t be helped. The metal storm approached as Zibal neared the ground. Would he die from being swallowed by the storm or by falling to the ground? The moment Zibal had this trivial thought, someone grabbed Zibal’s hand and pulled him up.

Then a low and cold voice was heard, “Take a break.”

It was an unforgettable voice. Zibal had felt envy and jealousy. Then he felt envy and longing. It was the first of the former supreme one.


A silver robe with a large golden dragon embroidery on it flapped in the wind. Soft silk wrapped around Zibal’s injured body.

“Tearing the Sky.”

The claw of a mighty beast was carved into the sky. The metal storm stiffened in place. This was something that would’ve torn Zibal apart. Now it reversed its route. It returned to where it came from, sweeping through the demon army and engulfing Berith. Just before it reached Berith, the metals that formed the storm changed back to dust and scattered.


“Space Sword.”


The world was split into two. The earth, the sky, the thousands of demons, and Berith—all of them were cut.