Chapter 94

Chapter 94

I was the same rank as Malacus. And as I beat more boss monsters, I became the richest man in the world. There were dozens of glamorous girls on my arms, including Jishuka and Laella. In addition, my first love Ahyoung...

"Why don’t you like Yura?”


Yura was an unrealistically beautiful woman. Honestly, I have never seen a more beautiful woman than her, to the extent that everything else faded in her presence. Even Ahyoung, whom I had liked for 10 years, was nothing in comparison. 

But she wasn’t glamorous. Her chest was slightly larger than average. If I considered that she might be wearing a pushup bra, her chest might be only average. 

"You aren’t glamorous so why are you here...”

I asked and Yura’s face became cold as ice. It seems I had touched her sore spot.


I begged for my life, but there was no mercy from the Blood Witch.


A dagger pierced into my heart.

“Uh... Cough! Killing a person so casually... Truly the Blood Witch...” 

She was a cruel woman.


I opened my eyes to a familiar sight: the dirty ceiling as I laid down on the small and dirty bed in my room. It was a happy dream where I was the richest man in the world and had the most beautiful women in my arms, but it was also a bad dream because I was killed by Yura.

"... I might not have another chance for a raid like that.”

With one raid, I gained more than 40 million won in cash. The raid took a lot of time and money to invest in consumables, but it was easier to make money from raids than random items dropping. Of course, this was only limited to top raids.

“Tzedakah Guild...”

The Tzedakah Guild was already attempting the Guardian of the Forest raid when I saw them a few months ago. They, along with the top guild, gobbled up the profits from raids and accumulated an enormous amount of wealth.

It was different from the world I lived in.

"But I got involved with those guys... It was an amazing experience.”

I was hungry. I saw that it was 12 p.m. I only wore boxers and scratched my stomach as I headed into the living room.

Then Sehee frowned from where she was preparing rice in the kitchen.

“You don’t have a good body, so why do you keep exposing yourself? Why don’t you think about how other people feel? Look at the gauntness of your stomach. Don’t take off your clothes in front of other women.”

"... Why are you home instead of at school at this time?"

"It is the anniversary of our school’s opening. Come eat lunch. No, eat breakfast.”


Breakfast prepared by my little sister?

"It looks like Sehee is ready to marry.”

I sat down at the table expectantly. But there were no side dishes.

"What? Where are the side dishes?”

"You want side dishes? Our family still has a debt of 560 million won. There is also the interest to repay every month... Just be grateful that we can eat rice.”

“... This can’t be.”

I stole the chopsticks from Sehee, who was about to put the food in her mouth.

“What are you doing?”

Sehee was shocked as I took the chopsticks away from her. I stood up and exclaimed. "Let's go! Go out and eat meat!”

My sister was growing so she couldn’t just eat rice. 

“If you continue to eat like this, your breasts won’t grow!”

"... Aren’t I already pretty big? Why should we eat meat when we should be saving money?”

“Huhu... Sehee, your brother earned 40 million won yesterday. So don't worry and let's go!”

“Eh? 40 million won? Cash?”

“Yes! In one day! How is it? Isn’t it great? Now, let's go!"

I dragged the stunned Sehee out of the kitchen. Then I put on the blue sweats that had been my favorite for 10 years. In the meantime, Sehee dressed in a pretty outfit and seemed prepared to go out.

“You are my sister, but you are indeed pretty.”

How many years had it been since I bought her a meal? No, wasn’t this the first time? I was proud of myself and hummed as we left the room. Then we rode four stops on the bus. We arrived at a downtown area with many restaurants.

People watched Sehee walking next to me and spoke to each other.

“Wow, really pretty. Her ratio is amazing. Is she an idol trainee?”

"A perfect example of an innocent beauty. Was there someone like this in the neighborhood? But who is that scruffy guy next to her? Surely she isn’t dating a guy like that?”

“What nonsense are you talking? Do they look like they would be in the same group? They are probably just walking next to each other by chance.

"Yes, something like that can happen. You are right!”

“A-A family member...?”


Sehee was beautiful and I didn’t resemble her. Personally, I thought she was prettier and more lovely than Yura. She was smart and sociable, despite being cold to me, so she was the pride of our family. So I was reluctant to go anywhere with Sehee.

‘It feels like I am harming her.’

I started walking slower than Sehee. She would be embarrassed if she walked next to me. Then Sehee grabbed my arm. "What are you doing? Why do you want to go alone?”

"Well, that... Please release my arm. Everyone is looking.”

People looked at us with a lot of distrust. It was as if I was someone who was threatening Sehee. It felt like they would call the police at any moment!

Sehee felt uncomfortable and pressed closer to me. “I hate walking alone because men keep trying to talk to me. This is a prevention method. It is also good that Oppa gives off a dirty impression.”


Then we arrived in front of a Hanwoo (most expensive beef in Korea) specialty store. If each person wasn’t willing to spend 250,000 won per person, it was best not to walk into a Hanwoo specialty store.

I never thought I would come to a place like this. It was thanks to Satisfy. I played the game and managed to go to lunch at a place like this. I was thrilled to tears.

Sehee stopped me before we entered the store. "Surely, we aren’t going to eat here?”

"Didn’t I say that I earned 40 million won in one day? I wasn’t joking. Don’t you believe me?”

“I believe you. I am well aware that Oppa is doing well in Satisfy these days. But can you make 40 million won every day? No?”

“O-Of course not. Sometimes I can’t even earn anything. But there might be days when I earn more than 40 million won. So this isn’t a burden. Go ahead and enter.”

“Oppa. It isn’t certain when you will earn a good amount of money. It is more important to save at these times. And I like pork more than beef.”

"What are you talking about? When will you ever get to eat something like this? I always wished to eat here someday. Just believe in me for once. Come on!”

I held Sehee’s wrist and went inside the store.


The employee greeted me politely. But his expression wasn’t so good. I looked old-fashioned and poor. But his expression changed after seeing Sehee’s bright appearance.

"Just the two of you?”


"This way."

The employee guided me and Sehee to a room. On the way, there was a lit up hall with several people inside. It seemed like they were interviewing someone for a magician or TV show.

“Is it a celebrity?”

Sehee sat in her seat and didn’t reply. She looked around at the elegant exterior and sighed.

"I would’ve liked to come to this place with our parents.”

"Ah, you are a good daughter. Don't worry. I will take our parents to a better place.”

"Oh, aren’t you a good son?”

Sehee’s face lit up. On this day, the brother and sister ate the finest Hanwoo that melted in their mouth.


"Then finally... People around the world are curious about this. Yura, is it true that you are the new Eighth Servant? Most people are convinced that Yura is the Eighth Servant.”

Korea’s representative ranker, Yura. Right now, she was having an interview with Satisfy related media. She couldn’t focus because the interview place was a Hanwoo store, but was surprised when a couple entered the store. It was because she knew the man.


He was the first one to defeat Yura, who was 5th on the unified rankings. After the incident at the Yatan Temple, Yura wanted to know who Grid was. She did her own research, but couldn’t find any clues. Yet she met him in reality in Korea.

‘I never thought I would meet him again.’

Yura’s cheeks turned red as she smiled. It was an intense encounter. Thus, the encounter was engraved in her mind. She dreamed of reuniting with the protagonist of that encounter.

"Let’s move onto the next interview.”


The reporters and staff interviewing Yura were speechless due to her sudden alluring smile. Yura called for a break and left the restaurant. She contacted the informant she had been dealing with since starting Satisfy.

“I’m sending my current location. I want you to investigate in detail a man who is dining here. His description...”


“Pant pant... I can’t breathe because my stomach is so swollen.”

We were on the bus heading home. I gasped as I held my swollen belly.

Then Sehee suggested. "Should we take a walk in the park to assist with digestion?”

“Eh? What nonsense are you saying? Why do we need to digest the best Korean beef? It should stay in my stomach as long as possible.”

“...Ah, yes.”

“Huh? What? Why is your expression like that? You don’t look good.”

"Ah, I’m okay. There’s just a strong garlic smell.”


An awkward silence flowed because Sehee seemed angry for some reason. Inside my pocket, the basic S cell phone started ringing.


Was this a debt reminder call? I had a lot of experience with Mother's Heart is Happy Financial Services, so I hesitated because it was a number I didn’t know. But I soon realized.

‘I’ve already paid off my debt.’

Right now, I wasn’t in debt. Of course, my father happened to become a debtor, but I didn’t have to be afraid of unknown phone numbers anymore. I answered the call with confidence.


Then I heard a voice that I would never forget.

[Is this Shin Youngwoo’s phone?]

... Ahyoung. My first and only love, Kim Ahyoung.

I spoke in a trembling voice. “Yes... Are you perhaps Ahyoung?”

The voice over the phone replied brightly.

[Yes, that's right. You still remember my voice? Youngwoo is a detailed person. I like it.]

I could never forget this voice. The feelings were buzzing in my head. But in reality, I couldn’t speak properly because I was nervous.

"T-that... What's going on?"

Ah! Why was I acting so pathetic? My first love was contacting me, so why was I asking a question instead of saying hello? Really stupid! As I was shaking, Ahyoung made a suggestion.

[I was looking through our graduation album not long ago. While looking at the photos, I suddenly wanted to see you. After graduating from high school, haven’t we only met at the alumni meeting? How about it? Would you like to have a drink with me?]

She wanted to see me? My first love Ahyoung wanted to have a drink with me?

‘Does Ahyoung like me as well? Now she wants to confess her hidden heart?’

I excitedly stood up. "When should we meet?”

The bus stopped at that moment. I fell down and rolled, but I felt neither pain nor shame.

[Now would be good. But did you drop something? What was that sound...?]

“Ah, nothing. Nothing! You want to meet now? Ah, no! Why don’t we meet in the evening? I-Is that okay?”

[Yes, it is fine. Then at 7 p.m...]

We decided on a place to meet, then Ahyoung ended the call.


I started making money in Satisfy and my life was changing rapidly. I no longer feared the creditors and was going to win my first love. It was a dream-like situation, and I felt like I was floating amongst the clouds.

"Was that a girl just now?” Sehee asked me.

I didn’t look at Sehee as I hugged my phone and replied. “Yes.”

“Heh... Are you going to meet her?”



After that, we didn’t talk anymore until we arrived home. I was completely excited at the thought of meeting Ahyoung, while Sehee kept her mouth shut. I showered as soon as I got home, then I asked Sehee.

"Sehee, recommend me some fashionable styles these days. No, come buy clothes with me right now. Please style me.”

“I have to study~”


“So cold-hearted.”

Sehee locked her door and focused on studying, so I was forced to go and buy clothes alone. With the help of the clerk, I bought the latest trendy clothes and went to a hair salon. Of course, I also got the latest trendy haircut. After that, I exited out onto the street and saw people dressed in the same style as me.

'Mass production...’

It didn’t feel good to have the same style as others. Honestly, I was ashamed. But wasn’t it a thousand times better than wearing old-fashioned sweatpants?

‘I’ve never dressed up, so dressing in the latest trends can’t be helped.’

I comforted myself as I ran to the promised place.

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