Chapter 93

Chapter 93

"The lady has already been gone for half a day! But we still don’t know where she is? Incompetent people! Don’t stop looking! Find the lady!”

Phoenix had been defeated and seriously injured in battle against the Eighth Servant, Yura. While he was lying in bed and half losing his mind, a change took place in Winston Castle.

A high ranking elder of the Yatan Church infiltrated the castle, brainwashed the administrator, killed the soldiers and  Irene was missing. Phoenix couldn’t even get out of bed, but he started getting seizures after hearing that Irene hadn’t been found.

“Captain’s wounds are worsening! Please calm down! We will find the lady unharmed.”

"Shut up! My health isn’t important right now! Why are you repeating the same words as before and not doing anything?”

Night deepened. Phoenix didn’t want to imagine what Irene was experiencing right now.

‘My Lady has already experienced being kidnapped. She still has the trauma from that time... She will be frightened.’

In the past, there was Doran. However, now Doran was gone.

‘My Lady, please don’t worry. Your subject will help you!’


Phoenix groaned. Then he used all his strength and got up from the bed.


The knights freaked out. It was because blood was seeping through the bandage wrapped around Phoenix’ chest.

'He will die!’

Phoenix had a big wound right next to his heart. He was strong enough to speak and raise his body, but he was so seriously wounded that it wouldn’t be strange for him to die at any moment. The knights tried to persuade Phoenix.

"If the lady isn’t found and the administrator doesn’t wake up, won’t the castle collapse? There is a high probability that the lady is in a crisis. But you are safe. If you try to move now then the situation will only get worse. So please, calm down!”

"Shut up!"

The knights were making the right decision, but Phoenix didn’t hear anything. He was seeing Irene in a terrible situation. Then a soldier ran into the room.

“The lady! The lady has come back!”



“My Lady, your faithful subject couldn’t protect you! This is a sin that can’t be washed away for three generations! Please kill me!”

Irene rushed forward towards Phoenix who was kneeling down. A half-dead person was running around, Phoenix seemed like a monster to the knights and soldiers.

“Sir Phoenix...”

Blood was dripping from the bandage wrapped around Phoenix’s chest. Due to excessive bleeding, his complexion was pale and his lips were blue. Phoenix was truly prepared to die. But Irene didn't want to lose Phoenix.

"This incident occurred while Sir Phoenix was lying in the infirmary. So Sir Phoenix isn’t responsible.”

“No! It is my fault. It proves that I neglected the security of the castle...!”

“Be quiet!”

Irene shouted. Phoenix was stunned because this was the first time he saw Irene act like this. As his mouth gaped open, Irene firmly expressed her will. 

"This incident is all my fault. It is my own fault for not increasing the guards after Sir Phoenix became injured. You have no responsibility. So stand up. Please take care of your wound. I will be really sad if you leave my side like Doran.”

‘My Lady...’

Phoenix’ stubbornness was finally broken. Then he shook his head and asked.

"Was it the Yatan Church again? Did they want to sacrifice you?”


Irene shuddered at the thought of Malacus’ cold eyes. The fear of death, which she experienced twice, was so horrible that she couldn’t bear it. Irene explained in a trembling voice.

"I lost consciousness and when I woke up, there was a man. He was the Sixth Servant, Malacus.”


The knights were agitated.

"One of Yatan’s servants dared to invade Winston?”

 "It seems like the Yatan Church is thoroughly preparing for war with Winston!”

"I can’t forgive them for kidnapping the lady! We must tell Earl Steim and invite the whole army to invade the main Yatan Temple.”

“No, but...?”

Phoenix interrupted as the agitated knights were shouting. It was due to a sense of strangeness. The servants of Yatan were strong. In particular, Malacus was famous for being cruel. It was impossible for Irene to escape from him, and he wouldn’t have let her go. 

"Who saved the lady?”

Few virgins kidnapped by the Yatan Church ever returned home. One of them was Irene, but she was rescued by Doran. However, Doran wasn’t here anymore.

‘If the opponent is one of the Eight Servants, even Doran wouldn’t find it easy to save her.’

The person who rescued Irene must have a great power. But was such a great person here in Winston?

“That person.”


Phoenix was stunned by the man Irene pointed to. He was...

“Haha, hello?”


The person Irene pointed to was Grid. However, Phoenix knew him as a great blacksmith. But wasn’t he just a blacksmith? How was he able to save Irene? It was against Malacus!

'Did he use his brains? But he doesn’t seem smart...’

Irene explained to the confused Phoenix.

"Mr. Grid is very strong. He killed Malacus with his companions, then rescued me and smashed the rest of the followers. A hero.”

“... My Lady?”

Irene’s gaze towards Grid was strange. It was like a virgin’s gaze towards someone she liked. Phoenix was baffled for a moment, but he soon got up. Then he looked Grid up and down. Grid took off all his equipment in the safe zone and was once again back to his scruffy appearance. But Phoenix was able to notice Grid’s multi-dimensional nature. Somehow he had the illusion of a halo around Grid.

‘Grid seems like someone who has built up a great reputation... He must usually hide his identity. Maybe blacksmithing is just his hobby? He has tremendous skill for a hobbyist... no, he must’ve built up his reputation in many ways.’

Phoenix was convinced.

"Thank you. You are the lady and Winston’s savior...! I won’t forget your grace!”

Phoenix’ attitude completely changed from what it was before. Grid finally saw the notification window.

[Quest success!]

[Affinity with Irene, Winston’s lady, has risen to the maximum.]


It was an easier quest than he expected. In addition, the rewards for the A-grade quest were terrific.

"Mr. Grid, this is a show of my sincerity.”

[Doran’s Ring has been acquired.]

"This is...”

Grid was given a ring. Irene smiled and stated,

"Please swear to me that you will cherish this ring, as it is a keepsake from the one who saved my life.”

"The one who saved your life, do you mean Doran? Absolutely. I also have a connection with Doran... I will treasure it.”

“Will you swear?”

Grid readily replied to Irene’s question. "Of course.”

At that moment.

[Doran's ring has been attached to you.]


In Satisfy, the death penalty was very large. There was a drop in experience and the durability of equipped items. There was also a certain probability of equipped items dropping. It was very difficult to regain the items dropped after dying. Even if the person ran over right after resurrecting, there were many users or monsters who would pick it up. Who wouldn’t be angry at dropping items with a tremendous value when dying?

Therefore, Satisfy had a system to protect such items. Items attached to a user never dropped, even if the user died. It was also impossible to sell it to other users.


Doran's Ring was definitely a top accessory. But it wasn’t as great for Grid, who could resist all sorts of status conditions. So he had thought about selling Doran’s Ring but...

'It is bound to me! What is this?’

Bound items couldn’t be released. Even if a user died, they would lose a similar amount in gold instead of the item. Therefore, most users were willing to take the risk of losing the item and didn’t use the item binding system. Grid tried to soothe his boiling emotions.

‘... Let’s think about this positively. It is true that this ring is great.’

It raised his health by 1,000 and had a skill that restored 50% of the damage dealt. It was definitely a good item. Even if he couldn’t make money from it, he could use it directly.

‘I like it... I get to wear such a nice ring... Haha... I feel good...’

Grid wore Doran’s Ring instead of putting it in his inventory. Irene smiled happily at the sight.

 “Mr. Grid, I will soon organize a feast for you. I hope you will be there.”

“... Yes.”

Grid replied to the blushing Irene and returned to Khan’s smithy. It was late, so Khan was already asleep. In the dark smithy, Grid started to organize his items.

‘Malacus’ Cloak and Doran’s ring... With this, I am even stronger. I also have 8 blessed weapon enhancement stones and 10 blessed armor enhancement stones. In addition, the three magic stones for a total value of 33,600 gold... Isn’t this terrific? It’s terrific no matter how I look at it.’

100 gold was worth 120,000 won cash. This meant that 33,600 gold was 40,320,000 won. Grid was able to acquire more than 40 million won worth of items thanks to the Tzedakah Guild. Then three days later, half the value of the orb would enter his hands.

‘Why is she treating me so good?’

Grid realized that the Tzedakah Guild had treated him really well and he wondered why. He came to a conclusion after thinking alone.

“Is Jishuka interested in me? Does such a beautiful person want to meet me?”

Jishuka was one of the idols of Satisfy. She had numerous fan clubs all over the world, just like Yura.

'Won’t numerous men be envious and curse at me?’

It was like a dream. Grid’s nostrils flared at the thought.

‘Her personality is wild but she is a global beauty and her body is fantastic... Won’t a confession be amazing?’

It was time to end his connection. Grid hummed and logged out. Then he went to bed without washing as usual. Meanwhile, there was breaking news around the world. The Sixth Servant, Malacus, was killed!

The dark power of God Yatan and the attack power users of the Yatan Church were temporarily reduced by 10%!

Until a new priest was elected, it was impossible for a user to become a black magician. In addition, the strength of the Yatan Church was greatly weakened! It became known that the Tzedakah Guild were the ones who defeated Malacus.

The top rankers hoped to join the Tzedakah Guild. The biggest beneficiary of this incident wasn’t Yura, but the Tzedakah Guild.

The exclusive interview with Regas...

‘The person who was most active in the Malacus raid was someone else?’

Jishuka gave a press conference for the Tzedakah Guild.

'The guild plans to expand... But those who want to sign up for the guild have to pass a test.’

"These days, most of the breaking news is related to Satisfy.”

"Isn’t Jishuka sexy? I like Jishuka a lot more than Yura. I would happily die if I could sleep with such a woman.”

“Ridi~culous. You wouldn’t be able to get with such a woman, even if you die and reborn 100 times. A woman like that would only be with the world’s richest and most handsome people. She is in a completely different world from us.”

“Rather than those that are rich and handsome... Isn’t she more likely to date a ranker from Satisfy?”

“Is it possible to be richer or more handsome than rankers?”


Some of the 45th generation graduates were talking in a cafe. They met to decide about the reunion coming up, and the story naturally shifted to Satisfy. Of course, the name Shin Youngwoo was also mentioned.

“Hey, didn’t Youngwoo say he started Satisfy from the Open Beta? He’s been playing Satisfy for over a year, so won’t he have met someone like Jishuka or Yura by now?”

“Stop talking nonsense. He is a loser even in the game. How can he be a ranker, when he is falling deeper into debt instead of making money from Satisfy. He must be hitting slimes.”

“Pfff! You are funny! Kukukuk! That is too much. Surely he wouldn’t be killing slimes after one year? He can at least catch a wolf!”

“Hey! Are you ignoring Youngwoo? Wouldn’t he have caught a goblin?”


After graduating from university or returning from studying abroad, they found it hard to live in society. People better than them were taking all the desired jobs. For such a gloomy crowd, the ‘worse off than them’ Shin Youngwoo was literally a healing balm.

When they talked about Shin Youngwoo, ‘I am relieved to know that are many people worse off than me in the world.’

“Ah, I want to see Youngwoo. I hope he comes to the reunion this time.”

“I agree... Ah! Ahyoung!”


Kim Ahyoung, a beautiful woman who couldn’t compare to the likes of Yura or Jishuka in the end. When she was in high school and university, she always heard that she was the most beautiful one, and was also Shin Youngwoo’s first love.

"Doesn’t Youngwoo like you? Meet him and ask him to come to the reunion, he’ll definitely come.”

“Huh? He might’ve liked me a long time ago, but now? We have long graduated from high school and we only see each other once a year at the alumni reunions.”

“Wow~ You’ve met so many men, but you still don’t understand them? People who don’t have experience with romance can’t forget their first loves. Maybe Youngwoo still likes you?”

“Hehe... He has no dating experience?”

The corners of Kim Ahyoung’s mouth tilted up with interest. She thought it would be fun to play with someone who was barely making a living.

“Give me Youngwoo’s phone number.”


Shin Youngwoo’s fellow alumni didn’t know that Shin Youngwoo, who they ignored as a loser, was born again as a winner... and they couldn’t imagine the type of woman who would accompany Shin Youngwoo to the reunion. 

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