Chapter 78

Chapter 78

As many people knew, the highest waterfall in the world was Angel Falls in Venezuela. It was a huge 979m in height. Angel was Ángel in Spanish, so it was Ángel Falls. It was said that the name was due to the majestic and mysterious appearance of the fog at the bottom of the waterfall.

Of course, I saw that one day on TV. Anyway, it was a beautiful and mysterious waterfall reminiscent of angels! One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world! Satisfy created a waterfall that was more spectacular, mysterious, beautiful and fantastic than Angel Falls.

That waterfall was located in the north of the Eternal Kingdom.  Where in the north?

"Right here."


The north of Kesan Canyon. At the end of the canyon, there was a 1,300m high waterfall. The water vapor around the waterfall created a dreamy atmosphere. Rainbows appeared everywhere, making it seem like a fairy tale world.

I was overwhelmed by the intersection of rainbows and the fall of water.

"This is Loran’s waterfall that I had only heard about in rumors.”

This waterfall was named after the discoverer of the waterfall, as well as the founder of the Eternal Kingdom, Loran. It was one of the most sacred places for the people of the Eternal Kingdom, but there were no tourists at all. It was because Kesan Canyon was too dangerous. The common people were afraid of the monsters in the canyon, so they didn’t dare come here.

Anyway, there would be few users who managed to visit this place.


“It’s really amazing.”

Originally, I wasn’t someone who worshipped natural scenery. I had never visited any famous tourist sites in my life. So what if nature was beautiful? Would beautiful nature feed me? I used to belittle nature in my thoughts.

But my thoughts changed at this moment. I could understand why people visited such attractions.

“Amazing... I finally realize how insignificant and trivial the asphalt world I live in is.”

The spectacular high-rise buildings designed and built by the world’s top architects? The majestic bodies that were registered as world heritage sites? They were nice and great. But it was nothing in front of nature.

My narrow world view expanded a bit, and I felt like my perspective had increased.

‘If I feel such excitement seeing a virtual reality landscape, how will the scenery in reality be like? Once I pay off the debt, I should go on a trip. Angel Falls, Iguazu Falls, the Amazon, the Grand Canyon... There are many other famous places.’

I watched the waterfall in a pleasant mood. I regained my spirit.

“This is crazy. What am I doing? I need to go and find Pagma’s swordsmanship!”

The north cliff was just below Loran Falls. I searched the north cliff for any engravings about Pagma’s swordsmanship. But 10 minutes, then 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours passed... I couldn’t find Pagma’s swordsmanship.

I even climbed the cliff, but I couldn’t see anything that might be a mural. Before I knew it, sunset arrived. The rainbows cleared and the waterfall became touched with gold, creating a spectacular sight. It was like an illusion of pouring gold. But he couldn’t afford to keep looking.

“Hey. I am getting irritated.”

Khan’s ancestor said that he engraved Pagma’s swordsmanship onto the north cliff! Was he lying? Did I come here and struggle in vain because of his lie?

"... I was a fool to trust a ghost’s words in the first place.”

Originally, ghosts were evil! That’s why ghosts who appeared in horror movies were mostly ugly and cruel! Despite the fact that I had been on guard against ghosts for all my life, I was tempted by a ghost and sent on a wild goose chase.

"Kuoh! It is the worst mistake of my”

As I was feeling frustrated, my eyes suddenly noticed something at the back of the waterfall.


In my middle school days, I admired the martial arts movies that were released half a century ago. When I watched those martial arts movies, there was always a cave at the back of the waterfall.

'What if the creators of Satisfy watch the same martial arts movies as me...?’

I jumped into the waterfall. As I expected, there was a small cave behind the waterfall where murals of a man dancing with a sword were carved in a sequential manner.


Once again, ghosts were evil beings.

“That ghost...! I would’ve found it sooner if he explained that the place was behind Loran Falls. Why did he say the north cliff? No, dammit. If he wasn’t Khan’s ancestor, I would go and kick him. He is Khan’s ancestor, so I will spare him!”

... Could the ghost hear my voice? I looked around nervously because I was afraid that the ghost would appear, before examining the murals. The murals were carved a long time ago and were very old and dim. But there were no difficulties seeing the contents.

“This is Pagma’s...”

The face of the man in the mural had hawk-like eyes. He had the slender egg-shaped face, lips and eyes that were popular among women.

"Shit... Pagma was handsome...”

I thought Pagma would have a macho appearance, like the blacksmiths I had seen so far. But he had a slender and neat appearance. I disliked handsome and skilled people, so my favorability towards Pagma dropped exponentially.

"...I am thinking about the appearance of an already dead person.”

I concentrated on the murals.

“That is Dainsleif.”

Based on the proportions in the mural, Pagma was considerably tall. Nevertheless, the greatsword in Pagma’s hands was much larger than Pagma. This proved that the greatsword was Dainsleif. In fact, the total length of Dainsleif was close to 3m and 20cm.

"How amazing.”

However, Pagma in the mural was freely wielding Dainsleif with one hand. His strength was incompatible with his body, and he seemed as elegant as a butterfly. It was a swordsmanship that expressed a powerful strength and a gentle softness. How was that possible? Through the murals, I could see Pagma’s swordsmanship that reached the peak.

I examined the murals from start to finish.

“What? Why haven’t I learned Pagma’s swordsmanship?”

I thought that if appreciated this mural, I would naturally acquire Pagma’s swordsmanship. But it was strange. It seemed like I couldn’t learn it just by examining the murals.

“Do I have to touch it...?”

I laid my hands on the mural. But I didn’t acquire Pagma’s swordsmanship.

“What? If I couldn’t obtain it from looking or touching, how could I learn it? Did I have to follow the actions in the mural?

... Was that really the case? I had to reproduce and acquire Pagma’s swordsmanship directly with my body!

“Ah, annoying...”

But it couldn’t be helped, no matter how annoying. I grumbled and pulled out the Ideal Dagger. Then I copied Pagma’s swordsmanship shown in the murals. At first, I couldn’t get used to it. So I tried again. I was still lacking and started again from the beginning. 

Three hours later. How many times did I follow the swordsmanship in the murals? I sat down and breathed roughly because Pagma’s swordsmanship took more energy than expected.

"I...can’t do it.”

I memorized the swordsmanship in the murals after repeating it several times. However, I failed to reproduce the movements. Come to think of it, I had never once danced in my life.

"I went to clubs several times, but I don’t remember dancing properly. I see. Hahaha! I was born with two left feet! So it’s hard for me to learn Pagma’s swordsmanship.”

... No!


A game skill that I couldn’t learn unless I knew how to dance? What type of nonsense was this? 

“There can’t be a skill that can’t be learned unless I know how to dance. There’s clearly another reason.”

After that, I struggled to find a reason while examining the murals. Then I noticed some moss at the last mural.

“Surely the last part of the mural isn’t covered by moss? Haha, there wouldn’t be such a foolish development.”

It couldn’t be, but I brushed away the moss just in case. Then I saw it. Another mural was hidden by the moss. 

Then a notification window popped up.

[Pagma’s swordsmanship has been acquired.]

[You have completed the first class quest. Return to Blacksmith Khan.]

"... I, what have I been doing for the last few hours?”

This damn thing... My hands shook. I wasted my time and stamina due to the moss! I wanted to rip off the moss and curse. But I refrained. I didn’t want to waste more time on the moss when I had already learned Pagma’s swordsmanship.

“This damn are lucky.”

I stomped on the moss that I had already taken off the wall. Then I took deep breaths. What was the identity of the swordsmanship that pierced the sky? Was it a passive skill like Sword Mastery? Or was it a powerful attack skill?

Whatever the case, it was necessary for me who lacked combat skills. I was filled with joy and hurriedly opened the skills window. Then I was able to confirm that Pagma’s swordsmanship far exceeded my expectations.

[Pagma’s Swordsmanship]

Lv. 1

-When the skill is deactivated-

You can become one with the sword at any time. Increases physical attack by 20% and critical hit rate by 10%. 

* This effect is only applied when a sword type weapon is equipped.

* The skill consumes no mana.

-When the skill is activated-

Become one with the sword. Wave, Restraint, Link, Kill, Transcend. You can unleash a total of five sword techniques.

* The effect of the deactivated skill will be lost.

* 20 mana is required to activate the skill.

* Once deactivated, it will take 10 seconds until the skill can be activated again. Nothing will be consumed when deactivated.


Unleash a violent sword dance like a high wave. 

Inflicts 155% of your attack power to all enemies within 1m, as well as reducing their speed.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword type weapon equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 350

Skill Cooldown Time: 120 seconds


A restrained and understated sword dance. 

Overwhelms the surroundings. No one will have access to you for three seconds.

* Does not apply to the undead.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword type weapon equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 300

Skill Cooldown Time: 300 seconds


A dazzling sword dance that is like the wings of a butterfly.

Deals 500% of your attack power to a single target.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword type weapon equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 350

Skill Cooldown Time: 100 seconds


A killing sword that expresses hatred.

Deals 1500% of your attack power to a single target. There will be a bleeding and desperation effect.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword type weapon equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 1,200

Skill Stamina Consumption: Consumes 50% of your stamina.

Skill Cooldown Time: 500 seconds


A sword dance that transcends imagination.

Your attack power is doubled and your default attacks will turn into ranged attacks.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword type weapon equipped.

Skill Mana Cost: 1,800

Skill Duration: 30 seconds.

Skill Cooldown Time: 3,000 seconds