Chapter 77

Chapter 77



Lee Junho’s group trembled. It was the first time they had seen such a dazzling enhanced weapon.

‘He truly is an amazing person who can take care of a canyon spider.’

‘He might look ignorant but he clearly has a high-level! Amazing. When can we be like that?’

In front of their longing gazes, Shin Youngwoo cut a spider web tangled on the wall with a single blow. Lee Junho’s group once again felt admiration.

‘He got rid of the spider web so easily, despite it not budging under our combined attacks.’

Shin Youngwoo shrugged as their eyes shone in admiration. “Anyone who can’t break a spider web at this level is, honestly, quite incompetent and pathetic.”


A truly nasty tone! Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan were indignant.  Lee Junho’s standoffish nature would usually cause him to spit out curses right away, but but refrained from doing so, as he was currently in a lower position.

"Haha, we are still low-level users... It is hard for us to deal with the spider webs. So please help us. If you don’t help us, we won’t be able to escape this web and will eventually die.”

Lee Junho smiled somewhat subserviently. It was a truly fresh appearance for Shin Youngwoo.

‘Hasn’t this guy always run around with no fear of the world? Now he is acting like this?’

Shin Youngwoo barely suppressed his laughter. He cupped his chin and gestured lazily. "Hmm~ why should I save you guys? What benefits can I obtain from saving you? I am inherently predisposed to hate things like a free service.”

The man in the helmet blatantly asked for a payment! Lee Junho thought the man was an inconsiderate bastard, but he had no choice.

"We spent most of our money on potions, so we only have a little bit left.”

“Don’t be weak. Do you guys set the value of your lives that low?”

"... As you know, we don’t have a lot of money because we aren’t high-level users.”

"Based on your equipment, aren’t you at least level 80? If you combine all your money, won’t it be a decent amount?”

"If we give you all our assets, how will we live...? Please have mercy.”

Shin Youngwoo was excited to hear Lee Junho begging. He felt as though he had been constipated for 10 years and it was finally released.

'He always acted heavy-handedly in front of me... Kukuk, okay! Let’s release all my grudges today! This is the perfect chance to pay back all my shame. Blacksmith’s Rage!’

[Blacksmith’s Rage has been activated. Your attack power and attack speed will increase significantly for 20 seconds.]

Shin Youngwoo vowed to let him know how it felt to be bullied. Then he started beating Lee Junho up with no notice.



Lee Junho screamed as he was beaten by bare hands, although it felt like a hammer. This wasn’t an exaggeration. Shin Youngwoo was only level 86 but his strength was over 700 points. In addition, Blacksmith's Rage was used. 

Even if Shin Youngwoo didn’t have a legendary class or high stats, Lee Junho was an ordinary level 88 warrior who invested most of his stats in strength instead of defense, so Shin Youngwoo’s attack power was a threat. 

Lee Junho wasn’t equipped with special armor so he was at a risk of dying from 200 hits of Shin Youngwoo’s bare hands. And it was very easy to hit people 200 times when they couldn’t resist.

“W-What is this?”

Shin Youngwoo grinned at Lee Junho. It was like a demon’s smile. "You don’t intend to give me money but you still ask me to save you? You have no shame!”



Shin Youngwoo’s fist hit Lee Junho’s abdomen. Lee Junho coughed up a small amount of blood and Shin Youngwoo raised his fists. Then he hit Lee Junho’s jaw.

Peok peok!

“Cough! N-No! Will you spare us if we give you money? Why should I give you money?”

“Aren’t your potions valuable?”

"Do you really want me to give you all my assets?”

“Yes, you jerk!”


“Ugh! W-Wait a minute! Stop beating me. Think about it! You want me to give you all my assets just for cutting some mere spider webs?”

"Mere spider webs? Yes, that's right. To me, they are just spider webs. But what about for you? You can’t break free from this web and will die!"

Peok peok!

"Ack! I-I understand! Sorry! I made a mistake. S-Spare me! I will give you all my assets!”

“That’s okay.”


“I don’t want money.”

"I-It was a joke? Hahat! Hahaha! Hey, you are funny. You must be having some fun because you would save us anyway!”

“What are you saying? I will save you?”

“What? Didn’t I say I would give you all my assets if you save me?”

“You bastard, how do I know you really will give me all of your assets? You might have 100 gold, then give me 1 gold and say ‘I’m sorry, this is all I have.’ Eh?”

“No! I wouldn’t do such a thing”

“Uh. I won’t save you even if you give me all of your assets.”


"I don’t want to save you because I hate impolite people!”

Bam bam bam!

In the party window, Lee Junho’s health gauge was going down. A warrior’s health was being noticeably decreased just from being hit by bare hands? Choi Chansung and Sim Kiwan were scared.

‘Lee Junho invested most of his points in strength, but the basic health of a warrior is very high. But the damage from bare hands... Strong...! He is quite strong. No wonder why he can hunt the  canyon spiders. But!’


Why use violence against someone who asked for help? If he didn’t want to help, just don’t help.

Bam bam bam!

Lee Junho was beaten up without being able to move, like a poor dog tied to the tree in the backyard. The two people disliked Lee Junho, but they couldn’t stay quiet in this situation.

“Hey! Why are you suddenly beating people? We didn’t even do anything wrong.”

Sim Kiwan inquired. Shin Youngwoo stopped hitting Lee Junho and shifted his gaze. Sim Kiwan jumped with surprise.

‘That look in his eyes... They aren’t the eyes of a normal person!’

Shin Youngwoo’s eyes, revealed through the helmet, seemed to shine with insanity...

Bam bam bam!

"Kuaack! Eek! Ugh! Ughh!”

Unlike Lee Junho, Sim Kiwan was a magician so his basic health was very low. Thus, half of Sim Kiwan’s health was gone after Shin Youngwoo beat him for 10 minutes. Sim Kiwan wanted to curse but he didn’t dare let them out.

"S-Spare me...”

Shin Youngwoo’s eyes widened. “What? Spare you? Hahahaha! Do you want to live? Huh? Do you want to live? Huh? Puhahahat! Hey~~ why do you look so worried? Okay, I will keep going!”



Choi Chansung watched this situation and wanted it to be a dream. The person they asked to save them turned out to be a madman who wanted to kill them! How could this happen?

‘Is he a professional PKer?’

Satisfy had PK users who killed users to steal items or at someone’s request. But the number of PKers wasn’t high due to various disadvantages. An ordinary user who played Satisfy every day would rarely meet a PKer. However, now a PKer appeared in front of them. He appeared in the middle of nowhere! Wasn’t the situation worse now?

"... Do it in moderation.”

Lee Junho, who had been silent for a while after being beaten, opened his mouth while Sim Kiwan was being hit. Shin Youngwoo’s gaze returned to Lee Junho.

“What did you say just now?”

Lee Junho’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he shouted. "I told you to do it moderately, you bastard!”

The roar echoed through the cave. This was the backbone of a warrior. Sim Kiwan, whose face was bloody, looked over towards Lee Junho expectantly.

‘Yes, Junho! Show this psychopathic bastard! You aren’t an ordinary person.’

Sim Kiwan was just someone who followed and imitated Lee Junho. On the other hand, Lee Junho was a born gangster. He was someone who didn’t fear anything. It was rumored that even his parents didn’t dare go against them.

Sim Kiwan knew him for a long time, so he was well aware of Lee Junho’s violent personality. He thought it was possible for him to somehow go against the madman in a helmet. But...

“Why are you screaming so loudly inside that spider web? Well? Shitty guy? Aren’t you just a dog? Eh?”

Peok peok!

“If I don’t stop, what will you do? Huh? Huh?”

Bam bam bam!

“Why don’t you try getting rid of that spider web before shouting? You incompetent bastard.”


Lee Junho might be strong in reality, but this was Satisfy. It wasn’t a place where real strength would have any effect. A strong person would naturally stand on top. Here, Shin Youngwoo was much stronger than Lee Junho.

Bam bam bam!

Lee Junho struggled against the web for a while before glaring at Shin Youngwoo. Then he spoke in a voice quivering with anger. “Hey, you jerk. Where do you live? Eh? Do you dare encounter me in reality? Do you want to die? Tell me where you live right now! I will go and kill you!”

Instincts were truly frightening. Shin Youngwoo knew that he was in a far superior position, but he couldn’t help flinching at Lee Junho’s words. Then after a moment. Shin Youngwoo recalled that Lee Junho could never figure out his identity and replied unabashedly.

"Me? I live in Argentina, you bastard.”

Argentina! Despite being the world’s 8th largest country, its total population was below that of South Korea, which was ranked 109th largest in the world.  A country famous for soccer powerhouses! It was a country famous for food culture such as asado (meat on skewers and baked on a charcoal fire). More than anything else, it was on the other side of the planet from South Korea.

Bam bam bam!

After learning that the madman lived far away, Lee Junho eventually changed his attitude.

“I-I’m sorry. I was wrong so please stop... I was unable to grasp my situation. I’m really sorry. So please spare me. I really will die...”

Unlike Shin Youngwoo who could hunt high-level monsters due to his items and high stats, Lee Junho was an ordinary user. A great deal of time was needed to recover from the experience lost after dying. In addition, he would drop items when dying. 

Therefore, Lee Junho sincerely didn’t want to die. Lee Junho was also strong against the weak and weak before the strong.  Among the alumni, Lee Junho was called a mad dog, but he was a typical gangster.

If Lee Junho’s body wasn’t trapped in the spider web, Shin Youngwoo would give him the chance to lick Shin Youngwoo’s feet.

“Bark like a dog. In addition, call me master. Then I will save you.”



“Then I will. Ba...!”

The moment Lee Junho was about to bark, Choi Chansung interrupted. "Junho, are you really planning to do this?”

Choi Chansung didn’t like Lee Junho. However, Lee Junho was a friend so it was natural to take his side over the madman.

"Is there a problem with dying once? In addition, is there any guarantee that he will spare you if you follow his request?”

Shin Youngwoo felt certain after he saw Choi Chansung being calm alone, unlike the terrified Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan.

‘Choi Chansung...! He truly is behind Lee Junho! He is the boss. Choi Chansung was the one behind Lee Junho in our high school days!’

Finally, Shin Youngwoo moved in front of Choi Chansung. Then he starting hitting Choi Chansung.


Choi Chansung had low health so he received the biggest damage. But Choi Chansung laughed instead of feeling agitated.

“Yes, kill us. Being killed by a madman is better than being eaten by a spider or committing suicide by logging out.”


Shin Youngwoo had no intention of killing Lee Junho’s group. He just wanted to insult and hit them as much as possible, while they felt despair. He wanted to inflict all the pain that he had endured. He wanted to see Lee Junho beg. However, Choi Chansung was able to proudly resist.

“You... you bastard! You really aren’t afraid to die? Is it okay even if your experience and items drop when you die? Eh? You aren’t ashamed to die? It will also hurt.”

Satisfy used overwhelming technology to reproduce all senses exactly like reality. It was the same for pain. But in the case of pain, it was decreased to less than a 12th compared to reality. For example, being stabbed by a knife would feel like the prick of a needle. If hit by a fist, it was just a mild pain.

However, it was like how people got drunk on alcohol. Every time they were hit, their health was reduced and their minds became confused. In addition, a person would naturally feel fear when seeing blood. 

Satisfy recreated reality, so some users became psychologically weak when they suffered great damage. There was a phenomenon that many users experienced and was a social problem. But Choi Chansung’s mentality was strong. He could clearly see that this was a game, so he stayed calm despite the blood in his eyes. He wasn’t afraid of Shin Youngwoo’s violence.

“It is shameful to take my own life. Now, kill me. It doesn’t matter if you kill me, so do what you like.”

“It really is the answer of the final boss...”

“Final boss?”

Choi Chansung was confused by the incomprehensible words. Shin Youngwoo was very agitated.

'Shit, if he shows this attitude, I won’t get any pleasure from my revenge.’

On the other hand, Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan confirmed that the madman’s violent momentum stopped after Choi Chansung’s words. Then they started whispering to each other.

“Hey, I can’t be sure but... that crazy man, doesn’t it seem like he lost his desire for murder after hearing those words?”

"It seems so. Originally, psychopaths are obsessed with a certain thing... isn’t it the case with him as well?”

"So he is a psychopath who wants to kill when people beg for their lives, and he doesn’t feel like killing someone who begs to be killed?”



The two people exchanged a look and started shouting.

“Yes, that’s right! Kill us! I’d rather die! We would rather die than grovel!”


Now Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan acted like Choi Chansung. Then Shin Youngwoo fell in deep thought.

‘Damn, I don’t know what to do... Should I really kill them? No, no. I will become a PKer, my reputation will decrease and I will be locked in prison. Dammit. Fuck!’

After a while. In the end, Shin Youngwoo made a decision.

“Che, whatever. I’m going. Do as you wish. Starve to death in that spider web.”

Shin Youngwoo declared and left the cave. It was a really neat goodbye. Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan panicked as they looked at his departing back.

"... This wasn’t what we wanted.”

“Ugh! There was no guarantee he would save us, but there is no need for him to kill us either!”

In the end, it shifted back to the beginning. The three people had to choose. They could either starve to death or commit suicide by logging out. They would die anyway.

Lee Junho trembled. “Shit! If he wasn’t going to kill us, why did that crazy guy beat us up? Damn scum. Why did someone like that appear before us?”

Lee Junho and Sim Kiwan had begged the crazy person in a helmet to spare them. In particular, Lee Junho was about to bark like a dog. This was a shameful memory they would remember forever.

Meanwhile, Shin Youngwoo exited the cave and...

“There are no spiders? If possible, I should capture it and release it into the cave. Those scum, they should have the horrible experience of being eaten.”

Shin Youngwoo didn’t want to miss the chance for revenge that the heavens had given him. So he ran hard to find a canyon spider. But could the canyon spider be so easily captured? The odds of defeating a canyon spider in a one-on-one fight was still unlikely. Now he wanted to capture instead of killing it? It was an impossible task for Shin Youngwoo.

In the end, Shin Youngwoo failed to catch a spider and Lee Junho’s group starved to death.

Under the moonlight, Grid shouted like he wanted to wake up all the monsters in the canyon.

“I missed out on the golden opportunity for revenge! Dammitttttt!”

Shin Youngwoo had sought a spider for the sake of his perfect revenge. He hunted all types of monsters in the process, so he was now level 92. Therefore, he didn’t panic when he saw five canyon wolves rushing over because of the noise.

“Bark bark! Bark!”

“Shut up, you dog scum!” 


After a fierce struggle, the five wolves were killed and the hungry Grid ate their meat.

“It is late so I should go sleep... I will finish the quest tomorrow.”

Now the north cliff wasn’t far away.

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