Chapter 63

Chapter 63

After finishing the deal with Grid, the administrator returned to the meeting room where Irene and the nobles were waiting to hear his report. Nobody was shaken after hearing that the sword was purchased for 220,000 gold, as it really was worth spending that much.

"Sir Phoenix, you will take this sword and punish the Yatan Church.”

Everyone watched as Irene handed Phoenix the Sword of Self-transcendence. Phoenix kneeled down and respectfully received the sword.

"For the glory of the north and Earl Steim, I will surely be victorious in battle.”

Phoenix equipped the Sword of Self-transcendence.

[Sword of Self-transcendence]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 365/365   Attack Power: 356  Attack Speed: +6%   Accuracy: +10%    Attack and Defense Rate: +10%

* Will do an additional +200 damage during each attack.

* The skill ‘Perfect State of Self-transcendence’ will be generated.

A sword made by a craftsman with great skill and potential but lacking in experience and reputation.  He has abandoned all thought and desire while only concentrating on his skill.

The craftsman doesn’t realize it himself, but he has completed a sword that has never existed in this world before.

User Restriction: Level 160 or higher.  More than 950 strength.  Advanced Sword Mastery level 2 or higher.

Weight: 400 

[Perfect State of Self-transcendence]

All stats will double for two minutes and you can resist all types of abnormal conditions.

* You can’t control yourself for the duration of this skill.

* After the skill is over, you can’t move for two seconds and your defense and magic resistance will decrease by 30%.

Skill Mana Cost: 1,000

Skill Cooldown Time: 3,000 seconds 

“Dispatch the troops! Return with the head of one of the Seven Servants!”


Upon receiving Irene’s order, Phoenix led 12 knights and 1,500 soldiers towards the Yatan Temple. On the other hand, there were approximately 150 people at the Yatan Temple. But no one was careless. The minimum level of the believers was 160, while the soldiers had a minimum level of 50.

The difference in individual skill was obvious.  And the enemy was one of the Seven Servants. Superiority in number and strategy was essential for the win.

Phoenix confirmed the sighting of the Yatan Temple in the distance and shouted at the knights and soldiers,

"Don’t shrink back.  I am in front of you! The north’s strongest knight, Phoenix! I will take the head of one of the Seventh Servants.  You just have to believe and follow me! Then we will obtain victory!!’


A huge shout echoed. The sound was enough to reach the Yatan Temple.

“The pagans are coming! Those who don’t know how fearful God Yatan is are advancing to defile this sacred space!” The shaken believers cried out urgently.

Yura stood at the edge of the temple’s roof that was on a cliff and observed the large army flying Earl Steim’s flag. "Take the high ground.  Pour magic towards the ground, paying attention to the archers.”

“What about Yura...?”

The head of the temple looked at her with worry. Yura sent him a cool look and replied, “I will go down to the ground and block their advance.”

Yura was well aware that the Yatan Church was wicked. She felt skepticism while carrying out all types of malicious quests. In particular, the Seven Servants were evil beings that evoked hatred.

But she had already chosen.  This was Satisfy, not reality.  There was no going back unless she got a hidden class like Agnus or Katz did.  She had to keep moving forward unless she wanted to give up her ranker position.

She was already accustomed to the stigma of being the Blood Witch, so she was prepared for another slaughter.


Yura jumped from the high cliff and landed as light as a feather in front of the enemy. Phoenix discovered Yura, stopped the army and shouted, "A sharp energy is flowing from you! You are certainly one of the Seven Servants! Today I will end your infamous actions!”

Phoenix was mistaken.  Yura wasn’t one of the Seven Servants, but one of the candidates in line to become the Eighth Servant. For Yura, whose power was still far below the Seven Servants, Phoenix and his great army were both frightening.

But Yura had no intention of stepping back. There was a total of 143 believers isolated in this temple, and she had to save all of them to clear her quest. Only then would she be reborn as the Eighth Servant.

"Great god of the darkness, your humble servant calls you. Fill this place with darkness and plant fear in the enemies’ hearts, show your power to those who worship you.”

The whole area started to fill with darkness. Despite the sun shining in the sky, it turned darker than night. As the 1,500 troops fell into confusion and panic, Yura showed off her strength.

“Dark Storm!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

A huge storm of darkness descended and swallowed the army. Yura didn’t doubt that more than a quarter of them would die or be seriously injured.  Then she stopped as she was trying to chant another attack spell.


It was a ridiculous situation. The knight called Phoenix rushed out of the storm towards Yura, who hurriedly cast a defense spell.


Phoenix’s strike hit a diamond wall, scattering brilliant sparks every which way. This was the Diamond Barrier that exerted overwhelming defense against physical attacks! Phoenix shouted from in front of the barrier,

"Don’t even think of touching the soldiers! Your opponent is me! Perfect State of Self-transcendence!”


A purple energy rose from Phoenix’s body. And!



Phoenix’s sword started to cause cracks in Diamond Barrier. It was impossible.  This was the diamond barrier that could even withstand strong physical strikes from boss monsters.  How could a mere knight break it?


Diamond Barrier was split in half. Phoenix moved through Diamond Barrier and attacked with an expressionless face.


Yura cast a spell that would cause fear in a single target.


A black powder covered Phoenix’ body. He would soon be defenseless due to fear. But Phoenix was fine as he attacked Yura without any hesitation. For a limited time, his stats had doubled and the skill gave him resistance to abnormal conditions.  This drove Yura into a crisis.

Yura recalled someone else who was perfectly resistant to her magic when she looked at Phoenix.


It was ironic. In the past, Yura had interfered with Grid’s S-grade quest and caused him to fail, and now her quest was being hampered by a sword that Grid made.


Yura groaned and whispered the spell that had been completed before Diamond Barrier. "Darkness."

Exactly 17 days ago, Yura achieved 100,000 faith and she heard the voice of God Yatan in her ears.

‘I will give you a new power if you pray.’

Yura prayed to him. She asked for the strength to fight those resistant to black magic! It was a new form of power developed thanks to her experience meeting Grid.  That power was now being used.


I disposed of all my items, including Mamon’s Greatsword and Mengel's Plate Armour that were in the warehouse.  As a result, I had around 240,023 gold. I registered 220,000 gold on the item trading site and sold it to users for cash.

In the process, something occurred. The item trading site took away 5% as the transaction fee. Wasn’t 5% a small amount? How ridiculous! 5% of 264 million won was 13.2 million won! I earned this money with my blood and sweat, only for the trading site people to sit there and snatch some away!

"There are many ways to profit off people.”

I honestly admired it. If I had been a little bit smarter, I would’ve been able to live like that...

Anyway, I used 10 million out of the 250,800,000 won to pay Mother's Heart is Happy Financial Services and gave my father a bankbook containing the remaining 240,800,000 won. My parents checked the bankbook and couldn’t believe it.

“This...  is it a fake account?”

My mother was suspicious.

"Did you do something strange?”

My father doubted me.

"Oppa...  did you sell your organs? Lift up your shirt.  I will check if you have any surgery marks.”

Sehee thought something strange!

They didn’t believe me at all.  I inwardly boiled with anger.  But I understood the reaction from my family. Despite going to university, I was a 26-year-old with a debt and who was obsessed with a game. It was unrealistic that such a son would suddenly appear with a bankbook containing a lot of money.

After a while, my family acknowledge the reality and finally opened their mouths.

"It is good that you can earn money doing something you like.  Your hard work playing the game for the past year wasn’t in vain.  Yes, a world where you can do anything you want...  My heart is somewhat settled now that you’ve found your aptitude.”

"Youngwoo, I was talking to my friend and she told me about her friend’s son.  If you earn enough money with Satisfy, you can become a huge ranker.  Maybe you can eventually appear on TV? Yes? My son is going to appear on TV?”

"Oppa is actually good at something...  Hrmm~ well, it is great.  I know that few among the two billion users playing Satisfy earn a huge amount of money.  Oppa proved that you are a great person among those two billion people...  well, you are somewhat qualified to be my Oppa.”

It felt like their gazes towards me had significantly changed. Their previous consistently disappointed looks towards me now said ‘my son is good’ and ‘I should treat Oppa better.’

‘I am proud...  Huhuhut.’

Sehee interrupted my excitement as she said, “Don’t laugh.  It makes me upset.”


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