Chapter 794

[Still Crouching White Tiger Sword]

[Rating: Normal (Growth)

Durability: 390/390  

Attack Power: 373  

Defense: 31

* 10% drop in attack speed.

* 3% increase in physical attack power.

* 3% increase in defense.

* 3% increase in magic resistance.

* 6% increase in maximum health.

* 8% bonus earth attribute damage.

* There is a low chance of the sword’s weight increasing when attacking. At this time, the physical attack power that ignores the target’s defense will increase by 33%. However, the speed of recovering the sword is increased by one second.]

A sword that will become a myth beyond legends...


It was one of the two swords made by Grid. Fortunately, Yura had been able to steadily attain the bloodstones while hunting in hell. This was a sword made by borrowing the legendary rated material stored in the guild’s warehouse. It was also boosted by the power of the strengthened White Tiger’s Breath, meaning it couldn’t be regarded as a normal rated item. Considering that the basic performance of growth type items was superior to that of general items, this was unreasonable.

Of course, it was insignificant compared to Grid’s myth rated sword.

“...” Kraugel’s mouth was firmly closed after confirming the item information. Was it an expression of disappointment? No. That wasn’t the reason why he didn’t open his mouth.

Grid knew the reason. “Are you touched? You have forgotten your words.”

If a person who didn’t know the value of a growth item witnessed the present scene, they would’ve doubted Grid’s personality. There might be people who insulted Grid for only taking the good items. However, Kraugel knew the value of the growth type items.

Every time a growth type item raised its rating, its stats would increase significantly and new options would be added. The contents of the options were determined according to the characteristics of the user, so it was very good for the user. In other words, the lower the rating, the higher the potential of the growth items—from normal to rare, rare to epic, epic to unique, unique to legend, and legend to myth.

Every time the White Tiger Sword increased its rating, it would become dramatically stronger and eventually surpass Grid’s myth rated White Tiger Sword.

“Really... Can I really take this sword?” The silent Kraugel finally opened his mouth.

Grid smiled at his quivering voice. “Of course. I made the sword for you in the first place.”

“But Grid, this is a growth type item. You deserve to have it.”

The other White Tiger Sword… Grid wanted to use the myth rated White Tiger Sword, but the growth type White Tiger Sword would be better for him in the long run. Kraugel sincerely thought like this. Grid shook his head at Kraugel’s concern. “As you know, I’ve been swapping between multiple weapons. How can I raise the sword to a myth rating over time?”

Tiramet’s Belt, Elfin Stone’s Ring, and the God Hands had been stuck at the unique rating for years. It would take at least 10 years of Satisfy time to grow the normal rated White Tiger Sword to myth rated. However, that was just from his perspective. Unlike Grid who had many items, Kraugel could focus on only raising the White Tiger Sword. There was also the possibility of accelerating the growth rate of the sword with the class bonus of a Sword Saint.

“This is right. I think it is a reasonable distribution,” Grid asserted.

“I promise,” Kraugel pledged, “I will return it to you as soon as I raise this sword to the myth rating. I will exchange it with your current sword.”


This was absurd. Grid’s heart thumped. He could feel Kraugel’s sincerity.


There were many good people around him. He didn’t know where this good luck came from. The red-eyed Grid was so embarrassed that he became angry. “Don’t be ridiculous. Won’t it grow into the most appropriate sword for you? Just be thankful.”

“...You won’t regret it?”

“Are you going to make me regret it?”

“No, I will pay you back.”

“That’s it. It is more than enough.” Grid knew Kraugel’s value. The future sword god? If he could get the heart and trust of his friend, then it was worth more than 10 swords. “I hope this sword will be a token of our eternal friendship.”

“Eternal...” A smile spread across Kraugel’s face as he thought of this word. The number of times he had felt this happy could be counted on one hand. It was the same with Grid. The people who had been alone because they were too lacking or too good were now facing each other on the same level with the same feelings.


‘Let’s try it once.’

Grid was obligated to use the Pulling Device. It wasn’t possible to neglect the item which had been created to minimize item swapping speed. In the future, he planned to make weapons in the form of a ‘blade’ like the Enlightenment Sword.

The reason he had made the White Tiger Sword in its full form was due to Kraugel’s expectations. He had listened to Sword Saint Kraugel’s advice and created a sword with unrivaled abilities. 

The result was commendable. The aggressiveness was less than that of the Enlightenment Sword, but the overall harmony was overwhelming. Grid especially liked the great defense. The basic defense alone was at 724. This was at the level of wearing a good armor. It was close to the basic defense of the Holy Light Armor, which Grid had used along with Triple Layers for nearly nine years of game time.

‘The source of this defense is the knuckle bow.’

Grid looked at the knuckle bow that was at the end of the transparent blade. The crown-shaped knuckle bow decorated with red velvet blended elegantly with the transparent blade.

‘I had no choice but to make it with a handle. In order to connect the White Tiger Sword to the Pulling Device, I must eventually remove the handle, losing the best defense.’

However, the White Tiger Sword’s attack power would increase greatly instead. Attaching it to the handle of Sword Ghost with the Pulling Device would transform the blade into an aggressive one.

‘It is the most ideal plan.’

The knuckle bow would be modified to be integral with the blade, not the handle. Even if it was connected to the Pulling Device, it could increase attack power while maintaining defense.

‘But I can’t afford it with my current skill.’

Once the knuckle bow was integrated with the blade, the balance of the blade would break. The White Tiger Sword wouldn’t be the White Tiger Sword anymore, and it could even lose its myth status.

‘I think it will be possible if my blacksmithing level increases by two more...’

It meant he had to wait a few years. At present, he had no solution for this. Grid thought for a long time before shaking his head. It wasn’t meaningful to think in a state where his head was completely stiff.

‘I’m at my limit.’

He had been focused on making an item for 10 days. It was natural to be exhausted. Grid needed time to recover. He would leave Kraugel’s commission for armor and boots for later.

“Dear husband!”

It was his family. Irene was now the national mother and a role model for hundreds of thousands of people. There were countless people who were encouraged by her kindness and tried to imitate her. However, even such a great woman was still a girl in front of Grid. The girl who faced her first love—she dreamed of being loved.

“I heard you suffered a lot,” Irene spoke in an emotional voice while hugging him firmly. She understood Grid’s pain, from after Khan died, better than anyone else and was worried he would do something.

Grid stroked her soft cheek and smiled brightly. 

“I’m not overdoing it. I always consider my health and safety first. Don’t worry about my physical fitness,” he said to fill Irene’s heart with relief.

However, even someone pure like Irene could notice Grid’s lie. Grid was someone who had built a family, fought alongside his colleagues, and built a kingdom and defended it. Irene was well aware that Grid always pushed himself too hard.

“I don’t think so. Rest as much as you can today.” Irene placed her hands on his waist and raised her gaze. However, her big and round eyes couldn’t look angry. She looked like a rabbit instead. Grid had to hide his smile because she looked so cute. 

“I won’t yield. Please enter the bedroom and rest.”

“Okay. Let’s have a good sleep today.”

Grid needed a break anyway. His stamina was depleted from the tiring item production, and his tense spirit needed stability. Yes, he really meant to take a break. However, he couldn’t rest effortlessly when moving to the bedroom. 

It was because Irene started massaging his legs to help him recover from the fatigue. The game underwear that Grid had saved... No, she was wearing the vampire underwear. He wasn’t able to relax because she was wearing underwear which revealed her body while she continued rubbing his body. Every time he felt her soft touch, his body shuddered. Every time her mouth touched his skin, the detailed explanation will be omitted. In the end...

“Irene! I can’t do it!”

"What do you need?”


The detailed description of Grid touching Irene’s ripe flesh will be omitted.

“Irene! I love you!!”

Ahh! Dear husband~!”

As the air in the bedroom became hotter, the two of them became entangled on the bed. Further descriptions are omitted.


“Will I get a younger sibling?” Lord laughed as he stood in front of Grid’s bedroom. It was the pure pleasure from knowing that his parent’s love was still alive.

Hum hum, a middle-aged man cleared his throat. It was Chucksley, a knight guarding the Overgeared royal family. “Prince, this is disrespectful.”

“Oh, I didn’t notice. Hehet! I’ll come back later.”

The calm Chucksley trusted Lord. Now the child, who had become a big boy, obediently stepped back and into the arms of beautiful girls. The women who were Rebecca’s Daughters’ candidates would become mature women in a year or two. It was an Overgeared army that most people didn’t even know about.

“Prince Lord, do you feel good?”

“No. I want a kiss.”

“Then I am first! Chu!

Ah! No! The prince’s right cheek is mine!”

...If other people saw it, they would think it was a scene of lonely girls chasing after a prince.

A few days later...

“I will be going.”

“You aren’t missing anything?”

“Yes. I stopped by the alchemy facility and got everything I needed.”

“Okay. I already mentioned it a few times but if you are in danger, use Knights Summoning. The Overgeared members will be standing by. Understood?”

“Yes.” Grid received Lauel’s goodbye and secretly left Reinhardt. His destination was naturally in Titan. It was the imperial palace.