Chapter 793

‘Does Grid have such a hard time every time he makes an item?’

A typical blacksmith produced items based on existing designs. They were able to complete the item by clicking on the Production Button with the necessary materials. But even such a simple production caused blacksmiths to feel weary, bored, and that it was difficult. It took several hours to produce according to the rating of the design. It was a hassle to sit down for a few hours in one place. 

Yes, a few hours. Even the manual worker Panmir rarely took much longer to complete an item. It took a maximum of three days production time only when he made an ego item that could be produced every time certain conditions were met.

Yet Grid had already spent six days making an item. He even made the design himself. Mulling over it, discussing, responding to all sorts of variables, and repeating the same task for days and days. Putting aside the skills, this wasn’t a process possible without his mental power.  

Panmir was forced to pay tribute to Grid’s efforts, persistence, and concentration.

‘A legendary blacksmith… If I got that class, could I have developed like the current Grid?’

Panmir wondered. It wouldn’t have been possible.

‘I’m ashamed for once feeling jealous of Grid.’

It wasn’t just Panmir. Many blacksmith users saw Grid badly. They misunderstood that he easily made items because he was a legendary blacksmith. But what if they discovered the secret behind Grid? They wouldn’t dare to be jealous and envious of Grid. There was only one person.



Thousands, tens of thousands of times of hammering.

[The White Tiger’s Breath has been strengthened!]

A notification window popped up.


As fatigue pushed down his body and spirit, Grid cheered while hammering. The White Tiger’s Breaths on the anvil had completely transformed into transparent beads.

[Strengthened White Tiger’s Breath]

It was the White Tiger’s Breath that hardened after all types of impacts.

Increases earth resistance by 40% even when carrying it in the inventory.

It can be used to infuse items with the powerful aura of the white tiger.

However, it can only be attached to items with a strong earth attribute.

Weight: 2

"It's finally finished!”

Panmir heard Grid’s cry and rose from his seat. Kraugel’s face was shining. He had been protecting Grid for the last week and felt relieved that the hard fight was over.

Grid grinned. “Now that the necessary material is complete, I can make the sword.”


Ah, wasn’t it originally making a sword? He had watched Grid hammering the bead for a week and forgot what item was supposed to be made.

Kraugel, Euphemina, and Panmir all couldn’t help shrugging. They were worried about how hard Grid would have to work from now on.

"I'm sorry.” Eventually, Kraugel bowed his head.

Grid was embarrassed by Kraugel’s apology. “Why are you apologizing suddenly?”

"I never dreamt you would suffer like this every time you make an item. I asked you to do this and placed a huge burden on you.”


He didn’t suffer every time he made an item. Grid tried to explain but Euphemina spoke before he could.

"In the past, you suffered during the few days you made my orb. Grid, you truly are amazing. Having the noble spirit of sacrifice to produce the best items, all the people in this world should emulate it.”


This time and that time were special cases, it didn’t always happen. Grid tried to explain again but this time Panmir interrupted.

"At this point, you should be on the National Geographic. A documentary should be made in order to inform everyone that Grid devotes a much greater effort and sincerity than the blacksmiths of the real world.”

"That's right! Everyone should know that Grid is the best worker in the world!”

"Grid, there will be more than one or two people who will respect you.”


The world’s best worker worthy of respect... The best figures in each field couldn’t help praising Grid’s great spirit of labor. But Grid didn’t feel proud. He was actually sad. 

‘Is it just me living this hard?’

How many people suffered in the game so far? Originally, games were a means of satisfying pleasure. Grid was really a special case.  Grid sighed and pulled out the design of Muksabal.

“I’m starting.”

Now that the necessary materials were complete, the remaining work could proceed.



Kraugel, Euphemina, and Panmir gulped as they stood next to each other. They were amazed by Grid’s delicate and brilliant work while maintaining his peak concentration.

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

Once the bloodstone, the best mineral of hell, was hammered, it became a transparent red. It was as beautiful as glass. But the hardness couldn’t compare to any metal in the world.


The shape of the blade gradually emerged from the fire.


It was immersed in water and cooled down.

Ttang! Ttang!

Grid repeated the hammering dozens of times.



The blacksmiths who rushed once they heard Grid’s work was ending let out cries of admiration. A transparent red sword with a crown-shaped knuckle bow. It wasn’t gorgeous, but was full of elegance. It was comparable to a sword that had been passed down through the royal family from generation to generation.

‘There are no faults.’

Grid’s heart started pounding. The thickness and width of the blade were designed with the combined knowledge of Grid and Kraugel, making the shape perfect. The instincts of the Sword Saint were attracted to the sword.

[You are witnessing a famous sword of the era!]

[You will gain an additional bonus if you acquire the sword!]


He was reminded of the notification window that popped up when he encountered Grid’s Enlightenment Sword in the 3rd National Competition. Kraugel realized. It was the luck of a lifetime that he built up a relationship with Grid. Thus, he was able to decide.

'Grid, I will repay you.’

He would return it a few times. Was his true mind passed on?

‘It will definitely be excellent.'

Grid’s faith in the outcome became stronger. 

“With this, it’s finished!”

It was a lot of hard work. The excited Grid shouted as loud as he could as he attached the strengthened White Tiger’s Breath. It was the last stage of the work.

At that moment.


A brilliant yet warm white light enveloped the smithy. The effect was so intense that people couldn’t see.


Grid’s cheer echoed. Two completed swords were placed on the anvil in front of him. The red transparent blade was now completely white and transparent.

[World Crushing Sword of the Noble White Tiger]

Rating: Myth

Durability: 2,170/2,170  Attack Power: 3,150 Defense: 724

* 20% increase in physical attack power.

* 10% increase in defense.

* 10% increase in magic resistance.

* 20% increase in maximum health.

* 30% bonus earth attribute damage.

* 15% bonus dark attribute damage.

* 20% additional damage to sacred beings.

* There is a chance of the sword’s weight increasing when attacking. At this time, the physical attack power that ignores the target’s defense will increase by 113%. However, the speed of recovering the sword is increased by one second.

* When attacked, there is a normal chance of ‘Pillar’ being released. The giant stone pillar has a blasting effect of up to 5 meters. The damage applied is 50% of the weapon’s attack power.

* There is a normal chance of blocking attacks. If you succeed in blocking an attack, ‘Thorns’ will be released. Sharp stone thorns will cause damage to all targets in range and will caused a ‘reduced recovery’ effect. The amount of damage applied is 30% of the weapon’s attack power. 

★ When attacking, there is a low probability of causing the target to be ‘partially petrified.’ Ignores petrification resistance. A small amount of health will be restored when attacking a petrified target.

* The skill ‘White Tiger’s Attitude’ is generated.

* The skill ‘White Tiger’s Cry’ is generated.

A sword that will become a myth beyond legends. The owner of this sword will leave countless achievements and will be the protagonists of hymns that future generations will sing. 

The skill Seeing the Gods’ Techniques of blacksmith Grid, the magic of Mumud, and the knowledge of a Sword Saint are gathered. The hidden function of ‘petrification’ and ‘recovery’ have been implemented because the features of the White Tiger’s Breath have been drawn out to the extremes.

It will be the symbol of fear to the enemy and a symbol of protection to the master.

Conditions of Use: The top three rankers in each class capable of using a sword type weapon.

Weight: 6,800

[White Tiger’s Attitude Lv. 1]

Acquires the attitude of the White Tiger.

Attack power and movement is reduced by 80% and defense is increased by 198%.

Skill Mana Cost: 17 per second.

Cooldown Time: 30 minutes.

[White Tiger’s Cry Lv. 1]

Creates an earthquake with a radius of 5 meters. 

All objects within range are subjected to a ‘loss of balance’ status and a 13% reduction in defense, evasion, and accuracy. If the target is using a spell or skill, casting is forcibly cancelled.

Mana Consumption: 1,500

Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.

‘The best!’

The attack power was less than the Enlightenment Sword. It was evident that the Enlightenment Sword was much better than the White Tiger Sword when the effects of black flames and red lightning occurred. But in terms of sustainability and balance, the White Tiger Sword was definitely superior. It had much better utilization. In particular, Grid paid attention to White Tiger’s Attitude.

'An 80% reduction in attack power.’

Grid’s attack power was so high that he could easily incapacitate the opponent. On the other hand, who could defeat the Grid who had nearly three times the defense?

‘Wouldn’t they have to be a duke level to catch me?’

That’s right. White Tiger’s Attitude favored people with excellent stats. The skill was more fraudulent when applied to people like Grid.

[A total of three myth rated items have been produced so something special will happen!]

Grid smiled at the rising notification window and handed Kraugel a normal rated growth type White Tiger Sword.