Chapter 785

Screech. Screech. Screech...

Clatter. Clatter.


As the carriage containing Grid entered deep into the forest, the cries of the beasts subsided. The only sounds that could be heard in the silent forest were the wheels of the carriage and the footsteps of the soldiers.


The birds and beasts hiding was a sign that monsters would appear. Grid naturally knew such common sense.

Kasim replied to Grid. 

-Monsters can’t pop up on a forest that the people of Titan often use.

-It’s people.

-There are many people hiding in the area.

Kasim’s shadows spread out in the forest that was filled with darkness. Kasim reported back.

-The enemy. There are more than 300 of them.


-No. They’re the people who attacked Khan.


Immortal! The nonchalant looking Grid rose from his seat.  His face distorted like a demon as he opened the door of the carriage.



Clack! Clack clack!

The ground shook as hundreds of red lights appeared in the bushes. As the dark clouds covering the full moon were lifted, the blue moonlight shone onto the forest and revealed hundreds of unsightly skeletons. It was a large undead army. The vanguard contained skeleton knights while the skeleton mages were in the rear.

"Build up a stronger sense of revenge.”

From far away, a sweet voice was heard in the rear of the undead army. Grid jumped out of the carriage and saw the white-haired young man.


The person who made Khan’s last moments filled with pain. The target of hatred that Grid killed dozens or even hundreds of times in his head!



Kasim had no time to stop him. Grid pulled out the Ideal Dagger, used Quick Movements and immediately rushed towards Veradin. He put away the Ideal Dagger and pulled out a weapon.

“Grid! Get him!"

"Kill that bastard!”


The necromancers shouted excitedly as they discovered Grid and dozens of skeleton knights blocked Grid’s way. They wielded huge swords and spears, completely focused on only killing Grid.

Kwa kwang!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The four God Hands transformed into Lifael’s Spear, inflicting catastrophic damage to evil beings and opening the way for Grid.


“T-This is ridiculous...!”

Dozens of skeleton knights over level 250 were turned to ashes at once? The spears also moved without Grid touching them? The astonished necromancers simultaneously thought.

‘The best...!’

The necromancers were reminded. The opponent they were currently trying to hunt was the one who broke the sky. Grid stormed into the middle of enemy camp and pressed the button of the Pulling Device.


Red and black swords appeared in the moonlight, rotating before joining together.



The skeleton knights and necromancers standing in the direction of the rotation were hit. The Pulling Device combined the two swords into one. The Enlightenment Sword.


Kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The earth shook. It felt like the forest would fly away. Grid rushed through the undead army as four spears rotated around him, reminiscent of someone breaking through the sea.

‘Now he’s just a monster.’

Grid’s presence rose to the rank of deities. Veradin wasn’t surprised because he already knew this, but Grid’s presence was beyond the scope that he observed. Veradin’s tension soared to the peak as Grid narrowed the distance with a fearsome expression.  His legs were shaking. But Veradin had a smile on his face. It was a smile of satisfaction.


Did he believe in the four spears around him?  Or was it because he lost his mind in front of his enemies. Grid was so focused on Veradin that he was unable to response to the attack of the death knight that suddenly appeared. 


The poisonous dagger of Kyleo pierced Grid’s heart. It was an attack filled with the poison master’s killing power. It gave a paralysis that couldn’t be resisted to the target and simultaneously reduced the target’s health by 50%. It was Kyleo’s ultimate ability that had a very low chance of causing instantaneous death.


A perfect opportunity to defeat the crazy beast! After confirming that Grid was trapped, Veradin shouted and the skeleton mages simultaneously chanted a prepared spell.

‘I got him!’

47 skeleton mages used magic at the same time. Veradin was convinced when he saw the explosive magic power. He had no doubt that Grid would receive huge damage from the magic bombardment and enter the immortality state. That’s right. In the midst of the urgent situation, Veradin hadn’t confirmed it yet.

[Death Knight Kyleo has returned to an inactive state.]

[The target didn’t receive any damage.]

[The target has resisted the absolute paralysis and poison.]

These notification windows!


Veradin’s face was dismayed as he belatedly checked the notification windows. Veradin couldn’t understand it. Kyleo’s dagger had clearly stabbed Grid’s heart. Veradin had seen it with his own eyes. Yet the attack was for nothing? Grid didn’t receive any damage?

“What is this...? Stop!"

Veradin was upset that things went differently than planned and hurriedly shouted. But it was too late. The necromancers commanded their summoned skeleton mages to activate the magic.


Gravity Boom. It was advanced black magic available to skeleton mages over level 300. It was commonly used as the ultimate spell of a skeleton mage. It modified the gravity of the specified area and slowed down the target, while causing an explosion. The spell was powerful but the scope was too narrow and the casting time was very long. It was even slower to deploy. It was almost impossible to hit a moving target with Gravity Boom.

That’s why...


Grid resisted Kyleo’s paralysis and poison with Khan’s posthumous work Valhalla and avoided Gravity Boom. Grid took one step towards Veradin.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Two steps.

Peng! Pepepepeong!

Three steps. Every time he got closer, a senseless explosion occurred behind him. As the forest became a wasteland, Grid used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link, to get rid of the skeleton mages as he reached Veradin.

“This is the first time.” Grid’s voice, full of killing intent, reached Veradin’s eyes. “You’re going to die for me.”

This death was just the beginning, not the end. 

Grid declared, "You will keep dying because of me over and over. I will make you suffer more pain than Khan felt.”


Puk puk!

Kyleo kept attacking Grid to protect his master, but it was in vain. He attacked Grid with assassination skills, which were resisted by Khan’s armor.

“You’re crazily overgeared.”

Veradin said with a silly expression.

"Shut your stinky mouth.”

Grid didn’t give him a chance to speak. He swung the Enlightenment Sword. But the sword never reached Veradin’s neck.


All of a sudden, a sword flew and blocked the Enlightenment Sword.


Transparent blue hair faded into the moonlight and looked like it was shedding frost. Grid was puzzled as he grasped the identity of the woman who interfered.



The First Knight. The strongest sword that exercised the will of the empire. In the end, she was just a tool. She said with a sad expression, “I’m sorry.”



Grid’s body rose in the air. It was because he was hit by Mercedes’s shield that rose at an angle that couldn’t be seen. It was an overwhelming ‘charge.’ Grid flew through the air and showed a defenseless appearance.

“Your Majesty!”

Kasim’s voice was heard from behind him. Kasim and the soldiers were surrounded by several Red Knights. While Grid was blinded by Veradin, Kasim and the soldiers were also fighting.

“Shadow Move...!”

Kasim attempted to save Grid. However, his range of movements were greatly reduced due to the moonlight swallowing up the darkness. He couldn’t move long distances and was caught from behind by the Red Knights.



Grid knew who Kasim was. Lord’s mentor, friend, and family. It was Kasim who filled the vacant position of ‘father’ for Lord. Yes, Kasim was like Khan to Lord.


He couldn’t lose Kasim. Grid forgot the enemies in front of his eyes as he fully focused on Kasim. Grid used Fly and flew to Kasim to save him from the Red Knights. No, he tried to fly there. Mercedes was the problem.

Chaaeng! Chaeeeeeng!

She unleashed her sword at the fastest speed that matched Kraugel and pressed Grid.  Mercedes avoided the God Hands swinging Mjolnir after the duration of Item Transformation ended and blocked Grid’s way. Grid’s confusion disappeared and was replaced with anger.

“You dog...! The emperor...! The emperor ordered you?!!”

The emperor sent Grid off with a smile only to hit him in the back of the head? Mercedes couldn’t carelessly reply to Grid.

Veradin’s voice filled the silence instead. “If you’re smart then you should’ve thought about it. Do you think I could attack you without any insurance?”

He believed in the strength of the Red Knights and the full moon. Veradin’s plan was perfect. Now the only thing left was to kill Overgeared King Grid and announce it. The Overgeared Kingdom’s wrath would grow bigger and Immortal’s reputation would naturally rise. Agnus would no longer be able to stand by.

Veradin smiled with satisfaction. He knew that Grid had the three heavenly kings and the Overgeared members that he could summon. But he believed there was no way to stop the 10 Red Knights that included the First Knight, even if all of them were summoned.

‘Please summon your knights.’

He would kill all the people Grid relied on. The moment that Veradin was rejoicing.


Mercedes’ sword, which boasted a different strength from Lorex, pierced Grid’s abdomen.


This woman was truly a monster. She was equal or much better than the seven dukes of the empire.  Grid coughed up blood but he wasn’t worried about his life right now. He cared about Kasim’s finite life.

‘It’s over for Kasim if I die.’

Lord would be upset. Grid didn’t want his child to feel such sadness and hatred. Grid could only make one choice.

“Knight... Cough! Summoning...!”

The strongest power that Grid relied on. The only one with the power to achieve Grid’s desire!



The name buried deep in her chest. Mercedes became blank as she witnessed a man appearing in a pillar of light.