Chapter 784

"This is also okay.”

Emperor Juander’s face was satisfied as he tasted the food coming out in turn. The other officials were the same. The imperial cuisine, which reinterpreted the food culture throughout the continent, was originally famous for its taste. But it tasted especially good today. The imperials chefs seemed to be at their best since an honored guest was visiting.

‘Huhuhut, that hillbilly will be shocked by the taste.’

Sky King Rigal watched Grid’s response. The specialty of the Overgeared Kingdom was potatoes? Rigal wanted to see what type of response the king of a country that ate only pig food would show to the food of the great empire. It was as he expected.

"The food tastes good. In particular, the food made from flour are excellent.”

Grid’s reaction was as Rigal expected. He admired and praised the food. The Saharan Empire was truly the best in every way. Grid’s admiration made the emperor feel good. Rigal confirmed the smile on the emperor’s face and quickly clapped his hands. The chef soon came running.

"Y-You called me.”

Being called to the emperor’s presence? The head chef was full of fear. He was worried he had made a mistake and angered the emperor.

Rigal spoke to the sweating chef. "Explain the food to our honored guest. I’m sure there are a lot of foods he doesn’t know. Shouldn’t you take care of this part?"

Every dish had history and background. Knowing it made eating the food more delicious. Rigal had this logic but in reality, he was treating Grid as a hillbilly. The contempt in his eyes was clear when he looked at Grid. But Grid didn’t flinch back when facing him. He smiled calmly and enjoyed the situation.

"Thank you for the favor, Sir Rigal.”

“Of course...”

Rigal was surprised by Grid’s gratitude.

‘You still haven’t noticed.’

Grid didn’t even know he was being made fun of. There was a teasing taste. Rachel shook her head at Rigal and made an insidious remark.

“You’re still a child. You’re bothering a weak person.”

"You are the one saying this? When I recall the memories of being bullied by you as a child, I still jump up in my sleep.”

The two of them had been close since childhood due to the connection between their families. The friendly atmosphere caused by their memories didn’t last long.

"As the Overgeared King may already know, all of today’s dishes are cooked using the wheat of the Overgeared Kingdom.”



The head chef’s unexpected words caused the people watching the situation pleasantly to feel surprise and the emperor frowned. Grid was still smiling.

“Indeed, it was like this. Somehow the taste of the wheat dishes were particular good. It was because you used the wheat produced in the Overgeared Kingdom.”

“You already know. Yes, that's right. I’m grateful for your gift of the best wheat on the continent.”

The head chef was just a chef. He was ignorant about political things. He recognized Grid as a precious guest of the emperor and was able to purely praise the Overgeared Kingdom’s wheat. It was unfortunate. The chef might lose his job today. Grid looked at Rigal’s dark expression and wanted to sneer.

‘This isn’t it.’

A large-hearted person was better than an childish one. Grid acted wisely as he was reminded that he was representing the Overgeared Kingdom.

“You are surely the head chef of the imperial family if you can recognize the value of our wheat. I’m happy that a chef like you can make wonderful food for His Majesty the Emperor every day. I’m envious.”

"Y-You're overpraising me."

The head chef was thrilled by the praise and bowed, while the unpleasant looking emperor ended up smiling. He liked Grid’s consideration.

“The Overgeared King is right. I am happy because I have a chef who can make such wonderful food with good ingredients. Now is the time to bring out the 1,000 year old wine. Take a glass.”

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

Thanks to Grid, the atmosphere of the dinner party became relaxed again. The emperor, Grid, and the officials enjoyed the moment as they drank from their glasses. The emperor was delighted and they all had to hide what they were feeling inside.


In a corner of the venue, Limit chewed his food with a sour expression and stood up. He was heading to the empress’ palace.


“He has been through many hardships.”

Limit evaluated Grid.

"His ability to read the situation is excellent. He’s a wise man who knows how to control himself and isn’t easily provoked. He also takes advantage of the opponent’s provocation.”

Marie showed interest as she listened to the story while staring at her nails.

“Isn’t it surprising? I thought he was a simple and violent character who purely swallowed up a kingdom with force."

“I also thought the same looks like he is a natural born politician.”

The expression of ‘natural born’ wasn’t suitable for Grid. Grid was originally a person lacking in every way. But Limit didn’t know this. Like Limit said, the Grid who Limit met today was the Grid that had gone through countless hardships. It was a Grid who had already grown. Limit was forced to appreciate him.

"As Veradin said, he’s a formidable opponent.”

Veradin. One day, he suddenly appeared and got the favor of Empress Marie. Limit had been suspicious, but he was forced to acknowledge Veradin.

"Yes, that's right. We must strike Grid as planned today and make Grid go against the emperor. I will tell the Red Knights.”

“Okay. I will send Immortal. Please finish it well.”

A smile appeared on Marie’s face as she nodded. The fact that she had just been the daughter of her family and could now give orders to the duke of the empire gave her great joy. What would she feel like when she placed her son on the highest position and held more power? She got goosebumps just imagining it.


-What type of person is the emperor?

The outskirts of Titan. As Grid moved away from the cheering crowds, Kasim asked from the shadows.

‘Despite the fact that the emperor was known as a tyrant, he was surprisingly ordinary. He might be a good ruler.’ Grid thought, but he remained silent. For Kasim, Emperor Juander was a hated person who he couldn’t afford to kill.

In the end, Grid replied casually, "The emperor, well, he is the emperor. He was unbelievably arrogant. "

-...You are deepening.


-Unlike the past, you are speaking very carefully.

Kasim had been observing Grid since before Lord was born. It meant he knew Grid when he was immature. Kasim watched Grid’s growth in real time and he saw that the current Grid was reaching the end of his growth.

-You don’t have to worry about me. I would like to hear your honest opinion. What type of person is the emperor?

Kasim repeated the question and Grid replied.

"He wasn’t as selfish as I expected.”

The master of the continent. It wasn’t strange if the person who accomplished such a thing was violent, brutal, and selfish. However, the emperor that Grid met was more careful and respectful than expected. It was a shameful story but the current emperor was better than Grid when he was just grasping his power.

"He surprisingly has plenty of friends.”


“But that is the individual called Juander.”

Grid knew.

"As the emperor, he’s as ferocious and selfish as we thought.”

History proved this fact. Wasn’t he the emperor who conquered and wiped out many lives in the name of the emperor?

"Eventually, we will fight. The emperor will remain an object of hatred forever. You don’t have to worry. Just dream of revenge.”

The driving force behind Kasim was revenge on the empire. The more he dreamt of revenge, the more he developed. Grid naturally wanted Kasim to develop.

"Today I didn’t see any of the Five Pillars. There were only seven dukes and the knights. But I mistook them for the Five Pillars.”

It meant that everyone was strong. He could imagine how much stronger the Five Pillars were. He easily escaped Kyle the other day due to Braham and Mumud’s pincer attack. But without Braham, both Grid and the Ares Army would be in danger. 

“Become stronger, Kasim.”

-Yes, Your Majesty.

Grid had already achieved his dream of being the best. The current Grid couldn’t be ignored by anyone and was an object of envy. However, this was in reality. In the gigantic world of Satisfy, Grid was still weak and he had an obligation to protect his precious people. Strength, more strength was needed.

Clatter, clatter.

Grid’s carriage slowly moved through the dark forest. It was a speed keeping in mind the soldiers and transport convoy followed them. It was also because of Grid’s order. Overgeared King Grid was growing into a wise king.

“It’s ridiculous.”

Deep in the forest.

Veradin saw the carriage slowly approaching in the distance.

"Human choices and behavior are based on a desire for compensation. Humans do things because they want something. Let’s take the example of libido. For what reason do people feel sexual desire? The pleasure is compensation for breeding. It’s proof that compensation is the ultimate need.”

There was a smile on Veradin’s normally expressionless face.

"The compensation dominating Grid is a desire to be respected. As a person who has been despised for most of his life, he tends to be extremely obsessed with the evaluation of others. He dreams that everyone in the world will acknowledge and respect him. It’s a desire to be acknowledged by the soldiers, not consideration for the soldiers, that is behind Grid’s hypocritical act of slowing the carriage.”

Grid was a lump of pretenses. He was a man who was always bluffing. Due to this, he became more attached to revenge. He was afraid that the world would ignore him again if he didn’t get revenge for the damage inflicted on him. In fact, Grid was planning a revenge play that went beyond Veradin’s expectations.

“A simple human.”

Veradin’s face showed no motivation as he looked at Grid’s gradually approaching carriage. People like Grid were so prevalent in the world that Veradin couldn’t become interested in Grid. Then what about Agnus? Agnus was filled with a desire to compensate for his ‘loss.’ He was a very unusual case. Veradin wanted to observe him longer. In order to stay near Agnus, it was necessary to restore their relationship.

"The means of recovery...”

Veradin held the Ghost’s Necklace in his hand and started to infuse magic power into it.

"Grid, you are holding it. Now die. And burn with a stronger vengeance.”

Direct the grudge towards Agnus and stir up Agnus’ madness. Once Agnus was in a stage of oblivion, he would be forced to rely on Veradin again.

“Summon, Death Knight.”


Kyleo, the one who drove Khan to death, responded to Veradin’s command and raised his body from the ground. Hundreds of skeleton knights and skeleton mages had already surrounded Grid’s carriage.

‘It isn’t right.’

The First Knight watching the scene, Mercedes’ eyes shook.