Chapter 775

Muller, Pagma, Braham, Madra, Lantier, Povia, Kruger, Gis, and Alex.

The name of the nine former legends. Most players were aware of them. It was because the former legends occupied a large amount of Satisfy’s worldview. But what about other legends? The legends before the previous generation? They were unknown. It was virtually impossible for a player to collect the information of all the legends in the past. It was because a person who was too far in the past wouldn’t be mentioned well in history.

Pokibun, Ten, Arin... They were legends in the distant past that not much was known about. But Kasim was well aware of the former legend, Lantier. His master often told the story.

The introduction was too long. Faker avoided the attacks of the death knight Kyleo and skeleton knight while paying attention to Kasim.

"First of all, can you save Khan?”

-My teacher also used the name Lantier.


-Lantier isn’t the name of an individual. It’s the title given to the head of Eclipse, a shadow group that existed for over a thousand years. We...the teacher who taught Doran and I was the 32nd Lantier. Do you understand?


Kyleo’s dagger was deeply embedded in Faker’s shoulder. Faker was in pain but the skeleton knight protected Kyleo against his counterattacks. Kasim’s explanation continued.

-From now on, I will give you the techniques meant for a legendary assassin. Of course, it isn’t complete. Many years passed and many techniques were lost.

This strength.

-Will it raise you to the legendary status or will you stay at the same level as me, Doran, and our teacher? It’s purely up to you.

Chaaeng! Chaeng!

Why was Kasim doing this? Didn’t Kasim know what Khan meant to Grid? Faker grumbled about Kasim, rather then rejoicing at receiving the forerunner of a very important hidden quest. He put Khan’s safety higher than his development. He wanted to stop Kasim, even if it meant not receiving the hidden quest.


Faker urged Kasim to move.

-Don’t fret. I will arrive soon.

Kasim’s words were meaningful.

"I will compliment you on your diligence.”

Veradin’s voice was heard at the same time. Faker was unable to exert his full strength due to Tower of Command and was imprisoned by the skeleton knight. He sensed his death when he saw Kyleo’s dagger flying.

Veradin. He had a high level of survival and dominance stat that made it hard to see him as a normal necromancer. He dealt painful despair to Faker. Faker realized it since he stabbed Veradin with Moon Sting. Veradin still had a lot of hidden power left. Veradin was several levels higher than Faker. Maybe Immortal was more terrifying than the Overgeared Kingdom thought?

‘I’m sorry, Khan.’

Kyleo’s dagger entered Faker’s field of view. It wasn’t just the shape of the blade. The snake scales embossed on the green handle were clearly marked in his eyes. Now Faker was going to die. Faker demonstrated transcendent concentration. His thinking power transcended the speed of time.


Just before the dagger stabbed between his eyes. Faker swallowed a small drug that he had inserted in the gap of his molars. It was the ‘Assassin’s Mindset’ that he obtained from a hidden quest in the past. A person who swallowed the drug would immediately explode when they activated it, ‘instantaneously’ targeting the enemy within 2 meters.

However, the death penalty increased by three times. It meant that the user lost three times more experience and had a triple chance to drop items. In short, it was crazy. It was something that shouldn’t be used unless the person was willing to quit the game.

However, Faker swallowed it without hesitation. It was purely to increase Khan’s chances of survival. If he were to die and the death knight and skeleton knight freed, Sua and the Red Phoenix Group wouldn’t be able to deal with the remaining enemies to save Khan.



Faker’s shadow started rising like a waterfall. It was the moment when King of Shadows Kasim appeared. He used Shadow Move several times to travel from the royal palace where Lord and Irene lived and rose from Faker’s back, stabbing at Kyleo with his dagger.


"Awful people. You deserve this.”

Faker smiled as he confirmed Kasim’s appearance.

Veradin was baffled. “Who are you?”

Faker, the Red Phoenix Group, and now Kasim. Veradin gritted his teeth at the people that kept appearing.

"Don’t disturb us!” Veradin screamed.

Kyleo and the skeleton knight attacked Kasim in response to Veradin’s order. Kyleo was releasing more poison than before. Veradin’s mana was quickly consumed. His mana potions couldn’t keep up with the speed of mana consumption. This wasn’t what Veradin intended. Kyleo was running wild.

Why? Veradin still had dominance remaining. The moment the question popped into Veradin’s mind.

Chaaeng! Chaeng!

Kasim swung his dagger just as fast as Faker and more vicious than Kyleo. Then the shadows at the feet of Kyleo and the skeleton knight rose.




Veradin’s face turned white. Kyleo’s health feel sharply as he was penetrated by the shadow spear while the skeleton knight turned to ashes.

Kiik...! Kiiiing!

Kyleo’s runaway condition was getting out of control. He waved his sword randomly, speaking in an odd voice as he emitted a huge amount of poison. Why?

Kasim answered. “This guy, he still has the memory of being murdered by me?”


Veradin was shocked. He knew the end of Kyleo so he finally realized Kasim’s identity.

“King of Shadows!”

The strongest assassin currently in existence. His presence across all the shadows of the world was a death sentence that couldn’t be avoided.

“Shadow Soldiers.”

He was as majestic as any other king with his 100,000 shadow soldiers.

"Not a target...” Veradin muttered with a confused expression. Why was such a big monster in the Overgeared Kingdom? He shook with fear as he felt doubts. The huge smithy was already filled with hundreds of thousands of shadow soldiers.

"W-What is this?"

“Eh...? Eh eh? Aaaack!”

The screams of the necromancers belonging to Immortal rang out. The number of dead bodies increased. Kasim’s shadows were a perfect counter to the necromancers who specialized in a large number of troops. The necromancers were overwhelmed with numbers and were helpless.



The dozens of ghouls and skeleton knights were shattered by the shadow swords and spears flying in all directions. In the center of the smithy covered by darkness, Kasim handed a booklet to Faker. It was a booklet containing Lantier’s knowledge.

"This is what Doran inherited from Teacher. The skills couldn’t be succeeded with my talent and emotions. But it might be possible for you.” Kasim had been watching Faker for the several years that he guarded Lord. He saw that Faker’s talent transcended himself. “For you, this power is just the beginning. First of all, go beyond Doran. And...”

Kasim’s sharp eyes focused on Veradin. Veradin made a quick judgment and was running away. It was stupid. Didn’t he realized he had received a death sentence he couldn’t escape from?

Kasim scoffed.

"...And then succeed my skills.”

The moment that Doran’s skills and Kasim’s skills combined, Lantier’s techniques would be completed. The path to being a legend would open. Despite being a normal class player, Faker had wings as he defeated a sun grade player. But Faker pushed the joy back. He didn’t even examine the contents of the hidden quest as he ran to Khan. 

"I will thank you next time.”

They were family living in the same house anyway. They could meet at any time. Faker lightly nodded to Kasim and took Khan to escape the smithy. He headed towards Sticks. Then Kasim...


Shadows appeared at Veradin’s feet and immediately spread like water. Veradin used the hidden technique ‘Overcoming Death’ to endure Kasim’s attacks several times, but it didn’t make sense. It would take him 18 hours to re-summon Death Knight Kyleo, who just died. Even if Kyleo was summoned, he couldn’t win.

In the end, Veradin fell to his knees and laughed. He seemed to have ulterior motives. But Kasim didn’t show any interest. Veradin saw the dagger heading towards him and hurriedly shouted.

“You’re going to regret killing me!”


Kasim finally showed some interest and Veradin explained, “Do you think I would’ve invaded this place without any insurance? If I die, the queen and prince might not be safe.”

Of course, it was a bluff. Even Veradin wouldn’t dare harm Irene or Lord. They were Grid’s family, but they weren’t excluded from the target list because of a moral issue. They were excluded because Veradin knew they would always be protected. But there was no reason to tell the truth. Veradin didn’t want to receive the death penalty. The penalty for Veradin was different from an ordinary player.

“Really? You sent troops to Queen Irene and Prince Lord?”

"Of course. It is a power that consists of 20 death knights. If I die, then they won’t be safe...”

Veradin didn’t change his expression when lying, only to suddenly stop talking. It was because Kasim was laughing. He was holding his belly and laughing.

‘Did I exaggerate too much?’

20 death knights was too much. It was obviously an exaggeration. He should’ve said 10. Veradin was uneasy.

“The 20 death knights... By now, they would’ve all returned to dust.”

There were 200 Rebecca’s Daughters candidates around Lord. Even if there really was a group of death knights, they were no match against the Rebecca’s Daughters candidates. In the first place, Kasim knew that Irene and Lord were safe. That’s why he came to support Faker. If there was the slightest risk, he wouldn’t have left them.


Kasim’s blade stabbed his heart.

[You have died.]

[You have lost 32.3% experience.]

[Your death has caused all the conditions to become a Hwan Kingdom resident to be lost. You have lost all the additional effects you have obtained in the meantime. In order to get the effects back, you must meet the criteria again from the beginning.]

It was huge damage. It had been almost a year since he died. Veradin experienced the biggest frustration since Satisfy began. He missed his target, Khan, and only killed a few young blacksmiths.

At the same time, in Sticks’ office.

"I need to go to the elf kingdom to obtain an antidote to cure this poison. I will hurry, so wait here.”

"Isn’t it faster if you bring Khan with you?”

"Many procedures are needed for a person to enter the elf kingdom. I can’t help with this part."

"Please let me know the exact timing. How long will it take?”

“Six hours... no, seven hours...”

"Can’t you do it sooner? Khan's pain is too great.”

"...I will try.”

Sticks checked Khan and hurried. He disappeared immediately with Teleport. Faker held his head. Seven hours? It meant that Khan would experience the severe pain of poisoning for the next seven hours.

Khan spoke to the saddened Faker. “I... Take me to the smithy.”