Chapter 774


Faker whistled. It was a signal to call the Overgeared Shadows waiting outside. But there was no reaction.

"Our Immortal also has huge forces. There are many people as talented as you. To them, your subordinates aren’t so difficult.” Veradin said. The Death Knight crossed several pillars to get to Faker, like a performing monkey. 10 new skeleton knights entered the smithy. They were summoned by the necromancers who smashed the Overgeared Shadows waiting outside and joined in.

Furthermore. The bodies of the blacksmiths turned to ghouls and started to rise up.

Chaaeng! Chaaeng!

Faker’s nervousness reached its peak as he blocked the death knight’s dagger persistently pursuing him. The poisoned Khan’s health continued to decline. Faker was alone and the number of enemies kept increasing. As time went by, he was at a disadvantage. His first priority was to get out of here, but the death knight called Kyleo was stronger than expected. He was an erosion type assassin who used poison as his main force, while also having excellent melee combat ability. It was clear that he was a strong person in his lifetime.

"Cough! Cough!"

Death Knight Kyleo used Veradin’s mana to constantly release poison. Khan’s poisoning status became worse and the speed at which his health was consumed accelerated.


The illusion technique released intermittently limited Faker’s ability. Since Faker had to fight while protecting Khan, his eyes were tied up.

{Faker: I need support at the 1st smithy.}

He tried shouting in the guild window but no one responding. It was clear that the Overgeared members had left to watch the finals between the Overgeared King Grid and Kraugel. Did he blame them? No. If Lauel hadn’t called him to protect Khan in case of danger, he would’ve logged out as well.

Chaaeng! Chaeeeeeng!

After discovering that Faker was vulnerable to the illusion technique, Kyleo increased the number of times it was used.  He didn’t care about Veradin’s mana as he used skills continuously against Faker.


Faker was caught in the illusions and found it hard to tell what was real. Hundreds of Kyleo’s daggers were visible while Khan seemed like skeletons. The pillars on both sides of him turned into snake heads.



The number of injuries on the body of the confused Faker increased. He soon fell to the ground and the skeleton knights and ghouls flocked to him. Veradin’s face was filled with joy. Rather than taking care of his own body as he fell, Faker aimed to protect Khan. Veradin could see how important Khan’s position in the Overgeared Kingdom was.

‘Okay. I have set the target properly.’

It was good. The Overgeared Kingdom would receive extensive damage and Grid would be furious. How far would Agnus’ madness reach as he was hunted by Grid’s rage?

Duguen! Duguen!

Veradin’s heart ran wild as he looked forward to the future.

"Stop your actions right now!”

Women and men armed from head to toe in the mass produced Grid set appeared in the smithy. They were Sua and the Red Phoenix Group. This was Lauel’s arrangement. The warriors who defended Pangea. Lauel had them guard the blacksmith complex since their average abilities were superior to those on the West Continent. The safety device wasn’t just Faker.

“Hoh, isn’t this good?”

The elite necromancers of Immortal. They were captivated by Sua’s gentle eyes. Satisfy had many beautiful NPCs, but Sua was outstanding. Her beauty was at least in the top five.

“I would like to see beyond your flesh. Huhu! I want to make you into a death knight.”

A necromancer started drooling. It was the 7th ranked necromancer, Drew. Sua was clearly a named NPC at first glance, so he was interested in her. Veradin nodded because he knew that Drew wasn’t satisfied with his current death knight.

"Do what you want.”


Sua was his now that permission had been given. Drew ignored the boos of the other necromancers and instructed his skeleton knight to attack Sua.


The skeleton knight ran to Sua and wielded his sword. The skeleton knight wasn’t intimidating to Sua, who had dealt with the armored needles in Pangea.




The necromancers’ eyes widened as they saw the skeleton knight fall from the blow.

‘Faker level?’

An NPC? The hidden elites of the Overgeared Kingdom! Drew identified this and hurriedly summoned a death knight. The summoning time was short because he wasn’t at Veradin’s level, but it was still a death knight. It exerted a power several times stronger than the skeleton knight.

Sua judged that her opponent wasn’t easy and urged the Red Phoenix members. "I'll take the vanguard. Go and rescue Khan!”


It transformed into a melee. The Red Phoenix members had become several times stronger due to Asmophel’s swordsmanship and they broke dozens of skeleton knights. Meanwhile, Sua tied up the feet of the death knight. Like the other Red Phoenix members, she learned Asmophel’s sword techniques and was several times stronger than she was in Pangea.

Thanks to them, Faker got some breathing room and could counter Veradin’s death knight. Khan was moved to a safe place and given an antidote. But Khan’s poisoning wasn’t completely resolved. His health was slowly declining.

Then Veradin’s voice was heard. "Have you ever heard of the story of the distinguished poisoner?”


"It was said that there was a man who slowly but thoroughly applied more than 20 types of poisons to his own body. It was for as long as 30 years. He even put poison into his bath water.” The result. “The man was said to have a constitution that emitted poison when he was just breathing. He was a walking death. He wasn’t just an assassin but a mass killer.”

That person was here.

"My death Knight, Kyleo. It’s impossible to detoxify the extreme poison that had permeated into his bones.”


It wasn’t a lie. Khan’s poisoning wasn’t relieved. Khan’s life could be saved since the poison’s damage wasn’t high enough that it couldn’t be recovered with a potion, but Khan had to suffer from terrible pain. Didn’t someone say it? The pain that NPCs felt were the same as humans in reality.

‘I have to take him to Sticks.’

The sage’s knowledge and wisdom would know an antidote to save Khan. Faker gave Khan some health recovery potions and rose from his seat. He took a deep breath as he stared at Kyleo while Veradin laughed.

"Are you still holding onto hope?”

Sua and the Red Phoenix Group were strong. From the time that Faker first appeared, the enemy’s power surpassed Veradin’s assumption. But it didn’t change the results. It was because Veradin and Immortal’s power was superior. Veradin was able to defeat Faker alone, while Immortal’s elites were sufficient for Sua and the Red Phoenix Group. Right now, the power of both sides might seem even, but the balance would soon collapse. The moment a Red Phoenix member died, the scales would tip.


Veradin moved his fingers with a relaxed mind and ordered Kyleo.

“Finish it.”


Step, step.

Kyleo spewed out a poisonous breath as he approached Faker. Faker was more vigilant against the illusions than the poison. Due to his assassin class, his tolerate to poison was high. But he had no compensation effect on illusions.

‘Don’t face the eyes.’

He avoided the line of sight and kept attacking. Those who knew the basics of combat knew not to miss the direction of the gaze. It was the same with Faker. However, this time he made an exception. The death knight’s eyes flashed purple with the illusion technique as soon as it was met. Therefore, Faker deliberately ignored the eyes.

Veradin read Faker’s intentions and clicked his tongue. He felt disappointed by Faker’s judgment, which would make it a more unfavorable fight.


Faker quickly fell into a crisis. While protecting Khan, Faker defended and avoided Kyleo’s attacks eight out of ten times. Now he allowed most attacks.

‘It will end soon.’

They wanted to harm Agnus when they were only at this level? Grid and Chris were the only ones to worry about in the Overgeared Kingdom.


Veradin suddenly jumped with surprise.

“Moon Sting.”

Faker approached in Veradin’s moment of carelessness and stabbed his heart.


The damage was close to 40,000! Faker’s ultimate attack combined with Acceleration caused Veradin’s vision to blink red. Veradin barely maintained his life with potions as his chest was pierced continuously with Faker’s dagger. If Kyleo hadn’t belately stopped it, Veradin would’ve turned to grey. Faker knew from the beginning. In order to fight against a necromancer, the caster had to be killed, not the slave. That’s why Faker deliberately acted on the defensive to get Veradin off guard.

"This... you almost got me. The last resistance is pretty sharp.”

Veradin had a wide variety of information. He knew that the number of times the Master of Swiftness could use Acceleration was extremely limited.

'I will be safe if I maintain the distance.’

Veradin summoned the Tower of Command to weaken Faker and strengthen Kyleo. Then he used Specter’s Hand. It was an attack skill that caused a small amount of damage to the target as well as various debuffs. Due to Kyleo tying up his feet, Faker was hit by Specter’s Hand and gradually lost power.

The battle on the side of the Red Phoenix group also wasn’t good. As soon as a member died, they turned into enemies and grabbed the ankles of their former colleagues. The balance sharply collapsed.

“Pant... pant...”

Faker’s breathing was rough as he endured Kyleo’s offensive. The Master of Swiftness was originally a class with bad endurance. Every time he used Acceleration, his stamina fell rapidly.

"Support Kyleo.”

Was he uneasy about it taking longer than expected? Veradin summoned an additional skeleton knight. Now Faker had to deal with the death knight and skeleton knight at the same time.


Behind him, Faker could hear Khan’s trembling voice. He seemed to feel guilty. He was sad that people were sacrificing themselves to save him.

Faker barely blocked Kyleo’s attack and moved back to Khan. There was a smile on his normally impassive face. ‘This isn’t your fault. Don’t blame yourself.’

Khan read Faker’s eyes and felt pained. Faker confirmed that Khan was drinking a health potion and focused on the battle again. 

Veradin couldn’t understand it.

‘Isn’t it pointless trying to resist?’

The battle was ending soon. Faker’s resistance had no meaning. Apart from the difference in abilities, Veradin had the advantage. Veradin judged that Faker couldn’t beat him.

He had considered PvP since the beginning, causing him to invest a lot of points in his stamina and achieved a high level of survival. His specs were good to quickly get rid of an assassin. After inducing the assassin to attack and consuming stamina, the death knight would be able to defeat the opponent.

Just as Veradin was making a disgusted expression.

-An assassin fighting to defend someone is really rare. Most assassins exist for the purpose of killing people.


A voice was heard in Faker’s ears. The origin of the voice came from Faker’s shadow.

-Yes, you’re suitable for Doran’s techniques.


Faker figured out who the owner of the voice was instantly. In this moment, he knew that a hidden quest would begin.