Chapter 752

『 The two billion Satisfy players all over the world! It is the 3rd National Competition that you have been waiting for long for! Finally! Start!!! We will now watch the first event! 』


The event that was the prelude to the 3rd National Competition was the saint sword drawing. The public originally wasn’t interested in saint sword drawing, but this year was different. It was because there were many people waiting for the National Competition which was held three months later than usual. In addition, Sword Saint Kraugel’s name was on the list of participants.

-We can see Kraugel on the opening day! This is completely exciting!

-The opening is with God Kraugel... He’s the main character.. ㅎㅎ

-Isn’t it a game where the person who draws out the saint sword first is the winner? Since he’s a Sword Saint, he will surely be picked by the saint sword. Will Kraugel wins as soon he starts?

-Ey, that doesn’t matter. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a match.

Saint sword drawing was based on the famous Arthurian legend, the sword stuck in the rock. It had the simple rule in which the person who pulled the sword out of the rock first would win. But the process wasn’t easy. In order to draw the saint sword, certain conditions had to be met.  The participants had to break through the missions with strength, intelligence, and competence. It was very difficult for the participants because they had to be proficient in both literary and martial arts, and the public’s interest wasn’t easy to attract. It was inevitably less popular than other stimulating events.

Due to that, few people participated in saint sword drawing. In the 2nd National Competition, this event was reduced to anonymous rankers. However, this year Sword Saint Kraugel and Demon Slayer Yura would participate in saint sword drawing. People’s expectations were heightened.

“It will be thrilling to watch the saint sword drawing!”

“By the way. Kraugel is a Sword Saint and well suited to saint sword drawing, but why is Yura participating? Can’t she play separate events?”

“Hrmm... Is it because it’s reliable to secure a medal based on the low competition? Just one medal will be invaluable to South Korea, who will be ranked at the bottom.”

“It’s a big blow to her that hell running was abolished due to equality issues.” 

"She picked out saint sword drawing but ended up meeting Kraugel. She has no luck. I’m sorry for her.”

One of the best players in the Great Demon Belial raid was Yura. However, it was speculated that her abilities were only powerful against a great demon. It was true. Until a few months ago.


Bruton Island, the stage for saint sword drawing, was largely divided into three sections.

First, there was the safety zone. It was impossible to PvP in the safety zone. Players couldn’t attack each other in here. The ‘sword in the rock’ was placed in the center of the safety zone.

Secondly, there was the route zone. PvP was possible, but you would be classified as a criminal when attacking a player and could be attacked by guardians. It was a neutral zone where players could be killed. There were villages where NPCs gave clues and shrines which increased resource recovery. There were a total of nine village son Bruton Island and the distance between villages was around three kilometers. The location of the shrines weren’t marked on the mini-map.

Finally, there was the chaotic zone. It was a chaotic zone where PvP was allowed without any restrictions. Apart from the safety zone and route zone, all of Bruton Island was considered a chaotic zone. Players in the chaotic zone had to pay attention at all times, since it was filled with many types of monsters, including named bosses.

{ A sword isn’t important. }


The center of Bruton Island. The 42 people participating in saint sword drawing fell into confusion at the beginning. A sword was stuck at a right angle in the sparkling marble. The sentence ‘a sword isn’t important’ floating at the bottom of the saint sword made it difficult for them. No, why was the verse decorating the sword denying the necessity of a sword? 

‘This isn’t right?’

The participants’ minds went blank but not all of them.

‘Does it mean it wants a master who doesn’t rely on it?’

‘Does it mean to not become stronger by holding the sword, but to be an inherently strong master?’

Kraugel and Yura immediately knew the meaning of the sentence.


The two people moved at the same time. What did it mean to prove they were ‘strong?’ It was simple. Combat. Kraugel and Yura judged this and moved out of the safe zone towards the chaotic zone. In the process, they faced each other.


Kraugel discovered Yura entering the forest opposite him and wielded his weapon. It was a silver weapon made from the bones of a dragon, White Fang.

‘She’s dangerous.’

Yura had been one of the 10 strongest players in the world for a long time. Kraugel acknowledged her skills and was naturally wary. He knew it could be a disaster if he didn’t get rid of her in the beginning.


Just before Yura hid in a shady forest. Kraugel used White Light Steps and aimed at her. He used the refraction of the sunlight to enter a stealth state.

“Ah! Yura!!”

The crowd cried out. The crowd was sure that the beautiful woman would be eliminated at the beginning of the event.

“Kraugel is a bloodless person with no tears!”

"That cruel side is good! Win Kraugel!”

Some people criticized Kraugel for trying to kill his biggest contender while others cheered him on. The premise behind both was common. Yura would die soon. That’s right. The crowd expected that Kraugel would easily beat Yura. Kraugel’s PvP ability was superior and his footwork was quick because he added stealth. Yura didn’t notice Kraugel’s approach and would suffer a critical injury. Most of the Korean representatives monitoring the game from the waiting room had the same idea.

"There are very few people who can handle Kraugel’s power. It’s the end the moment she allowed him access.”

Peak Sword bit his nails. He prayed that Yura would see Kraugel’s approach and pull out her gun. The only way for her to survive was to block Kraugel’s approach in advance. He thought there was no other answer. But Grid was different.

‘Will you show me?’

Grid still believed in her. The confidence expressed by his dear colleague.

‘Have strength!’

Yura had been stuck in hell for several months. She must’ve grown. Now she had to prove the value of her efforts. If she failed to prove it, she would be more shocked than anyone else.

Grid cheered on Yura.

‘I will repay your faith.’

Maybe it was a coincidence or faith. Yura was reminded of her promise to Grid. Then.


The fight went different than what everyone expected. The moment that Kraugel approached Yura.

“Hell Leap.”

Yura responded like she knew he was here. Her body was surrounded by a red light as she used the skill and disappeared without a trace.


It was impossible for a person to disappear unless it was a teleport magic. In addition, teleport type magic belonged entirely to magicians. Based on this, Kraugel judged that Yura’s disappearance in front of him was simply a gimmick. He didn’t panic and just kept up the trajectory of the sword.

It was at the point where Yura had been standing. Kraugel expected Yura to bleed and reveal herself again.




There wasn’t the sensation of cutting anything. White Fang left a faint afterglow in the air and Kraugel raised his eyebrows. At the same time.


A small black hole was created behind Kraugel. There were no precursors and no sound, so Kraugel couldn’t notice it. Then Yura emerged from the black hole.


After hearing the sound of a collar rustling, Kraugel sensed the change and reflexively swung White Fang back.


Kraugel wasn’t a monster. Unlike what people thought, he didn’t have eyes in the back of his head. The White Fang that he swung back didn’t hit Yura. The problem was that his super super Sensitivity detected Yura too late. On the other hand, Yura precisely pierced Kraugel’s back.



『 !!!! 』

The players, the crowd watching the game, the commentators and the viewers were shocked, their mouths dropping open. Above all, the one who was most surprised was Kraugel himself. He was caught. It wasn’t the same as when he fought Lauel and Pon on Battlefield.

This was Satisfy. Here, Kraugel was a complete presence. He was the sky above the sky. An absolute person. Now he lost to a person in a frontal confrontation. It was the first time he’d experienced this.


While Kraugel was feeling confused, Yura reclaimed her sword and spun. It was an elegant movement like a swan.


The sword with a centrifugal force pierced Kraugel. It was steadfast swordsmanship based on her experience in hell.


Kraugel barely managed to defend.

Now that he was face to face with Yura, his super sensitivity passive was active. He used White Fang to fend off Yura’s attack and showed his strength. The new acquired ‘Weapon Swallowing’ of a Sword Saint caused White Fang to interlock with Yura’s sword. Due to this, Yura’s upper body leaned forward and her face neared Kraugel’s. The distance between the two of them was so close that it wouldn’t be strange if their lips touched.


"It is Kraugel instead of Grid!”

The crowd was excited at the beautiful sight. However, the atmosphere between Kraugel and Yura was cold. Their faces were expressionless as they whispered to each other.

"I didn’t know I would be subjected to this type of defeat by someone other than Grid.”

"Don’t take him for granted. Youngwoo-ssi is the only one special to me.”



Yura lost her balance due to Kraugel’s sword swallowing. People judged that Kraugel would win. After allowing a counterattack from Yura, they thought Kraugel would overpower her. However, that wasn’t it. Yura’s left hand held a gun and she pulled the trigger. The speed at which her bullet flew was slightly faster than Kraugel’s sword.


Kraugel couldn’t escape from the bullets shot at close range. Blood flowed from his forehead and his eyes reddened. He could see Yura with his blurred vision. She held a sword in one hand and a gun in the other. She obtained the Demon Slayer ‘Use Both Hands’ passive when she reached level 300.


Kraugel allowed two attacks in a row and was surrounded by a blue sword energy. Now he recognized Yura as a ‘competitor.’ She was on the same level as Grid. But he couldn’t compete with Yura’s power.

“Hell Leap.”

Yura judged that it was disadvantageous to face a Sword Saint head on and immediately disappeared. Her movements that disappeared into a black hole and reappearing in another place couldn’t be pursued by Kraugel’s super sensitivity. It was like she leapt into space itself. The moment she entered the hole, she was completely removed from his senses. There was no precursor to the creation of the black hole.

“...Demon Slayer.”

Kraugel muttered as he gazed at the back of the distant Yura. His feelings were similar to when he first faced Grid. And...


“Yura! Yura!! Yura!!!”

"Ah!! My goddess has finally returned!!”

Yura, who had been wandering after becoming a legendary class, regained her old reputation. It was a splendid return.