Chapter 751

『 Satisfy’s opening ceremony held in Tokyo has the largest number of tourists in history. 』

『 The Tokyo Dome has heated up. The 1,500 participants from 50 countries have determination on their faces and the crowd is giving them an enthusiastic cheer. 』

『 The National Competition is significant. It’s an opportunity for the players to gain wealth and honor at the same time. For the people of each country supporting them, it’s a chance to get a big buff. 』

『 I wonder what countries and participants will play a big role this year. 』 

『 I’m looking forward to the birth of a new star. 』 

『 Won’t it be hard for a new star to emerge because the existing top talents are so big? 』 

『 Don’t forget that the world is wide. I believe there are countless hermits who haven’t been discovered. Ares and Agnus... People like them. 』

Satisfy could be described as a game enjoyed by the whole world and the size of the National Competition expanded every year. As a result, the attitude of the players became more serious. It was because the size of the compensation grew with the size of the competition.

The gold medal winner received an item equivalent to the legendary rank or a material equivalent to the myth rank. The silver medal winner would receive an item equivalent to the unique rating or a material equivalent to the legendary rating. Bronze medal winners were able to obtain items equivalent to the epic rating or a material equivalent to the unique rating.

At first glance, there seemed to be no merit to the bronze medal. But there were parts that shouldn’t be overlooked. There was no explicit mention of ‘no growth type items’ in the compensation description. That’s right. Becoming a medal winner meant that a person could get a growth type item with a minimum epic rating. Most growth items starting at the epic rating were able to grow to the legendary rating.

‘I will surely win a medal!’

As Chris, the 1st ranked player on the unified rankings stood on the podium, the eyes of the participants from all over the world were blazing. Most of them were feeling nervous.

Grid, Kraugel, and Jishuka had won rewards equivalent to a gold medal from the Battlefield event a few days ago. The fact that these powerful people went one step further placed a great pressure on the others. They were nervous because the walls they had to cross had become even higher.

‘In particular, Grid’s item making is a problem.’

The use of high rated materials didn’t necessarily mean that high rated items would be produced. The production result relied on probability.

But people perceived that Grid was an exception. They speculated that as a legendary blacksmith, he could produce myth rated items with legendary rated production materials. They were concerned that if Grid and the Overgeared members secured a large number of medals, the strength of the Overgeared Guild would rise exponentially.

Of course, it was a big misunderstanding.

'Should I get a finished product?’

Grid originally wanted the by-products of the sacred creatures. They were in the same class as the Red Phoenix Breath. Grid’s goal was to create a second or third masterpiece like the Red Phoenix Bow and Enlightenment Sword.

However, it didn’t mean a myth rated item would be created if he used a myth rated material. He wasn’t able to produce any myth rated items when he used the by-products of Great Demon Belial to make items for the Overgeared members. If he was lucky then he made legendary rated items. If he was unlucky, there were times he made unique rated items.

It meant Grid could fail.

‘On the other hand, if I can get a legendary growth type item then I will surely acquire a myth rated item.’

After the opening ceremony was over.

Jishuka approached Grid, who was still trying to decide on the compensation. Her reddish hair and golden skin was absolutely charming under the sunshine.

“I will ask for a Red Phoenix Breath. Grid, I hope you will make a good item that has synergy with the Red Phoenix Bow.”

"I can’t unconditionally create a myth rated item using the Red Phoenix Breath. Is that okay?”

“I believe in you.”


Grid’s heart thumped. Jishuka’s beautiful face wasn’t the only reason. The absolute trust she gave Grid filled his heart. Thanks to her, Grid also gained courage.

“Okay... I will get the Blue Dragon Breath.”


"Once I win two more medals, I will get the White Tiger’s Breath and the Black Tortoise’s Breath. Jishuka, I’ll cheer you on as well.”

“Yes... I’ll always be cheering for you. Thank you.”

Jishuka’s smile became more beautiful. Grid’s presence itself was a great strength for her. Had she ever been so dependent on someone since being born? She was happy. She willingly wanted to stay with Grid.

"...So we have to get married.”

“Huh? What? I couldn’t hear because it’s so noisy.”

“Ah, no. It’s okay if you didn’t hear me. I was talking to myself.”

Jishuka’s face turned red. She was more nervous when facing Grid in reality, unlike Satisfy.

“Grid.” Another beauty arrived as there was a friendly atmosphere between the two people. Unlike Jishuka, who was as bright as the sun, Yura was like the moon. "The events that other players hope to participate in had been released.”

Yura’s cold eyes examined Jishuka. She didn’t like Jishuka, who was always dressed in cleavage revealing clothing.

“Everybody is waiting in the waiting room. Let’s go.”

The participants had three hours to change after seeing the hopes of others. It was necessary to have a meeting to confirm the hopes of other players so that better results could be created. Jishuka’s bit her lip as she saw Yura grab Grid’s wrist. She kept her smile but there was clear hostility in her eyes.

"Ah, it’s good to be on the same team.”

"It’s better than living in distant lands.”

"If your relationship is good just because you live in the same country, shouldn’t you be nervous? My Korean immigration project is currently in progress.”

"I’m wondering if you can easily move to another country when you have a large amount of debt. Surely you aren’t dreaming of being an illegal citizen?”

"Uh...! I will get a gold medal in this National Competition and get rid of my debt!”

“I don’t know. We will probably be competing in the same events.”

“Are you going to interfere? Bah, okay! Feel free to come! I’ll see how great you are after coming back from hell!”

“Will you be able to breathe?”



Once Jishuka’s hot gaze met Yura’s cool eyes, the air froze and it was like electric currents were flowing. Grid looked puzzled as he stood between two girls who showed hostility to each other.

‘Why are they like this?’

Grid didn’t know what the men around him were feeling right now.


This year there were a total of 27 events. There was no rule that a country had to participate in all events. The players from each country had to win medals by participating in their own event or events with relatively low competition. The reason why the S.A. Group revealed the hopes of other players was to create more diverse strategies and variables.

Thanks to this, the players had a headache. Were the players actually participating in these events or were they lying? The players held a meeting to discuss the various possibilities.

"Grid, what are you going to participate in?”

The South Korean team’s waiting room.

The players’ eyes were focused on Grid. It was natural to give the right to decide to the person with the highest winning rate. 


Grid’s worries increased as he looked at the events the US team wanted to participate in. It was due to Kraugel’s desired events.

"PvP is natural but what is saint sword drawing?”

Saint sword drawing had been a steady event in the National Competition for three years. But it was classified as a relatively minor event. The event was complex and slow, making it less popular.

"Isn’t this a game where the brain needs to be used extensively?”

That’s right. Participants in the saint sword drawing event had to first check the story of the saint sword. Then they would follow the hidden hints in the story to figure out what the saint sword wanted. Then in order to become a person that the saint sword wanted, various types of quests were carried out. There were combat-oriented quests as well as puzzle quests. It wasn’t an event that people with shallow knowledge could participate in. It was an event that wasn’t suitable for Grid at all.

"Is Kraugel really going to participate in this?”

These were just the ‘desired’ events. Grid was convinced that Kraugel wouldn’t actually participate in the saint sword drawing event.

"Why is this guy giving a fake...? Um, what type of event will Kraugel participate in?”

Grid wanted to compete in both events with Kraugel. It wasn’t just because of Damian’s press conference. He had a bigger desire after losing in PvP last year. Last year, Kraugel took a gold medal for him so Grid wanted to take two gold medals from Kraugel. He was trying to predict Kraugel’s events when Yura and Peak Sword told him.

“Kraugel is a clever person. There are few people better suited for saint sword drawing.”

"Kraugel’s current level is low and he can’t exert his full combat power, so saint sword drawing is perfect from Kraugel’s perspective. He can cover his lacking combat power with intelligence.”  

“...Kraugel is smart?”

"Of course. Think of his actions when he was the first ranked player. They were extraordinary.”


No, then he was really going to participate in the saint sword drawing event? Grid asked cautiously, "What if I participated here?”

"...Don’t do it.”


Maybe this year’s revenge could only be done in PvP. Grid felt both regret and relief. In fact, there was no guarantee that he could win against Kraugel.

‘Then let’s go to an event where I will unconditionally win a gold medal.’

What event was it? Of course...

“Then I shall participate in PvP and blacksmithing.”

People might laugh at him participating in the blacksmithing event. They would say he was blatantly avoiding Kraugel.

'Well, they can mock me all they want.’

Those people would mock him no matter what he did. The determined Grid watched Yura’s choices. Then he was surprised. It was because Yura chose the target processing and saint sword drawing event. Target processing was a major event that was famous for having as many strong players as PvP. In addition, didn’t she see that Kraugel would participate in the saint sword drawing event? Why did she want to take the risk?

Yura explained to the confused Grid and players.

"We have to compete against those who are likely to win gold medals in order to boost South Korea’s ranking.”

He understood her heart.

“But what about the odds? Yura, you are one of our greatest powers. The blow will be big if you miss out on gold medals. Don’t fight a losing battle... Oof! Oof!”

Grid blocked Peak Sword’s mouth. Then he smiled at Yura’s unwavering eyes.

"Have you become really strong in hell?” She could even match Kraugel. “I’ll trust you and cheer you on.”

Grid had never seen Yura bluff. He didn’t doubt her confidence.

"Thank you. I will return your faith.”

Yura replied with a smile. She looked so beautiful that Grid blushed.

Then Eat Spicy Jokbal spoke up, "Me and my friends will participate in two team events.”

“Ohh, that’s good!”

Peak Sword barely tore away from Grid and cried out enthusiastically. He was full of expectations for Dungeon Master Eat Spicy Jokbal’s power in the team events. The world might expect South Korea’s overall ranking to be at the bottom this year but Peak Sword thought differently.

'South Korea will get the top position this year!’

There was a person filled with hopeful expectations.

"I’ll try to get at least one bronze medal.”

It was beast master Toon who had been guarding Grid’s side since coming to South Korea last year.

“Puhahaha! Hooray South Korea!”

Peak Sword was dancing with excitement. He didn’t even know what events he was participating in.