Chapter 993

Many things happened in the next two months.

At the end of the truce agreement with the Saharan Empire, the Overgeared Kingdom quickly established an alliance with Valhalla. Without a truce agreement with the empire, Valhalla had gone on to invade their neighboring countries and expand their forces.

The empire felt its back burn. Valhalla and the Overgeared Kingdom… It was presumed they had a hostile relationship after the White Dragon’s Eye incident. So how did they suddenly form an alliance? The empire had predicted that the Overgeared Kingdom would keep Valhalla in check while Valhalla would pressure the Overgeared Kingdom with them. Yet their predictions were completely overturned.

Consequently, the empire was forced to ignore Valhalla and concentrate on the Overgeared Kingdom. They relentlessly put pressure on the Overgeared Kingdom. Then the Overgeared Kingdom started tightening up their borders. The dozens of Overgeared members who received gold medal compensation in the 4th National Competition got new items thanks to Grid. They also exported a massive amount of equipment to Valhalla, strengthening their alliance and accumulating funds. 

Meanwhile, Demon Slayer Yura returned from hell and contracted with a king elemental. She was the first one to gain this achievement and became the protagonist of a world message, becoming a topic comparable to Grid during the demon king’s subjugation.

“I’m envious...”

The Overgeared members, who mostly contracted with lesser elementals, admired the dignity of the king elemental. They congratulated Yura sincerely, but they couldn’t erase their envy. Yura also gained a big motivation.

‘With this, I am a bit closer...’

She was also a little bit closer to the title of ‘legend.’ Yura was glad that she would be useful in the war against the empire which would occur in the future. Additionally... 

“I will erase the goddess of light, who is painted in falsehoods, from the world!”

“Shut up! You evil people!”

The war between the Rebecca Church and the Yatan Church deepened. In order to increase their influence, the Yatan Church dispersed forces across the continent while the Rebecca Church earnestly resisted them. Yatan’s Servants and Rebecca’s Daughters gathered in one place and damaged several kingdoms.

Interestingly, the Overgeared Kingdom didn’t suffer any damage. It could be considered as due to luck from the heavens since the Vatican was based in the Overgeared Kingdom, but of course, it wasn’t luck. The Overgeared Kingdom wasn’t affected by the war between the Rebecca Church and the Yatan Church purely because of Damian’s efforts.

Damian even went a step further and asked the empire for support, “I believe that the empire can’t ignore the Yatan Church and the fight for the peace of the continent.”


The emperor had no justification to refuse sending support to the Rebecca Church and was tearfully forced to send his forces. Simultaneously, Kraugel was spotted in the empire. The place he was seen at after the 4th National Competition was the gravestone of Empress Aria.

It was an event that caused rampant speculation. People guessed that Kraugel had joined the empire. However, the truth was different.

“A great evil lives there.”

Kirinus, the best spearsman on the continent, started to open his heart to Kraugel as he pointed to the imperial palace and revealed the tangled truth around Empress Aria’s death. The imperial palace boasted a tremendous scale dozens of times larger than the Overgeared Kingdom. Among them, his finger pointed to the gorgeous palace where Empress Marie resided.

“This evil must be eliminated. If we don’t get rid of her, there will be no future for this continent.”


Kraugel couldn’t help feeling in awe. Grid had mentioned a long time ago that one of his goals was to kill the empress.

‘Grid, did you know the whole truth at the time?’

It seemed he had been fighting with a big burden on his shoulders for a long time.


『 The next breaking news. The Fold Kingdom has been undergoing a rapid development in recent years. 』

The Fold Kingdom was a tributary of the Overgeared Kingdom. 70% of the kingdom was mountainous and poor in soil quality. It was a weak country, but its state of mass poverty had improved and its agricultural and military facilities had expanded. This was the result of capital and manpower from the Overgeared Kingdom. The players of the Fold Kingdom benefited from the infrastructure that was gradually evolving and naturally felt affectionate toward the Overgeared Kingdom. People felt a genuine gratitude to the Overgeared Kingdom.

The royal family of the Fold Kingdom came forward to directly praise the Overgeared Kingdom.

“We have to try hard so that King Grid’s mercy isn’t in vain! Don’t be lazy! Don’t be satisfied! Our Fold Kingdom should be one of the pillars supporting the Overgeared Kingdom!”


The Fold Kingdom became a type of multi-base. It was a really strong force capable of moving and developing industrial facilities and manpower that the Overgeared Kingdom could no longer accommodate, as well as gather new resources based on this.


The strongest Saharan Empire armies—the armies led by the seven dukes—were dispatched to port cities. It was because the water clan started going crazy. The water clan invaded the port cities of the empire and dealt an enormous blow to the empire. Whenever the empire dispatched a suppression force, they would flee to the sea.

They were so hard to track that the empire was forced to place the army at every port city.


[Affinity with the evil eyes king has increased by 1.]

Phew... It finally reached five points.”

“Congratulations. If you take it slowly, you will someday get 100 points.”

“Yes... I don’t know how many years but...’

The plans of the Overgeared members to build up affinity with the evil eyes king were greatly revised. They recognized it as a long-term project instead of a short-term project and abandoned their impatience. Only one person was different.

Kukukuk, you have to deal with me today.”

Only Lauel didn’t give up and went to the evil eyes’ king every morning and evening. The evil eyes’ king didn’t seem to hate him very much. No, he seemed to have a liking toward the human race itself. It was a change that had occurred from him watching the Overgeared members for the past two months. Compared to the days when he was isolated and alone... the evil eyes’ king felt that interactions with humans were very pleasant and informative.

The heart of the king influenced all of the evil eyes. The evil eyes got more aggressive in their training, and the Destiny Guardians became more organized. 

Meanwhile, the number of invaders aiming at the vampire cities was increasing. They were dungeons that the Overgeared Kingdom had been using for many years. The players believed they could make a breakthrough as long as they used the dungeons and headed for Reidan’s desert.

Some of them were able to penetrate through the tight guard of the Overgeared members and enter the vampire city. However, the problem was that it was always the ‘seventh’ city. The invaders experienced the worst hell instead of the best hunting ground.

[The vampire earl ‘Noll’ has appeared!]

“What trivial bastards dare enter?”


“S-Spare us...!”

The power of the noble class vampires was more than rumored. The boy vampire wore armor that neutralized most of the invaders’ attack power, and the invaders were helpless as they were killed. Noll grew rapidly from their sacrifices. It was just as the Overgeared Guild intended. The reason why the elite Overgeared troops guarding the entrances of the vampire cities created a gap in the boundary of the seventh city was to raise Noll.


“Lord Chris of Reidan! Today, I will gain your head!”

There was a constant regional conflict in the desert of Reidan, the border between the Overgeared Kingdom and the empire. In the early days, the Black Knights’ cavalry committed a one-sided invasion of Reidan’s territory, only to suffer greater damage as time passed. It was because the Reidan soldiers had been fully adapted to the desert terrain while the empire troops had found it strange. Whenever the two armies clashed, the imperial army often suffered one-sided damage. It was painful since the empire had to occupy Reidan to invade the Overgeared Kingdom.

“You want to get my head with this type of skill?”

Moreover, as the Lord of Reidan and duke of the Overgeared Kingdom, Chris’ power was too great. The black knights couldn’t go up against Chris and the previous Giant Guild members who swept through the battlefield.

“Y-You are just the duke of a small kingdom...!” The Black Knights’ anger and hatred reached the peak after losing hundreds of colleagues. They rushed toward Chris whenever he appeared on the battlefield. From Chris’ point of view, they were good nutrients.

“Overgeared King Grid threatens humanity by colluding with different species. This can be called a disaster. I will put down the disaster for the sake of peace on the continent.”

It was a relationship stemming from the emperor’s declaration two months ago. The official relationship between the Overgeared Kingdom and the Saharan Empire was now that of ‘enemies.’ The armed conflict between the two nations started to be recorded as formal wars, not temporary happenings. The ‘war system’ was activated, increasing the players’ experience gain rate.

That’s right. The Overgeared members could now grow through war. Every time they killed an enemy, they gained a high amount of experience, just like catching a monster. Of course, it was an enjoyable system. If it wasn’t for the war system, the Overgeared members would have suffered from the war. The S.A Group had a good grasp of the position of the players.

“Chriiiiis!” The deputy chief of the Black Knights, who lost an arm to Chris in the preceding war, roared and rushed forward. He was level 385. The Black Knights were a subordinate organization of the Red Knights, but their leaders were comparable to the Red Knights. However, this wasn’t enough to threaten Chris. After all, he was first on the unified rankings. In order to suppress Chris’ talents, effort, and experience, an enemy that was at least the fourth advancement should come out.

[The commander ‘Chris’ has cut off the head of the enemy!]

[The morale of the allies has risen!]



In the city that bordered the empire, the elite troops of the Overgeared Kingdom were growing every day.


『 There are many cars in the world. However, the only car that satisfies me is from Daejin Motors. 』

The Daejin car advertisements that used Shin Youngwoo—Grid—as a model started to dominate all media platforms. The Daejin Group had considered Grid’s busy schedule and produced a CF starring him only three months after the end of the National Competition.

“Youngwoo-ssi has an aura that is different from ordinary models and actors. I mean... it is like the dignity of the royalty of European countries? Haha.”

“That’s not true. Your praise is too much.”

“No, it’s not. This isn’t an exaggeration but pure sincerity...”

The advertisement which was completed with an exceptionally high perfection rate would be sent to a total of 198 countries. In a coffee shop in the lobby of Daejin Motors’ headquarters, Youngwoo drank hot chocolate as he watched the advertisement, which was being played continuously on the screen. 

Ah, the development of the new car is expected to be completed soon. The items were chosen well. You can look forward to it.”

Thanks to Shin Youngwoo’s ridiculous press conference, the president of Daejin Motors had to develop a new car unexpectedly. The identity of the man sitting next to Youngwoo was the president of Daejin Motors. He had originally planned to meet Youngwoo in his office, but he suddenly wanted to boast to his employees that he was in a coffee store with Grid.

The effect was big. Numerous employees who were in the lobby stopped and stared at the coffee store.

“Wow, I never thought the day would come when I would see God Grid sitting in our lobby.”

“It is a real jackpot. Didn’t he use any correction effects when making his character in Satisfy? The ratio is almost model level.”

“Putting aside proportions and looks, there is a different force about him. He is unlike a normal person.”

“That’s right. Our boss gives off an extraordinary impression, but he is like Extra Number One in front of Grid.”

Ah, was that our boss?”

“...I only recognized him now.”

The words of the employees in the lobby entered the ears of the president of Daejin Motors. He heard the words ‘extra’, ‘squid’, and ‘folding screen’, but he didn’t care. The president was proud that he was recognized while sitting next to Youngwoo who wielded the highest influence.

‘I should go home early today to boast to my son and grandchild.’

The president was excited and spoke to Youngwoo, “So I was saying... It is the God General Sys.”

“God General Sys?” Youngwoo didn’t understand for a moment. The name of the new fake car that he had thought up of roughly at the press conference wasn’t important enough to remain in Youngwoo’s memories. Youngwoo belatedly pulled out the memory and nodded. Ah, yes. The new car that I’m looking forward to so much that I can’t sleep at night? I didn’t understand for a moment because I didn’t know you would use the name of God General Sys.”

Haha, it is the name that Youngwoo yourself gave, so we have to use it. That’s why we’ve decided to produce only one for Youngwoo.”

“That’s right.”

“By the way, what if we made six cars?”


“Yes, two for Youngwoo-ssi’s parents, one for Youngwoo-ssi’s sister, one for Youngwoo, one for Yura, and one for the chairman.”

“Why bother...”

It was an opportunity to get free cars for all his family members. Although it seemed remarkable listening to it the first time, it wasn’t actually free. A tax would be incurred. The cost of production was close to 800 million won, and if he received four cars, the taxes he would have to pay was horrible to imagine. He would rather pay tax for a better-branded car for his parents and give his old car to Sehee.

The president witnessed Youngwoo’s confused expression and misunderstood his thoughts.

Ah... It isn’t intended to show off the relationship between the two families... This... It is just a pure commemoration...”

‘Ah...’ Youngwoo belatedly noticed the chairman’s intentions. It was to give his granddaughter and Grid a couple car. Additionally, Grid’s family and the chairman would ride the same car. The car proved they had a special relationship. In other words, the chairman wanted to show off.


Well, wouldn’t it be good to let this type of thing emerge? However, it was a story of when he would meet this request. Youngwoo let the president be nervous for a long time before finally opening his mouth.