Chapter 992

[All your beneficial effects are blocked!]

[All buffs that are in effect have been turned off!]

Grid emerged outside the battle while wearing an eyepatch. Damian fell into a sense of helplessness as their eyes met. It was a sense that his very existence was denied. Everything was empty. That’s right. Buffs were a typical beneficial effect that weren’t safe in front of the castration eye. There was the premise that it was subject to ‘probability’, but the castration eye was clearly one of the best evil eyes. 

Grid was shocked after finding out about Damian’s situation. ‘Wiping out buffs that have already been applied...?’

It wasn’t that he didn’t think of the correlation between beneficial effects and buffs. He just didn’t expect it to delete buffs that were already being applied.


500 mana was consumed when the evil eye was activated. The Slaughterer’s Eye Patch couldn’t control the evil eye. In fact, Grid was very frustrated because of these two difficulties. Now, this was enough to overcome the disappointment. No, he was excited to realize how lucky he was. Grid shook as he was given a distinct sense of purpose.

‘I should get more Ether Diamonds.’

It was originally a production material. In order to properly use the evil eye, it was better to acquire them. He already knew how to get the Ether Diamonds. The Elliter Mine of Talima was where the Ether Diamonds were sleeping. The reliability of the information was 100% since Kraugel had provided it personally. Grid could go there if he wanted to collect Ether Diamonds. The problem was the fact that it was a forbidden zone.

‘Great demon’s hand...’

It was also the hand of the 12th great demon. According to Kraugel’s report, one of the 12th great demon’s hands was more powerful than the 33rd Great Demon Belial.

‘I must raid it.’ 

There was a need to spur his growth. The dragon’s blessing, the enlightenment effect, and experience buff potions meant that Grid had raised his level to 389 from hunting, but this was still insufficient. He had to achieve level 399 and gain the 200,000 Great Swordsmanship. Then he had to achieve level 400 and gain the fourth stats awakening. These were the minimum conditions needed for Grid to challenge the mine.

‘I also have to increase the entire power of the Overgeared Guild.’

Grid looked at his colleagues gathered in the training field. One month had passed since the end of the 4th National Competition, but the armed status of his colleagues hadn’t changed much.

‘I’ll have to slowly make items one by one. I’ll also get them the evil eye.’ 

The moment Damian gave up the duel halfway, Lauel’s eyes were shining like a dog in front of a snack. If he had a tail, it would be wagging restlessly.

‘Lauel has already noticed.’

He was truly a smart person. Grid smiled and took off the eyepatch. His red iris and his pupil, which resembled a black sun, were revealed. He blushed as the line reflexively emerged from his mouth, “I won’t allow your comfort.”

[The castration eye is activated.] 

[Blocking all beneficial effects of the target!]

[There are too many targets in sight.]

[You have insufficient mana. The evil eye will apply to only a certain few people.]

“Evil eye!”

His colleagues finally became aware of Grid’s new power and were shocked, while Lauel cheered. Lauel was even in tears.

“The evil eyes’ king! He used the ability to transplant the evil eye?” Lauel questioned Grid as he held onto Grid’s armor. He wanted to hear that he was right. His heart was desperate for it.

Fortunately, Grid nodded. “It’s great that you noticed straight away. Yes, you are correct.”


Eyes...! He was finally getting his eyes! Lauel was thrilled at learning how to achieve his lifelong desires. He grasped both of Grid’s hands and cried out, “I am living because of you! It is because of your presence that I can be who I am right now!”

“You’re overdoing it,” Grid said and put aside Lauel, who was shedding tears. Then he explained to his colleagues, “Do your best to build up 100% affinity with the evil eyes’ king. Then you will be able to get an evil eye. The concept of the evil eye is...”

Grid didn’t conceal anything. He taught his colleagues about the personality of the evil eyes’ king, his experience of attacking the king’s mind, the process of acquiring the evil eye, and the strengths and weaknesses of the evil eye. There was no distortion at all. Grid’s jealousy only applied to other people or competitors. To his colleagues, Grid was just kind. He didn’t mind even if his colleagues were more talented than him.

“Thank you!”

“Thank you, Grid!”

Lauel listened carefully to Grid’s explanation and embraced him while the others ran to Grid and expressed their affection and gratitude. On the other hand...



Pope Damian just watched on with an awkward expression. Grid approached him, and Damian hurriedly waved both hands.

“I-I don’t intend to intercept Grid’s achievements.”

“Intercept my achievements?”

“The method of how to get an evil eye. I’m not a member of the Overgeared Guild and can’t benefit from Grid’s knowledge.”

“What are you saying? Why are you trying to be alone when you’re our friend and colleague?”


“Damian, I wish for you to also get an evil eye. However, as mentioned earlier, the Ether Diamond is absolutely necessary to use the evil eye without limitations. Thus, let’s go together when we raid the great demon’s hand. When you’re absent, the difference is as big as the difference between the heavens and the earth.”

“Y-You’re overpraising me.”

“Let’s go to the smithy. Didn’t you receive production materials as rewards for this year’s National Competition? I’ll make a new item for you.”


“Weapons or armor, which do you like? I heard that the sword you’ve been using these days is very special. Is your armor in a worse state than your weapon?”

“Yes... Yes, that’s right. I think it is better not to replace my weapon.”

Damian’s left hand was covered with a bright light. It was a light that was like a flame. He held the light with one hand and pulled at it with the other hand. Then a dazzling white sword with a beautiful appearance was revealed. It was the grandeur of Holy Sword Summoning.

[Player Damian wishes to share the item information with you.]

[Damian’s Holy Sword]

[Rating: Epic (Growth)

Physical Attack Power: 1,450(+175)  Magic Attack Power: 1,090(+81)

* Applies 10% of the wearer’s strength to the weapon’s physical damage.

* Applies 10% of the wearer’s intelligence to the weapon’s magic damage.

* 30% reduction in cooldown time of divine attribute skills. 

* 40% reduction in the resource consumption of divine attribute skills.

* 20% increase in the power of the wearer’s swordsmanship skill.

* 10% increase in attack speed.

* 30% additional damage to evil beings.

* There is a low probability of generating a random buff when attacking.

★Can grow to the myth rating.

★ The growth rate is very slow.

A sword offered by the heavens to Damian, who has outstanding achievements and has been recognized by the goddess of light. It is a symbol, which is used to punish evil, that will grow with Damian.

Conditions of Use: Damian.

Weight: 0]

“Wow...” Grid was really impressed. With a weapon summoning skill, the holy sword made of light had infinite potential and contained a unique splendor. It was a weapon that even the legendary blacksmith Grid coveted. No, to be precise, Grid coveted it because it was a weapon. There was the option to add some of the wearer’s stats to the weapon’s performance. It was fantastic for Grid who had a huge amount of stats.

“It starts from the epic rating?”

“No, the rare rating. It just grew to the epic rating yesterday. That’s why I haven’t enhanced it yet.”

“At the rare rating, the stats addition rate was less than 10%?”

“Yes, that’s right. It was 8%.”

“It will go up every time the rating increases... Unlike symbolic weapons like the First Holy Sword, these options are practical and it is a weapon that can be used for life.”

“Really? I’m glad. Since this is Grid’s evaluation, I can use it with confidence.” Damian laughed.

It was the Overgeared King and not someone else who evaluated it as a ‘lifelong weapon.’ Thus, his affection for the sword grew bigger. Grid only felt sorry about one thing. 

‘It needs to be at least legendary grade to be a lifelong weapon...’

Grid knew better than anyone else about the slow growth rate of growth type items. He couldn’t imagine how slowly Damian’s weapon would grow when it had the option of ‘growth rate is very slow.’ Grid shook his head and asked Damian, “I’m sorry, can you let me try wearing the sword once?”

Damian’s Holy Sword was summoned using a skill. It was also a sword imbued with Damian’s own magic power and divine power. Would Grid be able to use it? It was the perfect opportunity to experience with his characteristic of being able to ‘wear all items.’


It was an item that couldn’t be replaced by any treasures in the world. Despite this, Damian didn’t raise any objections or questions about the ridiculous request to borrow it. The holy sword was immediately transferred to Grid.

[Damian’s Holy Sword has been equipped.]

[It is a summoned item based on a skill. If the original owner recovers the skill, you will lose ownership of the item.]

Ah...” Grid was astounded as he held the holy sword in his hand. He didn’t think he would be able to equip this sword.

‘Pagma was a huge monster.’

He didn’t forget that the characteristics of Pagma's Descendant originated from Pagma. Grid’s advantages and strengths were naturally from Pagma. As he returned the sword to Damian, Grid was able to keenly realize how great Pagma was. He was feeling good because he could correctly identify the fraudulent nature of his class with Damian’s help.

“Tell me the list of required armor. Let’s go straight to the smithy.”

“That... Is it okay? I thought you were busy hunting these days.”

“Do you think I will hesitate to invest a few days in you? It’s fine.”

Just as Damian was always grateful to Grid, Grid also felt grateful toward Damian. He wasn’t bothered at all about investing time in Damian.

‘I’m also sorry about the evil eye.’

Damian had felt a huge shock and horror when his buffs were removed by the castration eye. Consequently, Grid wanted to comfort Damian after Damian was forced to give up on the duel because of him. The two people headed to the smithy.

“This and this.” The gold medal rewards that Damian handed over to Grid were the Black Tortoise’s Breath and White Tiger’s Breath.

Defense was more important than attack power to Damian, so he chose the water and earth attributes.

‘It is good.’

This was an opportunity to strengthen the Black Tortoise’s Breath in advance. Grid smiled as he pulled out the insane dragon hammer and anvil.


Aaaaack! No affinity! It doesn’t rise!”

“A gift doesn’t work and a conversation doesn’t work. This is a real disaster.”

Raising affinity with the evil eyes’ king...! It was a new challenge for the Overgeared members, and it was very tough. Grid had the characteristic of ‘easily acknowledged’ and he had a high reputation, making it easy for him to communicate with named NPCs. However, in general, it wasn’t actually easy to associate with named NPCs.

Of course, the evil eyes’ king was kind to the Overgeared members, but it was tricky because of his chuuni nature and the deep wound in his heart. The number of people who increased their affinity with the king in the past fortnight was small enough to be counted on one hand.

Kukukuk... He is a symbol of rebirth, but he isn’t an easy opponent...” Even Lauel was unable to gain the affinity of the evil eyes’ king. He only gained one affinity point in the past fortnight. It was the level of a bud. Lauel wanted to get the evil eye and be reborn as his ‘true me.’ As he returned from conversing with the evil eyes’ king, Lauel sighed deeply.

Then the young knight called Royman came running in. “P-Prime Minister.”

Her real name was Karin. She was disguised as a man and still thought the fact that she was a woman had gone unnoticed. Royman had the title of ‘Rising Star of the West’ and had been reborn as a prospect of the Overgeared Kingdom after studying under Piaro for several years.

“What happened?” Lauel was nervous. It was because Royman’s urgent attitude was unusual.

As expected, an amazing report was given, “I-It is a visit from the King of Valhalla.”

“God of War Ares?”

Why was he in a hurry to end the exchange with the Overgeared Kingdom? Lauel immediately headed for the parlor. Ares, who was holding a cup in his hand, put it down and waved. “Hey, would you like to form an alliance?”

“Didn’t you already betray the Overgeared Kingdom and enter into a truce with the empire? Now you want an alliance with us?”

“Betrayed? What betrayal?”

“Didn’t you hand the White Dragon’s Eye to the empire?”

“I indirectly told you that I was handing the White Dragon’s Eye to the empire, allowing you to prepare in advance. Thus, you could resolve it well.”

“Is that how you are packaging it?”

“What packaging? It is the truth. If I really wanted to betray the Overgeared Kingdom, I wouldn’t have let you know the White Dragon’s Eye existed.”

“...It is an excellent speech. Did you learn this from your new strategist?”



Ares’ new strategist was much better than Lauel had expected. The enlightened Lauel saw a bright future.