Chapter 989


“Why is Euphemina defending Agnus?”

“Agnus was framed? Really?”

The tens of thousands of people gathered in the square, who were enjoying Agnus’ appearance, turned their attention to Euphemina. Meanwhile, the observers of the seven kingdoms cocked their heads.

“The Yatan Church is the real culprit?”

“What is this girl’s identity?”

The hunter who met Euphemina the other day explained to the observers, “She is Earl Euphemina of the Overgeared Kingdom.”

“The Overgeared Kingdom...?”


The observers, who were sitting in a relaxed manner on the podium behind the guillotine, showed a lukewarm response. Most of them were antagonistic to the Overgeared Kingdom. First of all, they found the birth of the Overgeared Kingdom unacceptable. The Overgeared Kingdom had overthrown the existing royal family. They were a symbol of rebellion that had broken down the power system which all the nobles on the continent were desperately defending. Just like the royal family, the nobles had a sense of rejection directed toward the Overgeared Kingdom.

Moreover, at the founding ceremony of the Overgeared Kingdom, most of the kingdoms had been defeated. In particular, a baron of the Violet Kingdom had been killed by a soldier of the Overgeared Kingdom, so Violet Kingdom was hostile to the Overgeared Kingdom. Moreover, it had been a long time since the Gauss Kingdom and Overgeared Kingdom had become enemies. As expected, there was a strong response.

“It is rude to disturb an execution held by other nations! A kingdom of uncivilized birth that doesn’t even know the basic laws...!”

“Look at her standing up for a killer. I’m getting goosebumps. The Overgeared Kingdom was built by a rebellion, so they are generous enough to forgive murder?”

Earl Chuck and Earl Dolce had visited the Glaucian Kingdom as observers of the execution. They represented the Gauss and Violet Kingdoms and condemned the Overgeared Kingdom. They didn’t care about the truth that Euphemina offered. The observers of the other kingdoms didn’t speak up, but their reactions were similar. They didn’t pay attention to the Yatan follower in Euphemina’s hands and clicked their tongues.

The important thing for them was to comfort the anxiety and anger of the people, not reveal the truth. The criminal had to be punished. It was impossible to get rid of the people’s anger and anxiety if the Yatan Church was the culprit. In other words, they didn’t want to admit that Euphemina’s claim about the Yatan Church was the truth. It was annoying. They didn’t feel the need to drag out the problem when it could be simply solved with the execution of Agnus who was already caught.

“I will say it once again,” Euphemina spoke up and received everyone’s attention. She didn’t show any agitation toward the accusations and ridicule of the two earls. The conditional strongest... Her will was solid now that had she inherited Mumud’s magic. 

“Agnus is a wrongfully framed person. The real culprit who harmed the craftsmen of the seven kingdoms is the Yatan Church,” Euphemina asserted. Then she ordered the Yatan follower standing by her side, “Reveal the truth.”

“I understand,” the Yatan member complied passively. Euphemina didn’t know it, but the blank-looking Yatan follower was obedient because he was possessed by Rose. “Her words are right. We murdered the seven craftsmen and blamed it on Agnus.”


“Agnus betrayed the Yatan Church. We no longer tolerate traitors,” the unimpressed Rose borrowed the body of the Yatan follower and spoke the truth.

She wanted to finish this job as soon as possible. Rose was anxious because her body was left in sleep mode after using the Possession skill. She might’ve hidden it in a safe place, but she didn’t want to leave her body for long. 

“How can I believe that?” Beoris, the most prominent figure among the observers of the seven kingdoms and the earl of the Glaucian Kingdom, asked.

‘Tsk, they’re too picky.’ Euphemina clicked her tongue and presented the evidence. The evidence was the Yatan follower himself. Euphemina took off the follower’s robe and clearly revealed the red horseshoe-shaped tattoo on the follower’s forehead. This was a tattoo symbolizing a priest who served in the most notorious Yatan Church. It was impossible to reproduce falsely because it was engraved with the magic power of the priest.

“This...!” Earl Beoris and the observer of the Ark Kingdom covered their faces. They felt that things had become complicated at the presence of an undeniable witness. On the other hand, the remaining five observers covered the sky with their hands, not their faces.

“There isn’t enough evidence. The Yatan Church can’t be determined as the true criminal just because of one testimony. Thus, we will continue with this criminal’s execution.”


It was an absurd verdict. The people gathered in the square were shocked. The funny thing was that most of them were delighted. They were obviously hoping for Agnus’ execution. Were they people who suffered direct or indirect damage because of Agnus? No. Agnus was just one person. It didn’t make sense for him to create tens of thousands of victims alone.

The public just hoped for someone else’s frustration. The breaking of someone better than themselves was a benefit to potential competitors, and even those who weren’t competitors enjoyed the sight. It might be different if Agnus was a good person, but they couldn’t be bothered by the misfortunes of the wicked.

“Quickly cut off his head!”

“Agnus deserves to die!”

Someone’s shout became the spark. Many people started to cry out for Agnus’ execution.

“Kill Agnus!”

“Kill Agnus!”

“Kill Agnus!”


As expected, humans never changed. The innate nature of humans was ‘evil.’ It was a terrible nature that couldn’t be suppressed by learning.

‘That’s why I—’ Agnus stared at the quest window still floating before him. ‘I will become a greater evil.’

It was the only way to live in this crazy world. He had to be crazier than others.

[The quest has been accepted.]

[All restrictions have been lifted with the power of Great Demon Baal.]

[Your stats have been restored to the normal value.]

[All skills are now available.]

Kukuk...! Kuhaha...hat?

The weight of the handcuffs and chains restraining his hands and feet felt light and weak. It was a level where he could break free right now. However, Agnus remained still. A man was reflected in his golden eyes—Bullet. The poor scapegoat who had been tricked by Veradin into joining Immortal and used for years—the idiot jumped out and stood beside Euphemina.

He shouted toward the mad public, “Do you have ears? Agnus isn’t the killer!! He said it himself earlier!”

Bullet didn’t mention the witness that Euphemina brought. Why did he need to mention it? Agnus himself said he wasn’t the killer.

‘A stupid fool to the end.’ Agnus read Bullet’s trust and bit his lips. ‘Why trust me? I don’t understand. I am a wicked being. I’m not entitled to receive anyone’s trust. I am alone. I have to be alone. So why are they...’

Something rose in the depths of Agnus’ heart. It was a certain emotion, and it was hard to explain. The feeling was so unfamiliar that he didn’t even remember it anymore.

“You dumb bastard! Who are you?”

“I am a necromancer of the Overgeared Kingdom!”

“Overgeared Kingdom...! The Overgeared Kingdom must be determined to be hostile to our seven kingdoms! We won’t overlook it anymore!”

The observers could no longer suppress their anger. Killing intent filled their eyes as they ordered the hunters, “They are the ones interfering with the execution! Capture them right now!” 

The hunters didn’t delay it any longer. They jumped off the podium and ran toward Euphemina and Bullet. It was at this moment that...

Kuuack! Kuaaaaah!


It was a chaotic scene. The hundreds of thousands of players recording the scene instantly turned their attention to Agnus. He was screaming despite still being restrained at the guillotine. His bloodshot eyes appeared on the monitors for the global viewers watching the situation.


Simultaneously, the audience got goosebumps. It was because they saw the madness in Agnus’ eyes.

“What?!” The observers were astonished as the handcuffs and chains holding Agnus snapped. The excited masses shrank back. The executioner’s head exploded. As soon as he fell down, he became a skeleton soldier and rose again.

H-Hik...!” People trembled in fear as they felt the power of the world’s strongest necromancer. On the other hand, the hunters didn’t shake. They would deal with Agnus after first overpowering Euphemina and Bullet. They considered Agnus a prey that was easy to deal with. A laugh rang out behind them as they rushed toward Euphemina and Bullet.

Kahahahat! Get lost!” The death knight and Agnus stuck together and swung their swords. The confused hunters spread out, but Lich Mumud’s magic hit them like their actions had been expected. They all felt it at the same time.

Keok...! Cough cough!

“Was he this strong?”

The number of hunters dispatched by the seven kingdoms to hunt Agnus had been immeasurable. The hunters currently present where those who captured Agnus in the Overgeared Kingdom, and they had dealt with Agnus who had weakened after killing numerous hunters. As such, they were unfamiliar with the Agnus who had fully regained his strength.

“Dammit!” The hunters collapsed from the unexpected surprise and then rose immediately. They set their top priority as Agnus and stopped moving against Bullet and Euphemina. Agnus ignored the hunters and started attacking Euphemina and Bullet. “You guys, I’ll kill you.”




Euphemina and Bullet hadn’t expected to be attacked by Agnus and were hit. Their stomachs were stabbed and they staggered back. Bullet shouted, “We’re here to help you!”

“Shut up! Shut uppp! Kihat! Kuahahahat!


Conversation didn’t work. Agnus, his death knight, and lich were completely dominated by insanity, and they persistently went after Euphemina and Bullet. The sharp swordsmanship spread out like a spider web while destructive magic rained down. Dozens of players in the vicinity of Euphemina and Bullet couldn’t cope with the fierce bombardment and died. The only clue to clear Agnus’ name fell down and was resurrected as a skeleton soldier.

Agnus was relentless. He ignored the surroundings and sincerely tried to harm Euphemina and Bullet. Was Agnus really a madman?

“You...” The confused Euphemina defended against Agnus’ offensive, only to stiffen like a stone statue. It was due to Agnus’ expression that was distorted by pain. He made an expression like his heart was being torn apart every time he damaged Bullet and Euphemina.

‘...He is a terrible actor.’ Euphemina noticed Agnus’ intentions. Agnus was attempting to cut the connection between himself and the Overgeared Kingdom, to avoid them becoming hostile to the seven kingdoms. That’s right. This guy was trying to be alone again.

Euphemina shouted to Bullet, “Let’s leave.”

Huh? What about Agnus?”

Lauel was mindful of the possibility that the seven kingdoms would ignore the testimony of the Yatan follower. So, he asked Pope Damian to cooperate as a means of changing the flow of judgment. In a moment, Damian would arrive here and clear Agnus of the charges.

Then what on earth was this? Things had completely gone wrong. Agnus had descended from the guillotine himself and made his position more disadvantageous. Rather than helping himself, Agnus only made the situation worse. As Agnus’ sword struck Bullet’s chest, the death knight that Bullet automatically summoned protected him. Agnus’ death knight blew away Bullet’s death knight. Then Agnus’ sword aimed at Bullet’s neck.


“Die. Kukuk.

Agnus opened his mouth to say something when his sword stabbed Bullet. Of course, Agnus couldn’t kill Bullet because his strength stat was relatively low. However, Bullet collapsed in place like a broken doll. It was from mental trauma, not physical pain. Like Immortal’s downfall, he was once again ignored by Agnus, and his heart felt like it was being torn apart.


Agnus looked away from Bullet. He laughed as he confronted the hunters and hundreds of soldiers alone. “All of you... You have one life? Kik, kikik!


The hunters, the soldiers and even the observers on the platform shuddered. They felt the ridiculous intuition that they would surely be killed by Agnus one day. The square became a battleground. The insane killer and the skeleton army he led randomly slaughtered people without caring if they were NPCs or players. Now he had undeniably become a true murderer.

-We have shown our favor to Agnus and have sufficiently achieved our purpose. Don’t get involved anymore and return to the Overgeared Kingdom, Lauel’s voice entered the ears of Euphemina and Bullet. Lauel was very pleased with this situation.