Chapter 658


It was a phenomenon. Students in class, office workers, passengers, and even passersby on the street were all gazing at the smartphone in their hand.  On the screen that they were watching, the scene of a battlefield was unfolding. The background was a very large city with thousands or tens of thousands of houses.

The soldiers of the Ares Army used weapons, shields, and sometimes movement tools to demonstrate an agile and destructive advance that broke into enemy territory. The resistance of the Belto Kingdom was like fallen leaves. This was an army made by a player? The strength of the soldiers was great and the Ares Army commanders, who used the layout of the buildings and the enemies in real time, were like historical people. The viewers witnessed the progress of the quest and were reminded of the strength of the imperial army.

On the other hand, the Belto Kingdom didn’t have a proper commander and it seemed like the capital would be taken. The viewers felt thrilled by the power of Ares’ army. In particular, they were impressed with Ares in the vanguard. They were forced to understand why Agnus called Ares the God of War. Then...


Clack clack!

The flow changed the moment the Ares Army reached the palace. The emergence of the huge death knight was like a 180 degree change. The death knight and lich broke through Ares’ front lines and waves of skeletons swallowed up the Ares Army.

Slaughter, destruction, and screams occurred. The cameras of the broadcasting stations captured every soldier constantly fighting against the skeletons. And along the way.

『 Finally! 』

The cameras on the battlefield focused on two men. These two men were none other than Grid and Agnus. Both men showed a unique presence as they encountered each other in the middle of the bloody battlefield. Agnus had an armored death knight and the magic of the lich with him.

Grid wielded a blue greatsword from the centre of four golden hands that moved by themselves. Agnus broke through the barrier of the soldiers with the skeletons and faced Grid.

The broadcasters were excited.

『 Agnus and the Overgeared King are finally clashing! 』 

『 Can Agnus slaughter the Overgeared King as he declared? 』

『 Hrmm... Isn’t a close combat fight too favorable for Grid? I don’t understand why Agnus is narrowing the distance to Grid. If the death knight is in the lead and he stays at the back with the lich, won’t he be able to fight against Grid more equally? 』

『 It’s just arrogance. Agnus had two monsters with the death knight and lich. He’s sure he can win, even if the conditions are favorable towards Grid. In other words, he’s mocking Grid right now. 』 

Now the commentators would learn about Agnus’ real power. Agnus’ class? It wasn’t a lich. If he was a lich, then he wouldn’t have another lich serving him.

『 Agnus can be proud. His class exerts more power than anyone expected and that power is certainly more than Grid. The balance of the game was already destroyed the moment he called more than one lich and death knight. 』

『 Certainly... From a power perspective, Agnus seems to be superior to Grid. Agnus seems to have secured a hidden growth type class, not a simple epic class. But we must not forget Grid’s power. He defeated the sky above the sky, so it’s hard to imagine him being defeated. 』

『 That’s right. Grid is someone we can’t measure. I’m sure that Grid will win. Why? It’s because Agnus is too powerful. He must have some big penalties for his abilities. 』

『 The more brilliant the presence, the more rules there are...』

The death knights. They were the strongest undead among the third generation necromancers. It depended on the ‘life’ of the knight but a death knights’ stats were basically a few times better than a player’s.  In addition, they had a lot of powerful skills. The most frightening thing was that they could grow through levelling up like a player. Despite many limitations, such as being restricted in the items that could be worn and being difficult to control, a death knight was nevertheless the strongest force of a necromancer.

Yet Agnus had two death knights. Was that all? He also had two liches.

Lich. They were the top undead who could use magic with infinite magic power. Their strength overwhelmed a death knight. The evidence was that liches who appeared as bosses often had death knights as their subordinates. In other words, a lich wasn’t an existence that players could handle. Many people guessed that a lich would appear as the fourth advancement class of a necromancer.

Yes, a lich was a powerful existence, so people assumed that Agnus’ epic class was supposedly a lich. The Satisfy setting meant it was impossible for players to deal with a lich’s infinite magic power. Yet Agnus had two liches. He was already beyond the category of a player. 

Thus, people were skeptical. They were certain that Agnus would have a big penalty that would grab at his feet. They thought that Grid would win in this war.


[Lifael’s Spear]

Rating: Legendary (Reproduced Transformation)

Durability: Infinite

Attack Power: 1,230~1,890

* Fixed damage of +3,000 on each attack.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘Light Wheel’ skill. Every time Light Wheel is activated, Magic Missile (Enhanced) is shot. The number of Magic Missiles is determined according to the usage range of Light Wheel. The damage of Magic Missile is fixed at 4,000 per hit and will increase by 20% if the target is evil. No mana will be consumed.

* When defending or evading, there is a high probability that Shield of Light will activate. Magic Missile (Enhanced) is attached to the Shield of Light. Any target that pierces through the Shield of Light will be hit by Magic Missile. The damage of Magic Missile is fixed at 4,000 per hit and will increase by 20% if the target is evil. The accuracy of the Magic Missile counterattack is 100% and does not consume mana.

* When moving, there is a high probability of activating the ‘Light of Guidance’ skill.

* Attack power +20% against those with dark magic power.

The reason that Grid changed Lifael’s Spear was purely for Isabel. He was hoping for her health and happiness. But as a result, Grid gained something excellent for himself. He had perfect comprehension of the myth rated Lifael’s Spear. Grid was now able to reproduce the power of the new Lifael’s Spear, which added specific abilities while weakening the power of White Transformation. It was also four of them!



Agnus’ small pupils flinched as the four God Hands around Grid stopped blocking the skeletons and started to change in real time. It was because he sensed the divine power coming from the golden hands that were gradually turning into spears.

‘Kukuk! This is the basics!’

There were many undead type monsters in Satisfy. It wasn’t strange for Overgeared King Grid to create weapons dedicated to the undead. The excited Agnus heard Grid’s taunt.

“A crazy dog? I didn't know today was a mad dog day.”



The four spears spun in the air like a wheel and covered Agnus at the same time. Magic Missile (Enhanced) with its divine power was released at the same time, devastating the battlefield around them.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!


The eyes of the Ares troops widened from where they were fighting with the skeletons that Immortal’s necromancers continued to produce. The explosion that occurred at the spot where Agnus was standing instantly killed dozens of skeletons in the area. It was huge damage. The goosebumps were comparable to those caused by Grid’s red phoenixes.

‘What’s the identity of those golden hands?’

‘They can change shape depending on the enemy and exert an overwhelming firepower every time...’

The name of Overgeared King couldn’t be disputed. Grid’s items were the strongest. 

‘Even Agnus is helpless in front of the best... Heok?’

A magical explosion filled with divine power. It was natural for the Ares troops to think Agnus received a serious blow. But Agnus walked out from the dust without a scratch on him. It was thanks to the Body Shield skill. Baal’s Contractor was top class among the necromancer types and had the ability to utilize their excellent body. The Body Shield skill boasted enormous efficiency. Any attack that dealt less than 10,000 damage was completely blocked. It was like Grid’s Can you Become the King of the Dead? skill that could summon the Overgeared Skeletons to block an attack once.

“You lousy bastard!”

Agnus had a surprisingly cautious personality for someone so crazy. It was why he chose a battlefield filled with dead bodies as the stage of his first public battle. Grid cursed and quickly narrowed the distance to Agnus. Agnus’ death knight blocked his way.



The four Lifael’s Spears penetrated a hole in the death knight and opened the way for Grid.

“Kuahahahat! Come!”

Agnus was full of relaxation. He believed in the lich that was guarding his side. He thought Grid would be destroyed before he could approach. But.

[You have dealt 5,700 damage to the target.]

[The target has resisted the damage.]

[The target has resisted the damage.]

[You have dealt 6,100 damage to the target.]

‘Full resistance?’

Grid was wearing the Holy Light set. He had been focused on Agnus’ lich when selecting his equipment. Thanks to this, the magic of the lich barely damaged Grid.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship!”

Grid succeeded in narrowing the distance to Agnus using items.


He took a big step and moved the +9 Failure in succession.

“Linked Kill!”

“Body Shield!”

Agnus shouldn’t be able to cope.


[The target’s attack power is too strong. The defense has failed.]

“Kik? Cough!”

Agnus’ chest was pierced after his shield broke. Agnus spat out blood from his mouth as As Grid was linking up the second strike of Linked Kill.


A body moved between Grid and Agnus and exploded, breaking off Grid’s attack motion. It was a corpse explosion.


Linked Kill was cancelled! Grid stumbled and Agnus stabbed him with a longsword.


[You have suffered 2,859 damage.]


Wasn’t Baal’s Contractor a necromancer? How could he wield a sword and what was this damage? The physical damage of the Holy Light set was low, but this damage couldn’t be understood. Agnus saw Grid’s shaky eyes and clicked his tongue.

"This is a normal attack.”

Grid’s thick eyebrows rose even higher.

“That’s Jishuka’s saying...!”

Grid’s cry containing his anger didn’t last long.


Agnus’ death knight suddenly sprang from where it had been isolated by the four spears. It also attacked Grid. The attack didn’t contain great destructive power, but Grid was shaken because it had the effect of ‘pushing all objects in range.’

"Shall I show you something interesting?”

Agnus laughed and opened the Rune of Death. He had obtained the rune much earlier than Grid’s Rune of Darkness. Currently, there were nine skills attached to the rune.

“Furfu’s Power.”


Grid was reminded of something the moment he heard the name of a great demon. Their starting lines were different. During the time when Agnus signed a contract with Baal, Grid was just a common novice user, like a stone on the roadside.