Chapter 697

Grid got a textbook containing the swordsmanship of the Undefeated King! He was impressed by the fact that 100,000 Army Swordsmanship was classified as a legendary skill.

'It’s legendary despite being a degraded version...’

100,000 Army Swordsmanship was also just the ‘basic swordsmanship’ of Undefeated King Madra. Braham said that Madra’s true value was exerted from at least 500,000 Army Swordsmanship.

‘The more I know about the past legends, the greater they become.’

Grid recalled when he first assimilated with Braham. Braham used Mana Drain the Sky and forcibly absorbed all the mana from nature. From that time, Grid realized that the current legends weren’t comparable to the previous generation. Even Piaro, one of the strongest people of the present time, wouldn’t be able to withstand a fireball from Braham in his prime.

"...That’s why it’s interesting.”

Satisfy was still in the early stages of its story and it meant there was room for further growth. Grid’s motivation shot up.

‘Let’s catch up with the former legends.’

No, he would surpass them. Kraugel’s goal was the same. There was no need to delay. Grid was filled with large ambitions as he opened the textbook for 100,000 Swordsmanship. At the same time.

[You are attempting to learn a new swordsmanship technique, 100,000 Army Swordsmanship (Degraded).]

[You are someone who has received the recognition of the Undefeated King. You have already achieved the learning condition of 100,000 Army Swordsmanship.]

[Congratulations! You have succeeded in acquiring the 100,000 Army Blockade Sword (Degraded) and 100,000 Army Massacre Sword (Degraded)!]

[The new skill information can be found in the skills list.]


Grid immediately opened the skills window. 100,000 Army Massacre Sword sent out 40 attacks per second over a wide range. It was obviously a superior version of Link, so Grid wanted to try it quickly. However.

[100,000 Army Blockade Sword (Degraded) Lv. 1]

It deals 20% damage to all enemies visible in your field of view and deals 3 seconds of the ‘blockade’ effect. The targets that are blocked can’t move and their use of skills and magic is blocked.

Skill Resource Consumption: 5,000 mana, 20 sword energy.

Skill Cooldown Time: 30 minutes.

* The skill isn’t activated. You must acquire the sword energy resource to activate the skill.

[100,000 Army Massacre Sword (Degraded) Lv. 1]

Deals 60% of your attack power 30 times to everyone (can’t distinguish between friend or foe) in a 10 meter radius.

Skill Resource Consumption: 8,000 mana, 50 sword energy. 

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.

* The skill isn’t activated. You must acquire the sword energy resource to activate the skill.

“What’s sword energy?”

It said it was possible to learn it, but not how. He had an illusion of the system message moving in front of him.

“...No, is this a joke?”

He couldn’t use a skill that he won in a fair fight after being acknowledged by the opponent?

“Are you kidding me?”

Grid denied reality. He got up and left the study. He headed through the wide corridor towards the palace garden.

"Kyaaak! The Overgeared King!”

“Ohhh! The Overgeared King!”

The maids and gardeners in the garden cheered when they saw Grid. They were glad to have the good fortune of welcoming the world’s most respected king. They held their breaths as Grid pulled out a gorgeous red long sword. The people gathered, regardless of gender, watched Grid with shining eyes. Then Grid...

"100,000 Army.”


On one side of the garden. He aimed at the trees and used a skill.

“Massacre Sword!”


The dozens of maids and gardeners watching Grid were simultaneously shocked. Their great king was talking about slaughtering 100,000 troops. They were all nervous about what type of swordsmanship would develop. The result?


Nothing happened. The trees in front of Grid didn’t have a single injury.

[100,000 Army Massacre Sword is a non-activated skill. It has failed.]


Grid, the maids, and the gardeners were silent.

On this day. The rumor that Grid was a chuuni started to spread in the Overgeared Kingdom. 100,000 Army Massacre Sword. Starting with the name, the debut of the strongest skill was the worst. 


"Ah, it’s seriously nasty.”

Pagma’s Swordsmanship increased his attack power and chances of a critical hit when deactivated. That’s why Grid’s basic attacks were strong. Grid was sincerely anticipating the power of 100,000 Army Swordsmanship combined with the passive function of Pagma’s Swordsmanship. Yet he couldn’t use it at all?

‘The mana consumption is really high, but what the hell is sword energy?’

Grid was forced to invest points in intelligence  but his total mana was still less than 14,000. 100,000 Army Swordsmanship consumed 5,000 and 8,000 mana and this was a huge burden alone. It was painful that he needed one more unidentified resource.

‘Wow, shit... I have the fraudulent skill that causes 60% damage 30 times over a wide area and I can’t use it...’

It was psychologically painful. It felt like he was being tortured. The frustrated Grid was suddenly reminded of Chris.

“Won’t Chris know about sword energy?”

After obtaining the title of Hero King, Grid opened a new resource called fighting energy. It was likely that sword energy was a resource for classes specializing in swordsmanship. And the 1st ranked Chris was a master of the greatsword. After joining Overgeared with the Giant Guild members and becoming a duke, he was one of the people that Grid most relied on.

Grid didn’t hesitate and went to find Chris.



A large city that was once the home of the Overgeared Guild, it was now called the second capital of the Overgeared Kingdom. The lord of this place was Chris. He was a player with a natural talent and a good mentor called Zirkan. He was once the leader of the Giant Guild that was part of the Seven Guilds and a strong person in Satisfy. In particular, his strength stat was high enough to overwhelm Grid. After acquiring his second class Tyrant, he had the ability to take away strength from surrounding targets and could exert a destructive power higher than Grid’s Enlightenment Sword.

Who would’ve imagined that the Canadian representative in Satisfy would one day join Grid? The world had been shocked the day Chris bowed to Grid during the founding ceremony. There were many voices shouting that Grid had caught Chris’ weakness and was threatening him.

But the reality was completely different. Chris acknowledged Grid and served Grid of his own free will. Chris was confident that he could be the best if he was with Grid. Anyway, the bottom line was that Chris liked Grid. Except when this happens.

"I also want to use sword energy.”


No, what type of nonsense did he come for? Chris was hunting in a vampire city when his concentration was shattered.

"Sword energy is a unique resource for swordsmen who have earned the title of great swordsman. How can you use it?”


Chris attacked the true blood vampires on both sides. It was a truly excellent swordsmanship that inspired Grid. Grid felt a cool and stuffy emotion in his chest when he saw Chris’ exciting swordsmanship after a long time.

"You really do know about sword energy. I need to obtain sword energy. How do I get it?”




Grid struck the true blood vampire four times per second and then killed it with a black flame explosion. Chris was speechless for a moment.

‘This is the rumored new sword?’

The power of Grid’s sword was tremendous. Chris admired Grid, who grew by leaps and bounds in a few months.

"Didn’t you reach 3rd on the rankings after clearing the Behen Archipelago and getting the title of Hero King?”

“I can’t boast in front of the 1st ranked user.”


Chris knew. The throne that was 1st in the unified rankings could be taken away by Grid at any time. But Chris didn’t feel bad or anxious. He already acknowledged Grid. He was ready to give the place to Grid at any time. Of course, he didn’t intend for anyone other than Grid to take the seat.

"Did you gain a swordsmanship technique from the Behen Archipelago?”

The clever Chris immediately guessed Grid’s situation. It was an incredible reasoning that impressed the dumb Grid.

“That’s right. You are really impressive.”

“In conclusion, sword energy is a resource that opens up only after reaching a certain level after becoming a great swordsman. And great swordsman is a title that can only be obtained if you have a swordsman type class. In other words, you absolutely can’t obtain sword energy.”


Grid’s eyes twitched. He was hit with cold reality. He angrily used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Transcend. He slaughtered the vampires coming out of the darkness and gave a deep sigh.

“Then what should I do? I will never be able to use the skill that consumes sword energy?”

"It was originally like that. But it might be possible.”

Suuuuok. The 13th vampire city.

Elfin Stone who once ruled the city had been replaced by another true blood vampire. Grid and Chris. The two strongest of Overgeared had already reached the boss’ room. The boss was furious at his sleep being disturbed and attacked the two. At this point, a blue energy rose from Chris’ body like a haze.

“This is sword energy.”


Chris’ greatsword drew a blue line. It was an incomparably powerful blow that blew away the upper body of the 13th city’s boss.


Grid’s eyes widened.

“The red energy around your body, is that the fighting energy gained after winning the title of Hero King?”

Chris focused on Grid’s fighting energy.

"According to a quest I did in the past, Hero King was Muller’s title.”

“Sword Saint Muller...?”

“Yes. Muller would use sword energy and fighting energy. It means that fighting energy is a resource that can be used with swordsmanship. Why don’t you try replacing sword energy with fighting energy?”


"...I’m not in a position to answer. You have to find the answer yourself.”


Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

[The owner of the 13th city, True Blood Vampire Ray has been destroyed.]

Grid and Chris had a lot of combat experience. They didn’t miss anything in the raid while talking and the result was amazing. The two of them captured the vampire city in the shortest time. Grid thought about it.

‘It might be time to challenge the next cities.’

Grid and the Overgeared Guild hadn’t challenged any new vampire cities because they feared the power of Vampire Duke Marie Rose and the other direct descendants. But now quite a lot of time had passed. Grid and the Overgeared members had all grown. Wouldn’t they be relatively safe as long as they didn’t meet Marie Rose?

“Um... I have to talk to Sticks about fighting energy. Thanks again, Chris. Level up.”

"You took away all my experience and now you are saying this...”

"Haha, sorry. Get in touch if you need me!”

Grid left the grumbling Chris behind and returned to Reinhardt. Chris smiled as he was left alone.

“I’m looking forward to the National Competition.”