Chapter 696

"Anyone who knows the joy of reading has a way to face the disaster.”

Just as there was a phrase like this, reading in Satisfy was also classified as a valuable hobby. Players were able to accumulate new knowledge through reading and enjoy the synergistic effect of various stats based on this. Occasionally, they could get quests and skills by following the clues in books. Even if they couldn’t get anything, they were able to be absorbed in the joy of the moment. Therefore, reading was an absolute benefit.

In particular, Satisfy boasted a vast worldview and the amount of books it possessed was tremendous. Even the protagonist of the rumor that ‘there is a madman who only reads books whenever he connects to Satisfy’ had only read a fraction of Satisfy’s books.

Of course, this story was far from Grid. From the standpoint of Grid whose comprehension was less than ordinary people, reading was a hobby not for him and he naturally kept away from books. But now.

[Death Knight Madra’s Diary]


A royal study room located in the Overgeared Palace. Grid sat where Irene and Lord normally did and faced a book.

‘How long has it been since I read a book?'

It was last year, when he read the instructions for the diamond class capsule that he received from the Comet Group. 

“Umm... The contents of the diary can’t be as difficult.”

Grid didn’t know that it was rare for anyone to read a manual from the first chapter to last chapter in detail. His obsession with his lack of talent caused him to finish reading the book all the way to the end. He perceived reading as ‘labor’ and was nervous despite this not being an educational book.

“Sigh, okay.”

Grid took a deep breath and controlled his mind. It was a process to maintain his concentration until he finished reading Madra’s diary.

‘Well, it is unlikely I will get something because it is just a diary. I need to work hard.’

Grid’s expectations for the diary were surprisingly small despite purchasing it for one million challenger points. There was a basis. He couldn’t forget that one word would make things different. The diary that Grid obtained from the Behen Archipelago was precisely the diary of Death Knight Madra.

It wasn't Undefeated King Madra. In other words, it was a diary written after Madra was resurrected as a death knight, not when he was living. It was realistic not to expect something special from the diary created by Madra who had been trapped on the island for over 100 years after becoming a death knight.



Grid opened the first chapter of Madra’s diary. At the same time, Grid wasn’t seeing sentences written in the diary. His eyes naturally closed and what followed was the gaze, sensation, and emotions of someone else.


An indirect experience item. This was the identity of Death Knight Madra’s diary. As soon as the diary was opened, Grid became Madra. 


The first chapter.

Once I opened my eyes again, the most amazing thing was that I couldn’t feel my own breathing. I realized that I wasn’t alive. Yes, I died. Then how did I open my eyes again? It was confusing.

...Confusing? I feel confusion?  Did the cognitive power of the Undefeated King Madra decline to this level?

It was weird. Perhaps I was wandering in my dreams? From the beginning, I wasn’t dead. It was just a long nightmare. No.


...This was the awful reality. I tried to put my hand on my forehead and witnessed it. My body, it was just bones. The red blood that always boiled hot, the muscles that were never cut, the flesh and skin... Everything was stripped and gone.

Ah, the memories. I died. I was murdered by my own flesh and blood and given to the beasts of Saharan. Huh, whose head was this? Everything was unfamiliar. An empty goal that couldn’t contain the total amount of memories flooding back like a tsunami. It took too much time to think. I couldn’t get away from the strange sense of confusion.


The source of the current situation appeared. The man with the feminine face. I knew him. I remember the man with the cold eyes that wasn’t suitable to be called Duke of Fire. 


I barely managed to open my mouth and my voice was a deep roar that echoed. It was an uncomfortable voice to hear. I felt uncomfortable and the Duke of Fire bowed deeply.

"Undefeated King, sacrifice yourself for the peace of the world.”



The moment the first chapter in the diary ended. Grid’s mind returned to reality. The confusion, anger, resentment, and sorrow felt by Madra after he was resurrected as a death knight. Grid experienced all these gloomy emotions from Madra’s position.  The mental shock he received was too big to bear. His whole body was sweating as he looked around with trembling eyes.

“Kuoock... Kuhuk!”


Grid fell to the ground from the chair and couldn’t help shedding tears. He was cursed by the people he protected his whole life, stabbed in the heart by his son, his head cut off and his decaying corpse fell into a bleak desert without entering a coffin. Then when he opened his eyes again, he was a skeleton. Despair led to nothing but more despair.

“Pant... Pant...”

Was he Grid or was he Madra? The terrible confusion that filled Grid after experiencing Madra’s memory seemed to last forever. He wiped at the tears that kept falling and breathed roughly, his face distorted with pain. His field of view was blinking red.

[★ Warning ★ You have assimilated with Madra in the diary and shared his memories and feelings. You  need to be careful because you are psychologically feeling a great amount of anxiety and pain.]

[You are in extreme confusion.]

[The system is checking your brain waves and pulse. If it is determined to be dangerous, Death Knight Madra’s diary will be sealed.]


Immersive virtual reality often put the player at risk. For example, the first meeting with Huroi a long time ago. The warning message from the system wasn’t unfamiliar because Grid strongly remembered what happened that day. This wasn’t exaggerated and Grid was scared.

But he didn’t give in. Grid intended to receive what Madra left behind. The tears stopped as he started to distinguish reality from virtual reality. He was aware that he wasn’t Madra, but Grid, and Shin Youngwoo before he was Grid.

Duguen! Duguen! Duguen...

His crazily beating heart started to stabilize.

[You are free from the confusion.]

[Your vitals have returned to normal. The second chapter of Death Knight Madra’s diary is unfolding.]

[Do you want to read it?]

"Of course...!”

Grid’s fear hadn’t gone away yet. He was already trembling at the thought of experiencing Madra’s point of view again. But when faced with trials, Grid knew better than anyone that grumbling and giving up because of fear would be a lifelong regret. Grid opened the second chapter of Madra’s diary.


The second chapter.

"Undefeated King, sacrifice yourself for the peace of the world.”

White skin contrasted with long black hair. The long and narrow eyes were cold. The legendary blacksmith, the Duke of Fire was bowing his head to Madra. Then Grid was Madra.

"You want me to sacrifice myself?”

It was very unpleasant. Regardless of will, I was being forced to sacrifice myself immediately after being resurrected as an undead. Anxiety and fear boiled up from deep inside. This was before I heard any explanation.

"It has been a long time since I felt such anger.”

I intuitively sensed that the current Duke of Fire was a target to be hated. He managed to stir up a body made entirely of bones. Strange. But I definitely realized. This was my burden of the present.

"The situation... You should first explain more.”

The person who resurrected me must be the Duke of Fire. I wanted to kill him right now, but I couldn’t. Why? He must’ve resurrected me for some reason. I had to know what sacrifice he was talking about. The answer was absurd.

"The great demons are invading this place, the Behen Archipelago. As you know, the Behen Archipelago is the succession place and the Hall of Fame. If this falls into the hands of the great demons, there is no future for humanity. You must protect it.”

“The future of humanity...”

It wasn’t a problem for me to discuss. I was only responsible for the future of my people. Aside from that, I had no interest. That’s why I became more angry.

“...I see. This is why you are keeping me here and resurrected me as an undead? How trivial! How scandalous! How dare you deprive me of my burden! You deserve to die a hundred times!!”



The moment Madra roared angrily and drew his sword.

Grid was returned back to reality. It was the end of the second indirect experience. Grid’s fingers were shaking. He was afraid. The feeling when he pulled out a sword with a hand only made of bones came back with him, completely frightening him. 

‘So vivid.’

He wanted to avoid becoming an undead. The moment he gulped.

[At present, you can’t reproduce Madra’s swordsmanship with your abilities. You can’t read the second chapter of the diary to the end.]


A notification window popped up.

[In order to read the second chapter of the diary, you need to learn Madra’s swordsmanship.]

[Swordsmanship Textbook: 100,000 Army Swordsmanship has been acquired.]

[Death Knight Madra’s diary is sealed until you learn 100,000 Army Swordsmanship.]


Madra’s swordsmanship book? It was a reward he couldn’t even imagine!

‘This is just from reading the second chapter of the diary!’

The astonished Grid confirmed the swordsmanship book.

[Swordsmanship Textbook: 100,000 Army Swordsmanship]

Rating: Legendary

A textbook recording the basics of Madra’s swordsmanship. However, it records the swordsmanship used after Madra became a death knight, so the contents are weak compared to the original.

There are only two swordsmanship techniques recorded. 100,000 Army Blockade Sword (Degraded) and 100,000 Army Massacre Sword (Degraded).

Learning Conditions: Those who have been recognized by Madra.


Grid’s blood was boiling. He became hostile to Pagma in the diary, but he didn’t care. He was thrilled that an overwhelmingly strong man had acknowledged him.

“The legacy you left... I’m going to use it for the rest of my life.” 

Grid had always been anxious since witnessing the power of Sword Saint Kraugel during the Great Demon Belial raid. Kraugel split the world despite his level still being low. Grid realized that he needed to continue to grow, grow, and grow in order to keep up with Kraugel.

Now he got a new opportunity. It was extremely valuable. Grid silently closed Madra’s old diary and was resolved.

"The greatness of the Undefeated King, I will announce it to the world.”

The true swordsmanship of the Undefeated King was a natural step for the descendant of the Undefeated King. But Grid had a hunch that he would at least be able to maintain the Undefeated King’s will. 

At the same time, the Saharan Empire’s territory of Lubana.

“This is the Undefeated King’s descendant? How boring.”

Mercedes became angry as she arrived at the scene of the army fighting the rebels. Her blue eyes were focused on a man in majestic armor surrounded by knights and soldiers. The few weeks of struggle against the empire’s regular army was an achievement that would go in history, but that was it. In the end, it wasn't enough to change history.

"In the first place, the Undefeated King is nothing. History was just exaggerating.”

Mercedes’ ridicule permeated the ground. It was as if she was mocking Madra in the grave.