Chapter 132

Chapter 132

It was true that the pope had a higher level than Malacus and a higher overall combat power due to his stats. The problem was that his class was a priest.  A priest was a class that specialized in support abilities, with their combat ability being the lowest among all classes.

Indeed, the pope’s only attack spell was Goddess’ Breath(a regular user would’ve died in one blow from Goddess’ Breath). The only method the pope used to attack Grid was to release magic power (ordinary users wouldn’t have survived even a simple magic bombardment).

On the other hand, rankers chose the right class for their power and they had a lot of combat experience.

“Did you call me stupid? Even my father never said such things to me.”

Asuka’s face reddened as she puffed up angrily. She rushed towards Grid and started to wield her double swords. The duration of Transcend and Blacksmith’s Rage ended, and Grid was in a state of crisis.

He was startled.

‘What? Isn’t she much faster than earlier?’



It wasn’t easy to keep up with the double swords coming continuously. Then Grid fired Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link.

Chaaeng! Chaeeeeeng!

Asuka barely managed to block 3 of Grid’s 17 linked strikes. Then she used Sword Frenzy to block up 9 more strikes.  But there were still 5 remaining. She allowed those five attacks. In the party information window, Asuka’s health dropped to less than half in an instant.

Toban panicked, but Black Teddy was always beside Asuka and he wasn’t worried. Black Teddy knew better than anyone that a berserker became stronger when their health fell.



Asuka’s attack power increased by 40% and her attack speed by 20%. Grid started to become injured as the battle continued.

[You have suffered 1,900 damage.]

[You have suffered 2,080 damage.]

‘No, why is she so much stronger?’

Grid hurriedly recalled the pavranium from where they were attacking Box. Then he regained some breathing room.

Chaaeng! Chaeeeeeng!

Wasn’t it easy for the pavranium to rotate around Grid and defend against all of Asuka’s strikes?

“What is that item? Legendary rated?”

Grid ignored Asuka’s question and pulled out the Ideal Dagger. He used Quick Movements before swiftly changing back to Dainsleif.

"Shut up and die quickly!"

Grid’s high insight confirmed that Asuka’s combat power was rising. Grid was frustrated. He resorted to only relying on pavranium to defend as the rushed at Asuka. He struck down on Asuka’s shoulder and succeeded in slashing it. Grid linked his attacks while Asuka paused.

Papat! Papapat!

Asuka survived the stabbing attacks and her health was reduced to only 20%. From this point on, she showed the genuine strength of a berserker.

[You have suffered serious damage. Maximizing the berserk effect.]

[Attack power will increase by 80% and attack speed will increase by 50%.]

With the 50% increase in attack speed, the use of large weapons was now maximized. Asuka swapped to a halberd that was bigger than her body and wielded it.



Grid tried to defend against the halberd attack, but he couldn’t endure the overwhelming attack power. Toban felt some hope at the scene and used a buff on Asuka.

"Fierce Momentum!”

[Fierce Momentum is activated. You and your party’s attack power will increase by 30%, while defense is reduced by 20%.]

Box didn’t stay still either.

“Magic Power Resonance!”

[The effect of Magic Power Resonance is activated. The buff effect applied to you and your party members will increase by 1.5 times.]


Asuka felt the overwhelming power and shouted. She swung the halberd again, leaving a red afterimage.



The moment Asuka’s attack was blocked by Dainsleif, Grid’s body disappeared into the air. It was the moment when the immune Grid was forcibly caught in the air by a physical force he couldn’t resist. It was another one of Asuka’s unique weapons, ‘Hell Chains.’ Then she unfolded Chain Frenzy and Grid was stuck in the air for two seconds.

The white bear warrior rushed forward through this gap. Then it swung its paws at Grid. But the golden discs spun and defended against the bear’s attacks.

Asuka smiled with satisfaction. She had been waiting for the gold discs protecting Grid’s body to be preoccupied elsewhere. 0.5 seconds before Grid’s captivity ended. Asuka revealed the ‘Onslaught Greatsword,’ her weapon with the strongest attack power.

She jumped and stabbed the greatsword into Grid’s chest.


Grid screamed as red filled his vision.

[You have been hit by a blow!]

[You have suffered 29,900 damage.]

Given the fact that the Holy Light Armor reduced physical damage by 40%, Asuka’s attack power was currently far above common sense. If Grid hadn’t been wearing the Holy Light Armor, he would’ve lost his life.


Grid’s captive state ended and he rolled onto the ground. Box watched the blood pouring from him and was convinced that they could defeat Grid. Suddenly, a green light appeared on Grid’s finger as the effect of Doran’s ring was activated and 50% of the damage incurred to Grid was restored to his health.

Once this was triggered, there was a 10-minute cooldown, and it had been exactly 10 minutes since Grid first received a blow from Box’s party. In addition, he hadn’t equipped the Holy Light Armor 10 minutes ago. The Holy Light Armour had an option for a 300% increase in recovery magic! With 29,900 damage, Doran’s Ring would restore 14,950 health. This was then tripled, making it equivalent to Grid regaining all of his health.

[44,850 health has been restored.]

“Shit. I almost died.”

Grid cursed as he raised his body. 


Asuka’s eyes widened. There wasn’t a single wound on Grid’s body, no mark where Grid’s heart should be injured? There wasn’t even a single scratch!

“What’s this?”

Toban, Black Teddy, and Box were stunned.

The cooldown of Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Kill, ended. Asuka perceived the killing intent and swapped back to using double swords for defense. However, it would be hard alone, prompting Black Teddy to command the white bear warrior to defend her.

However, the white bear’s health was depleted from the previous bombardment and tt failed to defend against Grid’s Kill, instantly destroyed by the blow. Then Kill passed through the white bear’s flesh and collided with Asuka’s double swords.



This was the first time Asuka experienced it: it was her first defeat to another Satisfy user, her first user-driven death.

[Your party member Asuka has died.]


The person they relied on the most had died. Toban was half amazed and half frustrated. Box shivered.

‘This is enough...!’

Box’s reason for being obsessed with Grid was different from Asuka. He wasn’t looking for Grid’s class like Asuka. He was checking to make sure that Grid was worthy of an invitation. In fact, Box’s true identity was a spy for another guild.

“Grid! Leave the Tzedakah Guild and come to our guild. In the unified guild rankings, we are...”

Box revealed he was part of another guild and tried to invite Grid! He couldn’t even finish speaking. A black energy shield hit his neck.

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[You have died.]


He wasn’t called a psychopath for no reason. How could he cut a person’s neck when they were talking? Box was dumbfounded. He died with a grimace and changed into grey light.

The only ones left were Black Teddy and Toban. Black Teddy was furious.

“You dare... How dare you kill the Young Lady!?”

Grid glared at him, “I’m wrong for killing her? Think about it. Who attacked me first and who tried to kill me first? Who should be angry right now? Ah, shit. I’m becoming angrier the more I think about it. Die.”

Black Teddy was strong, but he wasn’t that strong. His pets were already dead and couldn’t be summoned again right away. Grid attacked and he also turned into light. Now Toban was the only one left.

“Haha...” Toban couldn’t say anything and laughed awkwardly.

Grid smiled sharply at him, “Aren’t you good at acting? You should receive something at this year’s acting awards.”


Toban continued laughing and Grid’s gaze became more menacing.

“Do you have any excuses?”

Toban also had a conscience. He no longer wanted to deceive Grid. He bowed in front of Grid and shouted, “I’m sorry! I was blinded by greed!”

Grid squatted in front of him. Then he extended a hand. Toban didn’t understand what it meant. Grid spoke to the confused Toban, “Give me money. If you give me enough money to soften my anger, I might forget about this. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I will just report you to Jishuka.”

Jishuka’s nature meant she couldn’t stand traitors. Toban knew this better than anyone. 

Toban’s inventory was robbed. He currently had 20,000 gold. It was worth 24 million won. But Toban was truly sorry towards Grid and was afraid of retaliation, so he didn’t hesitate to pay a large amount to Grid.

In the end, some of Grid’s anger was released. It wasn’t bad that he earned 24 million won from one battle. Grid put the money in the inventory and told Toban.

“Okay. This is enough for now. But I’m sorry. Don’t even dream of having an item made by me.”


Toban felt like crying. However, he felt so sorry that he couldn’t ask Grid to forgive him. Grid’s heart softened as he saw the genuine regret and he gave Toban a ray of hope.

“Well... Yes. I will just forgive you. If you serve me like a slave, I will make you an item someday...”

“...Thank you.”

Serve as his slave? Toban wasn’t able to decide if he should appreciate this situation or not. But he had to accept since he was the one who did something wrong in the first place. Then Grid ordered,

“Stand up. Let's depart."

“Huh? Depart...? Where?”

Grid smiled sweetly at the confused Toban, “Let’s go complete my quest. You have become my slave.”


The 1st ranked paladin and the 68th user on the unified rankings. It was the moment when Toban, first ranked paladin of the Judar Church and chief of staff of the Tzedakah Guild, became Grid’s slave.

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