Chapter 131

Chapter 131


It was the first time Grid saw such bad acting. It was even more awkward than an idol appearing in a drama for the first time. Anybody watching it would be embarrassed. But the acting wasn’t the important thing right now. What was he planning after claiming to be enchanted?

Grid had no doubt that Toban was lying.


Toban’s greed was awakened due to the quest, and now he was trying to betray a colleague.

Box said with satisfaction, “The situation is like this... Grid, I want to experience the skill of the hidden class that smashed the Giant Guild. Chief, use buff magic on us.”

‘This isn’t right.’

Toban hesitated until the end. It might be for a quest, but he was worried and feeling guilty about betraying a fellow guild member.

'It goes against logic.’

He knew it. No matter the reason, he shouldn’t betray a colleague. He couldn’t refute, even if he was called garbage.  But he didn’t want to give up this quest. This was a SS-grade quest that he received for the first time, with a legendary rated sword as a reward. It was an opportunity that wouldn’t come again, so he couldn’t miss it.

After careful consideration, Toban made his decision.

‘I’m sorry Grid... But this is all your fault! You are a bad person!’

Can’t you give up the quest items for a guild member? He wasn’t even asking for free, since he was willing to pay compensation. But it was rejected? Was that too much to ask?

‘Grid! I have to kill you for the quest! I will surely repay the damage that you will suffer today!’

In the end, Toban decided!

He started acting again, “Ah! How is this possible? My body has to move as Box commands and now I am using a skill? I want to reject it, but I can’t! This! It can’t be helped. I’m sorry, Grid! Forgive me! God of health and wisdom, Judar! I earnestly pray for you to give us your blessing. Light’s Glory!”

[The effect of Light’s Glory is activated. The stats of you and your party members have increased by 20%.]

Paladins of the Judar Church were specialized in buff skills. Not only was their buffing ability superior, the buff effect extended to all party members, including the pets. Therefore, the Judar paladins were one of the most popular classes for party hunting.

"Let's start again. Show us all of your abilities.” Asuka felt stronger and restarted the battle with Grid. “Spear Frenzy!”

Berserkers were more aggressive than any other class and could use all types of weapons. Asuka was a second generation conglomerate heir, so she had a variety of unique weapons. She pulled out a spear from her inventory and started a crazy rampage.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Sword Frenzy was a single target skill, while Spear Frenzy was a skill with a wide range.

The spear attacked the target and surrounding area at the same time. It inflicted 50% damage to enemies within the attack range, causing the ground to shake and for the target to rise in the air for 0.8 seconds.

Even if the target avoided the attack, they couldn’t avoid the aftermath. The so-called CC (crowd control) technique.


Grid wielded his greatsword to stop the spear. However, his body was affected by the aftermath. He started to rise in the air.

Asuka didn’t miss this gap. She had countless combat experience so she rushed to complete the combo. It was possible to damage someone in the air using ‘Chain Frenzy.’ This would cause the opponent to hang helplessly in the air for two seconds and receive one-sided attacks.

She pulled out the chain, but Grid wasn’t stuck in the air. He stood on the ground like a magnet was attached to his feet.


“Resorting to petty tricks.” Grid grinned at the panicked Asuka.

Asuka hurriedly retrieved the chain. Then she pulled out the double swords she used as a main weapon and defended.


'It is still fast and heavy!’

All her stats had increased by 20%. Nevertheless, Grid still felt strong.

Kikik! Kkikikik!


Asuka’s face was blissful instead of fearful as she blocked the greatsword with her double swords.

‘He’s immune to CC. Is this man’s class immune to status conditions?’

Wasn’t this a fraudulent effect that would collapse the balance? She earnestly started to covet it. Asuka wanted the same hidden class as Grid. She would pay Grid astronomical amounts of money to find out how to obtain his class.

She didn’t care about money. She believed that she could get anything she wanted.

But what was the reality? Most users didn’t know this, but the way to change to a hidden class changed every moment. 

In order to change to class A, three loaves of bread needed to be eaten three times in front of a certain place. This condition wasn’t always constant. Depending on the person and situation, they might have to shout four times or eat four loaves. 

A hidden class was obtained once every condition was met, and it could change depending on luck and coincidences. Think about it. If the method of obtaining a hidden class was fixed, wouldn’t a hidden class sell the method for money and it would become commonplace?

It was only possible to buy a class change book, not the actual method. And in the first place, Grid had a legendary class. A legendary class was unique.  It was useless even for a billionaire. As long as Grid was Pagma's Descendant, no one else could become Pagma's Descendant.


Grid sensed the presence of the white bear warrior while dealing with Grid, and used the skill that smashed the Giant Guild members in the past. Asuka and the white bear warrior, who were in front and behind Grid, both flew away.


[You have suffered 4,500 damage.]

It was tremendous attack power. Despite her unique rated armor, Asuka lost a quarter of her health from the attack. Then warning windows flashed in front of her amazed eyes.

[Due to the enemy’s skill, all speeds have decreased for 10 seconds.]

‘The wide area skill deals large damage and has a debuff effect?’

He was also immune to status conditions, so the category of Grid’s class must be beyond common sense. Asuka was sure of it. Grid didn’t have a rare hidden class.

“There is still one epic class still undisclosed... Is that you?” Asuka asked Grid like she knew everything.

“Think what you want.”

He was about to attack again when Asuka cried out, "Let me know how to obtain your hidden class. In exchange, I will give you enough money to play around for the rest of your life...”

The moment that Asuka was about to negotiate, Box jumped forward and blocked her mouth. "Miss Asuka, don’t you want to have some more fun?”

After speaking one-sidedly, Box opened his folding fan and started to wield it like a baton. It was a weapon that controlled magic power.

'This parasitic bastard.’

A handsome man was humming while swinging his fan around like a maestro. He was handsome so anything he did would become a painting. Grid was feeling a strong animosity when Box stopped his conducting. In less than two seconds, he used a skill to connect the magic power of himself and his party members.

“Magic Power Resonance.”

[The effect of Magic Power Resonance is activated. The buff effect applied to you and your party members will increase by 1.5 times.]

Linkers weren’t just about puppet magic.  It could amplify beneficial effects and extent the range of the effect. The same was true for harmful effects. If the enemy had a debuff on them, he could extend the debuff range by connecting his magic power to the enemy’s and amplifying the effect.

Linkers belonged to the magician class by default. They also had attack magic.

"Magic Pistol."


Box fired his magic power like he was holding a gun. The damage was low but the activation speed was so fast it was almost impossible to avoid. Grid couldn’t respond and was hit.

[You have suffered 307 damage.]

[You have suffered 315 damage.]

The Holy Light Armor was light armor. But it was made of the god mineral adamantium and had a higher defense than level 250 unique rated heavy armor. The defense was 872 points. It could be considered as one of the best armors in existence. 

Grid didn’t meet the conditions of use and with the penalty, only 393 defense was applied. It was around the same level of defense as a level 200 rare rated heavy armor. However, the Holy Light Armor had a fraudulent option of 40% reduction in physical damage and 50% reduction in magic damage. In addition, the set effect of the Holy Light Battle Gear gave +500 defense so the default defense wasn’t low.

Grid didn’t even blink despite being hit with Magic Pistol one after another. Box was surprised and covered half his face with his fan. It was to cover as much of his confusion as possible.

‘Magic Pistol only did 300 damage? The damage of a linker is weak, but isn’t this too much?’

Furthermore, hadn’t his stats increased by 30% due to the combined effect of Light’s Glory and Magic Power Resonance? Yet he only did this much damage?

‘It is more than I imagined.’

In general, classes with excellent attack power had low defense. Box predicted that Grid would have low defense. Then what was this? Grid seemed to have uniquely high attack power and defense. 

‘It’s a class with a perfect balance... No, that’s too much. It might be his items. Perhaps the battle gear that Toban considered as simple quest items are actually amazing? Okay. First of all, let’s stay calm.’

No matter how high his defense, he wouldn’t have infinite health. Box thought he would be able to kill Grid if this continued. Then he used magic again.

"Magic Pistol."


[You have suffered 290 damage.]

[You have suffered 310 damage.]

[You have suffered 305 damage.]

The advantage of Magic Pistol wasn’t just its activation speed. The mana consumption was low, so he could use it freely. Grid’s nerves were sharpened by the magic power bullets that continued to fly.

'This is irritating.’

The damage wasn’t threatening. Currently, Grid was level 170 and had a health that was close to 40,000. This included the 6,000 health acquired from the Holy Light set and Doran’s ring. 300 damage was like a mosquito biting him.

But what if the damage continued to accumulate? He couldn’t overlook the attacks that were impossible to avoid. Grid decided that Box should be removed first. But the white bear warrior blocked his path to Box. There was also Toban behind the bear. He was the 1st ranked paladin, so he was famous for his iron wall defense.

Box believed that the current battle formation was perfect.

'Black Teddy’s summons and Toban will tie up Grid’s feet, while I deal damage from the rear. Asuka will look for a gap and deal the fatal blow.’

The opponent might be a monster who killed the pope, but they were four top rankers and the balance was excellent. It was a fight that was virtually impossible to lose. Victory was natural. Toban and Box’s group thought so.

But Grid thought differently.

'I am stronger than Pon or Regas.’

He alone defeated the pope, who was even stronger than Malacus. Grid believed that with the pavranium, he was the strongest user. That’s right. Grid had the pavranium.  He finally pulled out the pavranium. He would use all his strength.

“First of all, take care of the annoying guy...”

‘What is that?’

Box’s companions were amazed as two golden discs suddenly appeared.


The discs turned like cogs and rose into the sky. They easily flew through Toban’s defense on the ground, like they were laughing at him. After descending again, they hit Box’s chest, who was stunned and fell down.


These discs flew alone and attacked the enemy? What type of absurd item was this?

“Toban, what is that? Did he have something like this?”

While everyone was focused on the golden discs, Grid unfolded his sword dance. 

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Transcend.”

Subsequently, he used Blacksmith’s Rage and greatly increased his attack power and attack speed. After that, he launched the energy swords at Toban and Black Teddy’s pet.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


Toban used a defense buff and hurriedly raised his shield in front of him. But it was useless. His epic rated shield was turned into scrap metal in front of the bombardment. Toban felt like crying.

'Grid. Why are you so strong?’

Jishuka, Pon and Vantner told him that Grid was actually a very talented person, but he never imagined a class like this. If this continued, wouldn’t they lose the battle?

'Isn’t this too disgraceful...?’

Death would cause a loss in experience. As Toban was feeling desperate, Asuka spoke with admiration.

“Really amazing.”

On one side, Box was being hit by the two golden discs, as they constantly flew past Toban and Black Teddy’s defense. This wasn’t a battle between rankers. It was like a high level user playing with low level users.

It was completely one-sided.However, the situation might change if the main damage dealer, Asuka joined in again. 

As a berserker, she became stronger the more health she lost. She lost a quarter of her health to Grid’s strike, so she had a 20% increase in attack power and 10% increase in attack speed due to the passive effect. She was confident that she could face Grid.

But Asuka made another choice. She was fascinated the more she watched Grid’s class, so she cried out, “Grid! Let me know how to obtain your hidden class! I will provide you with a large amount of money, enough for you to play around for the rest of your life!”

He could live a comfortable life for some game information. Who could resist this temptation? Asuka naturally thought that Grid would cooperate. 

Of course, Grid’s ears pricked up. He stopped the bombardment and asked Asuka, "How much are you going to give?"

"Tell me the amount you want.

Grid spoke to her confidently. "One trillion won.”


It wasn’t 100 billion, but one trillion? It wasn’t the type of money that even a second generation heir would have. One trillion won was an astronomical amount equivalent to one-thirds of her father’s company’s assets.

“Are you crazy?” Grid sincerely questioned Asuka. “Is there something wrong with your head?”

How could a hidden class be sold so easily?

“There is something called a brain. Do you think the class change method is the same every time? If it could be told to anyone, would the hidden classes be as rare as they are now? They would be as common as stones on the street.


She listened to him. Grid scoffed as Asuka made a stunned expression after realizing what she had overlooked.

“You have a lot of money, but you don’t see the world. How stupid.” Right now, Grid was grumpy. "You asked for the method to obtain my hidden class? Attacking people randomly for such absurd reasons...”

Grid wanted to clear the quest as quickly as possible and return to Winston. His goal was a first night with his pretty bride! He wanted to return to his daily life after losing his virginity. He was earning money and stats as a blacksmith, then he would embezzle Winston’s taxes once he became a lord.

Yet these guys were delaying his journey. It was for items or purely selfish reasons. 

“What are you doing?”

It was okay to interfere with others, but he couldn’t tolerate others interfering with him. Grid’s eyes shone.


Grid underestimated Toban and Box’s group. This carelessness almost caused a big misfortune. 

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