Chapter 103

Chapter 103


The Giant Guild members panicked as Grid suddenly pulled out a weapon. Then they started talking to each other.

<Why is he so angry? Did we do anything wrong?>

<What’s the big deal? Ah! Is it because we made Ibellin like that? ㅡㅡ; >

<What? ㅋㅋHe’s angry because of his colleague? ㅋㅋㅋ Does that make sense? He’s been identified as a newcomer who only joined the Tzedakah Guild for a few days. How could he feel a sense of camaraderie after just a few days? An average person wouldn’t feel like that.>

<Maybe he’s the kind type. Or maybe he had a relationship with Ibellin before joining the Tzedakah Guild.>

<Wow... This is rotten  ㅡㅡ Then this will be a headache...>

As the Giant Guild was misunderstanding, another member gave a new opinion. He was someone with the ID of Grey Bear.

<Maybe his anger isn’t because of Ibellin. Look. That person isn’t even looking at Ibellin.> 

The guild members paid attention to Gray Bear’s words.

<If it isn’t Ibellin, why is he angry?>

<Do you see the anvil and production related items in front of the furnace? He seems to have been making an item.>

<Aha~! He was! He ruined his work because of us! So he’s upset!>

Thanks to Grey Bear, the Giant Guild members resolved their question and apologized to Grid.

"Did we disturb your work? We’re truly sorry. We will compensate you, so please calm down first and put away your weapon. Then we can talk. We came to invite you to the Giant Guild on Chris’ order. How about it? Isn’t it an honor? Are you happy? Have some of your upset feelings gone away?” 

The number of members in the smithy belonging to the Giant Guild was over 10 people. The Giant Guild had visited smithies several times and saw the process of making items. It took 2~3 hours on average. If it took a long time, the blacksmith would sit in front of the fire for 3~4 hours.

One or two epic items would be produced every month, while everything else was garbage. Would it be a large difference with the unknown craftsman? He was likely to work in the same manner as regular blacksmiths and would make more epic items. The thoughts of the ordinary guild members were lacking. They dismissed Grid’s work.

"Now, put away your sword. Isn’t this too shameful just because we disturbed the production of an item? Hahaha!”

“... Just?”

Grid stopped just before he swung his sword. Then kwaduduk! The sound of him gritting his teeth was very loud.

"Just the production of an item? Have you ever tried making an item? Are you making fun of my class? Have you ever thought about my efforts and perseverance? Huh? You think you can disregard me, just because you’re a member of a cool guild?” 


Grid held Dainsleif with a tight grip. He looked prepared to do battle.

Ibellin, who was barely able to save his life with the ‘Fighter’s Beliefs’ passive skill, whispered to Grid.

-Grid, calm down first. There are 12 people! Grid will be hurt if you fight alone! Please buy time until I recover!

Ibellin also participated in the Malacus raid, so he knew that Grid was strong. At that time, Grid had the unique opportunity to show off his strength. But there were 12 strong opponents. The enemies’ levels were estimated to be over 150, but Grid was only level 97.  He had no chance of winning a 12 against 1 fight.

Ibellin wanted Grid to calm down. But it was just wishful thinking.

“These jerks... I don’t like your tone even when you are apologizing. I will kill you.”

Grey Bear clicked his tongue. 'Really dumb. The silly words of these idiots stimulated the craftsman.’

They had to persuade or kidnap Grid while the main force of the Tzedakah Guild was being held up. This was the command given to them. But the problem was the leader of this group had died two times because of Ibellin and was forcefully logged out.

‘There isn’t a leader to talk to him so the situation ended up like this... But it doesn’t matter.’

The opponent was a blacksmith. The bizarre looking helmet and the greatsword seemed threatening at first, but it didn’t make sense.

'A blacksmith can’t wield a greatsword... It won’t be a threat even if he swings it. What can he do even if he’s angry? If conversation doesn’t work, we’ll just kidnap him by force.’

Grey Bear and the Giant Guild were willing to overpower to Grid.  Then Grid took one step forward.



The smiles disappeared from the faces of the Giant Guild’s members. This was because the greatsword quickly cut down a fellow colleague.


A single blow. He didn’t use any special skills, just swung the sword. But the health of their colleague fell to less than half in one blow.

“No way!”

The class of the attacked member was an assassin. By default, an assassin had weak defense and low health. If a damage dealer struck, the assassin would lose half their health in one blow. But wasn’t the opponent just a blacksmith? Blacksmiths weren’t a damage dealer. It was a production-related class. Their attack power should be weak.

But Grid’s attack power was abnormally strong.

‘What is with this blacksmith?’

‘An assassin is fast. But he was hit by the attack without being able to escape. From a blacksmith?’

‘In the first place, how can a blacksmith handle a greatsword?’

The greatsword was a weapon that only high strength warriors could handle. This greatsword also seemed bigger and heavier than usual ones. How could Grid, who was a blacksmith, handle the greatsword so perfectly?

‘Damn! What is this?’

As the Giant Guild fell into confusion, Grid attacked the assassin who had suffered great damage and fell into a stunned state. 

[Your party member Kido has died.]


Their colleague died from only two hits. The Giant Guild was astounded. 

Ibellin was also surprised. ‘Strong!’

During the Malacus raid, Grid hadn’t shown any special combat skills. He just dealt the final blow to Malacus. Ibellin thought that Grid just had high stats and some combat techniques because of his hidden class, while his main role was a blacksmith. But that was a big miscalculation. Grid was wielding the sword proficiently, like he had experienced numerous battles.

Ibellin’s vision was correct. Grid had played as a greatsword wielding warrior for a year. He hunted in the same hunting ground with low level monsters every day. Therefore, his level up was slow, but he built up a solid base. That base blossomed after Grid became Pagma's Descendant and got the high stats. Dainsleif played the role of wings.

‘Dainsleif... Great!’

Grid marvelled at the power of Dainsleif.

[Dainsleif (Reproduction)]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 500/500   Attack Power: 451~635(+165)

Attack Speed: -8%

* Additional damage equal to 10% of the target’s current defense will be dealt.

* The greater the number of enemies, the greater the damage.

* The skill ‘Golden Flash’ will be generated.

‘I knew it was a weapon specializing in dealing with a large number of enemies, but this much damage...’

After killing Kido, the remaining 11 members of the Giant Guild recognized Grid as an enemy. Dainsleif also got an additional 165 attack power. +15 attack power was added per enemy, so he could gain +1,500 attack power if he faced 100 enemies.

He had to take into consideration that Dainsleif had a maximum attack power of 635 and was currently one of the strongest weapons. The additional attack power value was high enough to destroy the balance.

'Considering the balance... Is there a cap on the additional damage? Anyway, it’s true that this is amazing.’

Grid was forced to admire it.

‘Compared to my unique items, the performance of Dainsleif is outstanding. My skills still haven’t reached Albatino.’

The creator of Dainsleif was the human blacksmith, Albatino! He was clearly great. But he failed to acquire the title of ‘legend’ like Pagma.  On the other hand, Grid was already a legend due to being Pagma's Descendant. Nevertheless, he wasn’t as good as Albatino. It was still too difficult for Grid to claim that he was Pagma's Descendant.

'I need to put in more effort. First, I will jump over Albatino and then Pagma. But before that...’

He needed to get rid of these bastards.

"I will make you pay for ruining my item! Blacksmith's Rage!”

[Blacksmith’s Rage has been activated. Your attack power and attack speed will increase significantly for 20 seconds.]


Grid’s strength was boosted and he swung Dainsleif horizontally. Two Giant Guild members standing next to each other were hit at once.




The guild members used their weapon or shield to defend against the attack, but they were unable to withstand the weight of the greatsword and were pushed back a few steps. The Giant Guild members were convinced the moment they experienced the terrible attack power.

“This... No, he isn’t a blacksmith!”

Grey Bear trembled. “We were tricked! He isn’t the unknown craftsman! These vile Tzedakah people set up a trap!”

"Let’s get out of here!”

They determined it was a trap and couldn’t stay any longer. The Giant Guild members were worried about the worst and started to retreat. But Grid had no intention of letting them go.

"You’re trying to run away?” 

Grid opened his inventory. He took out the Ideal Dagger and used Quick Movements.

[Quick Movements has been activated. Your agility and evasion rate will increase significantly for 1 minute.]


After confirming that his body was lighter, Grid chased after the Giant Guild. He stepped on the shoulders of the spectators and swung Dainsleif downwards as he jumped.



One of the Giant Guild members running away screamed and fell down. He shivered as he felt the power of Dainsleif. His eyes were astonished. Then notification windows popped up in succession.

[You have been hit by a blow!]

[You have suffered 5,900 damage.]

[The durability of the Adolph Full Plate Armor has decreased by 80.]

[The broken pieces of armor penetrated deep into your body. There will be a continuous bleeding effect until the pieces are removed.]

"Cough! This is impossible!”

The name of the man shouting was Maksevun. He was a rare pure tanker who invested all his points into stamina to increase his defense.

But thanks to the passive effect of Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Grid gained an addition 20% physical damage and 10% critical chance. Then Blacksmith’s Rage increased his attack power and Dainself had the passive effect of  ‘additional damage equal to 10% of the target’s current defense will be dealt.’ Therefore, even Maksevun’s defense was useless.

‘Even an ogre’s stamina won’t be able to endure this blow!’

They should’ve known the moment they saw the blacksmith hold the greatsword. This man was much stronger than Ibellin, one of the 10 rookies. Grid was clearly the secret weapon that the Tzedakah Guild was hiding.

‘We were wrong.’

‘We have to escape!’

The Giant Guild members didn’t care about the eyes of the spectators. They left the wounded Maksevun and kept running away. Grid once again pulled out the Ideal Dagger and used Wind Blast to block their retreat. He immediately chased after them while swapping back to Dainsleif and used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave.

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