Chapter 102

Chapter 102

 "Okay, perfect."

All preparations for making the item were finished. I took out the weapon production method I received from Ibellin this morning.

[Thorn Production Method]

Prerequisite: Advanced Blacksmith Mastery Level 5 or higher.

Thorn: A flamberge with small thorns like a black rose. It’s reminiscent of the stem of a rose.

The target will suffer a painful wound when touched by this weapon.

User Restriction: Level 210 or higher. 

The Gale Spear required level 240 to use, but the condition for learning the production method was level 4 mastery. However, the level limit of Thorn was 30 levels lower.

‘This means that the difficulty of making this weapon is high.’

Originally, a flamberge was in the shape of fire or a wave. But as the name suggested, Thorn was in the shape of a thorn, so it was harder to make than ordinary flamberges.

‘I have to make small thorn like blades on it... It’s important to make it so that the small blades don’t break easily... This will definitely be a pain.’

I learned the production method. The details of Thorn appeared along with a notification window.

[’Thorn Production Method’ has been acquired.]


Rating: Rare ~ Legendary

Rare Rating Information:

Durability: 135/135   Attack Power: 190

Armor Penetrating Power: +30%

* Unconditional bleeding will occur when an attack is successful.

* There is a 30% reduction in the healing ability of the attacked target.

Epic Rating Information:

Durability: 160/160   Attack Power: 230

Armor penetrating power: +35%

* Unconditional bleeding will occur when an attack is successful.

* There is a 35% reduction in the healing ability of the attacked target.

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 191/191   Attack Power: 280

Armor penetrating power: +45%

* Unconditional bleeding will occur when an attack is successful.

* There is a 40% reduction in the healing ability of the attacked target.

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 226/226   Attack Power: 344

Armor penetrating power: +60%

* Unconditional bleeding will occur when an attack is successful.

* There is a 50% reduction in the healing ability of the attacked target.

* The skill ‘Laceration’ will be generated.

A flamberge with small thorns on the blade like a black rose. It is reminiscent of the stem of a rose.

The target will suffer a painful wound when touched by this weapon.

User Restriction: Level 210 or higher. More than 750 strength. More than 300 agility. Advanced Sword Mastery level 2 or higher.

Weight: 300 

"Laceration? The skill name sounds bloody. Laceration skill information.”


The target’s body will be brutally torn open by Thorn. The target will receive fixed damage equal to 60% of their current health.

Skill Mana Cost: 500

Skill Usage Condition: Target must be in a bound state.

‘Damage is 60% of the target’s health? The skill will have little effect if the target is low on health, but... This is an efficient skill if the target is someone with high health, like a tanker.’

The conditions of use seemed a little tricky, but it was a top-grade skill that was attached to a legendary weapon. 

I was in good condition recently. I would be successful in making a legendary item this time.

‘Let’s get started.’

I spread out the materials that Ibellin provided for Thorn and held my hammer. Then as I was about to start...



Chaaeng! Chaeng chaeng!

“Why is it so noisy?"

I heard the sound of people shouting and weapons clashing outside the smithy. It was a pity that I couldn’t grasp the exact contents of the disturbance because the sound was coming from beyond the wall.

"Watching a fight is the best thing...”

Were people drinking during broad daylight and got into a fight? Maybe someone touched the wife of the wrong person... I wanted to go to the window and watch the fight. But I didn’t have room to enjoy the game.

“I need to work hard and earn money instead of worrying about others.”

Pon had promised to deposit the money for the Gale Spear in three days. My goal was to complete Ibellin’s spear by then and receive a lot of money at once. After paying off my family’s debt, I planned to use the remaining money to buy a foreign car.

‘I’m getting older, so I need a car... I would like to buy a good car that I can bring to the reunion. Then I will make Ahyoung regret tricking me.’

Ttang! Ttang!

I desperately prayed as I moved my hands.


Kwa kwa kwang!

Jjejeong! Chaaeng!

The earth and trees collapsed. Fire and water filled the air, while fists and a sword collided. It wasn’t a simple war of attrition. Mihara succeeded in opening the distance from Regas and consumed a lot of mana at once.


A huge flame sprayed straight into Regas’ face. The fierce momentum made it seem like a flamethrower. Regas easily avoided it.

Mihara wasn’t disappointed, despite his spell being defeated. Rather, he had been waiting for the evasion as he connected another attack like flowing water. His sword aimed straight for Regas’ exposed abdomen. It was an attack that was difficult to avoid. 

But Regas was as flexible as a leopard. He rolled his body to avoid the sword, then immediately rose up and kicked.


Mihara was also an expert in swordsmanship. He was able to correct his balance quickly and block the kick with his sword. Then he once again summoned a large flame to attack Regas.

Peng peng!

Regas couldn’t escape the flames this time. He swung his fist to blow the fire away.  Mihara’s sword swept through the remnants of the scattering flames. Regas turned to avoid the sword and looked disappointed.

“The same pattern of attacks in a row? It’s simpler than I thought. This isn’t meaningful as training.”

“How can that be? There are slight variations! In the first place, this isn’t training!”



Regas’ eyes widened. He discovered too late that sparks appeared around Mihara’s sword.


The air had dried out due to successive fire attacks and an explosion occurred due to the lightning. It was also right beside Regas’ face!


Regas screamed with pain as a notification window flashed before him.

[You have lost sight in your left eye.] 

[All stats will fall by 30% until the wound heals.]

[Your head is spinning.]

The fall in stats was accompanied by confusion. It was a hundreds times better than being stunned, but it was undeniable that confusion was one of the worst states. Regas couldn’t control his own body properly and hesitated.

‘This is basic attributes linkage... My training is still lacking.’

Regas lamented, while Mihara didn’t miss this chance. 

‘I will end it in one blow!’

Mihara decided to use his strongest magic and took out jewels that shortened casting time.

“The sapphire’s transparency will become a symbol of the ruthlessness of ice, and the ruby’s intensity will become a symbol of fire’s anger. Oh small emerald to the left of the five pointed star. Oh large emerald on the left of the six pointed star. Merciful wind that blows in the raging storm. Two energies that can’t coexist will be carried in a storm, transcending their strength!”

Mihara wobbled. It was because he used all his mana at once, making his mental power exhausted. Then a storm large enough to swallow a house appeared. Mihara laughed at the sight of his spell.

“Kuahahahat! How is it? This is my strongest skill that exterminated 180 Yatan followers! I named it Mihara’s Special Ice Fire Ultra Storm!”

Indeed, it was a fierce storm that contained ice and fire. Thousands of sharp ice shards rotated in the storm and played the role of blades, while the condensed fire calmed down in the storm. Now this storm would devour Regas, turning him into an unrecognizable shape.

Two seconds ago.

“I can imagine the power, but isn’t the casting time too long?”

The bloodied Regas was restoring his breathing. Then he took a kicking posture, while a yellow aura surrounding his legs that was reminiscent of the energy of lightning.

Mihara noticed. “Have you recovered from the confusion already?”

The average duration of confusion was five seconds. Mihara, who borrowed the power of magic stones and jewels, spent an average of three seconds casting his ultimate spell. According to Mihara’s calculations, the storm should’ve already hit Regas before he recovered from the confusion.

But what was this situation?

Regas explained to the confused Mihara. “It isn’t just training of the body, but the mind as well. A martial artist should be calm in any situation!”

Martial artists recovered from status conditions quicker than other classes. As he was explaining, the storm hit Regas. Regas had already lost one eye. Due to the shock, he wasn’t at full capacity. Mihara laughed as he saw Regas being completely swallowed by the storm.

"Kuahahat! It is like this! Stupid person! Your death was already scheduled!”

To a ranker, death was fatal. The time spent recovering from the experience lost meant their position could be taken by someone else. Mihara wanted to see Regas lose that experience.


There was a loud sound as the fragments of ice started to collide with something. Mihara knew that Regas’ flesh and bones were being torn. Then there was a noise that tickled his ears.


An explosion in the core of the storm! The whole area became razed. Mihara was thrown back by the aftermath, but there was no time to feel the pain. It was because Regas emerged from the storm.

Regas was covered with dust and ashes, but he was still alive. His whole body was injured, but it was far less than Mihara’s expectations. Mihara paid attention to the yellow aura that still remained at Regas’ toes.

“Don’t tell me you... You destroyed my special move with your kicks!?"


Regas’ wounds were so large that he couldn’t say anything. He leapt forward using his last remaining strength. Once Mihara was in attack range, he stretched out his feet and rotated. It was like a Taekwondo kick. It was a unique synthesis skill that Regas acquired after the Malacus raid, mixing the ‘Yellow Dragon’ attack with Taekwondo.


Mihara made a mistake using his strongest spell to assure victory. Mihara lost all his mana in one go and was at his mental limit, so he couldn’t resist Regas’ kick to his chest.


Chain mail and flesh were pierced, crushing bone.

[You have been hit by a blow!]

[You have died.]


Mihara’s vision turned grey. Regas confirmed that Mihara disappeared and sat down.

“It was hard.”

He wanted to go to Grid right away. But his health and stamina were low, so he couldn’t move. Regas had to take a potion and wait to recover.


The sun sank beneath the sand, revealing the white moon. Desert nights were cold.

Asellas frowned as he looked at the battlefield. It was rare for him to expose his emotions.

“The more I look, the more it transcends common sense.” 

Only 10 people. 200 guild members were being slaughtered by 10 enemies.

Asellas’ gaze focused on Jishuka. Whenever she pulled her bowstring, at least three Giant Guild members were wounded or seriously injured. He thought it was ludicrous that she was known as the expert archer, but that title didn’t seem excessive now.

‘The attack power of archers might be one of the strongest, but Jishuka’s is beyond that. There are no general guild members who can endure a hit from her.’

The average level of the Giant Guild was close to 130. It was quite high compared to the average level of users in Satisfy, but it was nothing in front of the Tzedakah Guild. The difference in basic stats was so huge that it was hard to win.

'It would be possible if it was just Jishuka...’

Asellas ordered the guild to just go after Jishuka. But Toban of the Tzedakah Guild was the number one paladin, so it seemed impossible to break through his defense. It had already been more than two hours, and the enemy  didn’t get tired while the number of allies decreased.

‘They started Satisfy later than us...’

Until he arrived here, the Tzedakah Guild seemed a lot weaker than they were in L.T.S. He honestly would’ve ignored them. But they were still strong.

‘The original plan was to completely defeat them but...that won’t work. I will focus on buying time until I receive the good news that the unknown craftsman is obtained.’

In fact, if Asellas participated directly, then victory might be possible. But Asellas was cautious. Using magic would expose his position. He couldn’t rule out the possibility of Jishuka sniping him, so he hid as much as possible.

Due to his prudence, Jishuka and the main power of the Tzedakah Guild remained tied up in the desert.


“Pant pant...”

In front of Khan’s smithy.

Ibellin blocked the Giant Guild members who came to meet Grid. However, there were 16 enemies. They were elites of the guild who seemed to be over level 150. Ibellin was level 212 and a ranker, but it wasn’t enough to deal with all of them.

In particular, the flamberge was close to useless against an opponent armed with heavy armor. The durability was so weak that the sword would break before the heavy armor. More than half the enemies were heavily armed knights.



After three hours of struggle. He defeated 4 enemies, but there were still 12 remaining. His movements were slowed due to the limitations on his stamina. He allowed a hammer attack and his shoulder was broken.

Ibellin collapsed with a groan, then a Giant Guild member trampled on him.

"The Tzedakah Guild isn’t a big deal. I thought you were a small group of elites. I don’t know why that guild contains a useless little boy like this. Isn't that right?"

"That's right! L.T.S. might be different, but the Giant Guild is the strongest in Satisfy! The Tzedakah Guild is nothing!”

The Giant Guild spoke ridiculing words, despite barely overcoming Ibellin. The process was difficult, but they eventually won. Ibellin was tearful as the Giant Guild disregarded him and the Tzedakah Guild.

'I allowed them to laugh at the members... I am too weak.’ 

Rather than being compassionate towards the boy, the Giant Guild members were pleased.

“What is this? Are you crying? Are you a guy or a girl? Your face is pretty and your body is like a girl’s, but your chest is too...”

The Giant Guild member stabbed Ibellin’s chest with his sword. Ibellin felt shame and tried to squeeze out his last remaining power to resist, but he couldn’t go against several enemies. The spectators on the street saw his helpless form and gossiped.

"Rankers aren’t a big deal...”

"I agree. I mean, even if there are a lot of people, shouldn’t he fight like a ranker? But isn’t it too one-sided? Were my expectations too high?”

“Rankers aren’t weak, but the Giant Guild is too strong. Aren’t they considered to be one of the strongest guilds? By the way, what is the Tzedakah Guild doing? Their colleague is being beaten up and no one is showing up to help.”

"They must’ve fled. They’re a small group of elites, but the reality is pathetic.”

The powerful Tzedakah Guild was constantly being slandered. Ibellin was ashamed that he was the cause of this. He blamed himself for being helpless.

“Kilkil... Now, let’s start the real work.”

The Giant Guild felt satisfaction after playing with Ibellin and finally opened the door of the smithy. This was their purpose for coming here. It was for the sake of meeting the unknown craftsman.

Ibeliin stumbled up and blocked their way again. "I can’t allow you to meet him...”

The Giant Guild members became angry.

“Ah~ really. This jerk doesn’t give up to the end. Hey, shouldn’t you allow the unknown craftsman to choose? Wouldn’t he rather join our guild than a terrible guild like this? Eh~ go and log out!”


The Giant Guild beat Ibellin up. Then a part of Ibellin’s destroyed armor broke off and flew to one side. The direction it flew in...




The blast furnace. Grid had been hammering without noticing the disturbance occurring right in front of him. He suddenly stopped moving. He had been tempering steel on the anvil, only for a bloody lump of iron to fall on it? It was steel he had been forging and tempering for the last few hours, and now foreign matter was mixed in it.


Shake shake.

Grid received a big shock and was speechless. The Giant Guild walked up to him and said hello.

“Are you the unknown craftsman? Hello! We have come to invite you in the name of Chris, master of the Giant Guild and 3rd place on the unified rankings...”



The Giant Guild members stopped talking. They greeted him in a courteous manner, only for Grid to suddenly curse. They stared with dismay as Grid looked at them.

"Do you know what you did just now?”

It was the first time he was disturbed while making an item. He was currently a few hours in. The flamberge that Grid thought might be finished with a legendary rating was now ruined.


Grid’s eyes flashed like a madman as he held the greatsword in his hand and a strange skull helmet covering his face.

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