Chapter 388

Chapter 388

“Linked Kill Wave.”


A thunderous sound burst from Grid’s sword. It was the strongest skill, which cast Kill eight times continuously and attached the features of Wave to it, Linked Kill Wave. The momentum and strength was legendary.

[The new skill fusion has succeeded.]

[Your intelligence has increased by 10 due to the successful fusion of a new skill.]

[Linked Kill Wave is added to the list of Pagma’s Swordsmanship techniques.]

[Linked Kill Wave]

Performs three sword dances simultaneously.

Summons eight consecutive Kill attacks that inflicts 1,500% attack power, chasing all objects within a 2m radius.

The targets hit will have all speeds reduced by 50%.

* This skill doesn’t share a cooldown with Link, Kill, and Wave.

Skill Mana Cost: 2,000

Skill Cooldown Time: 20 minutes.

It was a targeted skill that dealt up to 12,000% damage. Depending on the number of targets, it could be used as a single or wide area skill. The three combination skill was several times stronger than the two combination skill, and the utilization was also high. It was truly a legendary skill.


The fierce momentum of Linked Wave Kill shot towards the clone. At first glance, it seemed to be Grid’s victory. But what about the clone? Just as Grid summoned Randy to deal with Linked Kill Wave, the clone could use the same method.


The clone’s Randy was hit by Linked Kill Wave instead, turning him to grey.

Grid’s eyes looked all over the place.


Randy’s ‘Change Locations with the Copied Target’ was similar to Teleport. Depending on where Randy was when switching positions with the target, he could aim for the enemy’s blind spot. Grid nervously looked around with the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch.


A menacing aura of hatred and killing intent filled the air. The clone was using Kill. Grid determined that it was difficult to avoid or defend against and used a skill.

“Freely Move.”

It was the skill attached to the title ‘Secret Hero.’ There were limits to the range of use, and the cooldown time was one hour. However, it was a top dashing skill that allowed him to avoid all non-targeting skills until he reached his target.


He avoided Kill and at the same time, leapt towards the clone and used Pinnacle.


Blood spurted from the clone’s chest. But the clone didn’t shrink back. Pinnacle had the advantage of being a targeted skill, but the power was less than Kill. It was difficult to inflict death on the clone who was armed with all types of items.


Grid defended against the clone’s counterattack. Since both sides had equal stats, no one was overwhelmed in a frontal battle. A tense contest began.

Kikik! Kkikikik!

Grid exchanged blows with Grid’s Greatsword and provoked the clone.

"Why don’t you use Pinnacle Kill? Won’t it be hard to beat me without that?”


The clone didn’t say anything. The clone was Grid, but it capabilities were confined. The clone was a puppet doll without feelings. The reason for the clone’s existence was to kill Grid, so it had no thoughts or comments.

"Magic Missile."

"Magic Missile."

It was at the same time. Grid and the clone looked at each other through interlocking swords and fired Magic Missiles, both of them flying back with damage.

‘This time, we did it simultaneously.’

Grid was satisfied. Previously, he hadn’t been able to use Magic Missile first and was one-sidedly hit.

Pa pa pa pat!

Four golden hands appeared behind the clone’s back. It was the copied God Hands. They were armed with the Ideal Dagger, the Doppelganger’s Greatsword, Failure, and Iyarugt. Grid also summoned the God Hands.


It was truly spectacular. Four golden hands holding weapons were behind Grid and the clone. Someone who could use five weapons at the same time. It was a nonsensical fraudulent character from the point of view of an ordinary person.

‘How can I take advantage of God Hands in this situation?’

The reason Grid didn’t take out the God Hands was because it wasn’t useful. What would happen if he took out the God Hands? The clone would just use his God Hands to neutralize it, and it would eventually become a one-on-one match again.


Did the clone want to prove Grid’s thoughts wrong? The clone started to actively make use of the God Hands.


‘Wheel formation?’

The God Hands formed a circular shape and rotated, wielding the weapons one after another at Grid’s God Hands. Rise and fall. Rise and fall. The effect of the wheel formation, which didn’t have any breaks between attacks, was amazing.

Grid’s God Hands were completely overwhelmed and made obsolete.

‘This is possible!’

The commands that Grid gave to the God Hands were simple. It was classified as attack, defense and waiting. He only gave detailed commands when he wanted them to grab onto something.  It was because Grid didn’t have the ability to concentrate while giving more complex commands.

Think about it. Focusing on battle while giving complex commands to four God Hands? An ordinary person couldn’t do it.

On the other hand, the clone was different. He had the same stats as Grid, but was optimized for battle. Since he only existed to hurt Grid, his concentration was extremely excellent.


The clone’s God Hands kept rotating. Grid’s God Hands were attacked with no time difference and they stiffened in order, then the clone’s God Hands flew towards Grid. Of course, the God Hands couldn’t threaten Grid.

The wheel formation? How funny. The God Hands only had level 2 intermediate Sword Mastery, so Grid was able to shake them off with no difficulty. But the problem was the time spent in the process. The clone approached while Grid was dealing with the God Hands and used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Link.




Blood splattered from Grid’s body. If the God Hands hadn’t lost their stiffness and flown over to defend him, Grid would’ve suffered unimaginable damage. Grid fired Magic Missile and retreated in order to drink a health potion. However, there was no time to drink a potion because the clone’s God Hands attacked.

Chaaeng! Chaeng!

Grid was busy blocking the strikes of the God Hands.


The difference in basic judgment ability and control was too great, despite the clone having the same stats and items.


A smile appeared on Grid’s face. He was happy. He realized that he still had room to grow.

‘I have to try and improve the control of the God Hands.’

After learning a new skill combination, now he could see the usefulness of the God Hands. Grid grinned with joy as he commanded the God Hands to capture the fake ones. At this time, the clone started to deploy Pinnacle Kill.

At this moment.

‘I must look.’

Grid’s concentration became extremely high.


A stronger force was added to the God Hands holding the fakes. It was testament to the fact that Grid’s order to ‘hold’ the God Hands was more elaborate.


The clone’s sword moved.


Grid showed an extreme concentration as he followed the actions of the clone.


The curved orbit of Pinnacle changed to a straight line. Grid did the same.


[The new skill fusion has succeeded.]

[Your intelligence has increased by 10 due to the successful fusion of a new skill.]

[Pinnacle Kill is added to the list of Pagma’s Swordsmanship techniques.]

[Pinnacle Kill]

Performs two sword dances simultaneously.

Deals 2,000% of your attack power to a specified target.

It changes the trajectory of the sword in the middle, making it hard to deal with.

* This skill doesn’t share a cooldown with Pinnacle and Kill.

Skill Mana Cost: 2,000

Health Consumed by Skill: 4,500

Skill Cooldown Time: 5 minutes.




At the same time, blood poured from the nose and mouth of Grid and the clone. At the same time, both of them lost half their health. They quickly raised their swords and made different choices. The clone immediately used Linked Kill, while Grid summoned Noe to slow down the clone.

“The best demonic beast of hell has emerged! Nyahahat!”

Noe laughed as he appeared after a long time. But this laughter didn’t last long. It was because Noe was hit by the clone’s Linked Kill.


Noe’s fur bristled. He got fresh air after a long time, but was surprised at instantly suffering a crisis. But who was Noe? The greatest demonic beast of hell, a memphis. He had the best speed in hell and the skill to minimize physical damage, Fluidization.


Puk puk!

Noe barely escaped the second Linked Kill by using Fluidization. The guy with a cute mouth barely escaped! Then he opened his mouth. It was the manifestation of the worst skill, Soul Ingestion, which take away half of the highest stats of the target.

Noe swallowed up the clone.

[The effect of Soul Ingestion will increase your strength by 1,408 for the next minute.]

Power boiled up inside him. Grid paused as he was about to use Linked Kill.

‘Will the clone also be able to summon Noe?’

Now that his strength temporarily rose to 4,224, what if the clone summoned Noe and used Soul Ingestion? The clone’s strength would increase dramatically. Grid visualized the worst case scenario and couldn’t easily attacked.

“Stupid master! What nyang? Attack this guy! Nyang!”

Noe moved forward to deal a blow to the clone instead of his hesitating master. But despite the use of Fluidization, it was difficult to deal a fatal blow. Grid heard Noe’s voice and rushed forward.

“Linked Kill.”


Puk puk puk!


Grid was confused. The clone didn’t resist the attack and allowed it.


Why didn’t the clone summon Noe? Did he read the question in Grid’s heart? Sticks admired Noe while explaining.

"A memphis is the most perfect creature after a dragon, except for their personality. Even the mysterious Behen Archipelago can’t reproduce a memphis.”


If he had known this earlier, he would’ve summoned Noe from the beginning. No, if he did that, he might not have learned Linked Kill Wave and Pinnacle Kill. Grid smiled positively and opened up the distance as much as possible.

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