Chapter 387

Chapter 387

[You have entered the 20th island.]

The time it took Grid to pass 19 islands and reach the 20th island was exactly 45 hours and 19 minutes. He broke through the treasure hunt mission with a versatile key and avoided the thunderstorm with a giant lightning rod. These missions wasted a lot of time for ordinary contestants.

It was the same with the Overgeared members. The Overgeared members were prepared due to Grid who had reached the 40th island. They were able to enter the 20th island as fast as Grid.

‘The mission of the 20th island is to avoid the eyes of the hell moon.’

The Overgeared members thought of the method that Grid came up with.


They used the invisibility cloak and hid their traces on the island. Thanks to that, the hell moon couldn’t do anything. All of this was thanks to Grid.


39 days remained until the National Competition.

The 1st ranked Kraugel stood at the crossroad of choice. For the remaining period of time, he could re-challenge the Behen Archipelago or re-challenge Piaro.

‘I can acquire skills and elixirs in the Behen Archipelago.’

If he won against Piaro, he could change to a legendary class. Even if he only succeeded in one of the options, Kraugel could play an overwhelming role in the National Competition.

‘Both are likely to fail.’

Could he challenge Piaro and win? Kraugel calculated that the odds were only 30%. Then what about the Behen Archipelago?

‘The probability of clearing the Behen Archipelago is even lower.’

The reason why Kraugel couldn’t re-challenge the Behen Archipelago was the nonsensical 31st island. The 31st island recreated his past trials. There, Kraugel had to fight the great demon Furfu. It was in a state where his level was lower than 180.


One of the great demons who lost to Sword Saint Muller. In the past, Kraugel had dismissed Furfu. A great demon who lost his body. Kraugel was confident that he could raid Furfu by himself, despite Furfu borrowing the body of an intermediate demon.

The result? It was terrible. He had been killed three times in succession, with Furfu chasing him to the ends of the world. If he hadn’t received help, he might’ve died a few more times.

‘The Behen Archipelago isn’t a place I can clear with my abilities.’

Kraugel’s expression was bitter as he made this judgment. He compared himself with Grid. Grid, the first player who defeated him. He said he passed the 30th island. Grid was a man with the amazing ability to overcome past trials.


Kraugel thought this and turned his attention to the East Continent. He could gain exclusive White Swordsman items, exclusive skills and rapid level increase from the East Continent. There were many rewards that were less valuable than the Behen Archipelago or Piaro, but they couldn’t be ignored.

‘I have to stay on the East Continent until the National Competition.’

Kraugel made his decision and used the East Continent’s portal scroll.


“This is very hard.”

The 41st island.

Grid studied the combination of Linked Kill Wave and Pinnacle Kill in three days of game time, but didn’t achieve the desired result. It wasn’t easy to catch the timing if Linked Kill Wave and Pinnacle Kill.

‘It is absurd.’

He tried from 0.1 seconds to 3 seconds to connect Link and Kill. But rather than Linked Kill Wave, only Link or Linked Kill were activated, making Grid go crazy.

'I’ve been doing this for three days already...’ 

The fact that he couldn’t get the results he wanted despite doing his best was irritating him. Grid’s head hurt. He once again lamented his low talents. But he wasn’t frustrated. Grid still had hope.

'Perhaps it isn’t the gap between Link and Kill, but the fulfillment of other conditions.’

How could he figure out what conditions there were?

"I will fight my clone one more time.”

Grid knew better than anyone that he couldn’t win against his clone in his current state. However, Grid wasn’t afraid. If he was afraid of failure, he would become stagnant.

“Do it again.”

Grid breathed in deeply and moved through the gate of the 41st island. He would once again fight with the clone, while taking note of the process for Linked Kill Wave and Pinnacle Kill.


[You have entered the 41st island.]

[A mission will be created.]

[41st Island]

Fight with yourself and win.

First Clear Compensation: You can raise the level of one skill.

A flat island with no geographical features. The moment Grid stepped onto the small island, the clone came forward to meet him.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Indeed, it was the same as three days ago. Grid’s clone attacked the moment Grid entered the island.

'Will he open with Linked Kill Wave again?’

Grid focused. He watched the movements of the clone without blinking in order to figure out the secret behind Linked Kill Wave. Then the skill was used.

“Transcended Link.”


It used Transcended Link instead of the skill Grid wanted? Grid also used Transcended Link, as dozens of energy blades were fired. The bombardment caused the earth to shake. The impact was enormous as it was a clash between legendary skills.



The swirling sandstorm disturbed Grid’s visibility and he retreated backwards, while the clone made another choice. Despite the pain of the sand getting into the eyes, the clone persevered as he rushed forward and swung Iyarugt at Grid. It was immediately after using Transcended Link and Grid was still armed with Grid’s Greatsword, so he couldn’t read Iyarugt’s orbit.


Grid’s thigh was cut. He belatedly swapped to Iyarugt, but...


The clone swapped from Iyarugt back to Grid’s Greatsword, and used a skill, hitting Grid successively.

'Why is his weapons swapping speed so quick?’

Weapon swapping required a series of processes. It required opening the inventory, putting in the item then bringing out the desired item. In Grid’s case, the process took around 2 seconds on average. Grid was confused because the clone did it in less than a second.

‘Will I get used to it if I do it often?’

Grid suppressed the confusion and thought as positively as possible while wielding Iyarugt. It was necessary to deal as much damage as possible while the clone was armed with Grid’s Greatsword.


Iyarugt stabbed at the clone’s side, leaving a blood-like glow.

‘I have to continue this momentum.’

Grid didn’t use a skill. He quickly wielded Iyarugt, not giving the clone a chance to use skills. It was clearly an effective choice. The clone was forced to concentrate on defense.

Chaaeng! Chaeng!

The battle entered a lull. Iyarugt and Iyarugt collided with each other, leaving a bloody afterglow in the area.

‘Let’s think about it.’

How could he shake off the clone in order to use a skill and change the shape of the battle? The clone extended a finger while Grid was thinking.

"Magic Missile."



Magic Missile (Enhanced)’s casting time was only one second. It required one finger to be extended, so it was possible to cast while wielding a sword. Grid also knew this, but the one who changed the battlefield using Magic Missile was the clone. It proved that the clone’s thinking ability was better than Grid’s.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

Grid winced as he was hit by Magic Missile. The clone swapped to Grid’s Greatsword in an instant and carried out the footwork of Link. Grid also wanted to offset it by using Link the same way, but the problem was that it took time to swap to Grid’s Greatsword.

The moment Grid’s Greatsword was pulled out, the clone’s Link was already complete.


Grid gritted his teeth. It was to prepare for the pain. But the pain didn’t come. The clone was still continuing its sword dance.


Link and then Kill.

‘Linked Kill!’

It was lucky.  He wouldn’t have been able to cope if Link was immediately used, but he was given time.


Grid hurriedly pulled out the Divine Shield.



The clone combined Linked Kill with Wave. It was Linked Kill Wave.


Subsequently, waves of Kill attacks filled the air.

‘I understand!’

Grid gained enlightenment. In order to combine Linked Kill Wave, it was essential to withdraw back before connecting each sword technique.

‘Finally, I also...!’

Grid watched carefully. But it wasn’t a situation where he could just sit back and enjoy.


8 Kill attacks were directly aimed at Grid. Grid summoned Randy and had him use Revolve.


The 8 Kills were sucked in by Revolve and turned around, heading back to the clone. The clone remained calm. He also summoned Randy and responded by using Revolve. In the meantime, Grid was completely aware the movements of Link and Kill.

He calculated the time accurately and didn’t forget to step backwards before connecting Link and Kill. Then he started on the sword dance for Wave.


A powerful energy centred on Grid. It was the energy of Linked Kill Wave.


Grid was filled with joy. After two Revolves, the more powerful Kill attacks headed towards him.


There was an explosion and the earth shook. Did Grid receive catastrophic damage? He succeeded in Linked Kill Wave, but couldn’t even use it? No, that wasn’t it. Grid wasn’t in a crisis.

“Linked Kill Wave.”


By changing his position with Randy, he was able to appear at the side of the clone and unfold the best skill.

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