Chapter 381

Chapter 381

Piaro had already lived a failed life once.

He was swept away in conspiracies and betrayal, losing everything. The reason why Piaro could recover again was due to Grid. Grid motivated him when he was heart sick, and also released the misunderstanding with Asmophel.

For Piaro, Grid was a benefactor who he would serve his whole life. But what about Piaro? Why was he training Grid’s enemies like Chris and Hurent? This was an insult to Grid and people could accuse Piaro.

However, Piaro was confident. In the past, he had experienced betrayal and learned from it. The present Piaro could see into a person’s true nature.

'The more I look, the more sincere and motivated he is.’

The fields near Altes Mountains.

Piaro watched the hard-working Hurent with a satisfied expression. Piaro judged that Hurent was a person with a good character. He was burning with a desire for revenge due to past events, but this vengeance was due to passion rather than malicious looks.

If Piaro guided him well, Hurent would become a person who would surely grow in a positive direction and had the potential to become Grid’s right hand later on.

‘I didn’t know about all the possibilities of aura.’

Hurent’s aura was different from the usual aura. It wasn’t limited to pure power, but also focused on the shape’s diversity. Therefore, it was more useful and had unlimited possibilities for development. If he grew up well, he would show a heroic figure on the battlefield as well as show huge efficiency on the fields.

‘I need to steadily give him carrots.’

Everything was for his lord. Piaro could truthfully say this.


The distance between Reidan and the fields near the Altes Mountains was one day.

But Grid managed to arrive in less than half a day. It was the result of utilizing the movement speed buff of Braham’s Boots and Quick Movements from the Ideal Dagger.

"The desert is becoming a forest...”

Unlike the fields on the outskirts of Reidan, half of the fields cleared by Piaro near the Altes Mountains were orchards. There were immature trees that still hadn’t born fruit, but it was likely to become a lush forest.

Grid was amazed by Piaro’s power.

“Even if he’s a legendary farmer, making a forest in the desert...”

According to Administrator Rabbit, Piaro had less than 500 farmers. But Piaro was very grateful because he was able to secure human resources and develop the agriculture on his own.


Grid’s face suddenly distorted as he was filled with admiration. It was because he witnessed 200 young girls in their early teens who were working under the sun.

"Turning young children into serfs...”

The girls seemed pretty, but their skin was tanned. If he looked closely, their hands were full of calluses, which meant they hadn’t just been working for a day or two. Grid was very disappointed with Piaro.

"No matter how obsessed he is with farming, does he have to make little girls work?”

Originally, Grid was selfish. He wasn’t interested no matter what misfortune other people went through. But now it was different. As Lord’s father, he couldn’t watch in silence as children were overworked.

"I must speak to them.”

It happened the moment Grid stepped on the fields.


The 200 girls holding farming equipment in their hands. The moment he stepped on the field, their eyes changed and they pulled out their weapons? Grid realized it the moment he saw the girls pulling out their swords, spears, and shields.

‘Don’t tell me that they are the Rebecca’s Daughters candidates?’

Lauel had sent him a report. The Rebecca’s Daughters candidates were being trained by Piaro. In other words, these 200 girls weren’t serfs, but Piaro’s disciples. The farming itself was part of the training.

‘Phew... I’m glad they aren’t unfortunate girls.’

Just as Grid was sighing with relief...

“This is Reidan, the territory of the great Duke Grid.”

“Goddess Rebecca won’t forgive anyone who invades it.”

“We will follow Piaro’s will and repel all intruders.”


It was a problem. 200 girls rushed towards Grid, calling him an intruder. Grid didn’t know what to do at first.




The 200 girls handled the swords, spears, and shields in a wonderful manner. Grid felt pleased.

‘Isn’t this tremendous?’

Rebecca’s Daughters. As a symbol of the Rebecca Church’s mightiest forces, their abilities were far beyond what Grid imagined. It wasn’t something that players could afford to go against. The candidates all had excellent qualities. Maybe they were named NPCs. It was enough to make him think.

“You are strong!”

"But you can’t go any further than this!”

The girls cried out as their attacks were in vain. Nevertheless, they were the secret weapons of the greatest religion on the continent, so they didn’t lose their courage.

Grid’s heart leapt.

‘Becoming stronger.’

He wasn’t talking about himself. Reidan’s farmers, Reidan and Overgeared were becoming stronger in real time. These great results were achieved with all his colleagues, not alone. It was fun to develop his forces, and he felt even more proud that the growth wasn’t alone.

"Let me help you train.”

Grid imagined the Rebecca’s Daughters candidates growing up to become a symbol of Overgeared. He shook with joy and pulled out Iyarugt. At this moment, the eyes of the 200 girls shone like lanterns.


The effect of the alchemy B grade ‘Coolness’ was amazing. Iyarugt shone like jewels every time it moved, making everyone dazzled by its appearance. It wasn’t a concept that had the same effect as ‘bewitchment,’ but it was effective to stamp Grid’s existence into the viewers.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Restraint.”

Grid started to unfold a spectacular sword dance. At this point, a brilliant light flowed around him like cherry blossoms. Grid had +600 dignity and +800 charm thanks to the effect of the ‘First Duke’ title, so it was enough to stimulate the young girls. 

Piaro came after hearing the nose and clicked his tongue.

“Duke Grid. Tricking young girls...”


Grid caused a huge misunderstanding and it almost became a social problem.


"How do you quickly raise the technical proficiency of weapons?”

In the mid-point between the field and orchards. Surrounded by 200 girls, Grid sought advice from Piaro.

"Isn’t repetitive movements the most important thing?”

"I want a shortcut. Then I can add it as an option to the weapon.”

"You want to make weapons that can quickly raise the skill level. Hrmm...”

Piaro started to think about it. Just as Khan was ignorant about the technical parts behind using weapons, Piaro couldn’t easily answer because he was ignorant of blacksmithing. As Piaro was thinking, the girls started talking to Grid.

"Duke Grid, it’s an honor to meet you.”

"Thanks to the duke, Damian has become the pope and peace is restored in our Rebecca Church.”

“Goddess Rebecca has certainly blessed you.”

The Rebecca’s Daughters candidates were  brainwashed in a secret facility for a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 10 years. They weren’t like others their age, and were restrained from thinking and making decisions by themselves.

However, they could change thanks to Damian and Piaro. They realized the happiness that humans should pursue and transformed into youthful young girls. In other words, the current Rebecca’s Daughter candidates were susceptible girls.

It was a good age to experience first love, and Grid was very suitable for that purpose. The hero who saved them, the one who received the Goddess’ blessing, the charm of an adult male. The tall, solid body and mature facial features were stamped in the girls’ hearts.

But Grid knew. Girls’ hearts changed as easily as the wind blew.

‘It is similar to middle-school girls.'

Grid laughed as he patted a girl’s head and spoke.

"Please grow up healthy and pretty, and look after my son Lord.”

“Yes...! Duke Grid!”

Grid never imagined how much his innocent request would make Lord suffer. The pretty girls laughed as they heard the words, then Piaro finally spoke.

"If you use weapons in bad shape, you will increase your proficiency faster in exchange for overcoming the difficulties. How about using that part in the weapons production?”


Grid thought about it. A weapon that reproduced bad conditions every time it was used?

‘...Can I make a garbage item?’

The legendary blacksmith was trying to do trolling.


The elites of the Overgeared Guild gathered at the Behen Archipelago. It included all the members of the Tzedakah Guild, as well as Yura, Lauel, Peak Sword, and Huroi. They only had one goal.

"Become stronger.”

Grid had prepared a strategy for them. They had to pass as many islands as possible and secure a large number of points in order to buy the necessary elixirs and skillbooks. 


Pa pa pa pat!

The Overgeared members entered the Behen Archipelago one by one. The Behen Archipelago was an instant dungeon with a one person entry limit, so they had to proceed separately.


Lauel confirmed the position of his colleagues in the rear and sent a whisper to Euphemina one more time.

-Are you really not going to challenge the Behen Archipelago?

-Yes, I think I should focus on my ongoing quest.

-It seems to be a massive quest. Can I ask about the contents?


Euphemina’s story began and a dark smile appeared on Lauel’s face.

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