Chapter 376

Chapter 376

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

A haze spread around Grid’s body and there was a faint light as he started a sword dance. The first legendary class in Satisfy demonstrated absolute dominance.

“Transcended Link.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

20 red-black energy blades filled with strength flooded towards Kraugel. The sight caused the billions of people watching the video to hold their breath.


Kraugel avoided them with minimal movements, neared Grid, and his white sword moved in a curved line.


Grid defended like he was waiting for it. The camera shook as the two swords hit each other.  Then it changed to a black and white screen with 2XX3.10.27 on it.   It was the opening video that announced the date and time of the 2nd National Competition.


-It’s cool, really cool.

-The opening of a game should taste like this.

-Something is bubbling up inside me. It’s much cooler than the Demon Hero movies.

-Everybody has different tastes ^^. I prefer the Demon Hero movies.

The public’s interest in the opening video of the 2nd National Competition was hot. Among them, the Korean people were enthusiastic about the existence of Yura and Peak Sword.

-Yura and Peak Sword are in position with the Overgeared members.

-When did they join Overgeared?

-There is continuous breaking news.

-Wow... I never imagined that Yura and Peak Sword would join Overgeared. Grid’s forces seem truly unique.

-It is likely that there are eight main guilds in Satisfy now, not seven. The existing seven guilds and Overgeared.

-Isn’t Peak Sword the master of the Silver Knights? Did the Silver knights merge with Overgeared?

-It’s likely.

-We can think of Overgeared as a Korean guild. Their master is Korean and most of the guild members are Korean.

-Kya ~ ~! Do you know Overgeared?

-Hah... Yura and Jishuka are really pretty. I will have no other wishes in my life if I can meet them once once.

-No, it’s absurd to get both of them ㅡㅡ Choose one of the twoㅡㅡ

-He’s even a couple in the game with Irene. Ah, I’m so envious.

-People can get everything if they are successful in their field. I will try my best when it comes to writing comments on the Internet as well. ^^

-Then I guess I only have Satisfy from now on. I will be like Grid and buy an 800 million won car.

-I’ve been only playing Satisfy since it opened, but I’m still level 250 ㅎㅎㅎ. I can’t be Grid.

-Fun. The users with levels above 250 should comment here.

The dignity of Grid and Overgeared were clearly communicated to the Korean people. It was Lauel’s intention. However, contrary to Lauel’s intentions, the people of other countries were concentrating on something else.

-Wow... Kraugel will participate in the competition.

-Yes. I thought he would stick to the mysterious concept for the rest of his life.

-It isn’t a mysterious concept. He just focuses on levelling up to the end.

-I wonder why Kraugel is participating in the tournament?

-Of course, he must covet the prizes.

-Now that Grid’s reputation is growing to a level that can threaten him, his pride means he has come to show the difference in skill.

-Indeed... Kraugel is in a different class.

-What are you saying ㅡㅡ Grid has shown many times what he can achieve, their classes are too different.

-What nonsense. Don’t you see how easily Kraugel avoided Grid’s skill?Kraugel is a wall. I don’t mean to ignore Grid, but Kraugel is too great.

-What are you saying? How do you know Kraugel managed to avoid Grid’s skill? You can’t distinguish between reality and directing.

-You don’t believe Kraugel’s skills? In the old days, rankers shot videos of Kraugel hunting and his control ability exceeded common sense. Search on Mytube.

-Ah, that video... It had over a billion hits.


Lauel’s face distorted as he confirmed the public’s reaction. Public interest was focused on Grid and Kraugel, not Grid and Overgeared, so his initial intention to maximize the existence of Overgeared was broken. He was upset.

‘It is because of Kraugel.’

He wondered why the S.A. Group listened to their request, but it was because there was this motivation behind it.

‘This is bad.’

The opening was a secondary problem. Lauel planned to impress the public with the Overgeared Guild by having the members win a medal in each event. Now he might miss it due to the variable called Kraugel.

‘Considering Kraugel’s inclinations, he is likely to participate in PvP, raid, and the siege.’

The gold medals in the three most popular events in the National Competition were very valuable. However, as long as Kraugel existed, it was realistic for the Overgeared members to give up on the gold medal.

'...No, not if it’s Grid.’

According to Grid, the reason he could win against Kraugel was because Kraugel wasn’t in a perfect condition. But Lauel believed.

‘The sky isn’t untouchable.’

Snow, rain, thunder, and typhoons would pour down, but the sky wouldn’t fall. Lauel knew that Kraugel shouldn’t have been knocked down, even if he was in an imperfect condition. Grid being able to break down the sky, it wasn’t a coincidence or a miracle...

‘It is skills.’


Lauel clenched his fists and started to write a letter to someone. He was someone who always tried to change the worst crisis into an opportunity.


‘Genius at fighting’ Hao.

The millions of Chinese people were thrilled and enthusiastic when he expressed his intention to participate in the 2nd National Competition, since he didn’t participate in the first one. They expected to see China ranked first in the National Competition.

However, Hao was different.


His only object of reverence.

'I didn’t think you would participate in this tournament.’

Hao’s expression was already tense and sweat was trickling down.

‘Can I play an active role against Kraugel?’

No. Hao was sure of it. He would never be able to reach the faraway sky that was Kraugel. Then a homing pigeon flew towards him. The sender was Lauel. The chief of staff of Overgeared wrote the letter.

[You didn’t accept my friend request, so I can’t send you a whisper. Thus, I had to send a letter. 

You are the first person to not accept the best of the 10 Rookies and the brains of Overgeared’s request.

This provocative attitude stimulated the other soul in my heart...]


Hao quickly skimmed down the nonsense and found the main point.

[Do you remember the promise that you made in the past? If my lord, Grid, breaks down the sky and becomes a new sky, you will spread your wings and fly into Grid’s arms.]


Hao distinctly remembered it. The seven guilds failed to invade Reidan because they were crushed by farmers, and Hao was forced to retreat. Hao received an offer to serve Grid in exchange for his life.

At that time, Hao said that the only thing to hold a dragon was a sky, and of course, that sky was Kraugel. Grid would break Kraugel?

“It’s impossible.”


Hao crumpled up the letter. He acknowledged Grid’s skills. Grid had appropriate control and exceptional items. The current Grid was one of the top rankers. But he was nothing compared to Kraugel.

‘Someone who can’t overcome me won’t be able to beat Kraugel.’

The more he thought about it, the more absurd it was. Hao’s chest burned hot when he thought about Kraugel.

‘It would be good to make them understand their target.’

Overgeared Guild. He would let them know that the world was very narrow. Hao’s golden eyes became determined to prove it.


Grid and the Overgeared members escaped from the 9th vampire city with the help of Sage Sticks. They had a busy day with various media interviews and filming the opening video of the National Competition. Now they gathered in Reidan after a long time.

“Ba! Baba!”


Lord toddled forward and greeted them. Grid was moved to tears by the appearance of his big son.

“Is he calling me papa? Didn't you hear?”

It was exciting for Grid, but the other Overgeared members didn’t show much reaction. It was because...

“Ba! Bababa!”

Lord used the same title for all the Overgeared members, not just Grid!

“Heok... Surely you haven’t forgotten your dad after not meeting for so long?”

Grid turned blue with shock. Lord turned his gaze away from the one who couldn’t hide his sadness and smiled meaningfully. Kasim watched him in the darkness and shook.

‘A little baby is already teasing an adult...’



Grid shared the joy of a reunion with Irene and left the bedroom. He observed the sleeping Lord with the Great Lord's Sword and was astonished.

Name: Lord Steim

Age: 0 years  Gender: Male

Occupation: Young Nobleman

Title: Grid’s Son

* The son of a legendary blacksmith. He has inherited most of his father’s abilities.

Title: Genius of the Continent

* A genius that represents one continent. He overwhelms national geniuses, and his level and abilities will rise 60% faster than normal. In addition, he can acquire skills in a wide range of fields.

However, there is a limit to the level and abilities that can be raised until he is 15 years old.

Title: One who Will Become a Legend

A person who will leave his name in history. There is an 80% chance of being immune to all status effects and illnesses. When attacked, if his health falls to 1 point, he will enter the immortal state for 2.5 seconds.

Level: 3

Strength: 40   Stamina: 45

Agility: 54     Intelligence: 47

Dexterity: 90  Charm: 100

Dignity: 17    Insight: 80

Skills: Beginner Blacksmith Skill (F), Beginner Weapons Mastery (C), Daluka’s Methods (A+) Discerning Eyes (S), Overwhelming Charm (S), Lantier’s Method (SS), Famous and Legendary Pedigree (SS).

His mother is the successor of a noble family in the Eternal Kingdom and his father is a legend.

He has inherited all of his parent’s strengths, so his potential is outstanding. Teaching him will be inspiring.

However, his talent and environment are so good that he is likely to become arrogant. Education will determine his history.

‘There is a title change and two more skills?’

According to Irene, Lord had received constant discipline during the month when Grid was away. It wasn’t surprising that his level and stats rose slightly. But why did ‘Genius of Eternal’ change to ‘Genius of the Continent?’

It meant an increase in potential. There must’ve been a reason.

‘What on earth happened?’

Daluka's Methods and Lantier’s Methods. He was also nervous about the high ratings of the newly acquired skills. In particular, Lantier’s Methods was a huge SS grade, meaning it was a legendary skill.

‘Who is the discipline teacher...?’

How was he teaching to make a monster like this? This was completely...

‘A profit.’

Grid sent a whisper to Rabbit, telling him to raise the discipline teacher’s salary. Thanks to this, the wages of the discipline teacher rose from the minimum wage by 1 silver.

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