Chapter 373

Chapter 373

'I haven’t grown enough.’

Grid’s total health in his blackened state was slightly less than 30,000. Tiramet could kill him in just 3~4 hits. But Grid had endured it. The attacks with a relatively easy orbit were directly blocked and avoided, while he relied on the God Hands and Randy for the attacks that were difficult to cope with.

Grid’s self-evaluation of his control and ability to use items.

‘There’s still a long way to go.’

He wasn’t satisfied. It was a fact that the enemies he would face in the future would continue to be strong.

‘Is there a definitive way to become stronger? No matter how much control I develop, it’s impossible to not get hit at all during a battle.’

What if he made an item that received hits?

‘A simple example is a damage reflective item.’

Or, ‘Armor with a black hole? I will drag the enemies that hit me to another dimension.’ It was fun to imagine fanciful things. For Grid, imagination was a type of power.


‘I have the Item Creation skill.’

There were many items in Satisfy that had functions that Grid didn’t know yet. Grid’s imagination meant he had infinite possibilities. Grid believed in his own potential and grasped the Rune of Darkness.

[Rune of Darkness]

Bound Item

It is permanently preserved in your inventory. Trading, dropping, or destroying it is impossible.

-Usage Effect: Demonic power state will rise in exchange for its use.

* Normal attacks and skill attacks will deal an addition 20% dark damage.

Unique Lasting Effect: When dealing with named demonkin and demons, you can absorb unique attributes.

* Tiramet’s Power: If your health drops below 10%, health will be restored to 30% in an instant. Cooldown Time: 12 hours.

‘My survivability is getting higher.’

Grid observed the Rune of Darkness and came up with one idea.

‘It would be ideal to be a pure tanker.’

There were many damage dealers in Overgeared, but few tankers. The only tankers to be relied on were Vantner and Toban.

‘If I become a tanker, the synergy with the guild will explode...’

He imagined himself armed with heavy armor and shields. Then he frowned.

'...Then Pagma’s Swordsmanship will be useless.’

Grid was someone with the strongest attack skills. It was a waste of talent to turn into a pure tanker. But when he thought about it more, it wasn’t the case.

‘No, can’t I swap between items?’

What if he had an offensive set and defensive set that could be swapped if necessary?

‘It would be easier to cope with a sudden situation like the Tiramet raid.’

The appearance of the concentrating Grid was mature and gentle. Yura’s gem-like eyes were wet as she watched him.


"It’s dirty.”

“It’s been a long time.”

The east side of the first floor of the castle, where towering pillars spread out like a forest. The irritation of Pon and Vantner were soaring. They were angry at the tricks of Ran, the vampire baron who attacked through the darkness and the pillars.

“The terrain is too much of a disadvantage. I would rather break it all down.”


Pon greatly twisted the arm holding the spear. His muscles swelled up as he gathered his strength.

"Crasher Spear.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

It destroyed everything in its path.   It was a powerful attack that would even make the allies afraid. The spear cut from top to bottom, causing the towers to collapse. Then the shadow hiding behind the pillars came into view.

Vantner didn’t miss this opportunity.

“Sun Guard!”


Vantner’s shield shone like the sun and drove away the darkness. The light rays were so bright that it was reminiscent of a nightclub. Ran no longer had a place to hide and fired magic bullets at the two people.

“It isn’t a big deal!”

The magic was laughable compared to Elfin Stone. Vantner blocked the magic bullets with his shield, while Pon flew through the dust and tried to aim his spear... But Vantner ran ahead and interfered with Pon’s path.


“You damn pig!”

Pon staggered as he was hit by Vantner’s massive body. Vantner also cried out.

“You idiot! There is a path in front of you. Why run towards me?”

"Why do I need to explain each reason individually? You ignorant bastard.”

Pon and Vantner growled at each other. Thanks to this, Ran passed the crisis and was able to escape through the pillars in the rear that hadn’t yet collapsed.

‘I’m glad that their teamwork is a mess.’

Ran thought with relief and fired magic from behind a pillar.



The red flash broke the ceiling and the falling debris restrained Pon and Vantner’s actions. Ran moved back through the darkness and aimed sharp nails at Pon’s neck.


The blood red nails pierced a hole in Pon’s neck.

“Puhaha! You were hit!”

Vantner laughed and taunted Pon. The journey of the two people was long and harsh.


[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye. If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]

[A hidden function doesn’t exist.]

Grid appraised Alex’s gun. He was somewhat disappointed with the results and moved quickly with Yura, Sticks, and Bini.

“Over there is the closest.”

Sticks borrowed the power of the earth and wind elementals to figure out where a battle was occurring. He also allowed Grid to enter the vampire city, so he was helpful in many ways.

‘But he didn’t give me an item...’

Yura got Alex’s gun for free. Grid couldn’t help feeling a bit jealous.

“... Eh?”

Grid moved through the door that Sticks indicated and made an absurd expression. It was the same for Yura who followed behind him. The reason?

“You useless octopus head!”

"I would’ve died earlier if I wasn’t a tanker!”

"If you weren’t there, the vampire baron would be killed!”


There was evidence of destruction through the room. There were still dozens of pillars left and Pon and Vantner were fighting each other. It was in front of the enemy.



“How rotten!”

Because they were grabbing each other’s collars, Pon and Vantner weren’t free. The two men allowed the female vampire to attack and retreat behind the pillars, causing Grid to feel anger.

"I won’t say anything about the personal relationship between the two of you. But...”

Step, step.

Grid moved and used Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Restraint. Ran, who was flying to the new target Grid like a moth to the fire, stopped in the air.


Ran’s body started sweating as Grid activated Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle, then followed up with Kill.


Ran let out a terrible scream and rushed towards Pon and Vantner. She was released from Restraint and attempted to hide in the darkness, but Yura didn’t allow it.

"Purification Bullet."

Tatatang! Tang tang!

The bullets made from blue mana turned Ran’s body into a beehive.

“Linked Kill.”


Puk puk puk!

Grid neatly finished it off. 

[Vampire Baron Ran has been destroyed.]

[525,810,470 experience has been acquired.]

[Two Blessed Weapon Enhancement Stones have been acquired.]

[Seven weapon enhancement stones have been acquired.]

[Skillbook: Dark Fairy Tale has been acquired.]


Blood poured out and a black smoke rose. In the meantime, Grid sent a very sharp and intimidating look towards Pon and Vantner.

"In the future, fight in the appropriate time and place. Think about the pain that your colleagues are going through while you unnecessarily waste time here.”

It wasn’t an exaggeration. Grid ran here from the Behen Archipelago for his colleagues. He couldn’t stand Pon and Vantner, who ignored their colleagues because of personal feelings.

"...I'm sorry.”

"I will be careful in the future."

Pon and Vantner bowed and apologized. They understood the reason why Grid was angry and acknowledged their mistakes, and were also aware of Grid as their leader. Grid reached out to the two people who couldn’t lift their heads. Was it an offer to shake hands so that they weren’t too discouraged? Pon and Vantner interpreted Grid’s gesture in this way.

“Lend me a spear.”


Grid made an unpredictable demand.


A large hall on the first floor of the castle. Faker was struggling in a place where chandeliers hung like ornaments.


The vampire baron, Mountain. He wore unusually heavy armor and used a heavy weapon for a vampire. The ground shook every time he moved, threatening Faker’s sense of balance.


Faker, whose posture collapsed and was slow to react, blocked the mace with his dagger. Faker used the recoil that occurred when the weapons collided to float in the air like a feather, while Mountain reached out a hand.

“Blood Binding.”


Blood chains rose up and surrounded Faker’s body. But it was merely Faker’s clone.


The chains exploded and the remnants of Faker’s clone filled the air.


Faker took advantage of the swiftness of his class and appeared behind Mountain. He swung at Mountain’s thick neck. Faker aimed precisely at the gap in the armor joints.


Puk puk!

As the number of hits increase, the damage built up. The blow, that caused a deadly blow to Elfin Stone, pierced Mountain’s neck in succession. No emotions appeared in Faker’s eyes as blood soaked his face.

“You rat bastard..!”

Mountain shook from the shock and released magic power in every direction. Thanks to that, Faker flew back. A large axe flew at him as he tried to regain his balance in the air.

‘I have to allow this.’

If he used ‘Flash’ here, his mana and skills linkage would become twisted. It happened when Faker was preparing for the shock.

“Spear Shot.”



A silver-white spear flew from the entrance and penetrated Mountain’s head. Thanks to that, Faker was able to avoid the large axe whose obit was changed, and he moved his face towards the entrance.

“Thank you, Pon... Grid?”

He never imagined that Grid would be the person who saved him. Grid waved at Faker, who had a rare look of shock in his eyes.

"To be driven on the defensive, isn’t this too bad?”

Faker was someone who was often beside Grid. He was reminded of this and shrugged at Grid.

"...But with you, I can be extraordinary.”

It was a signal.

“These damn humans!”

Mountain’s aggro shifted to Grid and Grid handled it as always. Thanks to him blocking Mountain, Faker could move like he had wings on his back. Once Vantner and Yura stepped in, Mountain quickly became scarred.

“My spear. My spear...”

Pon was busy reclaiming his spear.

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