Chapter 372

Chapter 372

"You deceived me.”

Randy, who copied Grid’s appearance, was beaten to death. Tiramet nervously threw down the slime-like creature.

[Doppelganger Randy's health has fallen to 0.] 

[Randy is forced to return to the pet inventory. You can’t summon it for the next 24 hours.]

"You will pay with your lives.”


Tiramet broke the ground as he leapt. The speed at which he reached Grid’s group, only Grid could react and cope. Yura was too low in level and Sticks’ eyesight was low.


Grid blocked Tiramet’s fists with the combined Failure and Iyarugt and was pushed back two steps. Grid had a unique strength stat among users, yet he was pushed back by the force.


Tiramet tilted her upper body and swung his fist at Grid’s temple.

[You have suffered 9,975 damage.]


Ku tang tang tang!

Grid groaned as his body threw back against a wall. Tiramet’s basic attack was very difficult to deal with because it combined magic damage and physical damage, and also had changing features.

‘This isn’t good.’

Grid was filled with extreme tension. In the past, he might’ve fallen into a panic. However, it was a good opportunity for the current Grid to face strong opposition.

'Kraugel, you could’ve beaten this guy.’

Grid wanted to prove that he was one step closer to Kraugel. Grid rose with this thought. Then he immediately rushed towards Tiramet. Despite being wounded, his momentum didn’t die.

“You bastard!”

Tiramet yelled as he received a nasty cut from Grid’s Greatsword. It wasn’t that he couldn’t avoid it, but that he didn’t. Tiramet grasped Grid’s face with a large hand. The moment his fangs shone in a threatening manner.

"Magic Missile."


A white flash aimed accurately between Tiramet’s two eyes, while the God Hands grabbed the shaking Tiramet. At the same time, blood rose from Tiramet’s neck. Tirament got a headache.

‘How is he maintaining his concentration?’

His first attacks were in vain and now he was overwhelmed in battle, so why didn’t he feel despair? This person had a different mentality from ordinary humans.

‘So far, all the humans have felt despair and frustration after realizing that I’m an immortal being.’

Tiramet didn’t like it. Tiramet’s eyes shone red as he used magic to drive Grid on the defensive.  Meanwhile, Yura was trying to grasp the function of the item.

[Alex’s Magic Engineering Gun]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 215/215

* Pistol Mode

Attack Power: 419

Mana Purification Rate: +30%

* Rifle Mode

Attack Power: 914

Mana Purification Rate: -20%

Firing Speed: -50%

* Bayonet Mode

Attack Power: 705

Attack Speed: +10%

Stabbing Attack: +30%

* It is only possible to change modes once every 5 seconds.

A magic weapon made by the dwarven craftsman Milepeu, who taught Pagma before he became a legend.

Contains the essence of dwarf technology.

Conditions of Use: Demon Slayer

‘It’s great.’

The magic guns used by Yura only supported pistol mode. In addition, it was lacking when it came to attack power, and didn’t have the option to increase the speed at which mana was purified into bullets.

Sticks smiled as she checked Alex’s magic gun and shook.

"I have watched you closely. This gun can bring out your true strength.”

Yura had a question.

“Why are you giving me this gun without any conditions? Today is the first time we’ve met.”

"You are Grid’s colleague.”

Originally, a Demon Slayer had to visit the Behen Archipelago and reach the 25th island to obtain Alex’s magic gun. It was a type of hidden quest. However, Yura skipped the intermediate process and got a reward just because she was Grid’s colleague.

‘It was you.’



Grid was having a bloody fight with Tiramet. Yura’s eyes further deepened as she looked at him.

‘He is a man like a fishnet.’

She couldn’t escape from him. She never imagined that she would be so dependent on someone. Yura aimed at Tiramet’s head and made a subtle smile.

Wiing- click.

[Alex's gun will switch to rifle mode.]

The blue barrel stretched out and Yura’s mana was transferred into the gun.




Sticks’ eyes shone as he watched Yura from the side. It was because the speed at which she refined mana into a bullet reminded him of Alex. Of course, he wouldn’t be surprised if she was faster.

Kwa kwang!


Tiramet’s face half exploded while he was busy dealing with Grid and the God Hands. Blood and flesh dripped down and his skull was revealed. It was an accurate shooting skill and great power.

Tiramet struggled with the pain. His hate-filled eyes gazed at Yura and Grid didn’t miss this opportunity.

“Linked Kill.”


Grid’s greatsword accurately hit Tiramet’s half-face.  Tiramet couldn’t even scream.

Puk puk puk!

Grid’s greatsword kept targeting Tiramet’s face. Unfortunately, two of them missed, but four strikes were successful. A critical popped up all four times, and the effect of the Holy Light Gloves was activated three times.

Grid had the momentum.


[Link has risen to level 6.]

[The power of Link will rise.]




Tiramet was amazed. Despite the deadly injury, most of the swift sword strikes were blocked with both arms. But now his opponent wasn’t just Grid. Focusing on Grid once again revealed a gap to Yura.

“Vindictive Sword.”


She used Extinction Bullet to approach Tiramet and then used an aura sword attack. The white flash in a straight line once again caused great damage to Tiramet.

Grid was amazed.

‘It is very strong.’

Demon Slayer. It was a great demonstration of the passive and active skills that dealt additional damage to the demonkin. Yura’s level, stats and items were far below Grid’s, but she dealt 1.5 times more damage to Tiramet.


Tiramet was confused. It was absurd that one of Beriache’s nine direct descendants was on the defensive from two humans. It was a shock that was comparable to when he met Alex, 150 years ago.

‘First retreat...’


Tiramet’s body scattered into smoke as he forgot about his pride. He planned to retreat, but Grid and Yura didn’t allow him to.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Wave.”

[Wave has risen to level 5.]

[The power of Wave will rise.]

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Waves spread in all directions, slowing down Tiramet’s speed.

“Light of the End.”


Yura caused a golden explosion that shook the space.

“This... W-what is this...? Kuaaaaak!"

The overwhelming regenerative power of Tiramet was neutralized by the Demon Slayer. Tiramet started to disappear without recovering from his fatal injuries. His screams echoed in the area as he faded away.

[Vampire Viscount Tiramet is forced to sleep after exhausting all his powers.]

[1,325,810,470 experience has been acquired.]

[Tiremet’s Belt has been acquired.]

[Tiremet’s Shoulderguards has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Tiremet’s strength is engraved on the Rune of Darkness.]

[The blacksmith who became a legend can appraise items with an excellent discerning eye. If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]

[Tiramet’s Shoulderguards]

Rating: Unique

Defense: 95   Health: +3,000

* There is a low chance of nullifying physical attacks.

It is the favourite shoulderguards of the vampire viscount, Tiramet. Gives the wearer a high survival capacity.

User Restriction: Level 320 or higher.

Weight: 190

[Tiramet's Belt]

Rating: Epic (Growth)

* Reduce damage received by 10%.

* Stamina +100.

A belt that contains the unique magic power of Vampire Viscount Tiramet.

Weight: 13

[This item has a hidden function.]

[The information about Tiramet's Belt has been updated.]

* If this belt grows to a legendary rating, the wearer can summon Vampire Viscount Tiramet.


Elfin Stone’s ring could summon Elfin Stone and Tiramet’s Belt could summon Tiramet. Assuming that all items with the unique mana was like this, it seemed that summoning the vampires would make them his subordinates.

‘It is a big hit.’

The thought of having big bosses like Elfin Stone and Tiramet as subordinates in the future was electrifying. Yura approached Grid and reached out.


"Yes, of course.”

She wanted the items to be distributed. Grid interpreted it that way and handed Tiramet’s Belt to Yura.

‘It is a bit disappointing.’

He wouldn’t have been able to raid Tiramet without Yura’s help. In addition, Yura’s growth was Overgeared’s growth, so it was natural and reasonable to distribute the items to her. But Yura didn’t take Tiramet’s belt.

"Not the items.”

"...Then what?”

Grid felt puzzled, while Yura blushed and avoided his gaze.

"Hold my hand. As a token for my efforts.”

Yura asked shyly. Grid was bewildered, but he shook her hand vigorously.

Sticks shook his head.


"Mama! Ma!”

Lord’s sense of balance increased day by day and he started walking a week ago. He didn’t fall until he reached his mother Irene. Irene was thrilled and hugged Lord.

“My son, you are the spitting image of your great father.”


Ruby, who was staring at Lord from the side, was embarrassed. Her brother was someone who wore diapers until he was 5 years old. It was ridiculous that he would be compared to the super genius Lord.

But sometimes it was good for the truth to be buried. Ruby remained silent.

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