Chapter 370

Chapter 370

Elfin Stone, master of the 13th city, was an earl, while the master of cities in the 10s were viscounts. Yura was well aware of the strength of a viscount type vampire.

‘At least five of the elites of Overgeared must be present to raid them.’

It might be possible if she completed all her class quests and went over level 300, but she couldn’t do it alone right now. Yura judged this and focused on survival. She fought defensively in order to buy as much time as possible for her scattered colleagues to return.

But Tiramet’s combat power was too destructive. He was stronger than the other viscounts she had met.

'He met a former Demon Slayer and survived.’

It was clearly a unique event, meaning... 

‘Named boss!’




Yura avoided the bleeding magic, but her range of actions was constrained. Soon after, she was faced with a kick flying at her.

‘I can’t avoid it.’

She would lose at least a third of her health. The key was to not allow any linked attacks. Yura calculated the angle and deliberately moved her body. The moment she was hit, she would be blown back to the rear pillar and planned to use that gap to regain her posture.

At that moment.



A shining golden shield came flying and protected Yura from Tiramet’s kick.


Yura’s normally always calm eyes widened. She knew who the owner of this golden shield was.


Why was he here when he should be in the Behen Archipelago? How did he enter, and why did he only show up in important moments to help her?

‘I will keep depending on you if this happens.’

Even Yura’s sad expression was beautiful. 


The True Blood vampires were divided into two types.

There were the nine children born directly by Shizo Beriache, and those made using their blood. Viscount Tiramet was a direct descendant. He was at least three times stronger than the usual made vampire viscounts, so it was right to call him a quasi-earl.

He was being threatened by a human? It didn’t make sense. Unless his opponent had the title of a legend!

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Linked Kill.”


Puk puk puk!


Tiramet’s body was pierced five times by a blue-black energy blade, causing him to scream terribly. The black haired human who suddenly appeared, his attack power was devastating.


The angry Tiramet waved his hand, causing his magic power to move. It was the manifestation of transfusion magic that hit all targets and took away their health.

‘A non-targeted skill.’

The black haired man, Grid’s, eyes changed. He withdrew the greatsword that was inserted into Tiramet’s chest, while using the footwork of Link to avoid the blood magic. It was a remarkable accomplishment, considering the timing and speed of the magic. Of course, the aid of the Slaughterer’s Eye Patch was also great.

“You rat bastard!”

Tiramet shouted as his health went down and he punched out. But Grid’s skill deployment was quicker, since he was already completing the footsteps of Link.


A little while ago, Grid had stabbed Tiramet’s chest rather than his head. The head would receive more damage, but he wasn’t able to hit the enemy’s head with 100% accuracy with his current skills.

On the other hand, Link was different. The range of the slashes was much wider than a stabbing attack.

“This will hurt.”




At the same time as Grid’s proclamation, Tiramet’s face was mangled. Tiramet was shaken by the terrible pain and pulled out a trump card.

“Blood Tornado!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Magic power moved around Tiramet like a whirlwind. Grid’s body was swept into the air by it.

“I’ll kill you!”

Kwa kwang!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Five blood missiles flew towards Grid.

“God Hands!”

Syuok! Syuok!

Two golden hands came flying at Grid’s call. They spread open their palms and blocked the Blood Missile, but stiffened. The three remaining Blood Missiles hit Grid’s head and chest.



There was an explosion and Grid coughed up blood. Tiramet confirmed it and laughed with excitement.

“Kuhahat! You’re quite strong, but you’re still human! There’s a large physical difference between you and I! A human body is like dry leaves, while the body of a True Blood vampire is like steel!”

This was true, but Tiramet was also hurt by his wounds. The damage from the human destroyed common sense and half his health was consumed.


He had vampire magic. Tiramet smiled and aimed magic at both Grid and Yura.

"My body is a stone.”


Tiramet’s eyes widened. The human received three Blood Missiles and was far from death!

"Why is a human so durable...?”

"Magic Missile."




Magic Missile (Enhanced) Lv. 2. The legendary spell, which had become more powerful in the Behen Archipelago, accurately penetrated Tiramet’s heart. Tiramet thought it was ludicrous.

'I was hit by a Magic Missile?’

Why was a magician so tough? No, why did he use a sword so well if he was a magician? Tiramet was feeling astonished when Grid appeared above him, drinking a health potion.


The blue-black greatsword struck like a lightning bolt! The momentum was great, but it was easily caught by Tiramet’s left hand.

"This body won’t be caught by the same pattern!”

Tirament stretched out his right hand. He grabbed Grid’s neck and pushed him into a pillar.

“Blood Burn!”


Grid’s body was pushed into the pillar and swept away by the explosion of blood.


Yura’s face paled. No matter how good his items, stats, and class, she was worried that Grid wouldn’t be safe from this attack. She had forgotten for a moment. Grid was someone who fought against Kraugel.

"Already making me use Doran’s ring.”

Grid’s appearance was moderately fine. But his expression wasn’t good. 

‘I still have a long way to go.’

Kraugel wouldn’t have been caught by the neck when the attack was blocked.

'He would’ve aimed for the head with the first Linked Kill.’

Was Grid frustrated after knowing he was lacking so much, despite going to the Behen Archipelago? No. Just like Kraugel and Yura, Grid was now aiming to be the best. He couldn’t be so easily frustrated.

“Let’s start properly.”

"This guy keeps on speaking nonsense... Hah?”

Tiramet, who was laughing with a relaxed expression, hurriedly moved from his position. Two golden hands appeared in the air.  The hands could fly on their own through the air with weapons?

‘Artifacts that can be used for both offense and defense, and move by themselves...! It is big!’

Chaaeng! Chaeng!

The God Hands’ Sword Mastery level had grown from the beginner to intermediate level. It was the result of Grid repeatedly using them in the Behen Archipelago. They wielded the Ideal Dagger, the Doppelganger’s Greatsword, and fired Magic Missiles to tie up Tiramet’s feet for a while.

But it wasn’t enough to drive Tiramet to the defensive.

“What can you do with such shameful artifacts?”

Jjejeong! Jjejejeok!

Tiramet grasped the trajectory of the two God Hands, avoided them and reached for Grid.



He fired Blood Fire, which dealt both fire damage proportional to his health. Grid faced the heat and revealed his power for the first time.


[Your black magic power has increased.] 

[You don’t have any black magic power. It will be replaced with demonic power.]

[While Blackening is activated, your species will change to half-demon.]

[As a half demon, your maximum health is reduced by 50%. Your attack power, magic power, and agility will increase by 20% each.]

[All attacks will be converted to the black magic attribute.]

“Quick Movements.”

[The skill attached to the Ideal Dagger equipped to the God Hand has now been activated.]

[Your evasion rate is increased by 30% and your agility is doubled for 1 minute.]

“Blacksmith's Rage.”

[Attack power will increase by 25% and attack speed will increase by 40% for 35 seconds.]


[The items have successfully combined!]

[The combination time of Failure and Iyarugt will last 2 minutes.]

The reason that Grid only used two God Hands during the battle wasn’t to make fun of Tiramet. He recognized and appreciated Tiramet’s strength, so he had used the Item Combination skill with two God Hands just before entering battle.


The two God Hands flew here and gave Grid a new weapon. Based on his increased agility, Grid evaded the Blood Fire and gave orders to each God Hand.

"Open. Magic Missile."

Syu syu syu syu syuk!


The hands scattered all over the place fired a Magic Missile at Tiramet, making it difficult for Tiramet to avoid.

"This technique... Heok?”

Tiramet cried out as he deployed Blood Shields to defend against the Magic Missiles. The black haired man, who was hard to define as a human anymore, was coming closer?

"Fling Blood!"

“Continuous Stab!”


Jjejeong! Puk!

Chaaeng! Jjejeong!

Tiramet wasn’t ordinary. Using the Fling Blood skill, he was able to boost his stats and defend against three of Grid’s five attacks. Grid judged that he was unable to achieve five combos in this situation and used Blood Cry.


“Kuk... No, that’s Elfin Stone’s!”

Tiramet’s eyes widened. Grid saw an opportunity and chopped at Tiramet’s shoulder with Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Pinnacle. From here, Iyarugt’s power activated properly.

[The 3rd combo has been achieved!]

[The damage done to the target will increase by 200% for 1 second.]




Tiramet’s face wrinkled as he was affected. Yet he tried to fight back, proving his strength. It wasn’t comparable to Elfin Stone, but Tiramet far exceeded the weakened Hell Gao. Grid was expecting Tiramet’s counterattack.


The counterattack came on cue. It was the moment when Grid’s aim was completed.

[The 5th combo has been achieved!]

[The target’s sense of reason has collapsed for 0.3 seconds.] 

[The skill ‘Hell Sword’ can be linked.]

The skill must be activated within 0.3 seconds. Now Grid could strike at the right timing.

“Hell Sword.”

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