Chapter 369

Chapter 369

Most gamers liked to dream, but they became frustrated by their talent and environmental limitations, causing them to abandon their dreams.

From a general point of view, Grid was also like this. However, Grid obtained an opportunity after hard work. He had been trying his best ever since becoming Pagma’s Descendant.

He wanted to escape his poverty, wanted to show off, and then wanted to overcome his inferiority. Now he didn’t want to lose what he had obtained, and also to protect his precious ones. His aspirations were refined in a more upright direction.

He couldn’t sit still while his colleagues were at risk.



Behen Archipelago, the 40th island.

Sticks was drinking a blue coconut.

"Why did you come back so soon this time?”

Grid cut right to the point.

“Instant dun... No, can you forcefully enter a place where access is limited, like the Behen Archipelago?”

No. Anyone would give that answer. But Grid was full of hope. Sticks.  He was called a sage because he accumulated more knowledge and wisdom than others. Indeed, Sticks met Grid’s expectations.

"There is one way. But it is likely to fail and I can only try it twice a year.”

"Can you give it a try for me?”

“...Can I ask about the situation?”

Grid was his benefactor and had infinite appeal. But Sticks couldn’t blindly help without knowing the situation.

"There are people who I want to protect.”

Grid gave a clear and brief explanation. His eyes were deep, warm and bright. Sticks didn’t inquire anymore after hearing the explanation.

"First, let’s get out of here.”

Sticks got up from his seat. The purification of the Contaminated Behen Archipelago? It was better for Grid to solve his problem first before returning. Grid would be able to concentrate more. 


The members of the vampire expedition were as followed. Pon, Regas, Faker, Jishuka, Yura, Huroi, Peak Sword, Vantner, Toban, Zednos, Ibellin, and Toon. They were the elites of Overgeared.

Since raiding Elfin Stone and growing from the 10th vampire city, they were filled with confidence. With the exception of Marie Rose, who Grid told them to be careful of, they were convinced that there weren’t any vampires they couldn’t raid.

Now they greatly regretted challenging the 9th city.

"Dammit, I’m lost at this age.”

The 9th city was a castle. The castle was several times larger than Reidan, the second largest city in the Eternal Kingdom. Traps were set up everywhere, the corridors were like labyrinths, and the Overgeared members unintentionally became scattered.


Pon and Vantner were separated from the group. They were moving between a forest of pillars when a playful woman’s voice was heard from behind them. The surprised Pon and Vantner swung their weapons, but they only hurt the pillars and felt a pain from their wrists.

“Oh! This nasty woman!”

Vantner’s bald head turned red. He was like an octopus, so Pon burst out laughing. Vantner’s head became even redder.

"This situation isn’t funny!”

“You should look in the mirror. It’s impossible not to laugh.”

“This bastard!”

Vantner and Pon were still at odds. It happened when the agitated Vantner was going to grab Pon’s collar.

"If you’re bored, then play with me.”

The playful voice of a woman was heard from the ceiling instead of behind a pillar. Pon was still being held by the collar, but stabbed upwards with his spear. Vantner let go and grabbed his axe.

They leapt towards the vampire baron, Ran.


The sharp fingernails moved with high agility and scratched the chests of the two men.



Pon and Vantner’s faces became irritated at their failed counterattack.

"Huhuhut~ silly Brothers.”

Ran hid herself in the darkness and taunted them, causing Vantner to grumble.

“Wouldn’t Faker be a match for that woman?”

“I agree. If Faker was here, then we would be able to easily catch that woman instead of suffering like this.”

"That’s what I wanted to say!”

The two of them couldn’t work together and the number of wounds gradually increased. Ran’s laughter echoed in the darkness.


“Do you think this body will be hurt by that small dagger?”

A large hall on the first floor of the castle. Faker had fallen into a trap and was fighting a vampire alone. Like his name, Mountain held an unusually large weapon and was covered with armor. The body of the vampire baron was as big as his name. He was at least 3m tall.


His throwing skill wasn’t enough to get past the defense. Rare tension appeared on Faker’s face.


"This is the worst."

A corridor to the north of the castle’s first floor. Jishuka and Zednos was isolated in the middle of it without any cover. There were vampire soldiers coming from both sides of the corridor.

“We can’t let them get here.”

"I know.”

Jishuka was an archer and Zednos was a magician. They were vulnerable when it came to close combat. They shot arrows and magic to the other side of the hall to prevent vampires from approaching...

“Damn humans!”

The number of angry vampires didn’t show signs of diminishing. Zednos saw that they were gradually narrowing the distance and clicked his tongue.

"The average level is 20 levels higher than the vampires of the 10th city?”

"...I agree.”

The two people felt desperate.


“Is everybody safe?”

Regas, Huroi, Peak Sword, Toban, Ibellin, and Toon. They were at the forefront of the party and was move towards the 2nd floor when they activated the ‘Teleportation Trap.’ It was impossible for them to confirm if the colleagues left on the 1st floor were safe.

"I can’t see their health and location.”

"I think they are in danger.”

“No, Regas. This is why I told you to let Faker go first. Why were you in the front when you don’t have a searching ability?”

“...I’m sorry. I was so motivated that I moved ahead.”

“Let’s go down to the 1st floor instead of blaming anyone.”

Peak Sword. He used to be the guild master of the Silver Knights Guild. When he was serious, he showed a high leadership and judgment ability. The others were well aware of this fact and followed Peak Sword without saying anything.

However, there were people blocking the path to the 1st floor. They were three vampire barons.

“...This place is great.”

In the 10th city, one or two vampire barons emerged as intermediate bosses. However, the 9th city contained an absurd number of vampire barons.

"Draw Sword, Annihilate.”


Peak Sword initiated the battle.


Demon Slayer, Yura. Her level was 247. The level that the general public took two years to obtain was achieved in just seven months. It was the result of the know-how from her 5th place ranking, a legendary class, and the best hunting ground that was the vampire cities.

The present Yura was strong enough to compare with the main powers of Overgeared. However, her level wasn’t enough to deal with a vampire viscount alone.

"Is this your limit?”

A viscount was far stronger than the vampire barons. The viscount, Tiramet, looked down at the kneeling Yura. He was overflowing with magic power and his infinite physical strength made him arrogant.

"I was a bit nervous about the dirty bullets you shoot, but it isn’t interesting. A Demon Slayer is just this much.”

Yura asked Tiramet, who had spoken in a ridiculing tone.

“You know about a Demon Slayer?”

"It’s impossible for me to not know.”

Tiramet raised his silver hair. Then he revealed a deep wound on his forehead.

“I was wounded by that guy.”

His killing intent rose. Tiramet’s hostility exploded as he thought about the past.

"Woman who inherited that power. Today I will thoroughly step on you.”


Like most vampires, Tiramet was good at magic and physical fighting. He used a style of fighting that weakened the enemy with magic and then ended it with physical attacks.

“I won’t be hit by the same thing again.”

Yura cancelled the magic by shooting a purification bullet and immediately opened the distance. She narrowly avoided a flying kick and fired a bullet again.


It hit. The bullet accurately hit between Tiramet’s eyes. It was a great marksmanship. However, Yura’s complexion was still pale. She was only level 247, so she couldn’t deal a big blow to a named level 360 boss.

“Kuk...! Girl!”

A Demon Slayer’s attack was a deadly poison to demonkin. No matter the level difference, Tiramet felt a great deal of pain, so his anger soared into the sky.

Peeng! Peeng!


Every time he waved his hand, black magic power struck to constrict Yura’s behavior.

"I’ll break you!”

A smile broke out on Tiramet’s face because he was confident in his combat abilities. His kick flew out like lightning and aimed accurately at Yura’s face.


A sound rang out.  Tiramet was convinced it was the sound of fragile human bones being broken.

"Kukuk...! Huh?”

Tiramet stopped laughing while imagining brains pouring out of the dying human. He felt doubts.

‘What is this?’

Where did the golden shield that appeared in front of his leg come from?

‘What is this damn girl...!?’

The moment that Tiramet backed away.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

A storm of blue-black energy blades flew and covered Tiramet. Tiramet reflexively used a defense spell and was astonished.


It was a level of damage that couldn’t be defended against. Tiramet’s body became wounded as he moved backwards.

“What bastard?”

Immediately after the storm of blades finished, the outraged Tiramet tried to counterattack. He was about to use magic when he stopped. Four golden hands came flying over and bound his arms and legs!

“What is this...?”

Tiramet struggled to shake off the golden hands. But this wasn't an easy task. He had the advantage in power, but the dexterity of the fingers meant he couldn’t easily get rid of them. At that moment, a gap was revealed for a few seconds. 

Someone was flying above Tiramet’s head. It was a black haired human. 

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

It was Grid.

“Linked Kill.”

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