Chapter 363

Chapter 363

The 25th island was quite small and shabby. It was around 10 pyeong wide, and there were palm trees all over. Grid looked Sticks down under the shade of a tree and prompted.

"Hey, if you want to live then tell me the elf’s recipe.”

“Ugh... Urgh...”

Sticks was sweating and breathing in an uncomfortable manner. His state was so serious that it was hard for him to speak. Grid hurriedly fed various potions to him, but they didn’t have any effect.

The helper fairy, Bini, trembled and made a fuss.

“Challenger! Please use your talents to save Sticks!”

What should he do? The Grid in the past would’ve been confused about what to do. But he had greatly developed after meeting Kraugel and challenging the Behen Archipelago. He thought of a means to overcome the situation using his expanded thinking ability.

"Believe in me and wait."

Grid calmed Bini down and grabbed a sword.

[Great Lord’s Sword]

It was a rare sword given only to the dukes of each kingdom, and greatly increased the insight, dignity and leadership of the wearer. It was a superb artifact that allowed him to peek at the stats and skills of the target NPC through the Character Observation skill.

‘Sticks, if you want to live, give me a hint.’

[Character Observation has been used.]


Name: Sticks

Age: 881 years old   Gender: Male

Race: Elf   Occupation: Sage

Title: Wise Star

* Benevolent and wise. Has extensive knowledge.

* Isolated for a long time from the world. His knowledge is outdated.

Level: 401

Strength: 403 (▼)   Stamina: 880 (▼)

Agility: 1,201 (▼)       Intelligence: 1,930 (▼)

Wisdom: 2876 (▼)   Charm: 2,490

Skills: Archery (B), Social Sciences (B▼), Engineering (B▼), Medicine (B▼), Humanities (B▼), Art (S), Magic Studies (S), Natural Sciences (S▼), Elementary Science (S+), Learning (SS), Education (SS).

A high elf with a noble lineage.

Originally, he should have a lifespan that is close to an eternal life. But in the process of protecting the world tree, he received the anger of the gourmet dragon Reiders and got a disease.

* Currently in a state where his overall stats are declining.

The world tree existed in Elf Forest. In other words, Sticks was originally a person from Elf Forest. Why did he come to the Behen Archipelago? Grid thought about this and turned to stare at Bini.

“Why did Sticks come to the Behen Archipelago? Is it related to the disease from Reiders?”

“Yes, that’s right! His original purpose for coming here was to treat his disease!”

"Is there a medicine that grows only in this place?”

"I don’t know. After coming here, I only saw Sticks eating the blue coconut... Ah!”

“It’s that.”

The means to treat the disease. Grid turned his gaze towards the palm trees. The blue coconuts filled his field of view. Grid had the God Hands gather the coconuts and brought them to Sticks.

"Can you calm down if you eat this?”

Sticks saw the blue coconuts and barely managed to open his mouth.

“That... It if’s with the leaves of the world tree...”

“Mix them together?”

Sticks nodded. Grid cut the coconut shells while asking Bini.

“What are the leaves of the world tree?”

"I'll find them!”

Piece by piece. Bini searched inside Sticks’ robe. After a while, he pulled out some green leaves and handed them to Grid.

[Leaves of the World Tree (6) have been acquired.]

[Leaves of the World Tree]

Leaves that periodically fall from the world tree that defends nature. They don’t dry out even after hundreds of years.

Weight: 0.1

"How many should I mix in?”

Sticks raised one finger at Grid’s question. Grid put one leaf into the coconut and mixed it well. Then something interesting happened. The transparent liquid inside the coconut turned emerald.

[You have succeeded in preparing the ‘Elf Miraculous Medicine’!]

[Recipe: Elf Miraculous Medicine has been acquired!]

[Elf Miraculous Medicine]

Recovers from all abnormal states immediately.

The effects are exceptional, but the recipe is extremely simple. Anyone can make it.

Grid was astonished.

‘Recovers from all abnormal states immediately!’

It was truly a great medicine. The Overgeared members wouldn’t have had such a hard time during the Elfin Stone raid if they had this.

'But the question is how to secure a lot of leaves of the world tree and blue coconuts.’

Gulp gulp.

Was this like a person who had been thirsty for 10 years finally getting water? While Grid was thinking, Sticks was consuming the medicine. A notification window popped up in front of Grid.

[The first aid for Sticks is successful!]

[An elf will never forget your grace. Sticks sees you as a savior and will show your great affection in the future!]

“Heok... Heok... Thank you. Thanks to you, I was able to overcome a big crisis.”

Sticks got up and respectfully bowed.

“I am the high elf, Sticks. Can I ask for my benefactor’s name?”

Sticks’s beauty was more brilliant than before after his color was restored. Despite being male, he was beautiful enough to compare to Yura and Jishuka.


Grid answered briefly and Sticks asked again.

“Are you Pagma's Descendant?”

"That's right. How did you know?”

Sticks pulled out a transparent magic orb.

“I observed you through this and realized it along the way. Powerful swordsmanship, the ability to possess and utilize all types of artifacts. Also showing great blacksmithing... There’s only one person who comes to mind after all this is added up, Pagma.”

Grid nodded and asked a question.

“What is the Contaminated Hall of Fame?”

"It refers to the current Behen Archipelago. The original name of the Behen Archipelago was the Hall of Fame.”

"The Hall of Fame?"

"A sacred place that celebrates the feats of legends...”

Stick’s golden eyes shone like jewels as he looked at Grid.

“It’s a place of succession where the power left by the former legends are transferred to the current legends. It’s fate that you came to this place.”


It was an unexpected and shocking answer. A notification window popped up in front of Grid.

[A legendary class quest ‘Hall of Fame’ has been created.]

[The legendary class quest ‘Hall of Fame’ has changed to ‘★Hidden Quest★ Contaminated Hall of Fame.’]


The Overgeared members ranging from the former Tzedakah Guild members, Yura, Huroi, and Peak Sword. They were growing rapidly. They repeated hunted in the vampire cities, causing their levels to rise and the rankings to shake every day.

In particular, the vampire rings were a huge help. Unlike Grid, who steadily enjoyed the effect of Doran’s Ring and the Holy Light Armor, recovery items were desperately needed by ordinary users.

"Let’s move onto the next city.”

The 10th city. Two months ago, Grid had encountered Braham’s soul. The Overgeared members were no longer interested in a place where strong bosses didn’t appear. They wanted stronger enemies for even faster growth.

"Didn’t My Lord say not to widen the area because we might encounter a vampire called Marie Rose?”

"What if we don’t encounter Marie Rose, but an Elfin stone level boss? We don’t have God Grid this time.”

Huroi and Peak Sword were cautious and wanted to listen to Grid’s words. But who were Yura and the Tzedakah Guild members? They were people who always dreamed about reaching the top. Their basic ideals were very high.

"Meeting a strong enemy is also an experience.”

"So what if we die? It’s better to find good hunting grounds, even if we have to sacrifice ourselves, rather than become stagnant. Adventuring is the foundation of growth.”

“And we have enough power to raid a Elfin Stone level boss.”

The Overgeared members were growing. It was because they witnessed Grid mowing down Kraugel. They praised Kraugel as the sky above the sky and regarded him as an insurmountable wall. Thus, they felt shame after Grid broke that wall.

Why should they set limits on themselves? Why shouldn’t they experience setbacks?

"It’s time for a new challenge.”

"Don’t worry too much if we meet a vampire stronger than Elfin Stone. This time, I’m with you.”

Jishuka and Yura were sympathetic to those with the radical thoughts. The situation was like this, so Huroi and Peak Sword couldn’t say anything more.

On this day.

The vampire expedition led by Yura and Jishuka entered the 9th city.


It had been 97 years.

Sticks, who came to the Behen Archipelago to collect the blue coconuts, was astonished. He admired the islands with beautiful scenery that were a monument to admire previous legends, as well as the sanctuaries with a mysterious atmosphere.

Then it was transformed by someone and filled with trials.

"In order for the current legends to become true legends, they need to inherit the forces left behind by the former legends. However, all types of trials interfered with the legends entering, so I have to sacrifice myself.”

He waited for a hero, in order to tell them the importance of the Behen Archipelago and cleansing it together. Sticks waited and dreamt about that day. 

[You have entered the 29th island.]

[This is a save point. Do you want to save your position?]

[You have been registered. When you enter the Behen Archipelago later on, you will start from the 29th island.]

Grid moved on while listening to Sticks’ long story. He smiled as he passed through the 29th island.

"I will do my best so that your efforts aren’t in vain.”

Grid coveted many skills that Sticks had, especially the Learning and Education skills. What if he let Sticks educate the talents in Reidan, as well as his son? In short, it was the best. That’s right. Grid was determined to obtain Sticks. Thus, he tried to show off his best side as much as possible.

"Believe in me.”

Grid confidently said as he stepped into the gate for the 30th island.

At that moment.

[You have entered the 30th island.]

[Your level has dropped to level 1.]

“... Eh?”

Grid’s eyes widened.

"This is the reason why I couldn’t break through here.”

Sticks belatedly sighed.

“There is a very powerful curse. I can’t draw out all my strength.”


Grid frowned.

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