Chapter 362

Chapter 362

[Hooded Zip Up]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 57/61     Defense: 10

* Movement speed will increase by 30%.

* Wind resistance will increase by 20%.

A cloak designed by a legendary blacksmith. However, the appearance is different from the normal look of a cloak.

Thanks to the sylphid scales being used as the material, affinity with wind and movement speed will increase. You can hide while wearing it, but the stealth will be turned off when an enemy is attacked.

Conditions of Use: None.

Weight: 5

The biggest advantage was the duration of the Hooded Zip Up. His stealth was maintained just by wearing it. However, it didn’t consume any mana because it wasn’t magical invisibility. Unlike an assassin’s stealth skill, it could be seen through. It had the disadvantage of being ineffective against those with sharp senses.

But this disadvantage didn’t apply on the 20th island. The hell moon only depended on sight. Grid rushed forward with his movement buff, and the hell moon wasn’t able to find him. Grid was able to easily break through the 20th island by avoiding the monsters scattered everywhere.

The Hooded Zip Up was the perfect counter for the 20th island.


[You have entered the 21st island.]

‘Amazing. It’s really amazing.’

Grid felt thrilled during the process of breaking through the 20th island. Was he admiring his own ability? No. Grid was admiring Kraugel. Kraugel might be a sword saint candidate, but in the end, he only had a normal class.

He didn’t have access to all types of items like Grid, so how did he reach the 30th island? His skills were truly phenomenal.

‘He isn’t only strong in battle and hunting. Kraugel is an overwhelming monster in all respects.’

As he imagined the process that Kraugel used to pass the 20th island, Grid realized the weight of the of his nicknames.


Bini called out to the blank Grid. Grid quickly recovered and looked around. The foggy 21st island stretched out before him. He couldn’t see ahead of him.

‘I can’t even see my hands.’

It was impossible to identify anything in front of him thanks to the thick fog. There was a sense of anxiety at not being able to see. Bini laughed at the anxious Grid.

"You are lucky to win the Fog Island. You can pass the 21st island for free.”

“Fog Island?”

“It is an island with a store.”

‘A store...’

Grid thought about the challenger points.

“Are you talking about the Challenger Store?”

"Yes, it is a store where you can buy goods with challenger points.”

“Store... In other words, the emergence of Fog Island is random?”

"That's right. One extremely lucky person met the Fog Island on the 10th island. One unlucky person didn’t see it despite reaching the 30th island."

‘That unlucky person is Kraugel.’

Oh my god, there was a person who actually had worse luck that Grid. Grid felt sympathy as he asked Bini.

“So, do you know where the store is located? I can’t see in front of me because of the fog.”

“It is anywhere you go. The store will naturally be waiting for you. It’s better to think in advance about what you will buy from the store. The store is only open for five minutes.”

"I don’t know what it sells.”

"Hehe, did you forget that I am the helper fairy? I have already figured out most of the goods sold in the store.”


This person seemed quite helpful.

Grid admired it as Bini put on his glasses again.

“There are four types of products sold at the store on Fog Island. There are teleportation scrolls to the East Continent, elixirs, various class change books, and skill books. The class change books range from normal to rare rated, while the skill books range from normal to unique rated.”

Grid’s eyes widened.

The items sold in the store were really great. They were rare things that couldn’t be bought with money.

"Among them, the item with the lowest value of the East Continent portal scroll. Maybe it’s sold because most of the challengers come here to find a way to move to the East Continent? But you can get it for free when you meet Sticks.”

“Kraugel... The person who reached the 30th island got the scroll from Sticks?”

"That's right. But luckily for them, six challengers met the store before the 10th island and purchased the portal scroll. They didn’t even try to challenge the later islands. Cowards.”

‘It isn’t cowardly, but wise. There are seven users who have moved to the East Continent so far.’

Grid thought about it as he moved through the fog and encountered a carriage. It was a pumpkin shaped carriage that emitted a gentle and calm light.

"That is the Challenger Store.”

Grid received Bini’s guidance and approached the carriage. Various goods were on display in the carriage.

“Isn’t there a store owner?”

“No. It’s an unattended store.”


If there was an owner, he would’ve been able to ask questions. Grid started to scan the products.

[East Continent Movement Portal Scroll]

You can go to the starting village of ‘Pangea’ on the East Continent.

Weight: 0.1

Price: 50 Challenger Points


A medicine that increases a certain stat by 10 points.

Weight: 10

Price: 250 Challenger Points.

‘An elixir is so cheap!’

After clearing 20 islands, Grid had exactly 901 challenger points. It meant he could buy three elixirs that were worth millions of gold. He thought of the elixirs as cheap, but the reality was quite different.

The people fortunate enough to find the pumpkin carriage on the 10th island had an average of 150 points. In other words, from a general point of view, the elixirs weren’t cheap at all. It wasn’t a kindness to the other challengers of Behen Archipelago, except for Grid.

Grid took a look at the other goods.

[Lightning Swordsman Class Change Book]

Rating: Rare

You can change into a lightning swordsman.

Weight: 100

Price: 1,000 Challenger Points.

[Explosion Sorcerer Class Change Book]

Rating: Rare

You can change into a explosion sorcerer.

Weight: 100

Price: 1,000 Challenger Points.


Rare rated hidden classes. A year ago, they would’ve sold for billions of won. Now the value of a rare class had been greatly reduced. People learned that there was a very small gap between 3rd advancement classes and rare rated classes.

Rare classes didn’t go for a lot of money anymore.

‘Bini said that the classes only go up to rare rated.’

Grid was disappointed after checking the list of class change books, then looked at the skill books.

[Dash to Turn the Tables]

Rating: Rare

Dashes to the target and deals damage proportional to the target’s defense. They will be in a rigid state for 0.3 seconds.

Conditions of Use: None.

Price: 400 Challenger Points.

[Blazing Short Rain]

Rating: Epic

Causing a rain of fire for three seconds in the specified area. The damage dealt to the enemy is proportional to the caster’s magic power and physical attack power.

Conditions of Use: None.

Price: 900 Challenger Points.


Most players coveted rare and epic rated skills. But Grid had legendary skills and wasn’t interested. For Grid, they were just a waste of points. However, unique rated skills were different. 

19th knight, Fulito. Like the skill book ‘Aura Festival’ that he dropped, all of his unique skills had an outstanding performance. Grid also desired them.

‘Aura Festival is rotting in my warehouse.’

Aura Festival was a lesser version of Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Transcended Link. Grid kept it in storage because there was no reason for him to learn it. He waited for an opportunity to sell it at a high price.


Grid’s eyes widened as he closely looked at the skills list. The skill he was looking at wasn’t a hidden skill that had a rare, epic, or unique rating. It was a normal rated skill that attracted Grid’s attention.

[Weapons Mastery]

Rating: Normal

Type: Passive

The Weapons Mastery skill.

Price: 6,000 Challenger Points.

‘Weapons Mastery!’

Weapons Mastery. It was a skill that increase attack power and accuracy rate regardless of what type of weapon was used. Only a small number of combat specialized classes could obtain it, and it could be called the strongest weapon unique to a few classes.

However, this crazy store was selling the strongest weapon.

‘I want it!’

Grid was filled with extreme greed. It was natural. Grid had the strongest passive skill that allowed him to use all weapons, so this was a ridiculous skill suited for him. His limitation was that he didn’t have any mastery type skill.

Now he could overcome that limitation. It was natural that his greed was boiling. The problem was the price.

"Why is a normal skill so expensive?”

"Originally, passive skills are expensive. Among them, the Weapons Mastery skill is the most expensive.”


The store would close soon. Grid checked the time limit and was irritated.

"If you miss this store now, does it mean I can’t use it again?”

“No. As I said earlier, Fog Island randomly emerges. It might appear again in the future. But it isn’t certain.”

‘Then I will wait for next time.’

He had to clear all the items to get Weapons Mastery. The East Continent Portal Scroll was something he could get in the process of meeting Sticks. Grid decided to leave the store. Bini’s eyes glowed like lanterns as he looked at Grid.

"I was afraid that you would buy the portal scroll and leave, but you truly are the challenger who broke through to the 20th island.”

"It’s a waste to buy something when I can get it for free.”

Would he be able to collect 6,000 challenger points?

'Even if I fail this time...’

He would get stronger and challenge it again. Grid was sucked into the gate.


[You have entered the 22nd island.]

"Come quickly."

Grid was burning with enthusiasm. As soon as he entered the new island, he looked around the structure of the island as usual while waiting for Bini to explain.

Bini explained.

“Up to the 25th island, it’s a fight against time.”

Then a mission was created to prove these words.

[22nd Island]

Wipe out the monsters!

First Clear Reward: 162 Challenger Points.

“Okay, I see.”

Grid didn’t delay. He immediately summoned the God Hands, Noe, and Randy and went to wipe out the island’s monsters. Experience, skill proficiency, and challenger points piled up, causing Grid’s will to burn.

Four days later. Grid killed thousands of monsters on the three islands and finally reached the 25th island.

Sticks was waiting for him.

“You... You are Pagma's Descendant... Even... Hell’s strongest... Demonic beast... If it’s you... Contaminated Hall of Fame... Arrived... Ugh! Kuk!”


Sticks fell over while talking. Grid was nervous when he saw Sticks barely breathing in a scruffy robe.

‘Something is strange.’

Grid knew how unlucky he was. The cruel reality spread out in front of him.

[A quest has been created.]

[Save Sticks!]

★ Hidden Quest ★

Sticks’ illness has worsened after watching your surprising performance.

Fortunately, it can still be treated with medicine. 

After learning the method to prepare the medicine from Sticks, take care of him!

Quest Acceptance Reward: ‘Recipe: Elf’s Miraculous Medicine’ will be acquired.

Quest Reward: Affinity with Sticks will rise to the maximum.

Quest Failure: Sticks’ Death.

[Would you like to accept the quest?]

"...No, why will he die if it can still be treated with medicine?”

He wasn’t convinced, but it was a hidden quest. The reward seemed special and Sticks couldn’t die. Grid thought as positively as possible and helped Sticks.


Sticks’ face was exposed as the hood fell off. He was a surprisingly young man covered in sweat. He was a beautiful man with pointed ears.


Grid had played Satisfy for nearly two years, but it was the first time he saw an elf. He was curious, but dissatisfaction filled Grid’s face.

'Normally, shouldn’t it be a female elf?’

The first elf he met was a male? He had to nurse a man alone on an island with no one else! Once again, reality was relentless, unlike the movies and manhwa.

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