Chapter 154

Chapter 154

'This momentum...!’

Neberius was 123 years old this year. Thanks to receiving God Yatan’s blessing, he lived for a long time and had a lot of insights. The covered man changed the battlefield with small actions? If he was careless, he would receive a big injury. 

‘Big injury? The slightest slip will kill me.’


Grid descended to 10m above the ground and then accelerated. The air became turbulent and the earth shook. A legendary class who had the strongest stats and evolved his skills to the highest level with his equipment.

Neberius judged, ‘That strength is a scam. It isn’t possible.’

Unfortunately, defense seemed impossible. He had the old body of a magician, so it was hard to avoid. Could he offset the power with a magic attack? He would have to consume a lot of magic power.

There were separate and wiser ways to deal with it.

‘I have to neutralize it with gravity magic.’

Neberius was a dark magician. His ability to do magic wasn’t simply limited to attack and defense magic, so his quality was different from Malacus. He had the title of great magician and could use magic power of different attributes, as well as a wide variety of them.

“Reverse Gravity.”

Neberius used the magic that best fit this current crisis.



The moment that Grid was about to sweep like a hawk snatching its prey... He stopped in the air just before hitting Neberius with Kill. Then regardless of his will, he began to rise into the sky. It was the force of reversing gravity.


Grid cursed as he floated like a balloon.

His attack was judged as a MISS and the energy of Kill inside Failure was extinguished. Transcended Link and Kill, two of his strongest skills were consecutively neutralized so he couldn’t help feeling angry.

On the other hand, Neberius and the building debris were also influenced by gravity and floated into the air. As if they were being sucked into a black hole, they quickly chased after Grid.

"The situation is reversed. Now it’s your turn to be attacked.”

Neberius’ specialty was double casting. He could complete two magic spells simultaneously with his mind and mouth. He triggered dark thunder balls and dark water balls.

Pajik! Pajijik!

Five spheres of electricity hit Grid’s body, affecting him from head to toe. Then three spheres of water exploded, damaging Grid and doubling the power of the electricity.


Grid gave a terrible scream as his body was roasted. Neberius’ eyes sharpened as he observed Grid.

‘That divine armor resists dark magic but the probability isn’t 100%.’

He was lucky. Neberius felt relieved and eagerly started a magic rampage.

Hwaruruk! Chachak!

Arrows of fire and ice were created in succession and flew towards Grid.

‘It stinks.’

Grid was still dominated by Reverse Gravity and was unable to control his body in the air. If he compared his current state to a PC game, it was difficult to control because his directional keys seemed to be reversed?


[You have suffered 1,160 damage.]

[You have suffered 1,230 damage.]

[The effect of the Holy Light Armor has been activated, resisting the dark magic.]

[You have suffered 1,155 damage.]


He had to allow the attacks. His Holy Light Armor alleviated 50% of magic damage and occasionally completely resisted the dark magic, but it was still a one-sided bombardment. Did he have to be a punching bag like this?

‘I don’t like it.’ He was already tired of the one-sided punching bag days of his past. Now he had to experience it again? ‘No more...’

Grid rotated his body in the air and reversed his direction. Then he flew towards Neberius who was casting a magic spell.

‘I won’t be one-sidedly hit anymore!’

Reverse gravity? That wasn’t a difficult problem when he thought about it. He controlled his body by thinking of the sky as the earth and the earth as the sky. His many combat experiences had improved the thinking ability of his brain and allowed him to quickly adjust to Reverse Gravity.

"You have no respect for the elderly!”

Grid who was falling towards the ground and Neberius who was flying into the sky. The collision of the two were inevitable since they were moving in a straight line.

‘Pagma’s Swordsmanship.’

Grid accurately calculated the timing as he narrowed the distance to Neberius and triggered a skill.


It was perfect timing. The moment that Neberius entered his attack range, the greatsword started to shine blue. But Neberius didn’t stay still. Clack! He snapped his fingers and released Reverse Gravity.


Gravity returned to normal. Neberius and the building debris stopped flying up towards Grid, suddenly falling towards the ground instead.  Grid missed the target once again and Link only hit empty air. This was the third skill that became useless.

“Damn old man!”

Grid felt manipulated as he landed on the ground after Neberius. Neberius had already finished completing a new spell.

“Dark Storm.”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

It was the moment when the magic that Yura used to kill Grid and Doran, as well as shatter the Yatan Temple, was triggered.


Grid wanted to shrink back from the trauma but he instead swapped to the Divine Shield.

* There is a high chance of completely resisting dark spells.

It was an option present for both the legendary Divine Shield and the Holy Light Armor. This overlapping effect was the antithesis of dark magic.


Neberius thought it was so absurd that he laughed. This person was directly hit by Dark Storm, but he wasn’t affected at all? Instead, he was rushing forward.

Pepeng! Peng peng!

He tried to fire magic spells but Grid couldn’t be stopped. The performance of the Divine Shield in front of him was better than any Divine Shield Neberius had ever seen.

‘What great craftsman produced it...? I can’t help feeling admiration. But it won’t do anything against these magic spells.’

Neberius concentrated his magic power on the orb he had been holding in his hand. An orb was a magician’s weapon and insurance. The orb could store magic that needed long casting time, and the magic would be immediately used when magic power was injected.

Neberius currently had two spells stored in the orb. They were the strongest spells that mixed three attributes, just like Dark Fire Storm that offset Grid’s Transcended Link. What would happen if he trigger two of his best magic spells with no time difference?


Neberius was sure of it as Grid emerged from the black storm. He had put away the shield and was holding the greatsword with both hands?


Neberius smiled with satisfaction and poured magic power into his orb.

[Dark Thunder Explosion!]


There was a strong explosion that blended darkness and thunder in front of Grid.


Neberius could summon powerful magic again straight after Dark Storm? This was Grid’s first battle with a magician who knew how to use an orb properly, so he received huge damage.

[You have suffered 14,300 damage.]

There was this much damage, even with the Holy Light Armor. Grid was surprised but didn’t shrink back. He was determined not to miss the gap where Neberius would be exhausted by the aftermath of the powerful magic. But Neberius still had one spell stored in his orb.

“Dark Stone Blizzard!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


Sharp stones and ice fragments were created around the confused Grid, stirring around him like a blender.



The Tzedakah Guild members, who had been relying on Grid to defeat Neberius, sighed in unison. In addition to them, everyone around the world watching the battle through TV or the Internet was thinking the same thing when Grid was hit.

There was an explosion of comments in the chat windows of the Internet relay rooms.

-Whatㅋㅋㅋㅋ A legendary class ㄹㅇ How funny ㅋㅋ It’s over now ㅋㅋㅋ.

-What type of legendary class doesn’t think about the magic stored in orbs? Why did he release the shield ㅉㅉ Really, this legendary class is more like a dog. He can’t fight.

-Is his judgment blurred? Perhaps he is exhausted by Neberius’ Reverse Gravity? He seems to have lost his composure because his skills keep being neutralized ㅇㅇ.

-That’s right. Frankly, the old man is fighting so well that he is bound to become upset.

-A good fighter... The basics... Honestly, even the top 10 rankers would have a hard time against the old man.

-That is a dog

-No, haven’t you seen the news? In the first place, Pagma’s Descendant is a blacksmith rather than a combatant. It is fundamentally weak.

-Did you see the dreadful power of those three skills? Pagma's Descendant isn’t weak.

-Pagma might be a simple blacksmith, but he had the best swordsmanship after Sword Saint Muller.

-I had a lot of expectations for the first legendary class ~~ But this...

-It’s just trash ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Ah... I didn’t think the fight would end so quickly... I just ordered chicken.

Hundreds of millions of people were disappointed or laughing in real time. They had yet to notice. The fact that it wasn’t just pieces of stone and ice raging around Grid.

Kakakang! Kwaaaaaang!

‘This is crazy!’ Neberius was dumbfounded. In the midst of the storm, two golden discs had suddenly appeared and were defending against the stones and ice? The duration of the magic ended. Originally, the hat wearing person should be torn to pieces. However, he was in a relatively good condition.

“This is a headache despite having lower combat power than the pope... Well, do you still have more to show?”

The two golden discs spun around Grid who floated in the air.

Neberius cried out to him, “What is this? What is the nature of those great artifacts?”

The armor, shield and the golden discs, they were treasures that not even the king of a country would have.

“I would’ve won this fight long ago if it wasn’t for those artifacts...!”

Grid approached Neberius like a ghost. He spoke as he raised Failure.

“Don’t worry about it. It is my job to be overgeared.”

“Ugh! Diamond Shield! Dark Shield!”

Neberius had used all the magic stored in the orb. His magic power was almost depleted, so he couldn’t use powerful magic. Neberius strained himself using two unique defense spells at the same time.

Then he started the chant for Teleport. He only thought about running away.

‘This is the last hurrah.’

The cooldown time of his powerful skills like Transcended Link, Link and Kill stilled remained. Could he break through the double shields and stop Neberius from escaping? Of course it was possible. The power of skills? He didn’t care about such things.

‘I have the power of items.’

Grid’s Failure fell towards the two layered shield


[The Holy Light Gloves option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target five times.]


‘Heok? What the...!’

Neberius’s eyes widened as he chanted the spell for Teleport. The opponent dealt such a strong blow that the shields couldn’t fully absorb the damage and cracked?

Jjejeong! Jjejejeok!

[Failure’s option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target five times.]



The two layered shield shattered. There were hundreds of reflections of Neberius on the shattered remnants of the shields that scattered like glass fragments. 

Fear. Neberius had lived for 123 years and he was filled with an emotion that he only felt a few times. Then the predator of the sea swallowed him without any mercy.

[Failure’s option effect is activated, causing the skill ‘Bisect’ to be generated.]


Deals 800% of your attack power to a single target. Some of the target’s body must be cut in order to induce various abnormal status conditions.

Skill Cooldown Time: 5 minutes.



Due to his instinct to live, Neberius instinctively raised his right arm and screamed as it was cut off. Neberius became more frightened as he saw the blood spurting out.

“That’s nonsense...!”

He was aware that the Tzedakah Guild had more strength than he thought.

He felt tension from the assassin and young boy, while Balak’s feet were being tied up by a half human and an archer. There was the martial artist who took on 70 strengthened elders on his own.

But the hat wearing man who appeared last was special. He was too strong. Despite being a trivial being -user- Neberius was reminded of Yura, who had been selected by God Yatan. That white armor and divine shield that contained enormous divine power, was he someone related to the Rebecca Church?

“I heard that there is a secret temple in Rebecca’s Church that is fostering Rebecca’s Daughters and assassins... Did you come from that temple?”

Grid replied to Neberius’s absurd question, "Temple? No, I am overgeared.” (TL: this pun doesn’t really translate well. Basically Temple and Overgeared sound similar in Korean.)


The answer that wasn’t really an answer made Neberius’ confusion worse. Then he felt terrible pain.


The blue greatsword pierced his heart.

“K... Kuock...!”

It was the moment when the Fourth Servant of the Yatan Church was defeated by one user.

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