Chapter 153

Chapter 153

The jade fire was a symbol of the demonkin. It was beautiful enough to tempt the soul, but the reality was that it could even melt steel. 


Every time Balak’s sword moved, fire flashed in the air and a path of fire was made on the ground. The whole area was suddenly covered in fire.

"Damn, he’s as scary as Grid.”

The center of Bairan Village. There was a black man running away from the ruins of collapsed buildings that were as dark as his skin color.

'So fast.'

The shape of the demonkin Balak was no different from that of humans. He had a slim body like an adult male. But his skin was boiling like lava. Two big white eyes were above a mouth that curved from ear to ear. The hair was burning so it was really like looking at the image of a demon.

The ghastly demonkin caught up with the humans at a transcendent pace and swung his elongated sword.


The fire sword cut at the thick outer wall of a building like it was a radish.


Toban would’ve been literally cut in half.


Toban groaned as he defended with his shield. His face seen over the jade fire was distorted with pain.

‘This bastard’s passive skill is too threatening.’

He barely managed to defend, but his health kept steadily declining. The flames that spread out 1m around Balak spun rapidly and caused continuous damage.

‘It’s fixed damage, and fire resistance is useless, so it’s definitely a headache.’

The damage dealers couldn’t approach. The fire caused 500 damage per second, so it was a huge burden for level 250~260 damage dealers who had a health of around 19,000. Toon had a high amount of health but he couldn’t see an opportunity. He couldn’t easily move.

Right now, the party was hoping that Toban, their tanker would make an ‘opportunity.’ Toban had to fight alone for a while.

Kaang! Kakakang!

‘Is the attack speed becoming faster?’

Toban was using all the buff skills he had. All the numbers listed in his status window had risen from a few percent to tens of percent more than usual. But it was impossible to defend against Balak’s sword forever.

The fastest speed.

Toban couldn’t resist the sword swinging at his chest.

Seokeok! Sakak!

[You have suffered 3,900 damage.]

[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[You have suffered 7,980 damage.]

The fire sword penetrated through his shield and blood spurted from Toban’s chest.



Toban let out a terrible scream and fell to his knees, making Balak smile. Balak swung his sword again, as if he wanted to end this. The moment that the sword was shifting orbits.

Toban used a skill. “Swamp Shield!”


A thick shield made of slimy mud suddenly emerged in front of Toban.

Kwa kwang!

The fire sword wielded by Balak clashed with the shield. Then it was sucked into the swamp.

“Trying to use a trick.”

The sword wasn’t pulled in. The tighter Balak held on, the more the sucking power increased. Annoyance filled Balak’s eyes.

"It would be easier if you obediently become a slave of the death god (Yatan)...”

The demonkin’s voice was simultaneously transmitted to his ears and his brain. Anyone who heard it would feel fear and confusion. However, the opponent was the first paladin of the Judar Church. He wasn’t deceived by the demonkin’s voice.

"Good bye."

Toban laughed. Toon and seven other Tzedakah Guild members attacked at once.

“Do it quickly!”

Balak had a passive that dealt continuous damage to all enemies within 1m of him. The longer they fought, they more disadvantageous they would be. They needed to attack in an instant.


"Fox Fire Queen!”

"Sword of the Moon!”

"Brilliant Strike!"


“Vacuum Wave!"

The top 100 damage dealers of the unified rankings used their ultimate skills.

Toon stood out. Elephant, rhino, hippo, bear, lion, tiger, jaguar, eagle, snake, wild boar etc! Toon transformed into all types of different wild beasts and precisely struck at Balak’s chest.

"Lord’s Strike!”

It was the moment when the beast master, a rare hidden class, dealt 1350% of his physical damage.


The energy of the beasts smashed into Balak’s chest.


Balak’s sword was being sucked into the Swamp Shield. He failed to defend properly and coughed up blood. Then the skills of the remaining six guild members hit him. Flaming fists, a sword that seemed to slash the space itself, flashing lightning, frost that could freeze bone and a spear all struck quickly.

They were all powerful skills that dealt more than 1100% of their attack power. However, the sound of Neberius’ flute was the problem. Three of the six skills were non-targeted skills.  Their accuracy dropped by 60% so they failed to damage Balak.



The guild members were perturbed. Balak, who had been knocked down after four successive hits, stood upright again. Then he roared, “Hell Fire Festival!”

Hundreds of fireballs revolved around Balak! They burned and expanded.

"Doesn’t this seem dangerous?”

“Move back!”

It was too late. The guild members tried to get as far away from Balak as possible, but the fireballs was already causing a series of explosions.

Pepeng! Pepepeng! Pepepepeng!

It was like a fireworks festival.


There were hundreds of explosions around the guild members, causing them to fly back in pain. In particular, Toban suffered a great wound and was in a critical condition.


At that moment, the duration of Swamp Shield ended. Then Balak’s sword was freed. Balak picked up the sword that fell to the ground and his sharp teeth gleamed as he laughed.

"This time, I will invite you to the sword festival.”

"Stupid cubs who used non-targeted skills... Cough! Spit! If you hit rate is reduced, you have to use certain skills you fools.”

“Shit... Damn... Why are you so confident... Shut up.”

The guild members were turned to rags from the explosion and started swearing. This was the end. Everybody had a hunch.

Toban felt despair. ‘I couldn’t hunt because I was caught by Grid and now I will die and lose experience...’

It was the result of his incompetence. After this, he would try harder to level up and become stronger. It was around the time that Toban was making a pledge.

"Who is above level 250, has more than 1,800 strength and has advanced Sword Mastery?”

A voice was heard from the sky. They were glad and annoyed to see him.

“What, this bastard? What are you saying all of a sudden? Kyaaack~ spit!”

Toon expressed all their feelings. Toban grinned as he looked up at the sky. The most powerful user that Toban knew, Grid, appeared like a magician. The new members, including Toon, didn’t recognize him because he was wearing a hat, but Toban and the other old guild members knew him instantly.

It was because Grid normally wore scruffy clothing when working at the smithy.

“Grid, what are you saying? Level? Strength? Mastery? Why are you asking that?” 

"Hey, stop talking nonsense and come down to help.”

The guild members grumbled. But they were happy. Pagma's Descendant. The appearance of the legendary class gave them confidence.

“I want to lend you a weapon. I will ask again. Who is above level 250, has more than 1,800 strength and has advanced Sword Mastery?”

"Toban is over level 250 but the other conditions...”

The guild members looked at each other as Grid asked again. There were some who met one or two conditions, but none that seemed to meet all three. At that moment, Toon raised a hand.

Grid identified him and frowned. "I don’t like that bastard.”

Toon listened to Grid’s words and finally realized his identity. "I also don't like you. Kyaaack~ spit! You are a coward who lied that you are a blacksmith.”

“Whatever, take it.”

Grid threw Toon a black greatsword. It was the sword that the butcher, who Toon wanted to fight, used. In other words, it was the weapon that Grid had been using for a long time. Toon recognized it at first glance and asked, “Are you crazy? Why are you giving me your weapon? Do you plan to fight with your bare hands?”

Grid snorted. “Do you think that garbage is my weapon?”


Toon thought it was ridiculous after checking the details of the +5 Dainsleif (Reproduction). This enormous item that could be called the strongest weapon in existence was considered garbage?

‘What’s wrong with that bastard? Ah, that's right. Isn’t he originally like this?’

The butcher was known for being a psychopath. Toon released the wristblades that he had been using for a long time. He equipped Dainsleif and used the ‘Half Man Half Beast’ skill.


The muscles of his body expanded like the Hulk. Then grey hair started to grow on his thickened skin. He grew a snout like a wolf and his teeth became longer. He was like a werewolf. Grid checked the changed Toon and sighed.

“There is no creativity... Hey, if you like that sword then buy it from me. The price is four million gold.”


Wolf... No, Toon howled. Then he rushed towards Balak and started to wield Dainsleif.

Kwa kwang! Kwang!

Toon combined human abilities with the power of a beast, making him much stronger than before. In addition to that, Toban and the other guild members supported Toon with buff skills, so Balak couldn’t help feeling confused.

“How can a human be so strong...?”

"This place can endure a bit more...”

Grid tied up Balak’s feet for a while after throwing Dainsleif. Then he turned his gaze 80m to the rear. He saw an elderly man playing a flute with one hand, while dealing with Faker and Ibellin with the other hand.

‘I should first stop that old man playing the flute.’

The magic power from the flute was ringing all over Bairan Village.

“This is the end of that old man.”

Grid put his hand into the inventory.


A blue light emerged in the sky. Another greatsword emerged from his inventory. It looked like a shark. It maintained the dignity of a predator.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Transcended Link.”

Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa! Ku kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Grid didn’t know it, but he was at the center of the world’s attention. A total of 20 strikes was launched, dealing 150% attack power with each hit. They were fired without a time difference.


Neberius cried out as he was dealing with Faker and Ibellin. A heavy rain of swords poured down from the sky. Neberius’ eyes widened at the sight. It wasn’t just Neberius. The overwhelming attack astonished the world, including the Tzedakah Guild.

“Dark Fire Storm!”

Neberius pulled out an orb. He summoned the most powerful magic of three attributes that were combined in the orb. The fire storm collided with the blue energy swords.


“Avoid it!"

There was a huge explosion. The Tzedakah Guild noticed and spread out instantly. 18 of the 20 swords were offset by Neberius’ storm. However, two swords persevered and threatened Neberius.

“This mighty force...!” Neberius admired it and stopped playing his flute for the first time. He hurriedly used magic. "Dark Ice Wall!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

An ice barrier was instantly created. Its height was much taller than Bairan Village’s walls.


The two energy swords were blocked and destroyed by the barrier.


As a result of the impact from the collision, sparks flew and aimed at Grid.


Ibellin had already felt the power of the black flame and was worried about Grid. But Grid was fine.


The black flames were destroyed by a flashing Golden Shield, then Grid descended towards the ground. Sharp flashing eyes could be seen from between black hair.


Kwajik! Kwajijijik!

Dozens of dark thunderbolts fell and hit Grid. But he was fine?


Neberius freaked out.

[The effect of the Holy Light Armor has been activated, resisting the dark magic.]

Grid smiled as he saw the notification window. After the dark thunderbolts were gone, there was a red lightning strike.

Pachik! Pachichik!

An intense spark!

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship, Kill!”

The strongest skill!


A power equivalent to a nuclear bomb fell towards Neberius’ head.

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