Chapter 179

Chapter 179

Players were aware of other players.

Hurent was aware that there were six people stronger than him.  Those six were the 1st ranked Kraugel, 2nd ranked Zibal, 3rd ranked Chris, 7th ranked Agnus, 11th ranked Bondre, and 14th ranked Hao. Except for them, there were no players who could beat Hurent in Satisfy.

'And I will soon go beyond those six people.’

He was the only one. This was his goal. He would eventually get the results he intended.

Class: Aura Master.

* Weapons are meaningless.

*You can control ‘Aura.’

* The minimum qualifications to become a sword saint have been achieved.

Title - Sword Saint Candidate - Stage 1 (Transcendent)

* All stats will become 1.3 times greater.

* Quickly detect the target’s weakness.

* There is a high probability of predicting the target’s movements.

* ‘Super Sensitivity’ will be opened.


Rating: Epic (Red)

A type of energy that can be controlled. Aura is infinite and always present.

The shape, size and characteristics will depend on the caster’s inclination.

The color of the aura will change according to the rating.

The higher the rating, the higher the effectiveness of the aura.

The higher the rating, the greater the size of the aura.

* Aura can’t be separated from the caster.

* You can raise the aura rating through training.

[Super Sensitivity Lv. 1 (36.4%)]

All senses will become transcended.

Lv. 1 - Telepathy: You can predict 100% of all your target’s behavior within 10m.

* This effect will last for six seconds and will continue for two seconds after the effect has ended.

Skill Mana consumption: All of your current mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: 1 hour.


‘You aren’t my opponent.’

He was able to see all of his target’s movements, despite only being at a beginner level. Pagma?

‘How stupid.’

According to legend, Pagma was the strongest swordsman. But that was only when Muller was absent. Pagma was named the strongest swordsman after Muller’s death. Wasn’t Pagma a blacksmith in the first place? How could a blacksmith who swung his sword as a hobby compare to a sword saint?

‘Pagma’s Descendant is insignificant compared to a sword saint.’


Hurent manifested aura at his fingertips. Then he released it at a huge tree exactly 5m ahead of him.


The giant tree was cut as soon as the aura touched it. It dealt 4,600 fixed damage, could be released up to 5m, and the shape could freely transform. He also had ‘Super Sensitivity,’ which allowed him to sense the enemy’s movements. It could be said that this was his strongest skill.

Aura Master.

The weakness was that he didn’t have powerful attack skills, but that weakness could be overcome by raising his aura rating. No matter how he looked at it, Aura Master was a perfect combat class. It wasn’t possible to compare it to Pagma's Descendant.

“30 seconds...? Hahat~!”

Grid was arrogant just because he had the first legendary class. Hurent laughed as he recalled Grid’s 30 second logout remark.


Grid didn’t know. He couldn’t understand his subject.

“Prepare to be embarrassed~”

The whole world would be paying attention to the PvP competition held in a while. Hurent was determined to shatter Grid in front of the millions of people watching. Legend? He wouldn’t even give Grid a chance.

Grid was nothing. At this moment, Hurent was only wary of Chris and Bondre, who were on the list of PvP participants.

‘I will go beyond those two people today.’

Hurent wasn’t even looking at Grid.


He just had a friendly co-worker relationship with Yura and Jishuka right? Where did he go with the drunken women two days ago?

The reporters flocked like vultures and bombarded Youngwoo with questions. Youngwoo barely managed to escape them and sighed as he reached the waiting room.

"Wow, why are they so terrible? I thought I was going to die.”

It wasn't a joke. Among the reporters, the male ones looked like they wanted to commit murder. Yura and Jishuka. They cursed and hated Youngwoo for having a scandal with both of them. 

Yura handed a tournament table to the pale Youngwoo.

“There are a total of 32 PvP participants. The matches were drawn through a fair lottery.”

"The number of participants is surprisingly small.”

“It’s because individuals are limited to three events. The players prioritize events where they can get gold medals, so the 32 players participating in the PvP are all renowned top rankers.”

“Yes.” Youngwoo looked at the table. Then he found his ID and was surprised. “Is this really true?”

Yura replied with a worried expression.

“Honestly, I’m really surprised. It’s a match between you and Hurent in the round of 32. It’s also the opening match. Who would’ve imagined?”

The big match of the PvP was the confrontation between Grid and Hurent. People around the world were only paying attention to the confrontation between the two. They wondered how big the match would be.

The public became boisterous. The round with 32 participants. It seemed like a miracle that the confrontation between Grid and Hurent was the opening match. The confrontation was now right around the corner.

Who would be the winner? Grid, who said he would logout his opponent in 30 seconds? Or would he be disgraced? Most Koreans wanted Grid to win, while the foreigners were predicting Grid’s defeat. The amount bet on the match was astronomical, and the dividend rate for Grid was really high.

“Hurent! Hurent! Hurent!!”

“Grid! Grid!”

“Hurent! Hurent! Hurent!!”

The atmosphere of the stadium was remarkable. The voices cheering for Hurent were way louder than those cheering for Grid. Some people in the crowd were even booing Grid. Yura was worried that Grid’s morale would be lowered by the one-sided cheering. But Youngwoo wasn’t upset at all.

『 The PvP competition will be held in 20 minutes. All participants should go to the capsule room. 』

The sound of the guide was heard.  Youngwoo got up from his seat and reassured Yura.

"First of all, I don’t have much experience with people cheering me on.” Conversely, he was familiar with mockery. "The cheering atmosphere has no effect on me. Hurent? I will shatter him in 30 seconds and win the gold medal.”

Two days ago, Yura had been worried after seeing Hurent’s one sided treatment of Grid. She thought the walls of the world were too high for Youngwoo. But not anymore. She just trusted him.

"Take care.”

The most beautiful smile was aimed at Youngwoo.


Pearl Island.

In the past, it was an island used by the knight academy of the Bonkost Principality. The giant island that once flourished had now become deserted and desolate. The glory of the past couldn’t be found in the ‘Lion’s Castle’ standing at the center of the island.

All the facilities, including the walls, were destroyed, and the garden devastated. There seemed to be ghosts hiding behind the broken windows of the castle. The long forgotten place shrouded in spectacular views was shown on the massive screens set up in Olympic Station.

That’s right. This was the stage of the duel.

『 The PvP tournament is heating up the last day of the National Competition! 』


The hundreds of thousands of spectators cheered as the commentator shouted. It wasn’t just them. The viewers all over the world were excited as well. Who was the strongest person in the world? How brilliant was their control and skills?

Kraugel and Zibal might not be participating, but there would surely be plenty to see.

-It came! Chicken and beer!

-Two chickens. If 32 people are participating, one chicken won’t be enough.

-If each match is 10 minutes, the PvP will last at least a few hours. I have to binge drink today.

-It’s nonsense. Grid will be knocked out in 30 seconds. The match will finish before the chicken arrives. ㅇㄱㄹㅇ ㅂㅂㅂㄱ

-ㅇㅇㅇ Grid is scheduled to win.

- Wow ㅋㅋ Do you really mean that? You believe Grid’s bluff? ;;

-He will logout Hurent in 30 seconds? Crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He was defeated by Hurent in the target processing. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Guys. If you are South Korean, then you should support our fellow Korean. Cheer for Grid-nim.

-That's right. I am anti-Grid because of the matter with Yura and Jishuka. But love is a separate, personal matter.

-Aye! Don’t forget that Grid-nim gave our country a gold medal. I am very thankful.

-No, what ㅡ_ㅡ^ a gold medal doesn’t matter. What good is it for us if he wins a gold medal? Why should we be thankful? ㅡ_ㅡㅋ

-ㅋㅋ I shudder every time I see Grid being called a hero on TV. How is he a hero just because he won one gold medal? ㅋㅋ

-Isn’t it natural to praise athletes who win a gold medal for their country? Would you say such things about Olympic athletes?

-Well anyway, Grid doesn’t matter. In a few minutes, he’ll be logged out by Hurent.

-You scum... I bet 4 million won on Grid... My whole fortune... Now I’m dying of tension. I might shit out blood in the morning...

-Oh my god ;; you bet on Grid? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Wow ㅋㅋ 4 million won on Grid? ㅋㅋㅋ Isn’t Hurent certain to win? ㅋㅋㅋ You’re just throwing your money into the trash.

-But the dividend rate is 3.2. If Grid wins, that 4 million won will triple.

-That only matters if he wins...

Even on the Korean internet sites, there weren’t many people who thought Grid would win. Surprisingly, many netizens thought that Grid would be the first to be eliminated.


『 The players are entering! 』

The broken Lion Castle. In a desolate garden, a black-haired Asian man and brown-haired Westerner appeared. It was the moment when Grid and Hurent met, after attracting worldwide attention for the last three days.

As hundreds of millions of people watched, they finally clashed.

『 Now I will announce the opening of the PvP match! It has started! 』


The shouts of the crowd were vividly transmitted through the TV.

『 Will Grid win as the Korean people wish? 』

The commentator relayed in a loud voice. Youngwoo’s family gulped in front of the TV. They were earnestly praying for their son and brother to win.

And Youngwoo. No, Grid started his sword dance.

“Pagma’s Swordsmanship.”

"Oh my~ you are using your slow paced skill again?”

Hurent clicked his tongue and attacked Grid in the gap exposed.


The golden blades flew to protect Grid, but Hurent’s ability to control aura was very delicate. Hurent was already aware of the presence of the golden blades and responded calmly, accurately avoiding the wall formed by the blades to hit Grid.

[You have dealt 4,600 damage to the target.]

‘Good, good.’

He would trample on Grid step by step. He knew the skills Grid possessed. The range of Kill, Link and Wave wasn’t that far, so they wouldn’t be a threat as long as he kept an appropriate distance.

The ranged skill Transcended Link was somewhat annoying, but it had a long cooldown time of at least 15 minutes. Hurent thought he would be able to withstand one bombardment if he focused his aura on defense.




It was a completely different skill that wasn’t shown in Bairan or the target processing event. Hurent paled as he realized it. He was astonished to see the notification window in front of him.

[You have been overwhelmed by the enemy’s spirit. Your actions are constrained for three seconds.]

‘What is this...!?’

His body was stiff and hard to control properly. Grid approached from 5m away and his body instinctively retreated. However, he couldn’t open up a distance. Grid took a few steps in the amount of time it took for Hurent to take one step back.

Two seconds. Grid narrowed the distance in an instant and unfolded a new sword dance. Hurent focused all his aura on defense.

[Your defense has increased by 150%.]

[A shield that will absorb 5,000 damage has been created.]

‘I can endure it once...!’

Hurent’s thoughts didn’t last long.



[You have absorbed 5,000 damage.]

[You have suffered 68,300 damage.]

[You have died.]


On various Internet portal sites, the real time search queries were updated to ‘5 seconds.’

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