Chapter 178

Chapter 178

The National Competition’s second day.

After the target processing, the siege and treasure hunt were held in succession. Nothing strange happened. Youngwoo didn’t play a further role in the South Korean team. He didn’t participate in the siege or treasure hunt, so South Korea was naturally one of the weakest out of the 17 countries participating.

But honestly, it was surprising. Yura participated in the siege. Youngwoo hoped that South Korea would get a good record in the siege, but the result was disastrous.

“I’m sorry.”

The Korean team’s waiting room. The Korean players apologized to Yura after coming back from the game. They were embarrassed by their inability to help the team. A few young teenagers on the team had tears in their eyes. Everyone felt frustrated and humiliated after being defeated by the foreign players in the game.

But what could they do? This was reality. The rankers of the Korean team were in the 800~1000s, while the rankers of other teams were in the top 200.  The power gap was too great. Yura alone was unable to cover this difference.

"We held onto Yura’s ankle.”

“I...! If only I was a little bit stronger...!”

The players couldn’t lift their heads.

Yura encouraged them, "You don’t have to blame yourself. You did your best, as people have witnessed. None of you are to blame.”

The beautiful and kind Yura seemed like an angel to the players. Youngwoo looked at her smile and felt furious.

‘Those Yankee scum.’

The US were angry after receiving a silver medal in the target processing because of Youngwoo. As if they wanted to pay back their grudge, they persistently attacked the Korean castle at the start of the siege.

South Korea had a weak overall power and couldn’t endure the American offensive. Yura struggled, but the other players couldn’t properly assist her. The walls quickly fell apart and the Korean players were logged out.

It was okay up to here. The world of war was heartless. It was natural for the strong to defeat others.

But an American player showed excessive behavior. It was someone with the ID of ‘Primal.’ He survived towards the end of Yura’s resistance and tore the Korean flag that had been flying from the castle. Ripping the official flag of another country?

It was terrible. The backlash generated was very large. Even his fellow Americans refused to forgive the actions of Primal. Zibal apologized as the US representative, but that couldn’t stop the criticism of public opinion. In the end, Primal was asked to take responsibility and was deprived of his qualifications. He was unable to participate in the National Competition anymore.

But the anger of the Koreans had already reached the extreme. Primal was a problem, but there were also some American players who laughed while watching Primal’s behavior. A small number of Koreans hated the entire US team.

Youngwoo was the same. He had served in the army and was a reservist, so seeing the flag being ripped was a great shock to him.

“That shitty guy.”

That Primal, if Youngwoo met him someday in Satisfy, then he would make Primal pay. The US team? He would pay back the disgrace and despair felt by the Korean team in today’s siege.

He gritted his teeth while pledging, and then Yura approached him.

“That’s it for today’s schedule. I will go back now.”

“You, are you okay?”

Yura fought harder than anyone else. But there was a limit to what she could do alone, and she eventually lost. She should be the most disappointed.

Yura laughed at Youngwoo’s anxious question. “It would be a lie if I say that I’m okay. But I'm not frustrated. I will grow even more from today’s defeat.”

Yura was already looking ahead. Next year and the year after that, she would make sure there was a different result in the National Competition. She made a pledge.

'She truly is the 5th ranked user.’

Youngwoo was amazed. There was a group waiting for the two people as they left the waiting room. They were Jishuka, Regas and Pon.

"Please show us around Korea.”

The three people’s eyes shone like lanterns. They were full of excitement to have Youngwoo accompany them. 

“Please guide me to a Taekwondo theme park.”

“No, what nonsense are you saying? Of course, we should visit a place with a lot of beauties. Let’s go to the hottest club.”

"Please play among yourselves. I’ll just enjoy my time with Grid alone.”


Youngwoo was troubled. He had no friends and no experience with dating. Therefore, he didn’t know any good places to recommend to foreigners visiting South Korea for the first time. He finally made a decision.

“Let’s eat a meal first.”

“I agree!”

"I will contact a restaurant.” Yura naturally intruded. Youngwoo, Jishuka and the rest of the group rode her limousine to the restaurant she recommended. 

“Why is this woman going with us?”

Youngwoo didn’t want to lose his mind to Jishuka, so he thought it was better for Yura to join them.

“An interpreter is required.”


That’s right. Youngwoo didn’t speak English, so he couldn’t communicate with Jishuka. If he didn’t get any help from Yura, who was fluent in eight languages, he wouldn’t be able to communicate properly.

"An interpreting device is inconvenient. Isn’t it also good to build up a relationship with Yura?”

"Don’t forget that the Yatan Church is our main enemy.”

"It will be easier to deal with the Yatan Church if she cooperates. Think positively.”


Yura was able to join the party with Youngwoo’s continued persuasion. Then she made a series of incorrect translations at the table.

“Grid, do you know? The reason I participated in this National Competition was because I wanted to see you.”

"Jishuka said that she joined the National Competition for the honor of her country.”

"South Korea seems better to live in than Brazil. I would love to live here.”

"Jishuka said that she doesn’t like South Korea. She doesn’t want to come back here.”

"...Hey, this wily girl. You are properly interpreting what I’m saying, right?”

"It is hard to translate the whines of a pig.”

“Damn Yatan servant...!”


Youngwoo was sitting between Jishuka and Yura in the restaurant. Then the two people suddenly started arguing in English. He tried to get help from Regas and Pon, who always helped him in Satisfy but...

“Delicious!” Regas was busy tasting all the Korean dishes on the table.

“Why don’t you take off your apron and embrace me?” Pon was awkwardly hitting on the employees in English.

"...Are these really the people I know?”

Youngwoo felt a sense of distance from Regas and Pon. Both seemed so different from Satisfy that he felt confused. The chaos grew over time.



Yura and Jishuka became drunk while they were arguing. It was a tremendous burden for Youngwoo to take care of two drunk girls alone. He wanted to ask Pon and Regas for help, but Pon had left with a woman, while Regas found a Taekwondo dojo and challenged the owner to a spar.

Buzz buzz.

“Wow, amazing. Isn’t that Jishuka and Yura?”

“Oh my, look! Grid! Grid!”

“Wow... What are the three of them doing?”

The people on the street gathered around Youngwoo. They took lots of photos.

‘Ah, this, really...’

Jishuka and Yura were drunk and sticking like gum to Youngwoo. If this continued, there might be a misunderstanding and Youngwoo might be dragged to the police station. This was his first experience with drunk girls, so Youngwoo imagined the worst. Then he hurriedly caught a passing taxi.

“Where do you want to go?”

Youngwoo spoke flatly to the driver. “My house.”

"...The address.”

Youngwoo left in the taxi with the two women. This action caused all types of misunderstandings.

A few minutes later.

The reports from the witnesses caused speculative stories to be written on the Internet.

[(Photo News) The drunk Yura and Jishuka took a taxi with Grid.]

[According to witness statements, Yura and Jishuka were on the verge of fainting.]

[What is the destination of the three people?]

[(Scene Coverage) I am currently at OO Hotel where Jishuka is staying. It is almost dawn and she hasn’t returned yet.]

[What is Grid doing now?]

"Oh my, who are these girls?”

Youngwoo’s parents had been watching his son’s appearance on TV all day. They were pleasantly surprised when Youngwoo brought young women home. Their son, who never brought friends home, now brought two beauties at once?

“Hum hum.”

Youngwoo’s father felt embarrassed and went into his room after clearing his throat. Then his mother paid serious attention to Youngwoo, "Son, are you prepared for this? I don’t think South Korea is open enough to welcome two daughter-in-laws at once.”

Youngwoo’s face flushed with embarrassment.

"No, Mother’s words are true. But isn’t this a misunderstanding? If I was going to do that, would I have brought them home? Wouldn’t I go to another place?”

“Hohoho, yes, yes. I’ll bring a blanket so lay them down in your room. Youngwoo, you sleep in the living room today.”

Youngwoo’s mother entered her room to get a quilt.  In the meantime, Youngwoo was taking off his shoes and he looked up Yura and Jishuka’s skirts. It wasn’t intended, but instinctive behavior.

"The low~est.”


Sehee came out of her room at that time and looked at him with contempt. Youngwoo felt like crying as he lost his dignity in front of his sister.


The National Competition’s third day.

The production events were held. The crowd cheered as production rankers in various fields such as blacksmiths, tailors and alchemists appeared.


“There’s no Grid?”

The crowd checked their faces and started to sulk. Grid was a legendary blacksmith, so they naturally thought he would participate in the production events. They were excited at the thought of possibly seeing a legendary item be created.

But Grid didn’t attend.

"Is he forfeiting because of last night’s scandal?”

"Thanks to that, the other blacksmiths have a chance.”

"By now, Grid must be with Jishuka and Yura...”

“Ah! My desire for murder is boiling!”

It was rife with all types of speculations. But Youngwoo didn’t avoid the production events because he was conscious of people’s eyes. It wasn’t because of Yura and Jishuka. It was because a person was limited to participating in three events.

Youngwoo wanted to participate in events that would have a huge dominance on the National Competition. These were the events:

“PvP and pet marathon.”

The two events held on the fifth day weren’t a team event, but a solo exhibition. Hopefully, one country could win six medals. Experts speculated that the US would earn a large number of medals on that day and consolidate their first place ranking.

Youngwoo wouldn’t allow it.

"Don’t celebrate too early.”

He would hit them properly. Youngwoo decided and got up from his seat. Then he opened his door as usual to play Satisfy and was shocked. He witnessed the appearance of Yura and Jishuka sleeping next to each other on his bed.


Youngwoo had a nosebleed at the sight of the two beauties. They came back late last night. He didn’t know what to do, but then Yura and Jishuka woke up.

After that.

Youngwoo’s house was crowded. Yura and Jishuka were very friendly after meeting Youngwoo’s parents. 

"Let me help you prepare the meal, Mother.”

"Oh my, thank you. Huh...? Why are you washing eggs and rice with detergent?” 

"Father~ I’ll give you a massage.”

"Oh my, thank you. Thanks to my son... Heok! M-My back...!”

Yura was polite and Jishuka was bright. Both of them had a problem of being too enthusiastic, but they appealed to Youngwoo parents' affection well enough.


Youngwoo felt like he was sitting on a thorn cushion. It was because Sehee kept on shooting glares at him.

"Sightseeing? Ah, yes. We haven’t gone anywhere for a long time, so let’s make it a family trip.”

"So, how great is our Youngwoo? He’s a hero on TV, a hero in a game I don’t know about ~ I don’t know.”

Two days passed.

It was the 5th and final day of the National Competition. The PvP was scheduled to be in the morning and the pet marathon in the afternoon.

“Let’s go.”



Yura and Jishuka had stayed at Youngwoo’s house for two days. Youngwoo arrived at the stadium to enthusiastic cheers and curses.

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