Chapter 172

Chapter 172

Talent could be grown.

Study, exercise, work. They would be able to reach first place in any field if they tried hard enough.

But it was different in Satisfy. There were many geniuses among the two billion users. If they crossed tens of thousands of mountains, there were still thousands of mountains remaining. After crossing those thousands of mountains, there were dozens of mountains blocking them again.

Among the many mountains, the highest mountain was Yura. She was immovable in her 5th place on the unified rankings.

Kwa kwang!


‘She truly is a monster.’

Bubat was a member of the Turkish national team and 25th on the unified rankings. He combined bold judgments and powerful CC to be called Satisfy’s best initiator. The battlefield was always favorable to his allies when he was fighting in the lead.

However, that didn’t work in front of Yura.


'Damn, it’s perfect timing without any errors. Is she a human? She isn’t a computer?’

The rare hidden class, Crusher. Just like its name, the Crusher class was designed to shatter formations. He used the ‘Unconditional’ skill to rush within 3m of the target and used CC combos to instantly destroy the enemy. But Yura’s calm and clever responses made the Crusher’s advantages ineffective. 

‘There is a 0.5 second gap between approaching and the CC combo. She properly counters at the right timing, making my posture collapse and my techniques not work properly.’

It wasn’t even a 1-on-1 situation. Yura alone was dealing with 15 people. She perfectly poured out magic towards 14 people while keeping the CC in check.

‘If this is the 5th place, then what are the freaks above her?’

Kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwang!



Was attack called the best defense? Yura still hadn’t used defense magic once. She used curse magic to neutralize the tankers and damage dealers, then attacked them. Her ability to suppress the enemy attacks by just attacking was overwhelming.

‘Too strong. Isn’t this at the level of a boss monster?’

‘Unless we use CC on her, this will turn into a war of attrition. We need to create the perfect opportunity for Bubat.’

The defenders did their best to expose a loophole in Yura. Due to their resistance to magic, the curse magic wasn’t perfect, but they still suffered some damage. Therefore, this wasn’t an easy task.

Yura’s strength wasn’t her curse magic or powerful attack spells. It was her analysis, prediction and choices. She analyzed the enemy’s behavioral patterns and predicted how to deal with their attacks. Then she used magic that was difficult to deal with. She forced two or three choices on their opponent, making them feel confused about what would be their best action.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

『 This is truly amazing...! This is the dignity of the 5th ranked user! 』

The experts from all over the world, including the commentator. In addition, the spectators and viewers were shocked beyond admiration. It was because Yura’s power was so unrealistic that she managed to last five minutes against the top rankers representing eight countries.

“But now she has reached her limit.”

It was the moment that Zibal in the US waiting room had been waiting for.



Yura started to allow attacks. Her concentration didn’t drop. It was because her magic power was at its limit.

‘She is weakened!’

The curse magic that restrained the rankers was loosened. Yura’s mana was on the verge of being depleted, so she couldn’t afford to use new curses. Thanks to that, the tankers burst through the magical bombardment with their solid bodies.

“This is the end!”


The swords, spears, axes and shields aimed at Yura.

‘They were released from the curse magic too early. Their methods of dealing with my magic is also good. They are strong.’

Yura expressed her displeasure and used defense magic for the first time.

“Diamond Shield.”


The weakness of the black magicians was that they had less defense spells that other magicians.

Yura was level 291 and close to her third advancement, but she used a defense magic that she obtained at level 230. Yes, it was the diamond shield that she learned on the day she first met Grid at the Yatan Temple.

And the damage that the diamond shield could absorb wasn’t great.

Jjejeok! Jjejejeok!


They were convinced after seeing cracks in the shield. Then Yura pulled out an orb.

“Divine Punishment.”

[Divine Punishment]

Summons a lightning bolt that deals 15,000~23,000 damage within 10 metres. 

Range of Damage: 3m radius around the target.

The dark spells stored in the orb could be used without any casting time. In addition, the target of the magic wasn’t the tankers. It was the damage dealers in the rear.


Obvious limitations existed for skills with a fixed damage. They weren’t effective against people with high health. Once time passed and the level of the users became higher, this Divine Punishment skill was likely to become obsolete.

But it was still useful in the present time. The damage dealers in the mid 200s only had around 15,000 health.


She ignored the threat from the tankers and dealt with the damage dealers? The four damage dealers didn’t have time to use defensive or evasive skills as they screamed and turned into grey light.


“Dammit! Vas was struck!”

Once their partners were logged out, the angry tankers poured their attack skills onto Yura.



The newly deployed diamond shield was shattered and scratches started to appear on Yura’s white skin.

Puk! Puuok!

Her slender body was pierced with sharp iron. 


The commentators sighed as the treasure of South Korea was about to collapse.

『 Ahh...! They struggled against Yura’s overwhelming ability, but now she is allowing some attacks...! 』 

『 A magician’s defense and health are very low. Once they allow an attack, they will collapse rapidly. This must hurt. Yura was the person most likely to win a medal in the target processing... As many people have predicted, it seems that South Korea won’t be able to make any achievements in the national competition. 』

The Korean audiences were outraged.

“Do it in moderation! Don’t mess up Yura’s pretty face!”

“You damn bastards! Why are you bothering a girl who is fighting alone?”

“Dog-like bastards! I will remember your IDs. Let’s see if we meet in the field later! I will sacrifice my life to get revenge for the goddess!”


Yura allowed an attack and collapsed. In the end, she fell to one knee.


“Serves you right!”

The Korean audiences gasped while the foreign audiences cheered.

Jebeok jebeok.

A young Asian man was admitted to the stadium under the guidance of staff members. He was heading in the direction of the capsule room.

“Huh? What’s going on?"

“Who is that person?”

There was sudden confusion. The commentator belatedly spread the news.

『 That person’s ID is Grid. He is a member of the South Korean national team and scheduled to be Yura’s partner in the target processing match. He was unavoidably delayed and arrived late.』

The Korean audiences booed.

"Grid? It is the first time I’ve heard that name.”

"Ah... What is this? This scum that I’ve never heard of has arrived at the last minute? Is this a comedy?”

"That bastard is going to appear now? Yura is suffering because of him!”

There was also backlash from the foreign audience.

“What? How can he participate midway?”

"It is against the rules!”

The commentator explained.

『 According to the organizers, there is no rule that prohibits participating while the event is going on. So it seems that the Korean team member’s belated admission isn’t a problem. 』

The experts from various international media outlets frowned.

『 For a player to participate in the middle of a match... 』

『 I know that the National Competition’s Organizational Committee is made up of Korean government personnel and executives of the S.A. Group. Their lack of professionalism is showing. 』

『 This is the first year the National Competition is held so there are a lot of loopholes. Well, won’t it improve gradually? There is a story that the organizational committee is restructuring with experts. 』

『 ...The bottom line is that the Korean team member is going to participate. How will this change the situation? 』

『 What will change? Yura is already at her limit. The man called ‘Grid’ who is joining late isn’t even on the list of 1,000 top ranker players. The fate of the Korean team won’t change. At this rate, they will be eliminated. 』

The odds of an unknown player participating in the target processing match filled with only players in the top 80 was close to zero. That’s why no one was expecting anything from Grid. On the other hand, the players from eight countries surrounding Yura and were trying to deal the final blow.

"Forcing my player to logout...! It’s over for our country now! I will kill you myself!”


Regas tried to stop them but it was impossible. Med was suddenly more agile than Faker and persistently pursued him, not allowing Regas to escape.


Med attacked Regas with a club while glaring sharply.

"You ruined everything. If it wasn’t for you, Yura would’ve been easily managed and we wouldn’t have wasted so much time.”

Looking at the scoreboard, the US, France, Brazil, China and Japan all exceeded 50 points. South Korea had 78 points, but sooner or later Yura would die. She wasn’t the problem. But the players from other countries were still going strong. It was impossible to cover that 50 point gap.


Yura was attacked by several weapons, while the club aimed at Regas. Regas could break through the crisis on his own. He could give up his flesh and bones. He counterattacked right after being hit by the club.

On the other hand, Yura was helpless. Her mana was depleted and a weapon was just about to stab into her neck.



It was the end of South Korea’s sole hope. The Korean spectators and viewers screamed. On the other hand, the foreign audiences cheered.

"South Korea should exit here! It’s obvious!”

The millions of people watching the competition didn’t doubt that Yura would die. Ah, except for one person.


Seven golden blades fell from the sky. They accurately deflected the weapons about to hit Yura.


The rankers who were prevented from taking Yura’s life were astonished. Who had interfered? They felt doubt and raised their heads in the direction that the blades came from. The cameras also followed them.

The blue sky was caught in the relay being sent to the whole world. That’s right. It was just the sky.

“No one?”

Surely the blades came from there?

『 What is this? 』

The rankers, commentators and experts. As the spectators and viewers were feeling puzzled...

"The villain has appeared.”

A young man called ‘Grid’ appeared behind the rankers who were staring at the sky.



It was an unexpected situation. A man’s voice was heard where there was nothing?

‘Is it a person with Faker level stealth?’

If so, the person must be a powerhouse. The rankers felt an eerier sensation and turned around. But it was too late. The dark greatsword was already being swung.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!


The strongest representatives of each country were taken out with a single blow. The people supporting the eight countries were in great shock. Grid knew better than anyone else how shock could turn to despair and warned them.

"Be fully prepared. You will experience the same thing from now on.”


Grid snapped his fingers. Then the seven blades protecting Yura flew into the sky and started attacking the targets flying at 40m per second. 


The fragments of the exploded targets filled the screen. The stopped score of the Korean team started again, while Grid took off his Hooded Zip Up while the enemies were gazing at the golden blades. He wore brilliant armor that was red, gold and black.

“The one-sided game, start.”

Was this a devil? An arrogant black-haired man in the sky. His mouth wasn’t the problem.

‘It is serious.’

They lost four damage dealers to Yura. Now eight of the remaining eleven players from eight countries were unable to move.


The Korean spectators cheered in unison. There was no one who frowned at Grid now. They were thrilled by Grid’s spectacular appearance.

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