Chapter 171

Chapter 171

Yura controlled her base with Dark Storm and continued by using magic that combined two attributes.

“Dark Lightning."

Pachik! Pachichik!

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

This was the level of a natural disaster. Dark clouds formed in the sky and lightning poured all over the place. The forest burned and the ground crumbled. An excited commentator shouted as he watched the series of exploding targets.

『 38, 39, 40...! 45! 46! The South Korean team! 46 points! It’s an unmatched speed! 』


The spectators were baffled by the unrealistic sight, but they finally woke up from their silence. It was such a huge shout that it seemed like the earth shaking would be transmitted to North Korea.

Jishuka shook her head.

"It's like looking at Neberius. That magic power and casting speed is already beyond the level of a player. As the Eighth Servant, she’s like a boss monster.”

Samuel was nervous. "The other teams are going to attack Yura. Shouldn’t we join as well? If you add support with your shooting, won’t Yura be defeated?”

Jishuka scoffed. "It’s a stupid thing to do.”


Jishuka’s bow aimed for the sky. A dazzling quick fire was unfolded.

Pa pa pa pa pak!

The small targets flying at a speed of 40m per second were pierced by arrows at once. The focus moved from Yura to Jishuka. The crowd screamed with delight. The continuously fired arrows exploded the targets. It was truly the majesty of an expert archer.

『 The Brazil team, 13 points! 14 points! 15 points! They are continuing to raise the score while the other teams are focusing on Yura! Ah! As soon as I spoke, the US team, the French team, the Chinese team and the Japanese team have started to quickly score points. 』

Someone needed to contain Yura. But there was no need for it to be their team. This was the wise decision made by some countries, including the United States, France and Brazil. The teams acting to stop Yura were trash. They would become the scapegoats.

"Dammit!" A member of the Spanish national team, Med, cursed while rushing towards Yura with other teams. The other teams were sucking honey while they had to control Yura? The scores weren’t climbing quickly, but it was still burdensome.

‘Would it be better for us to focus on the targets now?’ 

The representatives were troubled, but it was too late to return. They couldn’t step back now. In the end, eight teams, including the Spanish team, continued to assault Yura.

Pepeng! Peng!

The dark magic bombardment continued. Yura’s ability to control her magic power to attack the players and deal with the targets was indeed first-rate. The crowd and players’ mouths were wide open, while the commentators were drooling while praising her.

But she wasn’t the only special one. All the people participating in the National Competition were influential people who represented their country. In particular, the top rankers had a high participation rate in events that emphasized individual combat ability like target processing and PvP.

There was only one person below the top 80 of the unified rankings. It was Jishuka’s partner, Samuel.

Kwa kwang! Kwang!

The players used powerful defense skills or the features of the land to neutralize Yura’s magic as much as possible, and quickly narrowed the distance to her. Yura was somewhat surprised.

'They’re more talented than I thought.’

If her fast paced operation failed, it would inevitably drag into a long battle. Yura had no hope when she was alone.

‘In the end... Should I give up?’

Yura had been interviewed by foreign media as a representative of South Korea.

The foreign interviewers always said that she was the ‘only hope of a declining South Korea.’ Was it possible for another talented person like Yura to be born in South Korea? There were also questions about whether she was secretly supported by the South Korean government and S.A. Group.

Yura didn’t like the foreigners who disregarded the country that she was born and grew up in. It was almost like instinct. She never thought that her patriotism was special, but it was unacceptable for foreigners to treat her country like this. She wanted to make them look at South Korea again through this National Competition. But it was too much for her alone.

A man fell down in front of her while she was making a gloomy expression. He appeared splendidly from the tree tops. It was Regas, the British representative.

"What are 16 men and women doing against one woman?”

“Hah, don’t be stupid.”

Regas’ partner, Natasha had a headache. 

Med gritted his teeth, “Regas! Do you still not understand the situation? If you help Yura, then South Korea will receive a gold medal! Leave your cheap justice aside for a moment!”

“Cheap justice?” Regas’ usually mild face stiffened. "Why are you treating my martial path cheaply?”

One month ago, Regas finally surpassed Jishuka and reached 12th on the unified rankings. He had the nickname of Taekwon Master at an early age, and he flew like a butterfly.

Pak! Papat! Pa pa pa pat!


The kick combo of a former Taekwondo gold medalist hit Med.  The brilliant attack pierced him like an awl. The Koreans in the audience cheered.


"Indeed, Regas! Show them the dignity of Taekwondo!”

Regas was a famous british person, and he appeared with perfect timing to save Yura, looking as beautiful as a main character from a movie. Not just the Korean and British audiences, the spectators from other countries started to support him. 

Med’s group was well aware of how good Regas was. However, Med wasn’t a villain. He was just doing what he had to.

‘I can hold on.’

Med was a 33rd ranked monk, so he didn’t fall easily to Regas’ powerful and brutal attacks. He stood firm and shouted to his companions, "Leave this guy to me and get Yura! Hurry and finish up here, then we need to keep the United States and France in check!”

The eight teams had no choice but to join hands, and they had 15 members if Med was excluded. Regas was worried that Yura would be hit by them and used a lightning aura.


The golden aura knocked down Med’s iron body.


Med coughed up blood and fell down.


[You have been hit by a lethal blow!]

[You have suffered 10,900 damage.]

“T-This guy...!”

Med hurriedly took a potion and fought back.  However, Regas naturally turned to avoid the attack and kicked.


The kick enhanced by lightning hit Med’s face.

[You have suffered 4,800 damage.]

It was over. There was a flurry of strikes.


[You have suffered 4,350 damage.]

“Force Palm.”


[You have suffered 9,200 damage.]


Med couldn’t even moan as he coughed up blood. Then he tumbled down the hill to avoid Yura’s magic bombardment.

“Damn bastard...!”

Unlike the paladins, a monk didn’t serve any of the three main religions. He served a local god, Boris, whose name was very weak compared to the three great religions who had temples scattered all over the continent. Due to that, Med had to go to a crumbling village in a corner of the continent to change into a monk. He even had to visit that temple every time he wanted to learn new skills.

That wasn’t the only downside to being a monk. Unlike the paladins, they couldn’t wear heavy  armor. They also couldn’t use swordsmanship. The only defense they wore were clothes made of cloth. The only weapon they could use was a club, which had weak attack power and slow attack speed.

Therefore, it was hard to raise a monk. It was a class that most users avoided.

"Reverse Origin.”

[Your health has been fully restored.]

[Your damaged body has been reversed to its original state.]

[You will suffer a continuous decline in health. This effect won’t stop until your health is at the minimum.]

“Origin Opportunity.”

[You can temporarily redistribute your stats. Please set them.]

"Invest my intelligence, indomitable, persistence and luck points into agility.”

[Intelligence, indomitable, persistence and luck have fallen to 1 point. Your agility stat is now at 2,137 points.]

A monk was a religious class, but the concept was different from a paladin or priest. They were pilgrims who walked the path of suffering. They always had to sacrifice something in order to obtain something. The rewards were great, depending on what they gave up.


The 1st ranked monk, Med, climbed the hill and was clearly different than before. The world watched one of the few monk users.


The power of his club aimed at the Taekwon Master.

Ku tang tang tang!

Regas fell and hurriedly raised his body. He spoke with amazement, "You, isn’t your recovery quite fast?”

"If a martial artist trains their martial arts, a monk trains their body. I have patiently built it up, so it won’t fall so easily. I will never fall down.”

It was shameful to attack a woman with a lot of people?

‘Don’t make me laugh.’

This was a battlefield. It was unreasonable and hypocritical to look at the opponent’s situation when fighting.

‘I am a Spanish representative and have received the expectations of my people.’

Countries got fired up even over an unpopular event, let alone Satisfy that one third of the world’s population enjoyed. The sense of weight on him was different. As long as he was the representative, he had to do his best.

Med was filled with a fighting spirit as he attacked Regas. He knew that his opponent was stronger than him, but he didn’t want to show weakness when representing his country.  He struggled with Regas while the remaining 15 people intensively attacked Yura.

‘This is annoying.’

Regas’ partner Natasha was different. She didn’t help Yura because she wasn’t the type of person to forget her duty.  She settled in a safe place and started concentrating on destroying the targets.

Yura faced 15 enemies alone. Her relaxed expression had long been lost.


It was an obvious story but the tickets for the National Competition had been sold out several months ago. However, Youngwoo entered the Olympic Stadium without hesitation.

“You can’t enter if you can’t prove your identity.”

The guarded blocked Youngwoo’s way.

"Do you mean this?”

Youngwoo pulled out the ID card he received in the mail a few days ago. Then the path opened. He was able to easily enter the corridor to the participants’ waiting rooms and he headed straight to the Brazilian waiting room.

But Jishuka wasn’t there. She appeared on a large monitor in the waiting room.

‘Is it the target processing?’

Youngwoo’s expression slowly distorted as he looked at the monitor. He realized that Yura was alone.

'Foolish girl.’

It was annoying. Was she trying to make him look bad?

‘Why did you put a person who didn’t want to participate on the list? A persistent and selfish woman. Ah, look at this.’

Youngwoo sat down in a gap between the Brazilian players. Nobody cared about him. Everybody was busy watching the monitor.

『 Player Yura is in a crisis! The representatives of eight countries have started to focus their attacks on her. 』

『 The 15 people are strong. At least six of the users are in the top 30 rankings. It is frustrating. South Korea's only hope is crashing down. 』 

『 Ahh...! They struggled against Yura’s overwhelming ability, but now she is allowing some attacks...! 』 

『 A magician’s defense and health is very low. Once they allow an attack, they will collapse rapidly. This must hurt. Yura was the person most likely to win a medal in the target processing... As many people have predicted, it seems that South Korea won’t be able to make any achievements in the national competition. 』

『 This is the reality of South Korea. They are trying to regain their past reputation as powerhouses in the game, but it’s just an illusion. 』

『 As soon as I spoke, Player Yura has allowed another attack. Now she’s reaching her limit. It’s over when she collapses. 』

Youngwoo’s expression gradually stiffened as he looked at the monitor. On the other hand, the Brazilian players were laughing while watching. 


He didn’t like it. Was it because he experienced years of being crushed by the strong while alone, without a friend? Recently, Youngwoo had felt the desire to help when he saw the weak being trampled on by the strong.

At this moment, the weak existences were Yura and South Korea.

It was confusing. In his childhood, he didn’t understand the heroes who unconditionally helped others and he empathized with realistic villains. But now he felt a sense of heterogeneity in himself.

‘Didn’t I promise that I would live as a solitary self-centred person when I succeeded? Then why is this happening now? Huh? Shin Youngwoo.’

When he was going through tough times. Other people didn’t help him. Rather, they turned away and felt disgusted by him. But now that other people needed his help? He didn’t have a reason to do so.

“Ah, I don’t know.”

He didn’t know why, but he couldn’t stay still. He eventually got up. Then he rationalized to himself.

‘Won’t I gain money if I win a medal in the National Competition? It was 200 million won for one gold medal?’

That wasn’t all. The Korean government had promised special benefits to the players if the team came at least in third place.

‘Yes, it’s because of that.’

That was why he was going out.  It wasn’t because he was a hero. He didn’t feel sorry for Yura who was facing the enemies all alone. He wasn’t the type. Then what? Did he dislike seeing the foreigners laughing at South Korea?

No. It was for his own self-interest.

That thought eased his mind.

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