Chapter 517 - Ten Days and Ten Nights

MGA: Chapter 517 - Ten Days and Ten Nights

“Do not get lured into his trap. Right now, you and I must join hands to handle him, or else if my Ji Dynasty gets destroyed, your Liu Dynasty will absolutely not be able to escape either.” Seeing that the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor was actually moved by Chu Feng’s words, the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor quickly, laboriously, urged him otherwise.

“But, I cannot ignore the life of my son!” Hearing that, the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor said to the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor with a face full of helplessness.

“You have so many sons, so can you not lose just this one?” The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor howled.

“Of course I can’t! This is the son that I have carefully raised for many years, my most excellent son!” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor replied.

“You, you, you!” The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor was not lightly angered. Only after continuously saying three you’s did he stabilize his emotions and said, “You are truly blind, too blind!”

“Is the life of a single son worth more than tens of thousands of your Liu Dynasty’s lives? Is it more important than the mission of vengeance for your ancestor?!”

“I...” At that instant, the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor went into silence once again.

“Do not hesitate anymore. If the emperor’s gone, you can continue developing. But if the dynasty is gone, everything is gone. Do you want to become the Liu Dynasty’s criminal, hated for eternity?”

“Right now, that old thing Zhao has died, and even the experts of the Zhao Dynasty have died. If you and I join powers and also destroy this Jiang Dynasty, coincidentally, the wealth and territory of the two clans can be evenly split between us two.”

“You only need to give up one son. Not only can you protect the Liu Dynasty, you can even become an unprecedented character who has done a great deed for the Liu Dynasty! Your future generations will see you a model, see you as a hero!” Seeing the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor being moved, the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor hurriedly continued urging.

“Father, go ahead! For my Liu clan, so what if I’m sacrificed?” Just at that time, the Liu Dynasty’s emperor who was being held hostage by Jiang Hengyuan actually loudly yelled as well.

“Old Ancestor Liu, listen to my father! That Chu Feng brat is cunning, and even if you stand on the side and do nothing but watch, he will absolutely not let you go.” At the same time, the Ji Dynasty’s emperor also loudly yelled.

“Fine. You and I will join hands to kill this brat.” Finally, the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor bit down on his teeth, and after making a decision, he went first and flew towards Chu Feng.

“Haha, that’s right!” Seeing that, the Ji Dynasty's old ancestor rejoiced and didn’t hesitate as well. Quickly after, he followed.

“Whatever. Today, I shall fight against two as one, and spar with you two.”

“But the people from the Ji Dynasty and Liu Dynasty, listen up. When I spar with your old ancestors, do not touch the Jiang Dynasty, or else your emperor’s head might not stay attached.” Chu Feng was not afraid, and after a loud yell, he held the Asura Ghost Axe and fought against the two old ancestors.

At first, seeing the two old ancestors make their move, Jiang Hengyuan prepared to immediately behead the two emperors.

But after hearing Chu Feng’s words, he hesitated for a bit, and when the experts from the two clans who were originally all ready to go, yet didn’t attack because of Chu Feng’s words, Jiang Hengyuan thoroughly dispelled the thought of killing the two emperors.

“Chu Feng is truly impressive. This sort of thinking... even I feel inferior.”

At that instant, Jiang Hengyuan endlessly admired Chu Feng because Chu Feng was really too sharp. Although threatening the two old ancestors with the two emperors failed, with a turn of words, he used the two emperors to hold the army of the two clans.

And if it wasn’t for Chu Feng who suddenly spoke, and if Jiang Hengyuan killed the two emperors, as Chu Feng faced the two old ancestors for battle, the army of the two clans would definitely also fight against the Jiang Dynasty with their lives.

With the Jiang Dynasty’s current situation, they would only have the advantage if they fought against a single clan, but if they fought against two clans on their own, they would definitely be disadvantaged. In addition, all of the people from the two clans were experts, whereas many in the Jiang Dynasty were weak, so if they fought, they would definitely have high casualties.

So, that was why he admired Chu Feng. It could be said that once again, Chu Feng saved the people from his Jiang Dynasty.

As for the two old ancestors, although they already made the preparations for sacrificing their sons, if they didn’t need to sacrifice them, naturally, they didn’t want the situation to be like a “dead fish broken net”, of which either the fish dies, or the net breaks.

Instead, as long as they kill Chu Feng first then destroy the Jiang Dynasty, it would not be too late. So, they didn’t order their clan members to attack, and only fought against Chu Feng with their full strengths.

But they could do nothing as they underestimated Chu Feng. Although their strength was extremely strong after joining hands, and after seeing Chu Feng’s Secret Skill, they didn’t dare to be careless around Chu Feng, and they very seriously faced him, fully concentrating on the battle, they were still unable to gain the slightest bit of advantage.

“Haha, Chu Feng you little boy, you are truly not bad. I do admire you more and more. You are actually able to fight evenly against these two guys with such an unstable aura.” Eggy, who was in Chu Feng’s body, also sighed in admiration towards Chu Feng’s battle power because she could understand, the most, how empty Chu Feng’s current cultivation was. To be more precise, Chu Feng, at this moment, simply couldn’t be said to be really in the 8th level of the Heaven realm.

Moreover, the power gained from the Royal Bloodline Attachment Formation was extremely unstable, and looking at certain angles, it seriously damaged Chu Feng’s battle power.

And that was Chu Feng. If it was a normal person, not to mention fighting in such a way, their life would possibly even be endangered because of the power.

So, that was why Eggy was so surprised. Because, it was Chu Feng who stabilized the unstable power to the extreme. Chu Feng’s power of control forced her to be so surprised.

“Senior Hengyuan, I can hold these two old things. Take this chance and quickly move the dynasty’s young generation away right now.” Suddenly, Jiang Hengyuan’s expression changed. He received Chu Feng’s mental message.

And after receiving the mental message, Jiang Hengyuan didn’t delay. He hurriedly, and hiddenly, started arrangements. He wanted to move the outstanding young generation of the dynasty out without anyone knowing.

But at present, within the dynasty, the people from the Liu Dynasty and Ji Dynasty were already there. It wasn’t impossible to want to secretly move the young generation away, but it required a very long time.

At first, Jiang Hengyuan was even worried that there was no time, but what everyone didn’t expect was Chu Feng actually fought against the two old ancestors for ten full days and nights.

The astonishing battle of ten days and ten nights shocked everyone there because the attacks of the two old ancestors were extremely fierce, and that type of battle could be said to be very straining.

It had to be said that in the ten days, the strengths of the two old ancestors were exhausted quite a bit. But compared to them two, Chu Feng’s face was pale-white, and his aura was getting weaker and weaker.

If it was a normal situation, not to mention only ten days and ten nights, even if it was ten more days and nights, Chu Feng would not be like that. He would definitely be more spirited than the two old ones.

But now, after all, Chu Feng was using borrowed power, and it was even extremely unstable power. In a situation like that, being able to withstand ten days and ten nights could absolutely be said to be a miracle.