Chapter 516 - Looking in a New Light

MGA: Chapter 516 - Looking in a New Light

“Eat another one of my attacks!”


After the palm, Chu Feng quickly threw another. The White Tiger Slaughtering Technique this time was a lot stronger than before.

And the already heavily injured Zhao Dynasty’s old ancestor naturally could not defend against Chu Feng strike. So, he hurried yelled loudly, “Quickly help me!”

But it was too late. Just as his voice was going to sound yet didn’t, Chu Feng’s second White Tiger Slaughtering Technique already collided and fiercely crashed into his body.

*bang* This time, he couldn’t even cry out in pain. With a muffled explosion, he became a pool of blood, and splattered everywhere from the high sky.

Dead. The expert in the 9th level of the Heaven realm, the old ancestor of the Zhao Dynasty, was killed by Chu Feng just like that.

“Heavens! He actually did it! He actually, with the unstable cultivation of the 8th level of the Heaven realm, killed the Zhao Dynasty’s old ancestor who was in the 9th level of the Heaven realm.”

Personally seeing that scene, the Jiang Dynasty crowd all roundly widened their eyes, their mouths were very widely opened, and their faces were filled with shock.

It was because it was something that they felt was impossible, yet just now, Chu Feng finished such an impossible thing in front of their faces.

“Hmph. I told you that you underestimated my Junior Chu Feng too much. With his talent, even if his cultivation is unstable, with the 8th level of the Heaven realm challenging someone in the 9th level of the Heaven realm alone, there is absolutely no problem.”

“He only pretended to be weak because he wanted to quickly take care of the Zhao Dynasty's old ancestor. When his guard was lowered, then he made an unexpected surprise attack.”

“It could be said that for this battle, the Zhao Dynasty’s old ancestor not only lost in terms of cultivation, he lost even more in terms of tactics. This is the suppression of intelligence, and the strength of intelligence is also a part of power.” Zhang Tianyi lightly smiled and said. Moreover, he wore a touch of smug on his face, as if the person who defeated the Zhao Dynasty’s old ancestor was him.

“It seems like we truly underestimated Chu Feng.” After hearing Zhang Tianyi's words, everyone looked at Chu Feng in another light. They never would have thought that Chu Feng, who was only seventeen years old, actually had such abundance of fighting experience, and actually used tactics to quickly kill an old ancestor who was over a hundred years old.


“You killed my clan’s emperor, and you also killed my clan’s old ancestor! I’ll kill you!”

“I will butcher you!”

At that instant, the people from the Zhao Dynasty were incomparably enraged. After the emperor was killed, and even the old ancestor was killed, they really went insane.

So, within the dynasty, all of the Zhao Dynasty’s experts surrounded Chu Feng, and within furious howls as well as dense killing intent, they aimed to kill Chu Feng.

“Good timing.” However, facing the Zhao Dynasty’s members who were surrounding and attacking him, Chu Feng only returned a large smile, then formed a fist with one hand. The Elite Armament, the Asura Ghost Axe, appeared once again and as he waved it, blades of black light appeared.

The areas the black light passed caused the air to tremble and to crack. The people who touched it did not become pools of blood, but mists of blood, or were forcibly cut into pieces.

Even the emperor was killed by Chu Feng with one strike, and even the old ancestor couldn’t defeat Chu Feng, so there was no need to mention the experts of the Zhao Dynasty. So-called experts like them, to the current Chu Feng, were useless no matter how many came.

With only a blink, over half of the experts sent by the Zhao Dynasty were cut down, and people who had fear grow in their hearts and wanted to escape were also killed by the Jiang Dynasty’s experts.

“This brat has very vicious methods. Not only is his strength overwhelming, his mentality far surpasses those in the same generation. In the future, he will definitely have great achievements.”

“I never would have thought that such a character would appear in the Jiang Dynasty.” Seeing Chu Feng who was greatly massacring yet didn’t even frown a bit, the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor started to feel bursts of uneasiness because a character like him would be best to be befriended. If he were to be an enemy, there would be countless future problems, and looking at Chu Feng’s relationship with them right now, it was clearly the latter.

“Brat, what is your name?” At the same time, the old ancestor of the Liu Dynasty was also shocked by Chu Feng’s action, and actually spoke to inquire Chu Feng’s name.

“Chu Feng!” Chu Feng loudly replied.

“Chu Feng, are you a part of the Jiang Dynasty?” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor asked with shock.

“I am indeed not a part of the Jiang Dynasty, but I am a part of the continent of the Nine Provinces.” Chu Feng replied with a light smile.

Hearing Chu Feng’s response, the face of the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor turned to joy as he hurriedly said, “My friend Chu Feng, today, we are only ending a grudge from the past with the Jiang Dynasty. This matter is unrelated to you from the start.”

“How about this. As long as you don’t interfere with today’s matters, my Ji Dynasty and the Liu Dynasty will promise to give you two hundred thousand Heaven beads. How about it?”

“What? Two hundred thousand Heaven beads?” Hearing those words, the people from the Jiang Dynasty couldn’t help but longly gasp. At the same time, expressions of worry also emerged onto their faces.

Two hundred thousand Heaven beads. It was a huge number. If one were to ask how much his Jiang Dynasty would have after selling all their wealth, they would only get one hundred thousand Heaven beads.

But right now, the two dynasties were actually taking out two hundred thousand Heaven beads. Even if they didn’t want to worry, they couldn’t.

After all, at present, Chu Feng was their only hope in saving the Jiang Dynasty. If Chu Feng accepted the enticement and agreed to not interfere with this matter, their Jiang Dynasty would certainly be destroyed.

“Two hundred thousand Heaven beads? You are truly quite generous, but you look down on me too much. Am I, Chu Feng, a person who forgets about camaraderie after seeing money?” However, what relieved the Jiang Dynasty crowd was that without even thinking, Chu Feng refused immediately.

It had to be said that the favourable impression on Chu Feng from the several tens of thousands of Jiang Dynasty members rose to the extreme, even to the state of adoration.

“My friend Chu Feng, do you mean that you will interfere with today’s matters no matter what?” At that instant, the sword-like brows of the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor slanted inwards, and a hint of killing intent emerged into his eyes.

“Ahh, don’t say it like that. Actually, I, Chu Feng, only want to spar alone with the two of you. Old ancestor of the Ji Dynasty, can you give me some pointers?” Chu Feng clasped his hands towards the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor.

“Hahahaha~~~~~~~” After hearing those words, the Ji Dynasty's old ancestor suddenly faced the sky and loudly laughed. Only after laughing for a good while did he say to Chu Feng, “You brat, you’ve truly thought of a good plan.”

“Coercing us with our sons so we can’t attack, then in the name of sparing, fight against us one-on-one.”

“Are you preparing to also spar with him after killing me? Then after killing him, kill my son and his son as well as everyone from our two clans?”

Facing the words of the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor, Chu Feng did not reply. He smilingly looked at the Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor and said, “Old ancestor of the Liu Dynasty. Don’t worry. As long as you don’t interfere when I spar with the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor, after the sparing finishes, I will definitely release your son.”

“This...” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, his expression changed, and only after a good while of hesitation did he say, “Are your words true?”