Chapter 446 - Everyone Meeting Everyone

MGA: Chapter 446 - Everyone Meeting Everyone

“To be honest, if I fight him alone, I wouldn’t be afraid of him at all. But the Sword God Valley has a Sword God Formation. This formation, from what I’ve heard, was left behind by the first head of the Sword God Valley.”

“This Sword God Formation is very profound, and also very powerful. It harmonizes with the Sword God Valley’s unique Mysterious Technique. When the Sword God Formation starts up, everyone who has cultivated the Sword God Valley’s Mysterious Technique will have a great increase in strength.”

“Anyway, the power of this Sword God Formation has been rumoured to be god-like. As for how strong it is, I’m not too sure, but I’m sure it is definitely not weak.”

“To be honest, facing the Sword God Formation, I do not have confidence to fight the Sword God Valley alone. So, I want to cooperate with you two. After all, Junior Chu Feng also has that duty.”

“Hmph. On what basis do we trust you on? What if you are with that Sword God Valley?” Zi Ling still had an appearance of not forgiving Zhang Tianyi.

“Hoh. Sister-in-law oh sister-in-law. You’ve also seen my strength. No matter how strong your and Junior Chu Feng’s martial cultivations are or how powerful the methods you grasp are, after all, the time you have been cultivating is short. Compared to the current I, the two of you are still a bit weaker. If I wanted to take care of you two, why do I need to go through such trouble? I can apprehend you two right now.” Zhang Tianyi smilingly said.

“Come! Try! If I get serious, you may not be able to defeat me.” Zi Ling’s little face reddened from anger.

“Junior Chu Feng, look. Control this sister-in-law a bit!” Seeing that, Zhang Tianyi didn’t really know what to do. Facing females who disregarded reason, he could do nothing.

“Zi Ling, don’t make any more messes. I’m sure that you also know Senior Zhang is not a bad person.” Chu Feng smiled and patted Zi Ling’s shoulders. Zi Ling was rather obedient, and she indeed stood behind Chu Feng. Like a little bird that relied on a human, she no longer spoke.

“Senior Zhang, actually, even if you didn’t come and find me, I would have really wanted to find you. My thoughts are the same as yours. We should join hands and go to the Sword God Valley together and let them know that we aren’t people who are fun to bully.”

Just now, Chu Feng kept on using his Spirit power to detailedly observe Zhang Tianyi’s fluctuations in emotions. It seemed like the words he said weren’t lies.

Besides, it was as Zhang Tianyi said. With his current strength, if he truly wanted to take care of Chu Feng and Zi Ling, there was no need to go through such troubles. Just now, he could have put the two of them to death. So, Chu Feng chose to believe Zhang Tianyi.

“Haha, as expected of another disciple of the Azure Dragon School. We brothers truly think similarly. Since it is like so, why not depart right now? Looking at the days, it’s roughly the same as the date the Sword God Valley set as the limit.”

“I don’t want the remains of the Azure Dragon School’s seniors to be thrown into a pool of crap because of the problems I made.” As he spoke, Zhang Tianyi scratched his head and his face was filled with shame. But in his similarly fierce gaze, there was a hint of yearning.

“Senior Zhang, Zi Ling’s Exquisite Chariot has extremely fast speed. We can absolutely make it within the time limit the Sword God Valley set.”

“Before that though, why not accompany me and greet some people? I believe there are some people you want to meet as well.”

After confirming that Zhang Tianyi wasn’t an enemy, Chu Feng decided to also bring Zhang Tianyi into the Thousand Bone Graveyard. In that place, the Azure Dragon Founder was there as fortification. Even if Zhang Tianyi had malicious intentions, he was absolutely not afraid. Besides, Chu Feng felt that Zhang Tianyi wasn’t a person who had a malevolent heart.

“Who?” Indeed, after hearing those words, Zhang Tianyi’s face was filled with curiosity.

Quickly after, in order for Zhang Tianyi to not feel too ashamed, Chu Feng first narrated the events of what happened to Zhang Tianyi. For example, even though the Azure Dragon School was exterminated, in reality, it was still surviving because at present, the core power of the Azure Dragon School was in the Thousand Bone Graveyard. In that place, there were special cultivation resources that could help everyone quickly increase their cultivations.

Also, he even told Zhang Tianyi about the Azure Dragon Founder still surviving as a consciousness as well as the sisters Su Rou and Su Mei getting injured.

After all, the Azure Dragon Founder was the founder of the Azure Dragon School. A thousand years ago, he swept through the continent. He was an existence that no one didn’t know about, so it was likely that anyone would be shocked if they knew he was still living.

As for Su Rou, she was the person who created the Wings Alliance along with Zhang Tianyi. So Zhang Tianyi would be quite familiar with her.

“Junior Chu Feng, what you’ve said is true? My Azure Dragon School’s founder is still in this world right now?” Indeed, after knowing that the Azure Dragon Founder was still living, Zhang Tianyi’s face instantly became brighter.

“It’s true! Senior Zhang, if you are willing to, you can accompany me and pay respects to the founder.” Chu Feng seriously nodded his head.

“Yes, of course I want to see him! At first, the reason why I joined the Azure Dragon School was because I admired the Azure Dragon Founder too much. Right now, since he is actually still in this world, how can I not see him?”

“Junior Chu Feng, quickly lead the way!!” Zhang Tianyi excitedly said. It could be seen that he was truly impatient and wanted to see the people Chu Feng talked about. Especially the Azure Dragon Founder who swept through the continent a thousand years ago.

Quickly afterwards, Chu Feng led Zi Ling and Zhang Tianyi to the Azure Dragon Mountain Range. At present, the vast Azure Dragon Mountain Range was also destroyed into chaos. The forests that filled the mountains were burnt into charcoal and they were completely unrecognizable.

But with Chu Feng’s memories, he still found the entrance to the Thousand Bone Graveyard. After the three entered the Thousand Bone Graveyard, the people inside were all greatly shocked.

“Chu Feng, Tianyi, you two? You two got together?” After the head of the Azure Dragon School, Li Zhangqing, and Zhuge Liuyun saw Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi, they were extremely excited.

It was because Zhang Tianyi and Chu Feng could be said to be the most excellent disciples they had seen before, and their cultivations similarly greatly astounded them.

At first, when Zhang Tianyi left, he was still in the Profound realm. Right now, he was already in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm. That cultivation, in the Azure Province, was absolutely like an existence of a god. No one could be compared to him in several hundred years.

As for Chu Feng, he left for just a bit over a year, but he had already stepped into the 6th level of the Profound realm from the Origin realm. His improvement could be said to be godly quick and it caused people to feel disbelief.

After seeing Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi, everyone was endlessly happy because the two of them were the legends of the Azure Dragon School. They were the disciples’ targets of idolization. Existences that even elders admired.

“This lady is?” But at the same time, Zi Ling obviously attracted people’s attention. Her peerless beauty was really too outstanding. No matter where, she attracted others nonetheless.

“She is my fiancée.” Chu Feng introduced her to everyone from the Azure Dragon School as well as to his own family members.

And at the same time Chu Feng introduced her, Zi Ling sweetly smiled. Beautiful, cute, gentle, amiable, and extremely likeable.

“Haha, good good good! Boy, you found quite a good wife!” Knowing that Zi Ling was actually Chu Feng’s fiancée, the head of the Azure Dragon School, Li Zhangqing, and Zhuge Liuyun, Chu Guyu, Chu Yue, Chu Zhen, Chu Cheng, and the others were all elated.

It was because Zi Ling beautiful appearance was simply unrivalled in the world. Besides, throwing away Zi Ling’s beauty and not discussing about it, her cultivation was the 1st level of the Heaven realm! It meant that Zi Ling was an exceptional genius.

A woman like that was simply perfect. Being able to be together with a female like her, how could others not be happy for Chu Feng?

At the same time they were happy for Chu Feng, there were even no small number of males who were also deeply jealous of Chu Feng.

After all, a beauty like Zi Ling could be said to be the goddess in many men's hearts. Which one of them wouldn’t want to have her? But in their lives, they had no chance and they could only admire Chu Feng and hiddenly dream about it.